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in Cheniistry and Other Interesting Cla. 
30-Ye^r Employees Keep the Faith 


II :-.i\ 




'' " ' ■■II P !-?^.-K-i*"jt''-* ' ' TA 



WAS TO RAISE $55,000,000, BY JUNE 30, 1997. 



"Tie 'experts' 

said we could not 
raise more than 

$35 million. 

They simply did 

not understand 


College . . . the 

powerful forces 

from our past that 

drive us and our 

vision for the 
future that pulls 

us forward. 
It is to our deep 
sense of place in 
history, to our 
profound faith in 
our destined role 
for centuries to 
come, and to our 

abiding love 

for this College, 

that we owe the 

gratifying results 

of this campaign. " 

President of the College 

President Samuel V. Wilson 

and the Trustees of 

Hampden-Sydney College 

invite all patrons and participants 

of the 

Campaign to Su^ain the Mission 

to a 


Celebrating the Success of the Campaign 


Saturday, September 6, 1997 

from 11:00 untU 1:00 

Hampden House Lawn 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

and to the first Football Game of the season 

Hampden-Sydney vs. the University of the South 

Kick-off at 1:00 

^ M 

Richard McClintock, Editor 
Eunice Carwile '92, Associate Editor, 

Claire Theune, Writer 
Trip Tepper, Sports Writer, Photographer 
Eunice Carwile, Beverley Anne Klein, and 

Brian Grogan '73, Photographers 
Produced by the Hampden-Sydney 

College Publications Office 

Published by Hampden-Sydney College, 
Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 23943, 
as a service to its alumni and friends. 

Copyright © 1 997 Hampden-Sydney 

Third Class Postage paid at Farmville, 
Virginia 23901 , and at additional 
mailing offices 

Opinions expressed in The Record zte 
those of individual authors and do not 
necessarily reflect the official position 
of Hampden-Sydney College. 

On the front cover: The door of the 

Carriage House, home of student radio 
station WWHS-FM. Photo by Brian 
Grogan 73. 

William C. Boinest '54, Chainnan of the 

Board of Trustees 
Samuel V. Wilson, President 
C. Beeler Brush, Vice-President for 

J. Scott Colley, Provost and Dean of the 

Lewis H. Drew '60, Dean of Students 
Anita H. Garland, Dean of Admissions 
C. Norman Krueger, Vice-President for 

Business Affairs & Treasurer 

Hampden-Sydney College offers equal 
opportunity in all areas of education 
and employment. 

"The College i greatest asset is not the beautiful 

campus, the Federal-style architecture, or the 

tuienty-first-ceiitury technology in the midst of it alE 

Hampden-Sydney 's true strength resides in people 

like Cookie Seamster, Florence Watson, John Waters, 

Erlene Bowman, Bert Crawley, James Edward 

Crawley, and Lewis Drew, who have each given 

the College 30 years or more of hard work and 

dedication, and have served as examples 

to students and to the rest of us. " 






VOLUME 72, NOS 1 &2 


Caveman Chemistry and 

Hemingway Trenches 2 

Real hands-on experience teaches abstract concepts 

Constancy through Change 4 

30-year veterans on the Hill bear witness to the past 

From Classical Greece to the Atom Bomb 8 

Nothing eludes the curiosity and expertise 

of this year's College Fellows, the newest members 

of Hampden-Sydney 's Academic Hall of Fame 

On the Hill 14 

News from the College 

Commencement 1997 21 

Publisher J. Stewart Bryan speaks 

Faculty Forum 23 

News from the Classroom 

Sports Roundup 1996-97 25 

Basketball scores again 

"He Said He'd Died and Gone to Heaven" 29 

A farewell to three Hampden-Sydney heroes 

Class Notes 31 

News from Alumni 
BikingFever 56 

A senior and tivo alumni ride across the country 




Winter-Spring 1997 

Designed to give practical introductions to abstract 
concepts, several innovative courses at Hampden-Sydney 
have captured student imaginations. 

Caveman Chemistry and 
Hemingivay Trenches 

By Eunice Carwik '93, with Richard Farley '97 

"The difference here 
is motivation. 
They don't learn 
about reactions 
simply because 
they've reached 
that chapter in the 
book. They learn 
about them because 
they want to under- 
stand more about 
gunpowder. " 

Chemistry professor 

At left. Professor 
Dunn shows Ritter 
Jonas '99 and Wes 
Whitaker '99 how to 
make a battery 
with nails and grape- 
fruit. At right. Baker 
Wright '98 guards the 
fire at the class 's make- 
shift blast furnace. 

the course officially as Chemistry 103, 
"Chemical Concepts in a Technolog- 
ical Society." It is designed to give non- 
science majors a practical grounding in basic scientific 
concepts — without any of the suspicion of easiness to 
which earlier "chemistry-for-classicists"courses were 
inevitably subject. But Professor Kevin Dunn's alchemy 
has mrned Chemistr}' 103 into "Caveman to Chemist," 
which requires students to learn chemistry in a ver)' 
practical way — from scratch, by hand. 

Smdents must complete certain fijndamental experi- 
ments, and they are tested on concepts and methodo- 
logy. But the course is really about mastering increas- 
ingly complicated "technologies." In the words of the 
syllabus, they "stan with building a fire and move up to 
semiconductors." To get an A, a student must success- 
ftJly complete 1 5 projects, ranging from pottery- 
making and weaving to setting up a Web page. 
For projects like fire-building and lead- 

smelting, students are allowed to take the "tribal" 
approach. If the project is a success, they all get credit; 
if it fails, they all have to tn,' again. At least one of the 
tribes camped out all night to keep a fire going hot 
enough so they could smelt lead. 

Senior Joe Kusak, a history major, was amazed that 
he could make his own soap (he used bacon drippings 
fi'om a local restaurant). "The stuff was really crude," he 
admits, "but you could tell what it was. You realize 
where a lot of things you use every day come from." 
"It shows me what acmally goes on in the world," 
Baker Wright, a junior majoring in ps)'cholog)', says. 
"Photographs, for instance — what chemicals are on the 
paper and how they got there. Or why we use ceramics, 
why aluminum is so cheap. How the yarn in my sweater 
acmally got to be yarn." Wright recalls going out to a 
sheep farm and learning to spin "nast)', oily, gross wool" 
into twine with a drop spindle. Some students used 
their soap to wash away the oil and dirt, then scraped 
and boiled walnut hulls tor the dye. 

The class is far more rigorous academ- 
ically than the students suspect, however. 
"I tell them that 1 teach them as litde as 
possible," says Dimn. "But it's really that 

I don't teach them anything that they don't need in 
ofder to understand the chemistry we're talking about." 
Half of the students in the course accomplish, almost 
unknowingly, one of the most difficult tasks in under- 
graduate chemistry: they balance an oxidation-reduction 
reaction. "The difference here is motivation," Dunn 
says. "They don't learn about those reactions simply 
because they've reached the chapter in the book. They 
learn about them because they want to understand 
more about gunpowder." 

Dunn himself seems to balance scholarship and 
experiential learning with a sense ot fun. The man who 
sees teaching as "performance art" starts off a class 
about, say, electronics and communications by playing 
John Prine's "Living in the Future." (His class on 
photography was accompanied by Paul Simon's 
"Kodachrome"; the one on weaving by Irish folk songs.) 
Without notes and with many asides, he tells the whole 
history of electronics, from Volta to Netscape, explain- 
ing diodes, triodes, and solid state technology. At the 
end he shows his "toys." Students watch, amused, as a 
tiny robot moves noisily across the floor, blasting fire 
from its ray gun as another, more sophisticated, model 
follows a black line in front of the lectern. 

At lecture's end, students line up to turn in their 
completed projects and get advice from their professor. 
Then Dunn is off to the lab to help two of them make a 
battery with grapefruits. "The advantage to this experi- 
ment," Dunn quips as he shows Ritter Jonas '99 and 
Wes Whitaker '99 the best location for the ten-penny 
nail, "is that you can eat the grapefruit afterward." Jonas 
and Whitaker grin, and get back to the work at hand. 

And Hemingway's Trenches 

_._. _._.HILE students in Dunn's chemistry 
1 \ / class were moving from caveman 
\/\/ culture to the Computer Age, sixteen 
students in Professor Lawrence Martin's 

"Literature of War" were getting a small taste of the real 
thing, by digging World- War-One-type trenches. 
Martin offers students the option to build trenches, as a 
substitute for one of the course's required papers. 

Trying to follow historically accurate methods, the 
students were surprised by the amount of work 
required. "We realized after the first couple of feet what 
a pain building these things were," said Chris Buck. 
"After a few feet of clay, the ground became extremely 
hard. There was also a real problem with cave-ins." The 
Hampden-Sydney students reinforced their trenches 
with lumber to prevent cave-ins, just as soldiers did in 
the fields of France in 1917. The modern copies also 
included a parapet and were edged with sandbags, 
barbed wire, and piinji sticks. Senior Mike Patrick 
learned to sympathize with his doughboy predecessors. 
"We had shovels; they just had spades," he said. "We 
could always go back to the dorm and get a shower and 
a warm meal, but some of the soldiers lived in those 
trenches for over three years." 

After the physical labor, students had to submit 
research summaries on the history of trench warfare, 
as well as reports on their own trenching experience. 
"You do chemistry lab to understand chemistry, and 
we do this to understand 1914-1918," Martin said. 
"We don't simply read the text." 




Winter-Spriug 1997 

Recklessly exposed to enemy 
fire, the trench warfare 
brigadiers in Larry Martin 's 
Literature of War class stand 
above their handiwork. 

Kevin Dunn (Chemistry) 

Larry Martin (English) 




Winter-Spring 1997 

Among people who work at Hampden-Sydney many have 
been here for more than 30 years. Their witness of the past 
is part of their contribution to the character of the place. 

By Eunice Canuik 

'You can feel down, 

but then one of the 

students will say, 

'I need a hug, Mom, ' 

and then everything 

is aU right again. 

You 'vegot a purpose 


needs you. " 

Bookstore Head Cashier 

Hampden-Sydney College in July 
1967, several months before the Penn- 
sylvania Station eagle was delivered to 
Hundley Stadium. She remembers having been 
"amazed" at the bird's great weight, three tons. 
"Of course," she says now, "it probably doesn't weigh 
that much anymore. It's been sandblasted quite a few 
times." She smiles, knowing that her reference to the 
eagle's tribulations, especially after certain football 
games, is understood. 

Seamster is one of a handful of members of the 
College's staff and administration who have been 
around long enough to witness phenomena like the 

eagle's arrival (and its weight loss). 
She, Erlene Bowman, James 
Edward Crawley, Roberta Craw- 
ley, Lewis Drew '60, John 
Waters '58, and Florence 
Watson have shown up for work 
regularly — each for thirty years 
or more — and watched the 

Cookie Seamster (right) has 

been a friendly face in the 

library for 30 years. 

Erlene Bowman (above) 

greets bookstore customers 

with a warm smile. 

College grow. Like Hampden-Sydney's faculty, these 
staff members and administrators are people whom 
students have related to and learned from; they have 
formed part of this College's "whole circle of educa- 
tion." And they have come to know more than anyone 
what the real Hampden-Sydney College is. 

Of course, they talk about change. When Seamster 
began to work as a secretary in the College's library, for 
instance, she typed on an old manual typewriter; it was 
with relief that she witnessed the arrival of the first elec- 
tric. Now she regularly checks her electronic mail 
through the College's compuring network. 

When Florence Watson came to work in 1962, she 
had to catch a ride from Farmville every day: she had no 
driver's license or car. (One of her first purchases was a 
'53 Chevy.) Now the College's Registrar, she remem- 
bers when faculty members would record students' 
grades on cards. Once, she received a card from Latin 
professor Graves Thompson '27 that had a "peciJiar 
mark" in place of the student's grade for the course. 
When she asked Dr. Thompson to explain the mark, he 
told her, "1 couldn't decide what grade to give that 
young man, so I thought 1 would leave it up to you." 
Although class schediJes, course offerings, 
and grades are now kept on computer, 
Watson still considers hers a personal service. 

Another obvious change is that the 
number of students has increased, growing 
from about 400 in 1962 to more than 900. 
"It's a different school now, in that regard, at 
least," says Aliminl Director John Waters '58, 
who returned to Hampden-Sydney in 1965 to 
be the school's Registrar. "Everybody knew 
each other then. Now, a student might know 
everybody in his fraternity, not everybody in 
the College." But the advantage of a larger 
student body, Waters contends, is that the 
College is able to offer a broader curriculimi 
and more academic support systems — greater 
quantity brings greater quality. 

Also pressing on the College are changes outside the 
institution. Today's students come from a society very 
different from that earlier students knew — or, as Dean 
of Students Lewis Drew '60 puts it, "they come from a 
world that has given up on inculcating values." Drew, 
who has been an employee of Hampden-Sydney 
College for more than 34 years, was a student here for 
four. In the late '50s, he recalls, young people grew up 
in stable, close-knit communities with shared beliefs 
and values. In contrast, today's more chaotic society 
offers less support or direction. As a result, students are 
less trusting, knowledgeable about some things but 
untaught about others: some know more about alcohol 
use, for instance, than about responsibility and inter- 
personal relationships. Erlene Bowman, head cashier in 
the Boobtore and known to scores of students as 
"Mom," says that the yoimg men who come into the 
store now are only a little more wary than the ones who 
came to see her a couple of decades ago in the College 
Shop, the Bookstore's forerunner. "They're not as 
friendly when they first come. But after a while, they 
open up. It's almost as if they're waiting to see if we're 
going to be friendly," she explains. 

i / // f able to offer these students, even 
ij/y through the inevitable changes, is a 

sense of community, the one constant 
these veterans refer to the most often. While admitting 
that there is less time these days "to do extra things for 
students and faculty members," Watson still considers 
Hampden-Sydney "a friendly place where people unite 
with the community to make students feel welcome." 
Having worked for seven registrars and seven presidents, 
in offices on every floor of Atkinson Hall, Watson feels 
that the College is a "second home"; when she doesn't 
come to work, she wonders "what's going on." Seamster 
thinks often of "kids growing up free and safe here. " She 
carries with her the image of children of faculty and staff 
"playing in the snow with their sleds and dogs" on the 
hill behind the Library. And Bowman draws some of 
her strength from her job: "You can feel down," she 
says, "and come in here and one of the students will say, 
'I need a hug, Mom,' and then everything is all right 
again. You've got a purpose and somebody needs you." 

It was the feeling of community that drew John 
Waters back in 1965. He was teaching history and 
coaching in Richmond in 1964, when he and his wife- 
to-be, Sally, took a leisurely drive to Hampden-Sydney. 
The campus was green and quiet. "I saw [Coach] Stoke- 
ley Fulton cutting the grass on the football field," he 
recalls. John became the College's registrar, and Sally 
went to work for Joseph T. Trotter '35, the 
alumni director. John, after a stint as director of admis- 
sions, became alumni director in 1980. "I feel I have 

found my niche, and I'm lucky to have found it at my 
alma mater," Waters says of his life here. "It's been a 
good place for our family to grow up. We've had good 
friends in the community, with children the same age as 
ours. And there are still people here, both faculty and 
staff, who genuinely care about othet people and about 
the students." 

Perhaps, though, James 
Edward Crawley and Roberta 
Crawley (not related to each 
other except through their 
devotion to Hampden- 
Sydney) know as much as 
anyone about working and 
living at the College. James 
Edward was born about four 
miles from campus. He 
sought a part-time job at the 
College as soon as he looked 
old enough to be hired 
because he "didn't want to 




Winter-Spring 1997 

Florence Clark Watson 
(above) has worked for seven 
registrars and seven presidents; 
she is now registrar herself. 
John Waters '58 (left) has been 
registrar, director of admissions, 
and alumni secretary over his 
three decades. 

impose " on his widowed mother. Now Super- 
visor of Housekeeping, he considers Hampden-Sydney 
"a neighborhood, like family." Although he has been a 
witness to racism, he has not been its victim; when the 
county's schools closed in 1959, he attended a learning 
center set up at Merq' Seat Baptist Church (some 
H-SC professors helped to pay for transportation), and 
later studied at a Lutheran school in Lunenburg County 
run by Dr. Donald Ortner's church. "Sometimes, 
among new students especially, there has been what 
I would call racism," he says. "But it's never been 
directed towards me. I think we've made progress in 
that area, too. My brother Ralph (who has been work- 
ing at Hampden-Sydney for a mere 25 years ) was the 





Winter-Spring 1997 

Thirty-year veterans Roberta 

Crawley (center) and James 

Edward Crawley (right) 

with Ralph Crawley (left), 

who has twenty-five years 

of service under his belt. 

Dean of Students Lewis 
H. Drew (above) has 

the longest tenure of any 
officer at the College. 

first black fire chief that I know of in the four counties 
our fire department serves." There was "no resentment, 
none whatsoever" when James Edward became a super- 
visor several years ago, and rousing applause at 
Commencement in 1993 when he won the College's 
Robert Thruston Hubard Award for service and dedica- 
tion. "The Hubard Award was 
an honor for me and my 
mother," he recalls. "She passed 
away a year or two after that. 
And the day I got that award 
was Mother's Day. And the way 
President Wilson introduced 
me that day. . . well, it made 
me proud to be a part of this 

Roberta (Bert) Crawley, 
a nurse in the Moore Student 
Health Center who has lived 
at Hampden-Sydney since 
1955 and worked here since 
1966, often says, "A lot of 
people get to MCV [The 
Medical College of Virginia] 
by way of Hampden-Sydney, 
but I came to Hampden- 
Sydney by way of MCV." The Florala, Alabama, native 
got to know the College when she was a nursing student 
and scrub nurse for the chief of staff of surgery at MCV: 
"Dr. Bigger liked to get students from Hampden- 

Sydney," she recalls. "He often said, 'Give me a Hamp- 
den-Sydney kid with a B.A. and we'll give him his 
sciences." But it was through another nursing student 
that she met T. Edward (Ned) Crawley, Jr. '41, who 
was teaching English and directing the Glee Club at the 
College. When Ned brought her to Hampden-Sydney 
for a visit in 1949, she was "enchanted." ("I still am," 
she adds.) After they came back to Hampden-Sydney in 
1955 to stay, Bert managed to entertain students, glee 
clubs, and musicians, while working full-time at the 
local hospital. They had "a house ftill of music, all the 
time" and sometimes had to sleep on the floor of their 
library. She left the hospital and came to work at 
Hampden-Sydney's infirmary in 1966. When her 
husband died in 1984, she gave no truck to self-pity, 
but felt sorry instead for "all the students who would 
never have him, never know him, never see him walking 
down the street." She stayed on in "Thornton Place" 
and continued to work for the College. She has made 
Hampden-Sydney her home, taking long walks through 
the "early-morning sounds," watching the sun come up 
over the Field House, and looking after the students 
who come into the Health Center. "Hampden-Sydney 
has been my life since I married Ned," she declares. 
"I'm very fortunate to have been Mrs. Crawley and to 
have been at Hampden-Sydney all this time. It has let 
me continue to be me. " 

But the Crawleys and the others never forget why 
they are here and have been here: the young men who 
enter the College gates as wide-eyed and nervous fresh- 


men and, with their help, leave four years later, wiser 
and stronger. Dean of Students Lewis H. Drew sees the 
College's mission, "to form good men and good citizens 
in an atmosphere of sound learning," as his own to live 
by and live up to. "We want the students to see that the 
way we conduct our professional lives is consistent with 
the ideas embodied in diat mission," he reminds us all. 
As dean — an around-the-clock job since 1 970 — he has 
helped young men, directly and by example, to learn 
about "the broad purposes of discipline" and how to set 
their own standards for responsible behavior. For him, 
the work is the fulfillment of his purpose in life, "to 
have a part in helping to form better people." 
Self-fulfillment and selfless service, constancy 






COLLEGE • 1997 

through change: among this College's faculty, staff, and 
administration, heroes can be found. The College's 
greatest asset is not the beautiful campus, the Federal- 
style architecture, or the twenty-first-century technology 
in the midst of it all. Hampden-Sydney's true strength 
resides in people like Cookie Seamster, Florence 
Watson, John Waters, Eriene Bowman, Bert Crawley, 
James Edward Crawley, and Lewis Drew, who have 
each given the College 30 years or more of hard work 
and dedication, and have served as examples to students 
and to the rest of us — simply by doing their jobs. And 
like the Pennsylvania Station eagle — a litde worse for 
wear, after thirty years or so, perhaps — they represent 
what endures. 

Leading up to Parents Weekend, 

Hampden-Sydney has invited a group 

of nationally-recognized experts to debate 

on a topic that strikes very close to home: 

the future of the family as we know it. 

Come join us. 


7 30p-m , Cfowley Forum 

The Modern Family: 
The Role of the father 

Df- Steven Nock, ume^iry oi viigimo 


/ 30 p m . (towley foium 

The Family as Portrayed on 


"Mooney's Kids Don't Cry" 

"Slaughter in the Lake" 

Produced by The Firehouse Theotre Project 


7 30 p m , Crawley Forum 

Ruptures and Transmissions: 
Fiction and Family Stories 

Dl, Sotoh Hordy, Hompde^Sydrey Coliege 


GAILERV TALK, 4pm, Porenrs S Frrends lounge 
OPENING RECEPIION, 5 p,m , Esther Thomas 
Arkmson Museum 

All in the Family: 
Artists' Interpretations 

Dr. Dovid Dodge Lewis, Homr<le»-Syilney Colleje 


/ 30 p.m , Crowley Forum 

Traditional Family Values: 
Whose Traditions? Whose 

Dr. Kenneth Lehman, Kompdtn-SydneyCoiiege 


730 p m , Crowley Forum 

Work and Family: 

An Hislorital, Cross-Cultural 


Dr. RoXOnn PrOZniok, KDmixlerfSydnei Colese 


3 pm, Porenr^S Frrends Lounge 

Families as Portrayed on 
Film I 

Dl. Kotherine J. Weese, KomriierfSydnei&iiiest 
Dr. fd Schworzsehild, s>iMi8iioiCi>Ne 


1 :30 p.m., Porents & Friends lounge 

Families as Portroyed on 
Film II 


An Homeric episode of The Simpsm 

plus exteipts liom teorute tilms Mh as 

Ordinary People, New York Stories, 
Secrets one/ lies 


8 p.m , Kiiby Fielil House 

"The Simpsons": Nuclear 

PguI ContOr, limveislryol Virginia 


9 30 m , Kirby Field House 

Perspectives on the Past 

• Dr. JomeS A. Arieti, Kompden-Sydney College 

• Dr. Oouglos OttOti, UnonTheologKalSemirtoiv 

• Dr. EliZobeth J. Deis, HompdtitSydneyCollege 

• Dr. ion Nullum, RnndolpWomp Womoii'! College 


• Dr. Lowell T. Frye, rrampdervSydney College 

2 p.m., Kifby Field House 

Perspectives on the Present 

• Dr. Preston A. Britner, uo»eiaryoiCo«»ettKoi 

• Dr. Mortho Cox, UnwersiIyotNoilhCoiolino 

• Dr. Ann CrOUter, PenniyboKiSloreUriiversiry 

• Dr. Brent McBtide, Unrveraryollllrab 

• Dr. Robert Sellers, un»ecsiyoiiMno« 

• Dr. Daniel G. Mossier, KompdertSydney College 
730 pm.Kirby Field House 

Keynote Address 

Stephanie CoOnfZ, nanonol^etogniiedaulhorot 
nie % We Nm' Wets and Uie Way We Really tie 


9 30 m , Kirby Field House 

Perspectives on the Future 

• Dr. Alexander 1. Wertti, Hompdep-sydney 


• Dr. Saranno R. Thornton, Komniep-Sydney 


• Dr. Shoron I. Goad, KompdeirSydney College 

•Dr. Peter Fosl,Hoitecoiieg« 

• Dr. Ronald L Heinemonn, Hom(de»sydney 


1 1 a.m., Ktrby Field House 

Closing Addresses 

• The Honoroble Donald S. Beyer, Ir. 

[reulenop! Govemoi ol ViigioB 

• The Honorable James S. Gilmore III 

Arrorney Geneiol ol yiiginio 

12:30, Hompden House lawn 

A Family Celebration 

A festive picnic lunch (tickets available). 

1:30 p.m , Hundley Stodium 

Football Game 

Hampden-Sydney College vs. 
Bridgewotei College 
($3 per cor entionce fee) 

tilt emu ate open to tlie jjublic 

M ate ftee except tot the Lutich ant] football dattte. 



Winter-Spring 1997 







Winter-Spring 1997 

Nothing eludes the curiosity and expertise 

of this year s College Fellows, the newest members 

of Hampden-Sydney 's Academic Hall of Fame 

From Classical Greece 
to the Atom Bomb 

By Claire Theune 

"I have never made 

any sort of sacrifice to 

go into the classroom 

. . . I believe it is my 

natural habitat. " 


Fellow of the College in the 

Natural Sciences, 1997 

On March 10, 1997, five alumni who have distin- 
guished themselves in academic endeavors were 
inducted as Fellows ot the College: Mr. James N. Boyd 
'58, Dr. Walter Randolph Chitwood, Jr. '68, and Mr. 
William L. McLaughlin '49 were named Fellows of the 
College in the Natural Sciences. Dr. W. Keith Eubank, 
Jr. '42 was named a Fellow of the College in the Social 
Sciences; and Dr. Richard Mcllwaine Frazer '52 was 
named a Fellow of the College in the Humanities. 
Boyd is Chairman of the Math Department, St. Chris- 
topher's School, Richmond; Chitwood is professor of 
surgery and chairman at the East Carolina University 
School of Medicine and Pitt County Memorial Hospi- 
tal in Greenville, North Carolina; McLaughlin is a 
research physicist with the National Institute of Stan- 
dards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland; 
Eubank is a professor emeritus of history at Queens 
College of the City University of New York; and Frazer 
is professor emeritus of classics at Tulane University in 
New Orleans. 

During their visit, the inductees gave a public lecture 
on their area of study and spoke informally with 
students about Hampden-Sydney's impact on their 
careers and about how current students could follow in 
similar paths. 

high school in Richmond, has "excep- 
tionally strong ties with Hampden- 
Sydney, " says James N. Boyd '58, who 
is in his diirty-first year there, teaching mathematics and 
statistics. At St. Christopher's, he was chairman of the 
mathematics department from 1968 to 1995 and has 
also chaired the science department. 

"When I attended St. Christopher's," Boyd recalls, 
"the headmaster, Robert W. Bu^, two successive senior 
masters, Benjamin S. Morgan and John R. Brinser, the 
director of athleucs, Hugh Brenaman, two of my math 
teachers, Dave Boney — the brother of Nash Boney — 

and Ambrose Vulgan, and John C. Beckwith, my phys- 
ics teacher — they were all Hampden-Sydney people. 
And 1 believe 1 was really meant to go on to the Univer- 
sity of Virginia as well because of all of its Hampden- 
Sydney connections. " 

"In those years, a steady stream of young men 
exchanged the Red and Gray of the Saints for the Red 
and Gray of the Tigers." 

"When I first came to Hampden-Sydney," Boyd 
continues, " the College stood four-square in the liberal 
ans tradition. There was really no system for having an 
academic major; whether you took a B.A. or a B.S., all 
of the courses were essenrially the same. Even a B.S. had 
to have two years of ancient language, two years of a 
modern foreign language, two years of English, at least 
one year of history, two years in the study of the Old 
and New Testaments, and a year ot either philosophy or 
psychology. That was a very significant thing in Hamp- 
den-Sydney education. 1 wouldn't change a thing, 
because 1 believe the liberal arts tradition is the way 
educarion should be. " 

"In mathematics," Boyd explains, "we are constandy 
making definitions, so that a single word may carry' a 
load of meaning which is independent of who is speak- 
ing and who is hearing the word. There must be a core 
of material common to educated men and women so 
that they may converse, if for no other reason." 

"Specialization can wait. Graduates who later 
became doctors, lawyers, ministers and priests, teachers, 
men of commerce, engineers, and men of leisure should 
possess this common core of knowledge." 

Did the system work? In 1958 or so, Boyd recalls, 
the American Association of Physics Teachers published 
a ranking of American colleges by the percentage of its 
graduates having earned advanced degrees in physics: 
Hampden-Sydney led the list. 

The Hampden-Sydney connection continues for 
Boyd. His son Leo is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney 
and of the University of Virginia law school. "My son- 
in-law, too, William Reed McGuire, is a graduate of 

Hampden-Sydney and is also teaching at St. Chris- 

When Boyd first came to Hampden-Sydney 
fi-om Richmond, he found himself in a "very natural 
place" because he came from a family of teachers. (On 
his mother's side of the family, he is a fifth-generation 
teacher in independent secondary schools in Virginia.) 
"I grew up in a family that read, talked about books at 
the dinner table, valued education and learning, told 
and retold stories about teachers and teaching, prized 
the eccentricities of school life, and laughed over and 
over again at the anecdotes illustrating those 

He and John Waters, the College's director of 
alumni relations, were roommates. "Johnny was a Pika 
and I was a KA. Toward the end of our junior year, we 
had agreed to hve in our respective fi-aternities for die 
next year. Independently, though, we each decided that 
living in a fi'aternity house was not such a good idea. 
The solurion was obvious: we would room together." 
Boyd's senior year was his happiest, he recalls. 

Boyd was graduated summa cum laude from Hamp- 
den-Sydney in 1958. He obtained an M.S. in physics 
(1960) and an M.A. in mathematics (1972) from the 
University of Virginia. He also has an M.S. in math- 
ematics from Virginia Commonwealth University 
(1977). He was also an NSF instructor in physics at the 
University of Virginia from 1962 to 1963. He served as 
an instructor in physics at the University of Richmond 
(1963 — 1966), before moving to St. Christopher's in 
1966, where he has been ever since. 

He still collaborates with his thesis advisor, writing 
about mathematics. He and a colleague, P. N. 
Raychowdhury ot VCU, co-authored an article, 
"Biased Random Walks, " in the Virginia Journal of 
Science (Spring 1995). "Sampling Distributions from 
Polynomial Multiplication" appeared in the Inter- 
national Journal of Mathematical Education in Science 
and Technology (May 1995), published in England. 
Boyd's "Professor Bear" cartoons have appeared in 
numerous publications. 

Boyd has been recognized as an outstanding educa- 
tor by the Virginia Commonwealth University chapter 
of Phi Delta Kappa (1988). In a typical day at St. Chris- 
topher's, Boyd teaches ninth-grade geometry and pre- 
calculus; he teaches calculus and statistics to seniors. 
For the fijture, he sees more of the same for himself, 
teaching and pursuing the academic matters he loves. 
"It may seem boring," he says, "but it is a lucky man 
who is paid to do what he wants to do; 1 am such a 
man. I have never made any sort of sacrifice to go into 
the classroom. It is, 1 believe, my natural habitat." 

involved in several different aspects 
of cardiac medicine. Dr. Walter 
Randolph Chitwood, Jr. '68 prefers 
to define four major areas of concentration: administra- 
tion, teaching, basic science, and clinical work. 

At Hampden-Sydney in March, when he was 
inducted as a Fellow of the College in the Natural 
Sciences, he chose to concentrate on speaking about his 
clinical work, especially his clinical research. "We are 
developing new techniques to perform minimally inva- 
sive open-heart surgery, in which we are making smaller 
and smaller incisions, placing tiny cameras inside the 
heart, to replace or repair valves." 

The less-invasive surgery, in the vanguard of today's 
"kinder, gender " heart operations, requires a high level 
of skill among surgeons because they must cut, probe, 
operate, and sew from a greater distance, using specially 
designed, longer precision instruments. 

Heart surgery, in the view of some of today's 
doctors, is a streamlined procedure, with the risks mini- 
mized; the emphasis now is on making the patient feel 
better as quickly as possible. For Chitwood, whose 
family has a history of heart disease and who himself a 
couple of years ago underwent quadruple bypass 
surgery, this emphasis is paramount. He realized of 
course that after his own operation he would be away 
from work for several weeks, but he was surprised at 
how much the surgery drained him. "What's more," 
Chitwood said, "it hun." 

In the less invasive technique for a hean bypass, 
surgeons at East Carolina University and elsewhere now 
cut a 2.5-inch incision and remove a portion of a rib. 
Chitwood has also developed a revolutionary technique 
to repair the mitral valve, which controls blood flow 
between the two chambers of the 
heart: a 10-millimeter video 
camera, inserted into the 
chest through an incision as 
small as 2.7 centimeters, the 
size of the valve itself, lets 
surgeons view the heart 
magnified thineen times on a 
video monitor. Then, using 
tiny instruments, they 
surgically modify 
the valve. All of 
this is accom- 
plished without 
the trauma of 




Winter-Spring 1997 

"We're literally 
nanoseconds away 
from whatever is 
needed. This is a 
time for you to 
flourish. " 

Fellow of the College in the 
Natural Sciences, 1997 

James N. Boyd '58 




Winter-Spring 1997 

"I always 

return to my Hamp- 

den-Sydney roots for 

the compassion, 

for the bedside 

manner. ..." 


Felloiv of the College in the 
Natural Sciences, 1997 

W. Randolph Chitwood '68 


through the sternum and opening the rib cage. As acces- 
sories for this procedure, Chirwood has designed a mini- 
ature forceps and a clamp-on napkin. 

"We are using these new technologies to lessen 
trauma to the patient as well as to be more cost effec- 
tive," Chitwood says. "What's just as imponant as rapid 
recovery is rapid restoration to normal activities. It takes 
some basic studies in cardiac preservation — learning 
how to preserve the heart during these operations. " 

"All these developments start in the research labor- 
atory," Chitwood adds, "and also from partnering with 
industry. To have access to the talents of engineers in 
private industry — mechanical engineers, electrical engi- 
neers, lighting engineers — this is what is so important. 
It is emerging as a very important basis of cardiac 
surgery in the United States." Chitwood and his team 
are preeminent in the area. "It's the first time that some 
of this type of heart surgery has been done." 

Chirwood's work causes him to travel frequently. He 
is on numerous editorial boards and lecture committees. 
Because he teaches medical students, he admits that he 
has "no discretionary time — every moment I have is on 
a three-by-five card. But I enjoy it." 

Did "Ranny" Chirwood foresee such an active life 
for himself when he was at Hampden-Sydney? "Actu- 
ally, " he says, "I was pretty laid back, but people who 
know me know I was intense in a few areas, in photog- 
raphy, for instance. I did photography for the Kaleido- 
scope and for the Tiger for four years. I photographed 
weddings and graduations, had a litde business, was 
really good at it. I even used to exhibit in the Eastman 
Gallery. I won an award with the photo I took of Fran- 
cis [Randolph] the Axeman. When Francis the Axeman 
died, they used that photo on the program at Mercy 
Seat Baptist Church; I had shown it to his sister when 
Francis was admitted to the hospital. I also took many 
football action shots for the Richmond Times-Dispatch 
and for the Roanoke Times — in fact, I almost went into 

Almost everything Chitwood has done in the past he 
feels is applicable to what he is doing today. "I had what 
I think was the first student amateur radio station at 
Hampden-Sydney. I learned engineering principles 
from the electronics I encountered, which I now apply 
to hemodynamics and patient care. " His other avoca- 
tion is wriring a history of surgery and physiology. 

At Duke he went through the longest surgi- 
cal residency program in the United States — 
ten years — where attention to detail is 
"drummed into the residents." Research can 
be frustrating, Chitwood grants, "but it is 
satisfying. And I always return to my Hamp- 
den-Sydney roots for the compassion, for the 
bedside manner. . . ." 

The East Carolina University School of 

Medicine — Pitt County Memorial Hospital, where 
Chirwood chairs the department of surgery, has the 
second largest cardiovascular center in North Carolina 
after Duke. He has a nationally recognized research 
laboratory, with excellent chnicians and surgeons and a 
supportive staff He still performs 200 open-hean 
surgeries a year. 

"The next fifty years will be the most exciting of the 
millennium, " Chirwood promises. His enthusiasm is 
infectious: "Now, we're mapping the genome, there is 
gene engineering, gene splicing. It's like rock 'n roll — 
it's here to stay," he told Hampden-Sydney students 
during his visit. "These are exciting times — we're liter- 
ally nanoseconds away from whatever is needed. This is 
a time for you to flourish. It's up to you," he impressed 
on them, "Hampden-Sydney can act as a blueprint." 

Chirwood has always admired Sir William Osier 
(1849 — 1919), a Canadian who touted a "master 
word" in medicine. "Though a little one, the master 
word looms large in meaning. It is the open-sesame to 
every portal, the great equalizer in the worid, the true 
philosopher's stone which transmutes all the base metal 
of humanity into gold." "By means of it," Chitwood 
continues for Osier, "all things are possible. It is respon- 
sible for the past 25 years of advances in medical 
science, so it is pretty important. The word is work." 

4 / // f professor emeritus of history at 
fl/y Queens College in New York, first 

came to Hampden-Sydney, as World 
War II was about to foam up from Munich, he wanted 
to become an opera singer — a goal that his teen-aged 
children would later find uproariously funny. Instead, 
in the new climate of nadonalistic aggression, he found 
himself drawn to European diplomatic history. 

Thus he wrote a column for the Tiger on foreign 
affairs. "Having to write something every week, to fill 
that space every week," Eubank acknowledges, "was 
excellent discipline." Then he edited the Garnet in his 
senior year. The Hampden-Sydney training was the 
foundation, he says, that helped shape his writing 
throughout his lifetime. 

Graduating magna cum latuie from Hampden- 
Sydney in 1942, Eubank earned a Master's from 
Harvard in 1947 and a doctorate from the University of 
Pennsylvania in 1951. He proceeded to teach and write 
on European diplomatic history, beginning with Paul 
Cambon, an important figure in World War I, and 
then focused on some of the diplomatic meetings 
during World War II. 

"It was difficult to get my first book published," he 
recalls, "because of the topic — a French diplomat 
[Cambon] is not 'hot stuff in American academia. 

I learned a lesson." But the University of Oklahoma 
Press did eventually publish his Cambon work in 1960, 
with some help from the Ford Foundation. (They also 
published two other quite successfiil works of his, 
Munich, m 1963, and The Summit Conferences, 1919- 
1960, in 1966.) 

He has written a short history of the atomic bomb, 
with the direct utle The Bomb (1991), an outgrowth of 
plans tor a multi-media course on World War II at 
Queens. Even though he says he "had only one course 
on physics while at Hampden-Sydney," he was able 
"to take the topic all the way up until modern times 
when the Russians exploded their bomb." The history 
of the A-bomb is uniquely clear, Eubank points out, 
"because the Americans and the Russians have gotten 
together and discussed it, and so you have both sides." 

At present he is working on the third edirion of 
A Survey of Historic Costume, co-authored with Phyllis 
Tortora, to be published this year by Fairchild Publica- 
tions, the publisher of Women 's Wear Daily. In his eight- 
eenth year as chairman of the history department of 
Queens College, just as he was preparing for retirement, 
he was contacted by Tortora, the chair of the home 
economics department. She was looking for someone to 
write a technical history of clothing, civilization, and 
material, and she wanted Eubank to recommend some- 
one. "How about me?" he offered. "It has been very 
interesting ever since," he smiles. The textbook is popu- 
lar with college home economics and drama depart- 
ments and with museums, while the quality of the 
illustrations give the text general-audience coffee-table 

As co-author of the work, Eubank has researched 
some fascinating subjects, from a contemporary's 
description of Charlemagne's costume to a list of Napo- 
lean's clothing and its cost in French francs at the time, 
which then had to be converted into modern equiv- 
alents. He also helped to update the third edition by 
writing about the Internet with some help, he acknowl- 
edges, from his daughter, who teaches computing. 

He is also under contract to produce a book on the 
Cuban missile crisis, "trying to make sense of that 
event. " Under the Freedom of Information Act, more 
information has recendy become available as President's 
Kennedy's tapes of sessions of meetings of the Executive 
Committee of the National Security Coimcil are declas- 
sified and made public. 

Coming to Hampden-Sydney from Philadelphia in 
the 1930s, Eubank was "struck by the closeness and the 
warmth and the small classes." Today when he visits, he 
still "marvels at the sight of all of the cars" because, 
when he attended, there were of course "very few 
students who drove. People used to walk to town, and 
there was much more hitchhiking." 

Eubank tells today's students that "you don't realize 

it now, but these are the best four years of your life." He 
urges them to enjoy the time spent here while they can 
because later will come the task of earning a livelihood. 
"Yes," Eubank affirms, "these are definitely the years 



being a classics professor," according 
to Dr. Richard McIIwaine ("Mac") 
Frazer, Jr. '52, a 1997 Fellow of the 
College in the Humanities, "is living in Greece and 
Italy." The warm colors of the Italian buildings appeal 
to Frazer, who is retired in New Orleans and paints 
every day; indeed two of the colors in his present 
palette, colors he avers that he cannot do without, are 
"burnt siena and raw siena — Italian earth colors." 

When Frazer left the College as a young graduate in 
1 952, he had no idea what he wanted to do. "I had 
thought of the classics as a possible life for myself in 
teaching," he recalls. "1 had in effect majored in classics 
at Hampden-Sydney, and had taken German, which is 
practically a requirement for being able to read the 
scholarship on Latin and Greek." He liked Hesiod then, 
too, and Mr. Firenze, a Hampden-Sydney teacher he 
admired very much, told him he should become a 
teacher. Frazer tucked away Firenze's advice, but, "not 
knowing what better to do," volunteered for the Army. 
He landed in the Korean War just after Truman had 
fired MacArthur; he served three years. 

After Korea, he enrolled in T. C. Williams law 
school for a year and a half — because, he explains, there 
was the precedent of "an uncle and a grandfather who 
were also lawyers. " Then, on Dr. Graves H. Thomp- 
son's advice, he went to North Carolina to graduate 
school. From there he went to Tulane in 1959, which 
was to be his first and last job: he progressed from 
instructor to assistant professor to associate 
professor to ftill professor in 1977, acting as 
chairman of the Classics depanment for several 
years. He worked at Tulane until his 

He wrote three books and numerous articles 
while there, all connected with Homer. The 
first, published in 1966, analyzes the late- 
classical epics purportedly by Dictys of 
Crete and Dares the Phrygian, "Latin 
poems based on Greek originals, which 
are anti-Homeric in their stance but 
were very popular in the Middle 
Ages," he explains. "Their version of 
the Trojan saga gave rise to the 
Troilus and Cressida story, which 
resurfaces in Chaucer — and in 
Shakespeare and Boccaccio, too." 




Winter-Spring 1997 

"Having to unite 
something every 
week, to fill that 
space [in the Tiger] 
every week, was 
excellent discipline. " 


Fellow of the College 

in the Social Sciences. 1997 

W. Keith Eubank Jr. '42 




Winter-Spring 1997 


Germanic austerity 

. . . made me feel that 

there were meaning 

in thin^ beyond 

what you could 

ima^ne. ..." 



Fellow of the College in the 

Humanities. 1997 

Richard Mcllwaine Frazer '52 

His other books have primarily been translation 

commentaries, as when he wrote on the poet Hesiod in 
1983. He also did an analysis of the Iliad. Frazer is 
drawn to Hesiod and Homer by the "freedom with 
which they reworked the mythological traditions they 

Now, Frazer is "outdoors in New Orleans every day. 
painting old houses. My interest in art has always gone 
along with my interest in the classics, especially when 
trying to find illustrations for some of the classical 
pieces." This research has taken him to Greece, where 
he has photographed Greek farmers, Mount Hehcon, 
and the narrow strait of water between the mainland 
and the island of Euboea, which "Hesiod said was the 
farthest he had ever gone by sea." Frazer has always 
injected material from his travels into his class lectures. 
Rising at five o'clock ever\' day, Frazer paints from 
about 8:30 am until noon; he says he wants to be "as 
good a painter as Winslow Homer." Frazer sells some of 
his paintings and has donated others to church auctions; 
he has had two an shows. 

He plans to stay in New Orleans, where he has hved 
in the same house for seventeen years. Even so, he 
always looks at houses in other places and appears to be 
"closing in on Richmond," where, he claims, he is 
"something ol a b)'word among real estate agents." 

Since retiring, he has not felt a desire to return to 
teaching; rather, he wants to do something different 
that excites him, because he feels he "has moved on." 
Besides painting, Frazer is presendy reading some of the 
early Church fathers: Tertullian in Latin, Ignatius of 
Antioch in Greek. 

Frazer says that Dr. Graves Thompson was one of 
the greatest influences on him because of "his steady 
happy personality' and his enjoyment of scholarship. 
He taught an histot}', mathematics, and Latin at Hamp- 
den-Sydney; he played the organ in church — he was a 
very sane person." Another teacher who influenced 
Frazer was Dr. Denison Maurice Allan, who taught 
both psychology and philosophy. "I remember taking 
an aptimde test from him and scoring highest as 
artist." Allan wrote a book called The Realm of Person- 
ality, which the young Frazer enjoyed tremendously. 
Allan was devout as well; Frazer remembers "his 
sweet reasonableness." He also corresponded 
with Allan during the war. 

"There are certain people who influ- 
ence you in life even though you may 
not know them very well, or you may 
have an idea of them that may or 
may not be true." Frazer cites Dr. 
McRae (who taught Bible) "whose 
Germanic austerity impressed me, 
and made me feel that there were 
meanings in things beyond what 


you coiJd imagine — and that was very stimulating." 

"Whatever you do, do your best," he advises young 
Hampden-Sydney men today, "with the realization that 
you can't be perfect. Be excited by what you're doing. 
Get up in the morning, get outdoors, move physically. 
Doing something physical helps remove stress; swim- 
ming or jogging helps setde you. Also, having 
animals" — he has r^vo cats — is "quite soothing — they 
are so beautiful and graceful and a pan of life. The idea 
that we are akin to the apes is something 1 like," he says 
confidendy: "We have nothing to be ashamed of there." 

Sydney, I was blessed in having 
Professor [Thomas E.] Gilmer," 
William L. McLaughlin '49, Fellow 
of the College in the Natural Sciences, recalls. 
"He made us realize that there were exciting careers 
in science and that we ourselves would become 

McLaughlin went into physics "mainly because 
Hampden-Sydney had a small department at that 
time — but then the whole smdent body was only about 
440, and there was a great atmosphere here." He was 
graduated sumrrm cum laiuk in 1949. 

"The English courses taught me to write," he contin- 
ues. "Ned Crawley made us write extemporaneously: we 
had to be able to talk about a theme we had written, 
even though it wasn't a speech class. " Indeed, today, if 
he were to sum up his philosophy of life, McLai^hlin 
thinks he would describe it as the "excitement of being 
extemporaneous from one day to the next." 

In the years after Hampden-Sydney, McLaughlin 
studied "physics and more physics " at Duke, at the 
Universitat Tubingen, at George Washington Univer- 
sity, and at the Enrico Fermi School of Physics, in 
Varenna, Italy. He was to use the skills he had gained at 
Hampden-Sydney to write original prose in science, 
which gave him an edge in his field. He is the author of 
some 240 scientific papers, seven books (four as editor), 
and the holder of eight patents. 

On this visit to the College, McLaughlin spent 
some rime with Dr. Donald Kniffen, whose smdents 
were building shon rimers out of components bought 
ofi^the shelf "The major advantage in coming to a place 
like Hampden-Sydney," says McLaughlin, "is the liberal 
arts, plus the science, and the enthusiasm you find in 
small classes. . . . Here, not only do you get to make the 
equipment, but vou also get to write the equations that 
explain how it works." Thus you understand your tools. 

McLaughhn has spent many years as a research phys- 
icist at the National Insrimte of Technology (formerly 
the Narional Bureau of Standards) in Gaithersbiu-g, 
Maryland. He describes his field as "medical physics," 

since he plans clinical cancer treatments for notable 
institutions like Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and 
Boston General. He works primarily with neuro- 
surgeons who are performing "knifeless surgery — they 
use radiation to treat pituitary tumors, for example, 
which are very close to the delicate area ot the optic 
nerve, so that the surgeons won't blind the patient or 
kill him." McLaughlin holds a patent on this method 
and is editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Applied 
Radiation and Isotopes, which covers the field of nuclear 

He will soon travel to Japan, where he has been 
called as an expert witness in patent infringement litiga- 
tion between two corporations. He was pan of the orig- 
inal patent team, though he himself is not a litigant. 

"But officially," he smiles, "I retired in April 1996!" 

He has also worked extensively in agricultural 
research and radiation, in particular with the use of 
radioactive materials to control insect populations. For 
the Red Cross, he is using radiation to control diseases 
in the blood supply; one — the potentially fatal post- 
graft transfusion disease — has been all but obliterated. 
"Some 10 percent of transfusion recipients develop the 
illness," he explains. "It's caused by the proliferation of 
white blood cells to the detriment of red blood cells. If 
scientists irradiate the blood, this disease can be 
controlled. So now almost all blood banks are using 
ionizing radiation." 

McLaughlin has also been working on the environ- 
mental applications of radiation, specifically to the 
disposal of hospital waste. In March, he was headed to 
Miami for the first pilot plant at Cedars Hospital. "This 
is very exciting," McLaugJilin says, "because radiation 
renders infectious waste sterile and unrecognizable, so 
that it can be placed into landfills with no more danger 
of infection." 

Other areas receiving McLaughlin's attention: 

• Treatment of groundwater that contains toxic metals 
such as mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. "Some Univer- 
sity of Maryland colleagues and I were able to come up 
with a novel way to precipitate toxic metal salts out of 
the water supply," he explains. 

• Measurements for radiation accidents, which can 
occur frequently on a smaller scale than, say, Chernoybl. 
McLaughlin tells of a scrap metal dealer in Mexico who 
inadvertendy collected some radioactive material, which 
found its way later into other products. This kind of 
accident led him to patent a sodium iodide detector to 
spot radioactive materials at the entrance of scrap yards 
as trucks pass through. 

• A cancer drug based on the principles of physics. The 
patient takes a non-toxic drug, which settles in the 
tumor; the tumor is then irradiated, which causes the 
drug to break down into two toxic compounds which 
kill the tumor. The effect is "localized in the tumor," 
he explains, "and there are no side effects." 

Despite the variety and scope of his research, 
McLaughlin says that he has not yet achieved all his life 
goals. There are "some other things that I very much 
want to do." 

McLaughlin plans to make a recording of all of the 
folk songs he has collected. He also paints; he has prom- 
ised so many members of his large extended family a 
painting that he already "owes about 40 paintings, so 
1 am way behind schedule. " 

What does he like to do best? McLaughlin, the phys- 
icist who has spent a lifetime defining the fields of 
science and technology, says he likes best to write 
poetry: "That started years ago. Under Ned 
Crawley, I wrote my first poem, and 
I've been writing them ever 




Winter-Spring 1997 

"Under Ned 
Crawley, I wrote my 
first poem, and I've 
been writing them 
ever since. " 

WILLIAM McLaughlin '49 

Fellow of the College 

in the Natural Sciences, 1997 

William McLaughlin '49 

THE 'RECORD OF The AluTTini Citation is awarded to Joseph Trotter '35; 

HAMPDEN-SYDNEY . , j • u- i ^ r ./ ■ j 

COLLEGE symposia, plays, and visiting lecturers enliven the mind; 

students carry the torch with good works and scholarly research 

Winter-Spring 1997 

On the Hill 

"Joe Trotter 35 

has led a busy life 

in service and 

good works to 

his family and 

to his community, 

partimlarly during 

those seventeen 

years he spent at 

JJampden-Sydney. " 

Preiifienl of the College 

President Wilson, Alumni 
Association President Don 
Whitley, and Alumni Director 
John Waters present the 
Alumni Citation to Joe Trot- 
ter '55 (SECOND FROM 
RIGHT), who has been active 
both as an alumnus and as an 
administrator at the College 
over a busy lifetime. 

Alumni Citation 

admirers, Joseph J. Trotter '35 of Harrisonburg was 
given the 1996 Alumni Citation of Hampden-Sydney 
College. Awarded annually, the award recognizes an 
alumnus of the College who embodies the character- 
istics of a humane and lettered man in his life and in his 
outstanding support of the College. After attending the 
Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, 
Mr. Trotter was a sales specialist for the Valentine 
Company of Richmond and later a representative ot 
Bemis Brothers Bag Company in Norfolk, Baltimore, 
and Pepperell, Massachusetts. Ties with his alma mater 
were strengthened in 1938 with his marriage to Banna 
Price Massey, daughter of the legendary professor of 
Bible, James B. "Snapper" Massey. In 1960, he joined 
the administration of Hampden- 
Sydney College and for several years 
was responsible for fundraising, 
alumni relations, public relations, and 
publications, even serving as Acting 
President during the brief hospital- 
ization of President Gilmer. As the 
College grew, Mr. Trotter's duties 
became more focused toward alumni 
giving and Rindraising. Through his 
efforts, hinds were raised for a new 
science building, Hundley Stadium, 
Whitehouse Residence Halls, and 
an addition to Eggleston Library. 
He spwnt his last three years, 
before retiring in 1977, as Assistant 
to the President and as a Trustee. 

Alumni talk careers 

Hampden-Sydney on Homecoming Weekend to 
discuss their careers in public service: Noel Bumpas '94 
of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation; Bill Bamett '94, 
with the Defense Intelligence Agency; Ed McMuilen 
'86, who has served on several South Carolina commis- 
sions and is now president of a non-profit educational 
foundation; and Ted Wright '89, who has worked on 
Capitol Hill and is now a lobbyist in Washington. 

Then in December, two more alumni, both math 
majors — dubbed "the Wilson boys" by a member of the 
department — remrned in December to talk about life 
after Hampden-Sydney. T. C. Wilson '90 worked as an 
actuary after graduation and is now a portfolio manager 
at Wheat First Butcher Singer in Richmond. Page 
Wilson '90 (not related to T.C.) earned a second B.S. at 
Virginia Tech and is an engineer at Appalachian Power 
(a division of American Elearic Power) in Roanoke. 

UTS Celebration and reunion 

nial of its move from Hampden-Sydney to Richmond 
in 1896-98, Union Theological Seminary held its 
annual its annual faculty retreat on campus of on 
September 3 and 4. Established as a school of theo- 
logical education at Hampden-Sydney in the early 1 9th 
cenmry, the seminary languished in 1820, was revived 
in 1 824 by John Holt Rice and Jonathan P. Gushing, 
and moved into what is today called the Stagger Inn of 
Venable Hall in July 1825. The Synods of Virginia and 
North Carolina assumed direct control and named the 
institution Union Theological Seminary in 1 826, begin- 
ning 70 years of dependency-detachment struggles 
between the Seminary and the College. The vote, on 
October 26, 1895, to move the Seminary to Richmond 
"brought to a climax," says John Brinkley '59 in On 
This Hill "a painfijl train of events." (In 1992, William 
E. Thompson, College Chaplain, examined the break- 
up in his doctoral thesis.) In this century, fortunately, 
the relationship between H-SC and UTS has been more 
amicable, as this retreat proved. 

Elections '96 Symposium 

ON SEPTEMBER 23, James W. Kinkaid, a commen- 
tator for WVEC-TV, struck the keynote for the 
College's fall symposium, "Elections '96," with his 
lecture,"The Role of the Public Media in the American 
Political Process." Kinkaid, a former ABC Foreign 
News Correspondent and later News Anchor for 
WVEC-13 in Hampton Roads, now is a News 
Commentator for WVEC -TV. 

Among the other events in the symposium: 
• September 24 - Professor of Biology William A. Shear 



• September 24 - Professor of Biology William A. Shear 
and Professor of History James Y. Simms gave an over- 
view of Fifth Congres- 

El E^¥| AM Oi^ sional District issues and 
* *" ^^*"^" #W discussed why people vote 
m ^^^^^^^^^M siong party lines. 

• October 1 - Virgil 
Goode and George Land- 
rith, opponents for the 
r^^^^^^^B ^^^^ Fifth Congressional 

* ^^f ^^^^^^^ District in the 
B m '' ^^^^^^ House, engaged in 
^^^ ^^^^^F debate here at H-SC. 
F ^^^^^^W James W. Kincaid 
■^^^^^^^r A moderated; president 
^^^^^^r ^^ Samuel V. Wilson intto- 
^^^^ ^^^^k duced the speakers. 

^^^^^^^^1 • October 7 - Members 

A SYMPOSIUM AT ofdie Young Democrats 
HAMPDEN-SYDNE Y and Young Republicans 
^*'^^'''' staged a mock Presidential 

debate. Students from 
Hollins, Randolph-Macon Woman's, Sweet Briar, and 
Longwood Colleges joined in. 

• October 14 - Mark Goodin 78, political strategist 
and campaign advisor, presented a lecture, "The Candi- 
date: Campaigning vs. Governing." 

• October 16 - Faculty and students gathered in the 
Tiger Inn to watch the real Presidential Debate. 

• October 28 - Dr. James Ceasar of the University 
of Virginia gave a lecture, "The Presidential Selection 
Process and the Contemporary Campaign." 

• November 5, Election Day - Faculty and guests 
gathered to watch and discuss Election Night coverage. 

Three special one-credit-hour courses on parties, 
elections, and polling, complemented the symposium. 

American-Latin American dreams 

lutionary Americas" examined key issues in current rela- 
tions between the United States and Latin America. On 
the first day of the two-day forum in November, five 
students — Clint Kelly '97, John Green '98, Joel 
Getz '97, Jody Garliss '99, and Ashley Viberg '98 — 
publicly presented their research papers on the specific 
connections between the revolution that created the 
United States and the revolutions that brought into 
being neighboring nations to the south. On the second 
day of the event. Dr. Judith Ewell, Professor of Latin- 
American history at the College of William & Mary, 
provided a bridge between the American Revolution 
and current inter-American relations in her lecture, 
"Angels and Men: The Legacy of the Revolutionary Era 
in U.S.-Latin American Relations." That evening 
Professor Ewell joined Ambassador Wdliam B. Jones 

(former ambassador to Haiti and Visiting Professor of 
Diplomacy and International Relations at Hampden- 
Sydney College) and General Frederick Woerner 
(former Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Army South- 
ern Command in Panama and Professor at the School 
of International Relations, Boston University) in a panel 
discussion, "New Problems and Possibilities in U.S.- 
Latin American Relations," in which the three panelists 
explored economic and trade relations, border issues, 
and national security concerns. 

The sponsor of the two-day event was The Society 
of the Cincinnati, an organization created after the 
Revolutionary War by surviving U.S. officers. The 
Virginia chapter of the Society supports research and 
lectures at the state's colleges and universities that foster 
an awareness of the continuing significance of the 
American Revolution. 

• Michael Rabi'eh, Olin Fellow and Visiting Assistant 
Professor of Political Science, gave the first Olin lecture, 
"Aristotle the Extremist, " on Tuesday, November 19. 

Shakespeare's Hal 

Department of Fine Artspresented a performance of 
Hmry TV, Part I, the second of Shakespeare's history 
plays about the civil wars in 1 5th-century England. 
Unlike most theatre goers at H-SC, the audience 
witnessed the action of this play from gallery sections set 
up on either side of Crawley Forum, and even became 
part of the action at rimes. Visiring Professor of Theatre 
Fredric Berg directed; guest artist Jim Hillgartner 
played Falstaft, with Adam LaVier '97 as Prince Hal; 
Sam Chiocca '98 as Prince John; Ed Ferguson '00 as 
Vernon; Jody Garliss '97 as the Sheriff; Michael S. 
Garrett '99 as Worcester; J. D. Jordan '99 as Peto; Paul 
Lovelace '99 as Douglas; Paul Owens '00 as Bardolph; 




Winter-Spring 1997 

During the Community Picnic 
in August. ARAMARK food 
service celtbmted its 40tli year at 
Hampden-Sydney. Each of three 
huge calies (Above) featured a 
building in which the dining hall 
has been located, and the food 
service director and president of 
the College at the time. 

At Homecoming, artist Louis Briel 
'66 (f.\R LEFT) and Charles W. 
Crist, Jr. 66 unveiled a portrait 
of Reginald G. "Reggie " Smith; 
it hangs in the Crawley Forum 
foyer, which is named in Smith s 
honor. Crist spearheaded the effort 
to commission the portrait: many 
alumni contributed to the project. 
Reggie Smith served the College in 
many official capacities, among 
them chemistry lab assistant and 
manager of the soda fountain in 
the old College Shoppe: he was 
more remembered, however, for his 
unoffuial job as guardian and 
guidance counselor for generations 
of Hampden-Sydney students. 





Winter-Spring 1997 

Tropical Storm Fran hit the 
campus after midnigin on Friday, 
September 6, 1996, iinocliing out 
power and the Tiger computer 
system. Some of the College i trees 
were casualties, too. The monarch 
Kentucky coffee tree at the north- 
eastern comer ofVenable Hall 
itaCHT) fell onto the building 
early in the storm. The slate roof 
was gashed, two chimneys were 
knocked over, and the stairs to 
Stagger Inn and the east end of 
Parents & Friends porch were 
destroyed. All have been repaired. 

The Jongleurs and the Depart- 
ment of Fine Arts presented a 
spirited rendition of Shake- 
speare's "Henry V. Part I, " 
in November. The poster 
CABOVE) by senior Shaun 
Irving, was nominated for 
several design awards. 

and Gibb Teel '00 as Westmoreland. Also in the 
company were professors Ralph Hattox as Glendower 
and Hassell Simpson as Northumberland. 

Latane's Sword Travels 

THE SABRE AND SG\BBARD of the legendary' 
Civil War Captain WiUiam Latane have been removed 
from the Esther Thomas Atkinson Museum Gallery for 
loan in the exhibition "A Woman's War: Southern 
Women, Civil War and the Confederacy" at The 
Museum ot the Confederacy in Richmond, from 
September 1996 to September 1997. Latane graduated 
from Hampden-Sydney's Medical Department (now 
the Medical College of Virginia) in 1853, and "was the 
only Confederate casualty in General J. E.B. Sman's 
famous 1 200- cavalryman ride aroimd General George 
B. McClellan's entire Federal army in a reconnaissance 
mission, " says the Reverend William E. Thompson. 
Thompson adds that "Latane's death received more 
attention than usual because of the wonderfijl care 
Confederate s}'mpathizers — all women — gave to the 
burial of the Captain." Widely publicized by engravings 
from the original painting entided "The Burial of 
Latane," the romantic heroism of this young doctor 
came to symbolize, as Douglas Southall Freeman later 
wrote, "the entire Confederate cause." 

Lectures & Programs 


• Flapper's story 

The Lectures & Programs Committee presented Dawn 
Westbrook's award-v«nning portrayal of Zelda Fia- 
gerald in playwright William Luce's one-woman show, 
ZeUa: The Last Flapper. The next day, Westbrook, Dr. 
Kenneth Campbell (professor of theatre at VCU and 
director of the play), and professors Tom DeWolfe, 


Sarah Hardy, and Larry Martin discussed F. Scott Fia- 
gerald's fiction, the couple's troubled marriage, the 
Twenties, women's rights, and other issues in the play. 
'Ancient Tunis 

Susan Stevens of the Depanment of Classics at 
Randolph-Macon Woman's College gave an illustrated 
talk on Bir Ftouha. She was joined by students who 
participated in the dig at ancient Carthage last summer, 
including Hampden-Sydney's Ben deLee '98. 


• Epic poet Jill Breckeruidge read from Civil Blood, 
her book-length collection of poetry and prose about 
her ancestor. Confederate general John Cabell 

• The Philosophy Club and Lectiu-es & Programs spon- 
sored two (non-ghosdy) talks on Halloween. Professor 
Marjorie Hass presented "Varieties of Negation; the 
Logic of Radical Ditference," and her husband. Profes- 
sor Lawrence Hass, presented "Heidegger, Plato, and 
'The Question of Essence." The Hasses are a "dynamic 
philosophical tag-team "' from Muhlenberg College in 
Allentown, Pennsylvania. 


• The yoimger Wilson of militar}' fame — Samuel V. 
Wilson, Jr. — lectured on "Terrorism: Ancient Warfare 
for the Future by High-Tech Zealots." With a back- 
ground as a Green Beret and experience in intelligence, 
Wilson had special knowledge to convey. A retired Heu- 
tenant colonel of the U.S. Army, he teaches at the 
Governor's School for Global Economics and Tech- 
nology at Longwood and at Southside Virginia 
Communit}' Colleges. 

• David Dupuy, professor of physics and astronomy at 
Virginia Military Institute, talked about "CCD 
Photometn- at the VMI Observatory." Dr. Dupuy is 

coordinated observations. 


• Sportswriter Frank Deford, author, commentator, 
contributing editor to Vanity Fair magazine, and sports 
columnist for National Public Radio's Morning Edition 
and ESPN, talked about "Sports Today: The Glory and 
The Irony." Deford spent a quaner of a century at 
Sports Illustrated and was the editor-in-chief of The 
National Sports Daily. He is the author of eleven books; 
his most recent novel, Love and Infamy, a story that 
takes place in Japan just before Pearl Harbor, was highly 
acclaimed as both fiction and history. GQ magazine has 
called Deford "the world's greatest sponswriter." 

• Robert Wimer '65, editorial page editor of The News 
and Advance in Lynchburg, talked about editorial writ- 
ing. Wimer has held a number of news positions since 
joining The Daily Advance as a copy editor in 1972. He 
became city editor of the afternoon paper in 1976 and 
later covered politics and the Virginia General Assembly 
for both The News and The Daily Advance from 1978 
to 1980. He was named editor of the editorial pages of 
The News & Daily Advance in 1983. Wimer, who 
majored in history and political science, has won a 
number of Virginia Press Association. awards for 
columns and editorial writing. 

Music, music 

• In September, Fabio Parrini performed Bach, 
Chopin, and Ravel. Parrini has been a Fellow of the 
Young Artist Program of the Hampden-Sydney Music 
Festival, and gave a recital here last season. 

• EKKO!, a New York avant-garde musical group, 
visited in October. Mike Rosensky, who teaches guitar 
at the University of Virginia and at Hampden-Sydney, 
is the director. 

• Pianists Robert Carrol Smith and James C. Kidd 
performed works by Mozart, Schubert, Ravel, and 
Gottschalk in their piano duet concert in Crawley 
Forum in November. Smith has toured the United 
States, Canada, and Europe as soloist and accompanist. 
Kidd, Elliott Professor of Fine Arts at H-SC, has served 
as executive director and a participating artist of the 
Hampden-Sydney Music Festival since 1 982. 

• The Hampden-Sydney Glee Club and the Mary 
Baldwin Choir (with orchestra) presented the Christ- 
mas portions of Handel's Messiah, on December 4 in 
Crawley Forum. The choir's voices, appropriately, filled 
the hall named for the late T. Edward Crawley '41 , 
professor of English, musician, and longtime director of 
the Glee Club. 

• Pianist Andreas Klein, host of the PBS television 
program "Intermezzo with Andreas Klein" and 
i\7x% ent guest on NPR's "Performance Today," 
performed works by Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Ravel, 

and others on December 5. A graduate of the Juilliard 
School and holder of a doctorate in music from Rice 
University, he has performed in this country, Europe, 
and Canada. 

• In the opening concert of 1997, three alumni of the 
Hampden-Sydney Music Festival — violinist Wyn Hart, 
violist Seljuk Kardan, and cellist Samuel Swift — ^were 
joined by friends and professional colleagues, violinist 
Michael Roth and pianist Shaim Tirrell, in a concen of 
chamber music on January 23, in honor of die Brahms 
Centenary year celebrated throughout 1997. 

• To commemorate the bicentennial of Franz Schu- 
bert's birth, baritone Bruce Tammen and pianist Kit 
Bridges presented a concert of songs on January 29. In 
addition to songs by Schubert, they performed works by 
other composers who carried Schubert's legacy into the 
twentieth century. 

Students who serve here 

training young men for public service in the world 
beyond the gates. We sometimes give less attention to 
their service to peers and community right here at 

The Student Adilete Mentor (SAM) program is an 
example of initiatives that the College encourages and 
the students keep going. Developed to reduce the nega- 
tive consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse, the 
SAM program helps to contribute to a safer social envi- 
ronment on campus. This fall Cory Williams '97, Tom 
Squire '97, and Chris Keyser '98 assisted in the training 
of new recruits. They and other SAMs — Robbie Peay 
'98 and Jason Keefer '98, baseball; Ryan Sharp '98, 
basketball; Landon Booth '98, cross country; Jeff 
Anderson '98, Tim Clary '99, and Chris Bryant '00, 
football; Jamie Worthen '98, Chamie Burroughs '99, 
and David Lawrence '98, lacrosse; Joe Holder '97 and 
Brian Workman '98, soccer; Ryan Gravender '98, 
tennis — participated in substance abuse prevention 
training and became resources for their teams. On die 
day before the Macon game (November 1 5) the SAMs 
positioned a wrecked car next to the College's entrance 
gates, to remind fans of the dangers of drinking and 
driving. And, accompanied by Director of Counseling 
Glen Bowman, H-SC's SAMs joined odier NCAA 
schools in a substance abuse prevention conference in 
Charlottesville in January. Two SAMs, Jason Keefer and 
Robby Peay, learned "hands on" about the Athletic 
Prevention, Programming, and Leadership Education 
model (APPLE). 

Much of the assistance that smdents offer takes place 
one-on-one. Academic Peer Tutors Jeff Bennett '98, 
Ben deLee '98, Joseph Fritsch '98, Lem Purceil '97, 
and Charlie Homiller '97 offer free tutoring sessions in 
History, Political Science, Enghsh, Philosophy — almost 



Winter-Spring 1997 

Qitentin Keynes, a renowned 
African explorer (center), came 
to campus this spring to recount the 
adventure of finding a monogram, 
carved inside a hollow banyan tree, 
of Dr. Livingstone, the 19th- 
century explorer whose path across 
Africa Keynes had been tracing. 
His lecture was sponsored by the 
Union-Philanthropic Society. 





Winter-Spring 1997 

Blair Professor of Latin Emer- 
itus Graves H. Thompson '27 

addressed the Union Phil- 

antlnopic Society at its 150th 

Anniversary convocation at the 

Society Oak next to the Bell 

Tower on September 17. 

every subject that Hampden-Sydney College offers. 
"The service is all-volunteer and absolutely tree," said 
deLee. "I should think it would be rather difficult to 
find diat kind of service at any other place. " 

For help with the writing process, students can turn 
to Joe Holder '97, Ben deLee '98, Matt Garrison '99, 
Lem Purcell '97, Jon Vordermark '98, Bryant McCul- 
ley '98, Todd Goodnight '99, Mike Patrick '97, or 
Matt Chidley '97, who staff the Writing Center under 
the guidance of Professors Deis, Frye, and Hingeley. 

Other groups, some ad hoc, lend a hand to area resi- 
dents. Last fall, Resident Advisor Franco Zellner '98 
arranged for a group of RAs, faculty members, and 
students to glean apples left after the commercial harvest 
at Silver Creek Orchards in Nelson County. The group 
picked and packaged more than 1250 pounds of apples 
and gave them to the food bank in Farmville. Athletes 
in Action, a division of H-SC's Good Men Good Citi- 
zens, has started a big-brother program in the physical 
education classes of Prince Edward County Elementary 
School. Positive role models Kevin Holt '00, Blair 
GriflFen '00, Joe Beatty '00, and Charles Redding '99 
lead exercises, play games, and answer children's ques- 
tions about creating a healthy and successful life. 

And sometimes students' efforts are tid lib. In 
December, the members of Kappa Alpha social frater- 
nity got together with the Alpha Sigma Alpha sotority 
at Longwood College and threw a big Christmas Party 
at the KA house for 23 area children, ages six to nine. 
Santa Claus (Trip Young '00) handed each of the chil- 
dren two gifts, bought with money collected at the two 
houses. Mark Finelli '98, one of the party's organizers, 
believes that he and other students come up with such 
ways of helping because it feels good, but also because 
they feel they must. "On a daily basis at H-SC, we're 
asked to improve ourselves intellectually and socially," 
he said. "It's only natural that we're driven to do some- 
thing for others." 

U-Phips get busy 

ON THE 1 50TH ANNIVERSARY of die Union Phil- 
anthropic Society, Blair Professor of Latin Emeritus 
Graves H. Thompson '27 addressed a convocation at 
the Society Oak next to the Bell Tower on September 
17. The convocation led off a semester of activity for 
the "U-Phips," who sponsored a number of debates and 
discussions on current issues and invited the whole 

Someof the topics: 

• "Has high culture been overrun by popular culture?" 

• "Hampden-Sydney: The Past 20 Years and the 21st 

• "Resolved, That contemporary feminism has nothing 
to offer a modern American woman." (Women from 
Sweet Briar and Randolph-Macon took part.) 

Members of Kappa Alpha social fraternity got together with the 
Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority at Longwood College and threw a big 
Christmas Party at the KA house for 23 area children. 

• "Is China the Greatest Threat to United States Secur- 
ity Today?" 

• "Is there Absolute Truth? If so, how is it known?" 
(Dr. James A. Arieti, Professor of Classics, panicipated.) 

• "A Legal and Constitutional Discussion of Capital 
Punishment," with J. Richard Broughton '95 as guest. 

• "Homosexuality: Morality, the Constitution, and 
Gay Marriage." 

Sttidents to ethics conference 

SENIORS Brant McDufiie, R.J. Mapes, David Eger- 
ton, and Professor Ken Townsend of the Economics 
Department participated in the 19th annual conference 
on "Christian Ethics in Business," November 7-9, at 
Hilton Head, South Carolina, sponsored by the Men of 
the Church of the three Presbyterian Churches on the 
island. The conference draws approximately 100 
students and 50 faculty members from colleges and 
universities on the eastern seaboard. Students analyzed 
business ethics case studies, many written by Norman 
Racusin, past-president of RCA Records and executive 
vice-president of NBC. Faculty sessions focused on 
ecological ethics, applied to development issues at 
Hilton Head, as well as on the ethics of grading. 


M. Peters has been named the 1997 winner of the Nina 
F. Abady Development Recognition Award, presented 
annually by the Virginia Association of Fundraising 
Executives (VAFRE); it is the Association's highest 
award for professional and ethical service. Peters was 
recognized for his "long-standing commitment to 
Hampden-Sydney and for his remarkable success in 
cultivating major and capital gifts and in fostering 
planned giving. C. Beeler Brush, vice president for 


development at the College, said, "George has been so 
successful because he combines his technical expertise 
and knowledge of the College, its programs, and its 
people, with his engaging personality. He has undoubt- 
edly been the number-one fiindraiser in Hampden- 
Sydney's history." He his raised over $8 million during 
his career here. Peters is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon 
University; he came to the College afi:er a career in exec- 
utive management, most recently as president of Amer- 
ican Standard, Inc., a multinational manufacturing 

• Following his mentor's departure to Rollins College in 
Florida, Trip Tepper '94 was appointed Sports Infor- 
mation Director in August 1996. While a student at 
H-SC, Trip played basketball and worked as an assistant 
to former SID Dean Hybl. For a year, he was Assistant 
SID at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South 

• Sally Waters, Director of Financial Resource Coun- 
seling, was elected in late spring to a three-year term as 
Financial Aid Division chair for the Southern Region of 
the College Board. She was one of a group of about ten 
financial aid administrators and technical staff attending 
(at the College Board's expense) a three-day Power- 
Faids — financial aid software — users' conference in 
Aspen, Colorado, September 15-19. There, Waters and 
representatives from Colorado College, Harvard- 
Radcliffe, Occidental, Wake Forest, and Woffbrd 
attempted to rid the recently developed software of 
some existing bugs and to work out improvements. 

• In September, Mary Herdegen, Director-Curator of 
the Atkinson Museum, was again one of sbcteen selected 

to participate in a week-long workshop on "Caring for 
Museum Collections" at the Smithsonian Institution's 
Center for Museum Studies. Aimed at aiding staff to 
establish and maintain physical and intellectual control 
of their collections, the workshop focused on the prac- 
tical aspects of establishing policies and procedures, 
developing record-keeping forms, and inventorying, 
documenting, and locating objects held by the museum. 
The participants came from every region of the United 
States, including Puerto Rico, and represented diverse 
collections: The Peabody Museum of Natural History 
at Yale University; Women in Military Service for 
America Memorial Foundation, Inc. in Arlington; 
Indian Arts Research Center in Santa Fe; the Museo 
Pablo Casals in San Juan; Sloss Furnaces National 
Historic Landmark in Birmingham; and the DuSable 
Museum of African- American History in Chicago. 
Herdegen was awarded the Red Baseball Bat, given at 
the end of the course to the participant whose collection 
management feced the largest challenges. 

Herdegen also attended a workshop and conference 
sponsored by the Southeastern Museum Conference 
(SEMC) at Jekyll Island, GA in October. "Disaster 
Preparedness and Recovery" was a fiill-day workshop 
presented by Preservation Field Service Officers fi^om 
Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET). 

Summer at Hampden-Sydney 

quiet and heat of a Virginia summer after Commence- 
ment in May, and took a respite from its usual pursuits. 
Classroom buildings and residence halls were repaired 


John Ufpold, Cimiutltrr 




Wurld-frem iert ptrformanct 

farmert'i chanu and tvx fianai, 

with -words by Langston Hugia, 

ipecialty commtiSioned <is the p'ond finale 

' of Hampdm-Sydney's 1995-96 

symposium en ibeAmgriam Dream. 

Wednesday, April 17 

8 p.m. 

Crawley Forum 


.Umisiion ii fr<e amJ apen to tie pui/it. 



Winter-Spring 1997 

College was ranked 
number 18 in 
U.S. News & World 
Report's annual list 
of the "best buys" in 
American colleges 
and universities. 



The "American Pie "poster 
(LEFT) for last spring's American 
Dream Symposium won a Special 
Merit Award in the 1997 CASE 
(Council for the Advancement 
and Support of Education) 
District 111 Advancement Awards 
Competition, in the lllusnations 
category. Cited for its "imag- 
inative, original approach imd 
professional execution, " the poster 
was exhibited at the CASE 
District HI conference in Atlanta 
in Febniary. Among the artists 
were David Dodge Lewis, profes- 
sor of fine arts at Hampden- 
Sydney; his wife Sandra Wilkox; 
sophomore D.J. Jones of Houston; 
Marian Kidd, the six-year-old 
d^iughter of music professor James 
Kidd; Deborah McClintock of 
Hampden-Sydney; and Homer 
Springer, Missy DeRegibiis, and 
Jane Ehrenfeld ofFarmville. 
Richard McClintock, director of 
publications, designed the poster 
and also contributed a slice. 





Winter-Spring 1997 

The First Annual Hampden- 

Sydney College Marathon will 

be held on November 8. 1997: 

the 26.2-mile course will begin 

and end on campus. Call professor 

of physics Stan Cheyne (804- 

223-61 78). for information 

about the race, or send a written 

request for information to him at 

Box 158, Hampden-Sydney 

College, Hampden-Sydney, VA 

23943-0158; enclose a self 

addressed, stamped envelope. 

Visit the H-SC Marathon home 

page at ceres.hsc.edulhsmarathon. 

and cleaned, but otherwise unused; athletic fields lay 
fallow. That is no longer the case: the May Term 
("Short Term" or "Mini-mester," as it used to be 
called), the Music Festival, Summer College, and 
athletic camps have kept up a busy hum as a fiill 
summer schedule has evolved. 

The May Term 

Hampden-Sydney College's May Term (which ran this 
year from May 2 1 to June 2 1 ) gives students from 
Hampden-Sycbey and surrounding colleges a chance 
not only to immerse themselves in Spanish in Merida or 
study internadonal relations in Eiu'ope, but to stay on 
campus and take inter-disciplinary courses like "Paris in 
die Twenties" or the physics of modern weaponry'. In 
all, the May Term offers more than 30 courses. 

Slimmer College 

Each summer. The College's Alumni Office sponsors 
Summer College, offering guests a long weekend to 
relax while learning something about history, politics, or 
current events. "Many people come to the Summer 
College because they want to learn more about a 
subject," says Alumni Director John Waters, "and 
many of them just want to come back to Hampden- 
Sydney." Last year, Dr. Emory Thomas, Regents 
Professor of History at the Universit}' of Georgia, H-SC 
Professor of History Ronald Heinemann, College 
Chaplain and historian William E. Thompson, Civil 
War expert Chris Calkins, storyteller William A. 
Young, Jr., and author-historian Robert Crick 
presented "The Civil War: A Grand & Terrible Affair," 
which drew the greatest number of participants to date. 
Summer College 1997, whose subject was the Revolu- 
tionary War, attracted a large crowd in its turn. 

The Music Festival 

The Hampden-Sydney Music Festival, in its sixteenth 
season, continues to offer the best in chamber music 
through artists' concerts, music-lovers' weekends, and 
a two-week professional training program for yoimg 
artists. Performances on Friday and Saturday, May 23 
and 24, and Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31, 
featured works by Brahms in celebration of the cen- 
tennial of his birth, as well as works by Ravel, Weber, 
Wolf, and Beethoven. 

Student study and research 
Throughout the summer, faciJty members and 
students conduct research and further their studies, 
both here and abroad. Some earn six hours of credit 
studying Tudor-Stuan History and Literature at St. 
Anne's College, Oxford. Others enroll in summer 
programs at other foreign universities. 

Last summer, among the students who completed 

their internships as pan of Hampden-Sydney College's 
Public Service Program were Brad Gillen '97 and 
Ta)4or Smack '97. Gillen's assignment was to design a 
web page, in conjunction with his research, for the 
Heritage Foimdation. Smack, an intern with the City 
Manager's Office in Charlottesville, became a specialist 
on reversion (the movement of cities back to town 
status); by summer's end, the Charlottesville City 
Manager's Office had asked him to submit a report, 
as a paid consultant, on his research on the reversion 
of another Virginia cit)'. 

Last summer, too, nine snidents completed research 
programs under the direction of faculty advisors and 
supported by College Honors grants: 

• Floyd Canfield '97 (Classics) "Herodotus's Medicine" 

• Thad Davis '97 (Psychology) "An Analysis of Person- 
ality Variables in School-Aged Children with Learning 

• Ben deLee '98 (Fine Arts) "Centrally Planned Vaulted 
Structures in Rome, Ravenna, and North Africa in the 
Early Middle Ages" 

• Gordon Gifford '97 (Psychology) "Comparison of 
the Dual Distraction and Redefinition Mechanisms 
Underlying Audioanalgesia" 

• Randy Jones '98 (English-History) "Rocky Road: The 
Long Journey to Educational Freedom in Prince 
Edward County" 

• Matt Kolbinsky '98 (Physics) "Studies of the Time 
Variability of Energy" 

• John Lansche '98 (Ps\'chology) "Teachers' Percep- 
tions of Students With Learning Disabilities" 

• Jim Sparks '98 (Philosophy) "Michael Ruse's Ethical 
Objectivit)' Dilemma " 

• Cory Williams '97 (Biolog}') "Are Botdenose 
Dolphins Near Beaufort, North Carolina, Resident or 

A number of these papers resulting from students' 
summer research are to be presented at regional or 
national conferences this spring. The result in part of an 
archeological dig in Tunis, deLee's work was presented 
at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research 
(NCUR) at the University of Texas-Austin in April. 
Jones's paper, about the events in Prince Edward 
County that led to the school strike in 1951, was also 
presented at the NCUR. Davis's paper on learning disa- 
bilities was presented at the Virginia Psychological Asso- 
ciation fVPA) conference in April. Gifford, with his 
faculty advisor Daniel Mossier, has submitted his paper 
on audioanalgesia, and with advisor Robert Herdegen 
another work on attriburional style, to the VPA. 
Lansche's work on learning disabilities (with Mossier as 
first author) was presented at the Eastern Psychological 
Association Conference, the VPA, and the American 
Psychological Society conferences in the spring. 


Hoping that he might say something more memorable 
than the speakers he had heard at his commencements, 
a media magnate urges imagination and dedication 

Bryan addresses Graduates 




Winter-Spring 1997 

By C. Cameron Carter '95 

spoke at your graduation? J. Stewart 
Bryan III, this year's commencement 
speatier and Media General's president 
and CEO, claims that he can't. In fact, he continued, 
he couldn't remember much of what anyone has ever 
said at any of the many commencement ceremonies 
that he has attended. And so, the goal of his lecture was 
to impress upon just one person some point that will 
stay with him throughout his life. 

And his point, it seems, was that man's ability to 
reason is what separates him from other animals, and 
that we should carefully use that ability to obtain our 
goals. He credits Hampden-Sydney for providing an 
education to each of the men who have attended its 
classes — an education that enhances her graduates' intel- 
lectual abilities, and one that allows her alumni to make 
morally sound choices. Choices that, with a bit of imag- 
ination, and a lot of dedication, can make the worid a 
better place for them and for everyone else. 

He pointed out that humans are the only creatures 
capable of "thinking about thinking about something," 
or even "thinking about thinking 
about thinking about something." 
But, much past the third order, he 
claims, it becomes difficult even for 
us to comprehend. 

He encouraged the Class of 

1997 to use its ability to forecast an action's conse- 
quences as a tool for making intelligent and benevolent 
decisions. Being able to think about an action, to 
ponder the tesiJts of a given choice, are skills unique to 
men, and necessary for being a successfiil man. The 
knowledge that the graduates have gained from their 
alma mater has provided them a strong foundation onto 
which they can build successfiil and virtuous lives, he 

But, he reminded his audience, making decisions 
that are virtuous, or fair, or civil, does not mean that a 
man cannot be wealthy and powerfiJ. He encouraged 
the men to follow whatever dreams they might have, 
but to use what they have learned from Hampden- 
Sydney to make wise choices. 

Later in the ceremony, Mr. Bryan and Erich Loest, 
a renowned German novelist, received honorary docto- 
rates of hiunane letters. Dr. W. Ivan Hoy '36, a Pres- 
byterian minister, educator, and agent of the World 
Council of Churches, received an honorary doctorate 
of divinity. Trustee Robert King, Jr. '52 was given an 
Algernon Sydney Sullivan medallion. 

"Making decisions 
that are virtuous, 
or fair, or civil, does 
not mean that a man 
cannot be wealthy 
Follow whatever 
dreams you may 
have, but use what 
you have learned 
from Hampden- 
Sydney to make 
wise choices. " 

President & CEO of Media 
GeneraL Richmond 

J. Stewart Bryan III (near 
LEFT), head of Media General 
in Richmond, addressed the 
graduates on May 11. 

Dean of Students Lewis H. 
Drew '60 led the candidates 
in procession (far left). 




Winter-Spring 1997 

As is only proper tit a Hamp- 

den-Sydney commencement, 

good wishes and proud smiles 

were the order of the day 


Chalgrove Point was the site 

of a festal lunch for parents 

and friends (above). 

Dr. Graves H. Thompson 

'27 (ABOVE RIGHT), professor 

emeritus of classics, received 

a standing ovation; this 

year's ceremony marked the 

seventieth anniversary of his 

own graduation and the 

sixtieth of his return to the 

College as a professor. 



Adam LaVier '97 
THE GAMMON CUP: Corv Williams '97 


Michael Patrick '97, John Neuner IV '97; 
Trustee Robert King '52. 


Spraker '97 (Student Body President) 


Talaber '97 


SERVICE TO THE COLLEGE: Candy Dowdy (Director 
of College Events) 

ING: James M. Schiffer (English) 

EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING: Victor Cabas (rhetoric), 
David Gibson (economics), Amos Lee Laine 
(history), Kenneth Lehman (history), James Y. 
Simms (history) 
THE SENIOR CLASS AWARD: Ralph Hattox (history) 


Brian Patrick Adams, James Christopher Chamblin, 

Daniel Louis John deWolfe, Bradley Kenneth Gillen, 
Charles J. HomiUer, Jr., Adam Jennings LaVier, 
Ross M. Lodge, Patrick Scott Mitchell, John Neuner 
r/, Warren Maxwell Pace III, Michael Christopher 
Patrick, Mikel Lemual PurceO, Jr., Eric Clark Sands, 
Matthew M. Sherrard, Ryan Leo Smiley, James John- 
ston Stone, George Ellis Summers, Jr., Cory Michael 


David Layl Ball, Arthur Massey Fowler III, 
Jeremy Douglas Graybill, Ryan Chandler Hayes, 
Charles J. Homiller, Jr., Sekou Hakim Kaalimd, 
Adam Jennings LaVier, John E. Lansche, Jr., 
John Neuner IV, Warren Maxwell Pace III, 
Michael Christopher Patrick, David Anderson Prevette, 
Mikel Lemual Purcell, Jr., Robert Hutcheson Ramsey, 
Matthew M. Sherrard, Thomas Aaron Squire, 
Eric Amos Tinnell, Christopher Leland Vale, 
Bobbv Lee White, Cory Michael Williams. 


A chronicle of achievement — -jrom a tour as Fulbright Scholar 
in Africa to geeks and freaks in women's fiction 

Faculty Forum 



Winter-Spring 1997 

/\ / the 1996-97 academic year with a new 
/ V rank. John L. Brinkley (Classics), 

^kf Robert T. Herdegen III (Psycho- 
logy), and James M. Schiffer (English) 
were promoted to full professor. Stanley A. Cheyne 
(Physics), Mark A. Preli (Economics), and Patrick A. 
Wilson (Philosophy) were promoted to associate profes- 
sor with tenure. And Tom O'Grady (English, Poet-in- 
Residence), Susan P. Robbins (English), and Pamela S. 
Langlois (History) were promoted to adjunct associate 

Other Faculty News 

• Mike Berman offered slides, reminiscences, regrets, 
anecdotes, and observations about his experiences as a 
Fulbright Scholar and mathematics professor in Africa 
(1994-95), in his faculty work-in-progress in October. 

• Elizabeth Deis (Rhetoric and Humanities) is the 
editor of George Meredith's 1895 Collection of Three 
Stories, a new edirion of a collection of three stories by 
the British Victorian author. In the volume's intro- 
ductory essay, "Explorations of Gender and Power," 
Deis discusses the stories in their literary and historical 
context. She also includes with the stories the full text of 

several 1895 reviews that reflect the range of social and 
literary perspectives on gender typical of the Victorian 

• Lowell Frye (Rhetoric and Humanities) and Alex 
Werth (Biology) presented a joint lecture, "Are We Not 
Men?: Morality and Human Nature" as pan of the 
FaciJty Honors lecmre series in November. Drawing on 
topics they were discussing in their freshman honors 
seminar, they investigated the nature of altruistic behav- 
ior by considering topics as seemingly diverse as Aris- 
totle's Ethics and current trends in sociobiology. 

• Jim Kidd (Music) and pianist Robert Smith, profes- 
sor emeritus of piano at Indiana State University, gave a 
piano duet concert at Christopher Newport University 
in September, as a benefit concert lor the Friends of 
Music, which provides scholarship help for music 
students. They repeated the concert here at H-SC in 

• In November, Robb Koether, Andrzej Rusewicz, 
and Tom Valente (Mathematics) attended the tall meet- 
ing of the Maryland-District of Columbia- Virginia 
section of the Mathematical Association of America at 
Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Koether 
presented a talk, "When Is Merlin's Magic Square 
Solvable?" and Valente presented "Using Mathematica 




If V 






William Shear, 
Patterson Professor 
ofBiolo^ at Hamp- 
den-Sydney, studying 
the evolution of 
spiders, millipedes, 
and centipedes, has 
helped to affirm that 
certain creatures 
arrived on land about 
415 million years 
ago — 15 million 
years earlier than 
once thought 

On a poetical visit to New York 
City, poet-in-residencc Tom 
O 'Grady and his family had 
lunch with New Yorker Assist- 
ant Fiction Editor Jay Fielden 
'92, Curtis Brown literary 
agency reader Jack Mayfield 
'95, poet David Ignatow, play- 
wriglitjoe Robinette, and actor 
Peter Goetz. 





Winter-Spring 1997 

Pamela Langlois (History) 

William Shear (Biology) 

Notebooks in Calculus I." 

• Last fall, David Lewis won the Howard and Marjo- 
rie Lovestead Award in the Ninth Annual Northern 
National Art Show at Nicolet College in Rhinelander, 
Wisconsin. More than 400 artists from throughout the 
United States entered the two-dimensional mixed- 
media competition; ninety won a spot in the show. 

• In November Tom O'Grady (English) attended the 
National Poetry Showcase, a display of every book of 
poetry published in this country this year (including his 
collection. Sun, Moon & Stars). Held in New York City, 
the Showcase is sponsored by Poets House, a national 
archive of contemporary poetry. While in the city, Tom 
and his family had lunch with New Yorker Assistant 
Fiction Editor Jay Fielden '92, Curtis Brown literary 
agency reader Jack Mayfield '95, poet David Ignatow, 
playwright Joe Robinette, and actor Peter Goetz, and 
saw the play Sex and Longing, a Lincoln Center preview 
production starring Goen and actress Sigourney 

• In November, Roxarm Prazniak (History) gave the 
first talk in "Teachers Talking About Writing," a lecture 
series in which teachers outside the Humanities Divi- 
sion discuss their struggles and successes as authors. 

• Susan Robbins (English) won first place in the Deep 
South Writers Conference short-story competition, 
sponsored by the University of Southwestern Louisiana, 
for her short story, "Best Man." 

• Mary Saunders (English), named in October to a 
two-year term as President of the Victorians Institute, 
delivered a paper, "Entertaining Characters: Spectacles 
of the Self in Barchester Towers and Little Dorrit," at 
the SUNY Conference on Language and Literature. 

• Bill Shear (Biology) and his co-researchers, Patricia 
Gensel ot the University of North Carolina and Andrew 
Jeram of the Belfast Museum in Northern Ireland, 
announced in the December 11, 1996, issue of Nature 
magazine the finding of the oldest fossils of land animals 
in the world. The fossils uncovered in New Brunswick 
and Quebec, Canada, by Gensel in 1980 and 1992 and 
identified by Shear in 1994 are about 390 million years 
old, the oldest yet discovered in North America. The 
world's oldest animal fossils were discovered by Jeram in 
Shropshire, England. Shear has studied the evolution of 
spiders, millipedes, and centipedes; his work in paleon- 
tology has helped to affirm that certain creatures arrived 
on land about 415 million years ago — 1 5 million years 

earlier than once thought. 

• James Schiffer (English) and Amos Lee Laine 
(History) participated in the Twenty-first International 
Conference on Patristic, Mediaeval, and Renaissance 
Studies at ViUanova University in October. Schiffer 
chaired a session on Renaissance Poetry, and Laine read a 
paper in a session on politics and culture in the reign of 
Henry VIII. 

• Herb Sipe (Chemistry) and Ken Townsend 
(Economics) presented the first in the year's Honors 
Lectures Series, in October. "Order and Chaos: Explora- 
tion of the Influence of Physical Science on Social 
Science" drew upon ideas generated by the fi-eshman 
honors seminar they were teaching. 

• Wayne Tucker (Classics) attended the biennial meet- 
ing of the Southern Section of the Classical Associarion 
of the Middle West and South, held in Savannah, Geor- 
gia, in October. As immediate past president of the 
group, he served as chair of die Nominating Committee, 
and he also presided at a session of papers. Following the 
meeting, he drove to St. Simons Island for the wedding 
of long-time Museum Board member Elizabeth LeSueur 
and Theodore (Jerry) Aldhizer, M.D. At the recepdon 
following the ceremony Tucker had a chance to talk to 
former Trustee T. Kyle Baldwin '39 and his wife Mary, 
who have made their home on St. Simons Island for the 
past sixteen years. 

• Katherine Weese (English) talked about "Monsters, 
Ghosts, Geeks and Freaks: Fantastic Devices in Contem- 
porary Women's Fiction," in September as part of the 
faculty work-in-progress series. Weese's research is a 
study of ways contemporary women novelists use fantas- 
tic devices to challenge patriarchal conventions and to 
explore the social realities of women's lives in the twenti- 
eth century. 

• Patrick Wilson (Philosophy) spent most of summer 
1996 in Tucson, panicipating in an NEH Institute, 
"New Perspectives on Classical Antiquity." He also 
participated in the Templeton Foimdation siunmer 
workshop at Oxford University. 


Soccer and tennis win in conference tourneys; 
football and baseball see a change in leadership; 
basketball goes to the NCAA Tournament again 

Sports Roundup 

By Trip Tepper '94 




Winter-Spring 1997 

rHE 1996 SOCCER SEASON contin- 
ued a string of excellence: at 10-8-1, 
this was the team's fifth consecutive 
season with at least ten wins. The 
Tigers survived a mix of big wins over bitter rivals, close 
losses to nationally-ranked teams, and devastating inju- 
ries to key players. 

For the third straight year, the Tigers won an 
ODAC tournament game and advanced to the semi- 
final round. Five players on the 1996 squad made the 
All-ODAC squad. Junior midfielder Jason Van Sice 
and junior defender McKittrick Simmons were first- 

team selections while senior forward Joe Holder, the 
leading goal scorer for H-SC with nine, senior defender 
Charhe Fonville, and freshman midfielder J.R. Hughes, 
who led the Tigers with 24 points, were second-team 
selections. In addition to the five all-conference stand- 
outs, freshman defender Scott Witte, sophomore 
forward Justin Holofchak, junior midfielder Brian 
Workman, and junior Kris Douglas were major 
contributors. The senior class, highlighted by Fonville, 
Holder, and senior defender Thomas Squire, finished 
their four years with 46 wins, the most of any class in 
the history of H-SC Soccer. 

The 1996 season began with the annual match-up 
with local rival Longwood College. In sweltering heat, 
the Tigers played the Lancers to a 2-2 tie; senior Joe 
Holder scored the game-tying goal late in the second 
half After two solid wins over Marymount University 

BELOW center: Junior 
midfielder Jason Van Sice 
(#20) was a first team All- 
ODAC and second team All- 
South Atlantic selection afier 
scoring seven goals and seven 
assists fior the Tigers this 
season. Freshman midfielder 
J.R. Hughes (#24) led the 
Tigers in scoring this season 
with seven goab and ten 
assists. Hughes was named 
second team All- ODA C. 

FAR LEFT: Senior forward Joe 
Holder finished out his bril- 
liant career with nine goals 
and four assists, earning 
second-team All-ODAC 

below: Sophomore running 
back Dorion Baker, who 
earned second team All- 
ODAC honors, led the Tigers 
in rushing and scoring with 
637 yards and six 




Winter-Spring 1997 

Phil Culicerto, tlie new 
Head Football Coach. 
A 1986 graduate of Virginia 
Tech, Phil came to Hampden- 
Sydney that year as assistant foot- 
ball coach; once here, he and his 
wife Carolyn fell under the spell 
of this place and decided they 
tiranted to stay. Phil has since 
sewed Hampden-Sydney as head 
baseball coach, director ofintra- 
murals, and head tennis coach in 
addition to his duties in football 
He is an uslier, lector, and teacher 
at St. Theresa Catholic CImrch, a 
member of the American Football 
Coaches Association and the 
National Strength and Condi- 
tioning Association, and a former 
member of the Farmville Jaycees. 
In 1994, he was a member of the 
Hampden-Sydney College Self- 
Study Committee on Community 
Involvement Phil, Carolyn 
(Public Rektions Director at 
Ftiqua School), and their chil- 
dren, Haley and Christian, live 
near Hampden-Sydney. 

and N.C. Wesleyan, H-SC traveled to the most com- 
petitive tournament in the history of the H-SC pro- 
gram, the Elizabethtown Blue Jay Classic, on September 
13 and 14. The Tigers matched the host team, who had 
qualified for the 1996 NCAA Division III tournament, 
but fell one goal short in a tough 2-1 loss. 

After such a brutal early-season schedule, the Tigers 
were well prepared for the bulk of the ODAC confer- 
ence slate. H-SC opened the ODAC season with a 5-1 
thrashing of Bridgewater College; talented freshman 
J.R. Hughes notched two goals and one assist in his first 
college start. 

With inspired play by Hughes and FonvLUe, the 
Tigers won three of their next four games, all crucial 
conference wins; a convincing 4-1 trouncing of Emory 
& Henry sent the Tigers to semifinals of the ODAC 
tournament for the third consecutive season. 

Looking ahead to 1 997, head coach Bert Molinary 
returns seven of the top ten scorers (including last 
season's leading scorer Mike Melvin, who broke his leg 
in the second week of the year, and injured junior 
midfielder Greg Outturn) and expects to remain 
competitive in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. 

Cross Country 

With a group of mosdy first-year runners, head coach 
Dee Vick guided his team to a sixth-place finish in the 
ODAC Championship meet. After finishing the last 
two seasons in fotirth place (the best ODAC tourna- 
ment finish in school histor)'), this year's squad fell just 
shon of past performances, but remains hopeful for a 
solid showing in years to come. 

A trio of freshmen led the Tigers this season. Buddy 
Christner from Midlothian was the top runner for 
H-SC, nailing a top-25 finish in the Virginia State Meet 
for Division II and Division III schools. Richmond's 
Stafford Via, a pleasant surprise for coach Vick, showed 
his talents early in the season with a solid finish at the 
University of Virginia Invitational, a meet in which 1 1 
of the 13 teams were NCAA Division 1. Against a deep 
and talented field. Via managed to run a very respect- 
able 31:26.96, the top time for H-SC. Mike Cahak, 
from Handley High in Winchester, finished in 31st 
place in the ODAC meet and was one of the top three 
runners for H-SC in the Virginia State Meet on Octo- 
ber 1 2 at Christopher Newport University. 

Football (3-7, 1-4 ODAC) 

Throughout a season of close losses, the Tigers seemed 
to be just one play, one block, one break away from 
winning — yet also provided dramatic wins of historic 

Most notable was their victory in the opening week 
of the season in front of a hostile Gettysburg crowd. 
The Tigers batded valiandy for four quarters only to 

Sophomore Chamie Burroiigljs led the Tigers in scoring with 39 
goals as he earned USILA All-American Imnors and first-team 
All-ODAC Burroughs led the Tigers in scoring in 10 of the 15 
games including a six-goal effort versus Scranton. 

-bringing into play a new 

end the game tied at 10-10- 
NCAA rule, which mandates overtime to decide games, 
and entering the record books as the first regular-season 
overtime game in the histor}' of Division III football. 

One of the top individual performances in the 
Gettysburg game was turned in by senior linebacker JefF 
Anderson, whose 23 tackles earned him both National 
Defensive Player of the Week honors for Division III 
and ODAC Defensive Player of the Week honors. 

After a tough 35-3 loss at Wesley in week rwo, H- 
SC rebounded with another dramatic win over ODAC 
foe Guilford College during Parents Weekend. Once 
again JefF Anderson was honored as ODAC Defensive 
Player of the Week, after recording 12 tackles. Soph- 
omore wide receiver Aaron Setdes snatched nine passes 
for 1 58 yards and one touchdown. 

With their record at 2-4 overall, the Tigers hosted 
South Region power Catholic University. Despite 
valiant efforts by sophomore running back Dorion 
Baker, who scored on a 65-yard scamper to tie the game 
at 7-7 just foiu' minutes into the first quarter, and by 
Jeff Anderson, whose 58-yard interception return cut 
the deficit to 24-14, Catholic would end up the winner 
at 45-14. Adding injury to insult, leading receiver Aaron 
Setdes was lost for the season; the Hampton native had 
registered 40 catches for 517 yards in just seven games. 

Coming ofFa loss to Davidson and a solid effon 
versus Methodist, the Tigers hosted the 102nd meeting 
in the Oldest Small College Rivalr}' in the South. In a 
hard-fought defensive batde, the R-MC special teams 
made the difference in the 20-10 win for the Jackets, 
despite the efFons of Todd Rudzinski, who kicked a 


third-quarter 30-yard field goal, and Walt Bondurant, 
who passed for 237 yards and a school-record-tying 23 
completions; his two main targets, senior Jason Raper 
and sophomore Blake Carleton, caught nine and eight 
passes respectively. 

With 1,506 yards passing and 150 completions, 
Bondurant turned in one of the best individual passing 
performances in school history. The Smithfield native 
smashed the former record of completions in a season of 
132 by Bill Newell in 1978; die 1,506 yards passing 
ranks fourth on a the all-time single season list. Dorion 
Baker finished the year with 637 yards rushing, which 
ranked second in the ODAC statistics. The two defen- 
sive standouts Jeff Anderson and Nathan Lukeson 
closed their careers with great performances: Anderson 
finished the day with 16 tackles and 131 total tackles for 
the season, while Lukeson had 1 1 tackles and two sacks 
to finish with a season-high eight sacks lor the year. 


For the third time in the last four years and for the 
fourth time in the nineties, Hampden-Sydney earned a 
bid to the NCAA Division III Narional Championship 
Tournament. Even though the Tigers came up on the 
short end of the 79-74 loss to Christopher Newport in 
the first-round game, the season was a reflection of a 
team which, although it had only one senior to lead ten 
freshmen and sophomores, matured over the season to 
complete the year with a 21-7 record and the number- 
one ranking in the South Region. 

The Tigers staned on a roll, sweeping the Wal- 
Mart Tipoff Classic with a dramatic 78-76 win over 

Marietta College and a championship game victory over 
NCAA Tournament participant Goucher College. 
Senior Bryan Sheridan was named tournament MVP 
and was joined on the All-Tournament team by senior 
Elson DeVan and freshman Chris Fox. After a loss to 
Bridgewater before Christmas, the Tigers won the Ogle- 
thorpe Stormy Petrel Classic in Adanta with a double 
overtime win over the host school, Oglethorpe Univer- 
sity and a win over Hanover College in the champion- 
ship game. Fox took MVP honors for the tournament; 
freshman Jeremy Harris also made the All-Tournament 

The Tigers entered the new year with a 8-1 record, 
only to slide to an 11-5 mark. After falling completely 
out of the South Region rankings, H-SC began to gel 
and ran off victories in 10 of its next 1 1 games, includ- 
ing two wins over Roanoke College, climbing to the top 
of the South Region poll. 

The second victory over the Maroons marked the 
200th win in the career of Hampden-Sydney head 
coach Tony Shaver. 

With wins over Randolph-Macon, Roanoke, and 
Lynchburg, the Tigers captured not only the ODAC 
Tournament title but also an NCAA berth and the 
number one seed in the region. The win over Macon 
was a defensive clinic run by the Tigers as they held 
R-MC guard Joe Goldin, who four days earlier had 
torched Emory & Henry for 43 points, to just two 
points and three field goal attempts in the 85-66 win. 
In their semifinal versus Roanoke, the Tigers rallied 
from a late six-point deficit to capture an emotional 63- 
62 win over the Maroons, completing the three-game 



Winter-Spring 1997 



All-South Atlantic Region 
second team: Jason Van Sice, jr. 

All-ODAC First Team: McKit- 
trick Simmons, yr, defender; 
Jason Van Sice, jr, midfielder. 

All-ODAC Second Team: 
Charlie Fonvilie, sr, defender; 
Joe Holder, sr, forward; 
J.R. Hughes, yr, midfielder 

ODAC Player of the Week 
(October Nth): J.R. Hughes, 
fi, midfielder. 


GTE Academic All-American 
and All-District teams (second 
consecutive season): Cory 
Williams, sr, offensive lineman. 

All-South Region, second team: 
Jeff Anderson, sr, linebacker . 

All-ODAC First Team, Offinse: 
Aaron Setdes, so, wide receiver. 

All-ODAC Second Team, 
Ofiense: Dorion Baker, so, 
running back; Cory WilHams, 
sr, ojfensive lineman. 

All-ODAC Second Team, 
Defense: Jeff Anderson, sr, line- 
hacker; Robert DeLoach, jr, 
punter; Tony Joyce, so, defen- 
sive hack; Nathan Lukeson, sr, 
defensive Lineman; Brent 
Rusnak, fi, defensive back. 

ODAC Player of the Week 
(September 14th & 28th): 
Jeff Anderson, sr, linebacker. 

The Tiger basketball players, 
with coach Tony Shaver at 
right and Walter Simms front 
and center, celebrate their 
102-70 victory over Lynch- 
burg — a win which clinched 
the ODAC championship and 
earned them a first-seed berth 
in the national NCAA Divi- 
sion III Tournament. 





Winter-Spring 1997 



All-ODAC Second Team: 
Jason Keefer.yn second base. 


All-ODAC: David Egerton, 
jr.; John Mears,^. 


All-ODAC First Team: 

Chamie Burroughs, so, 

attackman: Jamie Worthen, 

y>, defenseman. 

All-ODAC Second Team: 

Doug Palmer, so, midfielder. 


All-ODAC First Team: 

Brett Eckley, sr, (singles). 

All-ODAC Second Team: 

Neal Cassidy, sr, (singles), 

Bryan Duquette, yr, (singles), 

Brett Eckley, sr, (doubles), 

Ryan Gravender.yn (singles 

dr doubles), Jeremy Graybill, 

sr, (singles & doubles), and 

Jim Harrell, sr, (doubles). 

Other: 40 H-SC athletes 

made Academic All-ODAC in 

1996-97. To be eligible, the 

student-athlete must have a 

3.25 GPAfor the entire 

academic year. 


Sophomore hurler Walt 

Bondurant led the Tiger 

pitchers with a 3-5 record 

and 56.3 inning pitched. 

season sweep. The finale was truly anti-climactic: H-SC 
dismantled Lynchburg College 102-70 with hot shoot- 
ing and a suffocating defense. Sheridan collected more 
hardware, with an All-Tournament trophy, along with 
freshman T.J. Grimes. 

All-ODAC performer Bryan Sheridan led the Tigers 
in scoring (1 1.9 ppg) and rebounding (7.3 rpg); senior 
point guard Elson DeVan led H-SC with 4.8 assists per 
game. A trio of first-year players quickly cracked the 
starting lineup and were double-figure scorers for the 
entire season. Chris Fox was an outstanding perimeter 
player who knocked down some crucial three-point 
shots and finished with a scoring average of 1 1.9 while 
making a team-high 54 three-pointers. T.J. Grimes, 
voted the South Region "Freshman of the Year" by 
Columbus Multimedia, emerged towards the end of the 
season as the Tigers' most explosive scorer; he finished 
with 1 1 .6 points per game and a team-high 49.0 field 
goal percentage. Jeremy Harris, the Tigers' man in the 
middle, was a physical presence who complemented 
Sheridan in the post and was fourth in scoring (10.1 
ppg) and second in reboimding (5.3 rpg). 

Baseball (5-22, 3-13 ODAC) 

One of the highlights of the season was the 19-13 win 
over the Bridgewater Eagles, the three-time defending 
conference champions. Junior catcher Russ Bradshaw 
belted a three-run homer and drove in five rims to lead 
the Tigers' 19-run, 1 9-hit attack. 

Overall, sophomore hurler Walt Bondurant led the 
Tigers in victories with a 3-5 record while freshman 
Andy Daniel, who served as H-SC's closer out of the 
bullpen, led the Tigers with 34 strikeouts in just 20.7 
innings. Junior second baseman Jason Keefer, who 
captured All-ODAC honors for the second consecutive 
year, led the Tigers in batting with a .356 average; Russ 
Bradshaw was d:ie power source with a team-high seven 
home runs and 23 RBI. 

With coach Phil Culicerto taking over head football 
coaching duties, Hampden-Sydney baseball will have a 
familiar face in the dugout in 1998: former Tiger base- 
ball legend Bobby Humphreys will lead the Tigers next 
season. Humphreys, a charter member of the H-SC 
AtJJetic Hall of Fame, was a standout for the Garnet 
and Grey from 1954 to 1958 and played in the major 
leagues for five teams from 1962 to 1970. He brings 
a wealth of major-league experience and knowledge, 
which will give our baseball program instant prestige 
in Division III ranks. 

Lacrosse (8-7, 4-2 ODAC) 

All-American and All-ODAC sophomore attackman 
Chamie Burroughs was sensational all season: he led 
the Tigers in scoring in 10 of their 1 5 games and 
finished the year with a team-high 39 goals. Defen- 

sively, All-American and All-ODAC jimior Jamie 
Worthen had another outstanding year as he led H-SC 
with 135 ground balls and was pan of a solid defensive 
unit which included sophomore Ward Smith and 
junior Brooks DuBose; keeper Scott Ketcham was sohd 
between the pipes all season. 

Head coach Ray Rostan has to be pleased that all 
H-SC's starters at every position return for what looks 
to be potentially one of the finest seasons in school 
history. Sophomore attackman Matt Yancey, who 
notched 21 goals this season, junior middle Doug 
Palmer (second-team All-ODAC), who tallied 17 goals 
and 10 assists, and talented freshmen Ross Tiu-co and 
Russell Carter, who combined for 24 goals and 18 
assists, give H-SC plenty of offensive fire power in '98. 

Tennis (10-6, 6-1 ODAC) 

Senior Brett Eckley made history at the ODAC Tennis 
Championships at Washington & l^e as he became the 
first player in school history to win three consecutive 
ODAC singles championships. Eckley captured the No. 
2 singles tide after being seeded 1 0th following a season 
hampered by injury. As a sophomore and a jimior, 
Eckley won the No. 4 singles tides; he overcame long 
odds this year for the "three-peat" at No. 2. The Tigers 
placed all six singles players in the finals versus W&L. 
The Tigers finished the season 10-6, for a second- 
place finish in the ODAC. Seniors Eckley, Jim Harrell, 
and Jeremy Graybill, along widi juniors Campbell 
Palmer and Ryan Gravender and freshman Bryan 
Duquette, finished the season with All-ODAC honors. 
The fijture certainly looks bright for H-SC tennis as the 
No. 1 singles player Duquette returns along with No. 3 
singles player Palmer and No. 4 singles player 

The Tigers finished off the 1997 season with a third- 
place finish at the ODAC Golf Championships in 
Ashland. Freshman John Mears, who had been the top 
player for H-SC throughout the year, capped off a 
sensational rookie campaign with a fourth-place finish 
in the individual standings, with a rwo-day total of 1 54. 
Mears was named to the All-Tournament team and also 
received All-ODAC honors for the 1997 season, as did 
senior co-captain David Egerton, who scored a rwo-day 
total of 1 64 for the Tigers. 

Overall, this was a fine season for H-SC Golf as two 
players, Mears and Egerton, each captured tournament 
tides, l^d by co-captains Philip Cook and Egerton, the 
team defeated ODAC Champion Washington & Lee in 
a head-to-head match earlier in the season and also won 
the Emory & Heniy Invitational. 


The Hampden-Sydney community was hit hard 
between Thanksgiving and Easter: three well-known 
personalities died unexpectedly during those five months. 

Change in Constancy 




Winter-Spring 1997 

By Eunice Canvile & Richard McClintock 

WILLIAM TILLMAN "Tim" BUTLER '62 died of a 
heart attack on April 16, 1997, in his home on Wilson 
Circle in Hampden-Sydney; he had been director of the 
College's Annual Fund since November 1995. 

He was in many ways exemplary of the life of public 
service to which all Hampden-Sydney men are 
supposed to aspire. Born in Richmond in 1939, Tim 
Buder was active in the banking business there for a 
number of years; yet he found time to serve as president 
of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and to take a leadership role 
in the life of Welbourne United Methodist Church, 
among other community organizations. 

He continued his banking career in Gloucester, 
where he served as president of the Rotary Club and the 
Chamber of Commerce, and as a member of the Glou- 
cester School Board; he was active with the Singleton 
Methodist Church there. Before moving to Hampden- 
Sydney, he had been with New York Life Insurance for 
several years. 

Officially, Tim Buder had worked for the College 
for less than two years. Unofficially he had in fact been 
working for it ever since his graduation: few volunteers 
were more eager, or more dependable, than Tim Butler. 
His long record of service to the College earned him 
the coveted James J. Keating Founders Medallion, 
which recognizes exceptional dedication to the welfare 
of Hampden-Sydney. He and his wife Susan made 
superb ambassadors for the College, dispensing a 
constant stream of good humor and hospitality. 

As College Chaplain William E. Thompson recalled 
at the funeral, Tim Buder said, when he came to work 
at Hampden-Sydney, that "he thought he'd died and 
gone to heaven." He and his family had joined College 
Church, and now he is buried there. 

A devoted woodworker, Tim Buder made superb 
reproduction Colonial furniture, as well as dollhouses 
and Chinese railings for his home. 

He is survived by his wife Susan Carter Buder, a son, 
William Tillman "Tripp" Buder III '93, and a daugh- 
ter, Mary Elizabeth Buder. 

"Tim's death was a lightning bolt from a blue sky, 
catching us all by surprise," President Samuel V. Wilson 
told the Parents Council, at an April meeting Tim 
Butler was to have led. "He dropped while in fiill stride, 
happy in his work at his beloved College, brimming 
with optimism and hope, enjoying success beyond his 
or our expectations. 

"Tim poses us a paradox," President Wilson contin- 
ued; "on the one hand, he epitomized the ideal of the 
'Hampden-Sydney Man' — the prototypical student- 
athlete, a team player, good-humored and carefree, yet 
totally dedicated to his family and to Alma 
Mater, highly moral, living by principle, 
hard-working, always concerned about 
others. But Tim was more, much more 
than all that. He was, I am convinced, just 
about the kindest, gendest, most caring 
human being I ever met. And while he 
may have, must have, carried some sorrow 
inside, on the outside he was Mr. 
Sunshine — and his sunshine was contag- 
ious. No one loved Hampden-Sydney 
College more than Tim Buder. We shall 
carry on, of course, but we shall miss him 
greatly every day, and we 
shall try mightily to live up 
to his example." 


DAVIS, director of the John 

Brooks Fuqua Compuring 

Center, died on December 6, 

1996, at his home on Ropp 

Lane in Hampden-Sydney; he 

was 47. While he had been batding cancer, he died 

fi^om a heart attack. 

Steve Davis had been instrumental in bringing the 
campus's computing systems into the second generation 
of technology and had almost completed the massive 

"When Tim Butler 
came to work at 
he thought he d died 
and gone to heaven. 
Well, now he has. " 

' Chaplain 

Tim Butler '62 (above), 
director of the Annual Fund, 
died in Hampden-Sydney on 
April 16, 1997: he was 58. 
An outstanding football 
player while he was in school 
(inset, left). Butler contin- 
ued to serve the College as a 
volunteer fund raiser until he 
came to work here fidl-time 
in 1995. 





Winter-Spring 1997 

Steve Davis (above), director 

of computing at the College, 

died on December 6, 1996. 

He had been instrumental 

in upgrading the campus 

computer networks. 

Francis Randolph (above), a 

longtime Hampden-Sydney 

resident, died on January 17, 

1997; he was 83. Known 

affectioiuitely as "Francis the 

Axeman, " he was familiar 

to generations of students. 

task of connecting every professor, staff member, and 
student to the campus network, and thus to the world. 
Born in 1949 in Opelika, Kansas, Davis entered the 
Air Force in 1968; he served in Vietnam, Spain, and 
several domestic bases as a materiel officer, a communi- 
cations and computer systems analyst, and a logistics 
chief For his service he received numerous 
combat and management awards, including 
the Meritorious Service Award with three 
oak leaf clusters, the Republic of Vietnam 
Gallantt)' Cross, and the 1980 Outstanding 
junior Manager of the Year Award. 

He retired as a Major from the Air Force 
in 1990 and became the director of 
computing at Hampden-Sydney. He was 
active in the community, serving as a Litde 
League soccer coach and a volunteer with 
FACES, the local food bank. 

He held a B.S. in psychology from the 
University of Mar)'land, a B.S. in computer 
science from Roosevelt University, a 
Master's in consulting from Ball State 
University, and Master's in information 
systems management fi'om the University of 
Southern California. 

At his memorial service in College Church, he was 
praised as a fast friend and good neighbor, a patient 
teacher, and a quiet but efficient manager who had a 
firm grasp on large goals and on the means to achieve 
them. President Wilson recalled that " the quiet, 
reserved exterior of Steve Davis belied a burning fire 
and a passion and a vision for H-SC at the 
leading edge of computer technology in the 
twenty-first century. This was a goal he 
never lost sight of — on this subject he never 
rested, always pushing the Internet and 
World-Wide Web and other revolutionary 
aspects of burgeoning cyberspace tech- 
nology. Indeed, his beliefs were so strong 
that he would become impatient with those 
of us who were slow to grasp what he was 

"In truth, Steve Davis was a visionary, 
who fired his people up with his own vision 
of thefiittire. H-SC owes much to the 
farsighted concepts and passion of this 
'quiet professional.' 

"In future years we will become increas- 
ingly aware of our indebtedness to him. " 

FRANCIS RANDOLPH died on Friday, January 17, 
1997. He suffered from no acute illness at the time; 
he was 83 years old. All his life, he had lived in a house 
in the woods halfway down Black Bottom (the region 

south of Via Sacra noted in the old days for having no 
street lights); since December 1996, he had been living 
in an area group home. 

As a young man, Randolph went from house to 
house offering to chop firewood for area residents, with 
an axe resdng on his shoulder, and so acquired the 
name "Francis the Axeman." This tool (in recent years 
replaced by a walking suck) was off-putting to the imin- 
itiated: new students or strangers to Hampden-Sydney 
often recalled their being startled by their first look at 
him — especially when encountered in the dark — yet no 
one who had been long at Hampden-Sydney feared 

Despite students' running gags to test Randolph's 
mental acuit)', says Joe Trotter '35, Hampden-Sydney's 
permanent resident usually got the better of them, 
whether they knew it or not. "There was this tradition," 
Trotter recalls, "for the upperclassmen to tell the fresh- 
men to offer Francis a nickel and a dime, and to see 
which he picked. He always chose the nickel, and the 
students would laugh uproariously about Francis's not 
knowing the value of the coins, just selecting the bigger 
one. Well, I asked Francis about that one time, and he 
said, 'I pick the nickel, Mr. Troner, because it I picked 
the dime, they'd quit.' " 

By the 1960s, most of the homes in the former 
servants' setdement where Randolph lived had been 
abandoned. The College took over the land, but gave 
him an income and a lifetime right to his house. Trot- 
ter, then the Director of Alumni Affairs, became 
Randolph's guardian, repairing the house and helping 
him to obtain supplemental security income. "I was his 
committee, or he was mine. I never did figure out 
which of us was in charge," says Trotter of their 

Over the years, Randolph was given aid and care by 
the community, especially by the members of Mercy 
Seat Baptist Church just south of the campus, who 
made sure that he never wanted for clothes or food or a 
ride to town. 

In turn, Randolph remembered students, residents, 
and professor's children. He would greet them by name 
when they returned to campus after holidays, stunmers, 
or years abroad, and welcome them back home. 

He was such a fixture that he seemed almost eternal; 
not so long ago, an alumnus came to visit his son, now a 
student at the College. Looking out the window, the 
father said, "That man looks just like someone who 
used to walk around here when I was a student; Francis 
the Axeman we called him." With a smile the son 
replied, "Dad, that is Francis the Axeman." 

And so it was. 


Class Notes 

Compiled from information received before May 15, 1997. 




Winter-Spring 1997 


KENDIG, JR., was honored by the 
Robert E. Lee Council of the Boy 
Scouts of America at its 1996 Distin- 
guished Citizens dinner in Rich- 
mond. Dr. Kendig was recognized 
for his service to the community as 
humanitarian, physician, educator, 
and researcher. A specialist in pediat- 
ric respiratory illnesses, Dr. Kendig 
has practiced in Richmond since 
1936; he founded the Child Chest 
Clinic at the Medical College of 
Virginia in 1944. In 1986, he was 
awarded the Medal of the Inter- 
national Pediatric Association tor his 
contributions to child care through- 
out the world. 



of Lynchburg took two gold medals 
and one silver medal in his class at 
the 1996 Sporting Clays World 



Clinical Professor of Internal Medi- 
cine at the University of Virginia 
School of Medicine, continues writ- 
ing and research on safe uses of Corti- 
sol, the chief hormone of the adrenal 
glands and an important factor in 
our resistance to infections, various 
allergies, chronic-fatigue syndrome, 
and auto-immune disorders such as 
rheumatoid arthritis. 

JAMES B. MASSEY, JR., lives 
in Lynchburg, where he is a volun- 
teer for Meals-On- Wheels and 
Volunteer Services (a group that 
supports the house-bound), and a 
member of the Food Services 
Committee. He sees Paul Grier 
(former Hampden-Sydney College 
Librarian) frequently, and dines with 
Russell Neely '28 and his wife 
Grace every morning at West- 


Dr. WILLL\M H. (BiU) 
ARMSTRONG retired in June 
1996 from the Kent School in Kent, 
Connecticut, after fifiy-two years of 
teaching. Dr. Armstrong was the 
Director of General Studies for 
many years before being named to 
the Independence Foundation 
Chair. Dr. Armstrong is the author 
of many books, including Sounder, 
the 1969 Newberry Award winner 
and the New York Times Best Chil- 
dren's Book of the Year. The 
December 1996 issue oi Reader's 
Digest featured "In Search of Christ- 
mas," an excerpt from his book 
Through Troubled Waters. 

Dr. W. rVAN HOY was named 
to Lambda Chi Alpha social frater- 
nity's national Hall of Fame and 
honored at the fraternity's annual 
general assembly in Dallas in June 
1996. The assembly brought 
together 600 undergraduates and 
200 alumni brothers from the 
United States and Canada. Dr. Hoy 
became a member of the Theta 
Kappa Nu chapter of Lambda Chi as 
a student at Hampden-Sydney, 
where he won the national frater- 
nity's Activities Key, held offices in 
the literary society, wrote a column 
for the Tiger, and "never lost a two- 
mile run" in his career in track. Dr. 
Hoy has also recently been awarded 
the Distinguished Service Key and 
the Robert Morlan Faculty Secretary 
Award given by the Omicron Delta 
Kappa national leadership fraternity. 
The University of Miami, from 
which he retired as Professor Emer- 
itus of Religion, has established the 
Ivan Hoy Award for academic excel- 
lence. Hampden-Sydney College 
awarded him an honorary Doctorate 
of Divinity at Commencement on 
May 11, 1997. 

A copy of the book of memoirs. 
Things I Remember, by the late 
WILLIAM J. RUE, JR., of Belle 
Haven, has been presented to the 
Hampden-Sydney Library. 


The Rev. Mr. D. KIRK 
HAMMOND serves as parish asso- 
ciate of Peace Memorial Presbyterian 
Church in Clearwater, Florida. It is 
his tenth interim or parish associate 
relationship since he retired in 1980. 
No info-age mania for him: his 
word-processor is a ball-point pen 
with a broken spell checker and an 
irregular printer. 


THOMAS B. MASON'S name was 
set in stone in December 1994, 
when the U.S. Attorney's head- 
quarters for Western Virginia was 
named for him. The Thomas B. 
Mason building, at 105 Franklin 
Road SW, in Roanoke, is a testa- 
ment to Mr. Mason's service as a 
U.S. Attorney lor the Western 
District of Virginia from 1961 to 
1969. Robert P. Crouch, Jr., the 
incumbent U.S. Attorney, said the 
building was named for Mr. Mason 
because "he is a personification of 
the professionalism and spirit of 
public service that this office has 
traditionally had." The building's 
conference rooms are named after 
other distinguished U.S. Attorneys, 
its most "official" one in honor of 
Leigh B. Hanes, Jr. '40. 


JR., retired from the Medical 
College of Virginia, is president of 
the IVNA Home Health Care Board 
in Richmond. 


W1LLL\M G. BAYES published, in 
August 1995, the exemplary story of 
a man who — despite cerebral 
palsy — served in the Army diuing 
World War II, won ribbons for 
horseback riding, ran successfial busi- 
nesses, and raised two children. 
Don 't Say I Can 't is the story of 
Bayes's own life; the author wrote it 
simply because he wanted "people to 

Judge JOHN P. HILL '30 

has completed the building of 
the Missionary Presbyterian 
Church in Ingram, Texas. All 
donations go to missionaries 
and missions like Wycliffe 
Bible Translators, and mission 
support services like Jungle 
Aviation and Radio Service 
and the Mission Aviation 
Fellowship. The church also 
supports the construction of a 
powerful short-wave radio 
station for communications 
with far-flung missionaries. 
Judge Hill, who says since he is 
87 and in pretty good health, 
he needs to "hustle to repay our 
good Lord for the nearly 18 
years above the threescore-and- 
ten, food and shelter, and the 
inspirational training [he] 
received at Hampden- 
Sydney. "Judge Hill also deals 
in real estate and investments 
and does a worldwide business 
in aircraft insurance. 





Wwter-Spring 1997 


'51 was elected, in May 
1996, Chairman of the 
Board of the Pennsylvania 
Lumbermen 's Mutual Insu- 
rance Company, a Philadel- 
phia-based insurance group. 
A member of the PLM Board 
since 1978, he was president 
of his family 's McCliing 
Lumber Co. in Salem from 
1956 until he retired in 

Dr WILLLW(Bill) 
ODOM 57. a former Greek 
professor and college dean, is 
now the regional head of 
development for the Salvation 
Army in Washington, D. C. 
Dr. Odom is coordinating 
the campaign for funds to 
build the four-million-dollar 
Turning Point Center, which 
will house and help homeless 
women with children. 

know what it's like to live with a 

The Rev. Mt. N. GORDON 
COSBY is pastot of the Church of 
the Savior in Washington, D.C He 
and his congregation have helped 
turn "Washington's slums into shel- 
ters that restored ravaged lives." His 
work, which attracted the attention 
and support of national developer 
James W. Rouse, has become a 
model for those engaged in down- 
town renewal projects across the 


Dr. and Mrs. HORACE ADAMS, 
JR., celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary on March 23, 1996, at a 
reception given in June by their chil- 
dren and grandchildren at the Offi- 
cers' Club at the Marine Corps Air 
Station, Cherry Point, North Caro- 
lina. The Adamses live in Pine Knoll 
Shores, North Carolina. 

been appointed to a five-year term 
on the Virginia State Library Board. 
In October he received the Red 
Cross Clara Banon award, the 
organization's highest award. A 
Richmond lawyer, a former member 
of the Red Cross board of directors, 
and a director of Owens & Minor 
Inc., Mr. Cabell is a trustee of 
Hampden-Svdney College. 

The Rev, Dr. ADDISON 
his ninth interim pastorate in Febru- 
ary. Dr. Ellison, an honorably retired 
interim minister, lives in Charleston, 
West Virginia. 

awarded, in November, the Distin- 
guished Citizen Award for commu- 
nity service by the Robert E. Lee 
Council of the Boy Scouts of Amer- 
ica. A retired insurance executive, 
Mr. Graham is the president of The 
Consulting Co. Ltd., in Irvington. 
He is former president of the YMCA 
of Metropolitan Richmond and 
active in fund raising for Hampden- 
Sydney College and the University 
of Richmond. 


interim pastor of the First Presbyter- 
ian Church in Bay City, Texas. 


Dr. C. BARRIE COOK of Amer- 
ican Medical Laboratories in Chan- 
tilly has been named Chairman ot 
the Board of directors of the Fairfax- 
based George Mason Bank. 


MONROE LEIGH spent the 
Michelmas (Fall) Term at 
Cambridge University, where he was 
a Senior Fellow at the Research 
Centre for International Law. He 
and his wife Mary were in residence 
at Wolfson College. 

JR., retired from dentistry in 1991. 
He lives in Vermont, where his 
home overlooks the Presidential 
Range of New Hampshire, including 
Mounts Washington and Lafayette. 
He says that he loves country living. 

The Rev. Mr. JAMES 
WOMACK, former pastot of Bethel 
Presbyterian Church in Staunton, 
participated in that church's 250th 
anniversary in August. 



a member of the National Council 
for the United Nations (and also the 
United Nations Day Chairman for 
Virginia) has spent much time 
recendy in New York, Geneva, and 
Vienna. When he is not occupied 
with important official duties, he 
tries to visit the areas of Europe that 
were behind the Iron Curtain. 

The Rev. Dr. CHARLES C. 
TALLEY has been transferred to the 
main campus of Edison College in 
Ft. Meyers, Florida, where his addi- 
tional teaching assignments will 
include humanities, philosophy, and 
world religions. Dr. Talley is also 
taking parish homestays on an excur- 
sion to Scotland, England, and 
Wales during the summer of 1997. 
The visit will take in St. Andrews, 
the British Open, the Military 
Tattoo, and the World-Wide Inter- 
national Eisteddfod (Choir Festival). 


Dr. JOHN M. IRVINE, JR., was 

recendy worship leader at the Massa- 
netta Music Conference and has led 
morning worship at the Church 
Music Conference since 1994. A 
pastor with a longstanding interest 
in religion and the arts, having 

served three Presbyterian churches 
and been pastor of two United 
Church of Christ churches. Dr. 
Irvine retired in 1992. 


HAR'VEY S. LUTINS has begun 
his fifth decade in the practice of 
law. He is a partner in Lutins 
Shapiro & Kunin of Roanoke. 

DONALD C. MORRIS, a semi- 
retired funeral director for Joseph 
W. Bliley Funeral Home in Rich- 
mond, was the subject of a feature 
article, "His careful work relocates 
the forgotten, " in the September 23, 
1996, edition of the Richmond 
Times-Dispatch. Morris has devel- 
oped an unusual expertise: he locates 
abandoned cemeteries — some so 
long forgotten they are covered by 
underbrush and periwinkle — and 
arranges for a dignified reburial of 
the remains. His services are often 
called upon by developers who wish 
to make sure their tracts are cleared 
of old cemeteries. 

The Reverend Dr. J. SHEP- 
HERD RUSSELL, JR., a former 
pastor of the First Church, Fon 
Smith, Arkansas, participated in the 
service marking the church's celebra- 
tion of its 150th anniversary on 
October 20, 1996. 


sor emeritus of history at the Univer- 
sity of Georgia, maintains an office 
in the Visitors Center, where he 
provides assistance; he has published 
two books on the history of Georgia. 
In March 1997 Mercer University 
released his book. Rebel Georgia, a 
study of the state during the Civil 

inducted, in May 1996, into the 
Greater Richmond Business Hall of 
Fame. He was the founder of the 
Martin Agency, now the largest 
advertising agency in the South. 

honored in June 1996 with the 1996 
Southern Region Trustee Leadership 
Award of the Association of 
Community College Trustees 
(ACCT). The award went to one 
community college governing board 
member from the eleven states of 
ACCT's Southern Region in recog- 


nition of "exemplary leadership in 
meeting the needs of Virginia's 
communities and students." 


WILLIAM A. BLAIR retired, in 
May 1 996, from Fork Union Mili- 
tary Academy after thirty-seven years 
as teacher, coach, and athletic direc- 
tor. He and his wife now live near 
his hometown, Galax, in the Blue 
Ridge Mountains. 

Dr. H. D. DEANE, JR., is now 
a life member of the Virginia State 
Dental Association, the American 
Dental Association, and the Carl Q. 
Boucher Prosthodontic Conference. 
He is also past-president of the 
Boucher Conference. 

has been chosen as the new president 
of the Virginia Municipal League. 
Dr. Harris has received numerous 
awards, including the Family Physi- 
cian of the Year in 1991 and the 
Commanders Award for Public 
Service. He has practiced family 
medicine in Blackstone for thirty- 
four years, and he has been mayor of 
Blackstone since 1982. 

J. BRUCE JAMES was re- 
elected to and made president of the 
board of trustees of the Instructive 
Visiting Nurse Association, in June 
1996. He is a retired executive of 
Virginia Landmark Corporation. 

D.D.S., is president of the Virginia 
Board of Dentistry. Dr. Moore is the 
Vice Mayor of Abingdon, where he 
lives, the Vice Chairman of Partners 
for Progress at Virginia Common- 
wealth University, and a member of 
both the Board of Visitors for Emory 
& Henry College and the Medical 
College of Virginia Foundation. 

HIMER and his wife Ann gave a 
special gallery talk on the exhibition 
Folk Art: The Common Wealth of 
Virginia in June at the Longwood 
Center for the Visual Arts in Farm- 
ville. Ann Oppenhimer, president of 
the Folk Art Society of America, was 
curator of the exhibition. William is 
retired trom an obstetrics-gynecology 
practice in Richmond. 

HENRY M. READ has been 
appointed the new director of indi- 
vidual giving for the Easter Seal Soci- 
ety of North Carolina. Read had 
been the director of development for 

Saint Mary's College, and he has also 
served in a similar capacity at Sullins 
College. He was director of public 
relations for Hampden-Sydney 
College for five years. 


The Rev. RICHARD (Dick) L. 
NEWKIRK was honorably retired 
in October 1 996 from the Presbyter- 
ian Church, US, after thirty-eight 
years of ministry, rwenty-rwo of 
which were spent as pastor of the 
Marlinton, West Virginia, Presbyter- 
ian Church. 


JAMES M. TURNER recently 
retired from WMX, Inc. Mr. Turner 
formerly worked as a chemist for 
Burlington, Inc., Hercules Inc. and 
Goodyear Tire and Rubber. He also 
taught high school physics and 



named, in March 1996, executive 
director of the Virginia Biotech- 
nology Research Park. Farinholt 
joined the Virginia Commonwealth 
University president's staff in 1992. 
He was a member of the University's 
board of visitors from 1983 to 1991 
and was rector from 1987 to 1989. 
Before joining VCU, he was senior 
vice president and director of what is 
now Wheat First Butcher Singer, 
where he was in charge of invest- 
ment banking. He came to Rich- 
mond in 1 969 after 1 years with 
the corporate finance division of 
Chemical Bank in New York. 

received the Woodmen of the World 
Citizen of the Year Award in August 
1996. The award was the fourth to 
recognize Peterson's work to pro- 
mote literacy in the Martinsville 
community and in the state. Mr. 
Peterson has received the Governor's 
Award for Volunteer Excellence for 
the literacy volunteer program which 
he oversees in Maninsville, Literacy 
Fair of Virginia, Inc.; the program 
itself received the Jeannie Baliles 
Award for an outstanding project in 
Virginia; and, in May 1996, 
Governor Allen presented Peterson 
the Outstanding Community 
Project Award for an innovative pilot 
project at the Memorial Hospital of 

Martinsville and Henry County. 
An elder in the First Presbyterian 
Church, Peterson serves as chairman 
of the Salvation Army, is President 
Elect of the Martinsville-Henry 
County Rotary Club, and has served 
on the boards of the Martinsville 
Day Care Center, the Southern Area 
Agency on Aging, the United Way, 
the local YMCA, the Forest Hills 
Recreation Association, and the Blue 
Ridge Council of the Boy Scouts of 


PHILIP (Phil) A. HOGE was 

elected in January 1997 to serve a 
three-year term as a director for the 
National Association of Realtors. He 
is a broker and manager for 
Patterson-Schwartz in Delaware. 

The Reverend ROBERT M. 
LOMINACK, JR., retired from 
Abingdon Presbytery in December 

retired in 1 996 from Albemarle 
County Schools after serving thirty- 
four years as an elementary school 
principal. Mr. Spider lives in North 
Garden with his wife Nancy. 

received an award from the state and 
from the Science Museum of 
Virginia as a top industrialist for 
1997. A Southwest Virginia native 
who was raised in an orphanage, he 
rose to become president and chief 
executive officer of Bell Atlantic- 
Virginia in 1985. He has been a 
Trustee of Hampden-Sydney 

At the Virginia Press Associa- 
tion's annual competition, R. 
TYLER WHITLEY, along widi a 
team of other reporters at the Rich- 
mond Times-Dispatch, received the 
Guy Friddell Award for Daily Writ- 
ing. The Friddell honor is one of 
eight best-in-show awards, selected 
from among first-place winners in all 
of the competition's daily categories. 
The Times-Dispatch entry, "Smoke 
Under Fire, " won in the general 
news category tor daily publications 
with circulation greater than 50,000. 
Whidey made major contributions 
to the series, which focused on the 
role of Philip Morris USA in Big 
Tobacco's various battles with the 
federal courts, as well as its prom- 
inent role as Richmond's largest 
private employer. 




Winter-Spring 1997 

Dr. CLARENCE (Clancy) 
A. HOLLAND '52 of 

Virginia Beach was honored 
with the Benjamin Rush 
Award for Citizenship and 
Community Service, given to 
a physician who has made an 
outstanding contribution to 
the community above and 
beyond the call of duty. This 
award is his most recent in a 
series including the Medical 
Society of Virginia's Commu- 
nity Service Award, the 
William Patrick White 
Memorial Award, the 
Virginia Beach Education 
Aivard, and the LegisLitor of 
the Year Award from Handi- 
cap Unlimited. 





Winter-Spring 1997 


was given, in June 1997, the 
Distinguished Service Award 
by the Hampton Roads Mari- 
time Association, in recogni- 
tion of his contributions to 
and exceptional leadership in 
establishing the Port of 
Virginia as a major port on 
the east coast of the U.S. 
Mr Bray has been been Exec- 
utive Director of the Virginia 
Port Authority since May 
1978. During his tenure, the 
Port of Virginia has risen fi-om 
sixth to second place (second 
only to the Port of New York) 
on the east coast in general 
cargo shipping and has been 
ranked among the Lirgest in 
the U.S. in total waterborne 
commerce. Mr. Bray joined 
the Virginia Port Authority in 
1967 as its General Counsel; 
before that appointment, he 
had been a law clerk to the 
Chief Justice of the Virginia 
Supreme Court and Assistant 
City Attorney for the City of 

THOMAS N. ALLEN, a member 
of the College's Board of Trustees, 
was named in July to the Board of 
the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 
Chairman of East Coast Oil Corpo- 
ration, Allen published an op-ed 
piece, "Government Interventions 
Have Disrupted Gas Market," in the 
May 11, 1996, Richmond Times- 

JR., was inducted into the Salem- 
Roanoke Baseball Hall ot Fame in 
February 1996, was named 1995-96 
Baseball Coach of the Year by the 
Virginia High School Coaches Asso- 
ciation, and honored by the Nat- 
ional High School Coaches Associa- 
tion, receiving the 1996 Baseball 
Coach of the Year Award for Region 
2. The honors recognize a long and 
distinguished career for the Liberty 
High School (Bedford) coach, who 
has had only tour losing seasons in 
thirty-five years at Liberty and was 
the first coach in Group AA-Virginia 
High School League history to reach 
400 victories. 


M.D., an associate professor of 
pathology at Washington University 
School of Medicine, is director of 
the Alzheimer's Disease Research 
Core laboratory; its web site is 

JOHN S. 'WARING III was the 
subject of a feature article "A Lot 
Goes into those Little Boxes, " in the 
August 3, 1996, issue of the Rich- 
mond Times-Dispatch. Waring is 
general manager of operations of 
Richmond's Sarellen Road plant for 
Graphic Packaging Corporation, a 
producer of billions of cartons for 
companies like MacDonald's, Philip 
Morris, and Proctor & Gamble. Mr. 
Warring had been owner and pres- 
ident of Gravure Packaging, Inc., a 
manufacturing operation at the same 
location that was growing more than 
20 percent a year. 



president of Belleville Supply 
Company, Inc., was named vice 
president of the board of directors of 
Sales and Marketing Executives of 

Richmond, Inc., in September 1996. 


JACK E. CUSTER, of Louisville, 
Kentucky, director of Steamboat 
Masters and Associates, Inc., and 
editor of Egregious Steamboat Jour- 
nal, recently finished a research 
project for the Army Corps of Engi- 
neers with Dr. Charles Pearson 
(husband of H-SC's library director, 
Sharon Goad); they are studying the 
demise of an 1837 steamboat. 

promoted in June 1996 to Vice 
Chairman of Wheat First Butcher 
Singer, Inc., a prestigious investment 
firm in Richmond. 

was recently re-elected to the Board 
ol Directors of the American Judi- 
cature Society, a national organiza- 
tion that promotes improvements in 
the courts. 

In May 1996, DAVID G. 
WILSON, JR., was made president 
of the Periodical Group, a division 
of Cadmus Communications Corpo- 
ration, which includes Cadmus Jour- 
nal Services and Cadmus' magazine 
printing lines. He continues as pres- 
ident and chief executive officer of 
Cadmus Journal Services, which 
purchased a Pennsylvania-based 
journal printing company in May 


GORDON D. SHRECK, a share- 
holder in the Charleston, South 
Carolina, law firm of Buist, Moore, 

Smythe & McGee, P.A., has been 
elected to a three-year term on the 
Board of Directors of the Maritime 
Law Association of the United 
States. Mr. Shreck is the first lawyer 
from South Carolina to serve on the 
MLA Board in almost twenty years; 
he heads his firm's Litigation De- 
partment and its Admiralt}', Mari- 
time, and Aviation Practice Group. 
A history major at H-SC and an avid 
history bulT, Mr. Schreck fulfilled a 
life-long dream, taking a three- 
month sabbatical leave from his law 
practice to teach a course on the 
American Civil War at the Univer- 
sity of Buckingham, England. There 
he and his wife traveled extensively, 
visiting Hampden House, ancestral 
home ot John Hampden, Chalgrove 
Field, where Hampden was mortally 
wounded, and Penshurst, ancestral 
home of Algernon Sidney. 

basketball coach at Norfolk Acad- 
emy, recendy won his 500th game. 
Mr. Trickier began his coaching 
career fresh out of Hampden-Sydney 
in 1 965 when he took a job at the 
now-defijnct Rock Hill Academy. 
Two years later, as he puts it, he 
"slipped in the back door" and was 
offered a job at Norfolk Academy, 
where he began his winning career. 

of Richmond was promoted to first 
vice president of Scott & String- 
fellow. Mr. Wheeler joined the 
brokerage firm in 1980 as an invest- 
ment broker. 

WILLIAM R. (Willie) GARDNER, JR '57 and his son RYLAND GARDNER 

'85 climbed to the summit of the South Teton (12,514 feet) outside Jackson Hole, 
Wyoming, on October 6, 1996. Willie is a chartered life underwriter for Life of 
Virginia: he and his wife Tibby live in Richmond. Ryland and his wife Kip live in 
Jackson, Wyoming, with their son Nate. 



TERRY L. HELSLEY is a measure- 
ment consultant with The Psycho- 
logical Corporation, a subsidiary of 
Harcourt Brace. He lives in Colum- 
bia, South Carolina, with his wife 
Alexia and their children Cassandra 
and Jacob. Mr. Helsley is president- 
elect of the South Carolina Histor- 
ical Association. 

The Reverend JAMES M. RISS- 
MILLER, pastor ot community in 
Christ Presbyterian Church in 
Greensboro, North Carolina, was 
chosen to carry the Olympic Torch 
in June 1 996, in honor of his work 
with a support group for family and 
friends of persons who have commit- 
ted suicide. 


Col. WILLIAM T. (Bill) ANDER- 
SON, USMCR, who works at 
Supreme Headquarters Allied 
Powers Europe Expeditionar)' 
Forces, recently donated a rare 
history of the U.S. Marine Corps 
to the Marine Corps University 
Archives. The History of the United 
States Marine Corps was donated 
in memory of 2nd Lt. Steven F. 
Snyder '65, the first of two Hamp- 
den-Svdney men killed in Vietnam. 

appointed Judge ot the Eighth |udi- 
cial Circuit ot Virginia in January 
1996 (as reported in the Summer 
1996 Record), also serves as President 
of the Peninsula Metropolitan 

In May 1996, JAMES C. 
COUNCILL III garnered seventy- 
one percent ot the vote to be elected 
mayor of Franklin. 

president of Parker Lancaster Corpo- 
ration, a homebuilding company 
that he and a partner started in Rich- 
mond in 1976. The company has 
been listed among the top 200 
homebuilders nationally tor eight 
years, and was fourth among the top 
ten Richmond area homebuilders in 
1995. Among the amenities offered 
with each traditional-style home: a 
home owner's manual detailing how 
the house functions and how the 
owners can maintain it. Since 1984, 
Parker Lancaster has also built 
homes in North Carolina, recently 
averaging about 175 units a year. 


Sept. 6 Univ. of South H 1:00 p.m. 

Sept. 13 Gettysburg H 1:30 p.m. 

Sept. 20 OPEN 

Sept. 27 Guilford A 1:30 p.m. 

Oct. 4 Bridgewater H 1 :30 p.m. 


Oct. 11 Emory & Henry A 1:30 p.m. 

Oct. 18 Washington & Lee H 1:30 p.m. 

Oct. 25 Catholic A 1:30 p.m. 

Nov. 1 Davidson A 1:30 p.m. 

Nov. 8 Methodist H h.Wp.m. 


Nov. 15 Randolph-Macon A 1:30 p.m. 

Head Coach: Phil Culicerto 


In June 1996, JAMES H. CHEN- 
ERY II joined the Richmond office 
of Ferris, Baker Watts, Inc., as a vice 

(Ranny) CHITWOOD, JR., 
became chairman of the Department 
of Surgery at the East Carolina 
University School of Medicine in 
July 1 996. Dr. Chirwood was 
selected for the chairmanship after a 
nation-wide search yielded 104 
initial candidates for the position. 
A professor of cardiothoracic 
surgery. Dr. Chitwood is also exec- 
utive director of the Heart Center of 
the Universiry Medical Center of 
Eastern Carolina. He joined the 
ECU faculty in 1984 to introduce 
open-heart surgery to eastern North 
Carolina and performed the first 
heart transplant in the area in Febru- 
ary 1987. Dr. Chirwood will 
continue to practice cardiothoracic 
surgery at the Medical Center; he is 
among the first surgeons in the 
country to use a new less invasive, 
video-assisted technique to repair a 
heart valve or replace an obstructed 
coronary artery through a small inci- 
sion in the chest. (He was named a 
Fellow of Hampden-Sydney College 
in March; see the article earlier in 
this issue of the Record.) 

professor of Romance and classical 
languages at Ripon College, was 
appointed, in March 1996, to a 
three-year term on the Joint 
Committee on the Classics in Amer- 
ican Education. The Committee, 
sponsored by the American Philolog- 
ical Association (APA) and the 
American Classical League (ACL), 

promotes communication among all 
levels ot instruction in classical 
languages and classical civilization, in 
order to further the teaching of the 
classics across the curriculum in 
American schools and colleges. 

CHARLES (Rick) F. 
WITTHOEFFT is a partner and 
director in the Hirschler, Fleischer, 
Weinberg, Cox & Allen law firm in 

become Chair ot the Florida Board 
of Bar Examiners. Appointed to the 
Board by the Supreme Court of 
Florida in 1992, Yates was elected 
vice-chair in 1995. The Board of 
Examiners oversees admission to the 
Florida Bar of more than 2600 appli- 
cants each year. Mr. Yates, who has 
recently been selected for inclusion 
in The Best Lawyers in America, prac- 
tices corporate and finance law in 
Odando. He is a senior shareholder 
ot Maguire, Voorhis & Wells, the 
70-lawyer firm he joined after gradu- 
ating from the University of Florida 
Law School in 1 973. He is an 
outside director of Hubbard 
Construction Company, Flotida's 
largest construction firm, and chairs 
the Board of the Central Florida 
Blood Bank; he was chairman of the 
board of the Orlando Opera 
Company in 1994-95. 



JR., assistant dean and associate 
professor of the School of Library 
and Information Studies at the 
University of Alabama, was named 
"1995 Librarian of the Year" by the 
Alabama (Beta Kappa) chapter of 
Beta Phi Mu honorary society, for 
his exceptional contribution to the 
librarv profession and Alabama 

PIN formed a new law firm, Flippin, 
Densmore, Morse, Rutherford & 
Jessee, in April 1996. Mr. Flippin 
received hisJ.D. from the University 
of Virginia in 1973. Mr. Flippin and 
his wife Margie have two children, 
Sally and Collins; they live in 

In October 1996, College Trus- 
tee ROBERT R. HATTEN and his 
classmate and Theta Chi brother 
David C. Stradinger have developed 
Continued on page 37 




Winter-Spring 1997 

Or JOHN M. BASS '69, 

a dentist and avid marathon 
runner, carried the Olympic 
Torch and lit the Olympic 
flame at a ceremony attended 
by more than 2500 people, 
on Saturday, August 17, 
1997. in South Hill's 
Dogwood Triangle Park. He 
wm chosen to carry the Olym- 
pic Torch in part because of 
his contributions to the 
community — among them an 
oral cancer screening program 
which he coordinated with 
his wife Faye. 






Kenneth A. Parker 

Wmter-Spnng 1997 >^^^ teOcker 

"I want them to 

see that if I could 

do it, so could the^. 

I want to show 

them that there s 

a different world; 

that the thin^ 

they see every day 

are not normal; 

that thin^ have 

order and meaning. " 

Imier-City teacher 

In early February, Kenneth Parker 
and his wife Kimberly talked once 
again about the hazards of his job as 
a teacher at an inner-city school. 
Their conversation this time was 
prompted by the news from a neigh- 
boring elementary school: just days 
before, a 1 2-year-old had been 
abducted while on his way home 
and had later been found dead. Talk- 
ing about the boy's murder and the 
effect it had on their lives, Kimberly 
startled them both by admitting to 
Kenneth, "Every day, I take it for 
granted that you're going to work 
and coming back." 

"1 do the same," says Kenneth, a 
fourth-grade teacher at Adelaide 
Davis Elementary School in Wash- 
ington, D.C. "But I think I have to 
deal more with the effects of violence 
than with violence itself" When 
news of the child's death — thought 
to be a gang-related murder — was 
made public, Parker was more 
concerned only with how such an 
event wotild affect his students. "A 
lot of my students took it really 
hard, " he recalls. "But we talked 
about it, and we're working on it." 

The District's schools have 
created a program called "The 
Responsive Classroom." Before the 
start of each academic day, the 
students and their teachers engage in 
a morning meeting, in which they 
review the previous day's lesson, play 
a game, and talk about their 

"Most days, it's very frustrating," 
Parker says of trying to teach the 
Three Rs in what seems at times a 
war zone. "The children come in 
with a lot of social needs aside from 
academics. It's sad that some of 
God's creatures have to go through 
so much. And they're just children." 

Parker cites as an e.xample the 
case of one of his students — let's call 
him Philip — who was notorious for 
refusing to read, or even learning the 
alphabet. "By the time he got to 
me," Parker says, "he was so closed 
up, shut tight." Parker checked the 
child's history: when he was in the 
second grade, Philip had been taken 
away from his mother, a drug 
abuser, and placed in a foster home, 
where he was physically abused. 
"There was so much going on inside 
him," Parker recalls. "And every- 
body had been looking at his perfor- 
mance, not at him, the performer. 
No one seemed to be able to separate 
the child from his behavior." 

Although he feels he has "estab- 
lished a unique relationship" with 
Philip, Parker's work so far with him 
and the other students proceeds 
slowly. Parker is able to celebrate 
only subtle victories, once in a while. 
When he was working on his 
Master's thesis (on the importance of 
teaching children their families' 
history) through Cambridge College 

in Boston, he interviewed a number 
of the students at Davis about their 
lives outside of the classroom, and 
then interviewed the same children 
two years or so later. He found in 
the second round of interviews that 
some of them "had come to terms 
with their family problems — not 
solved them, but come to terms with 

So, why does Parker keep doing 
it? Not independently wealthy and 
still paying for his education, he 
makes a financial sacrifice every time 
he signs a new teaching contract. 
And then, there are the violent, 
dangerous streets. 

He sticks with it, for now at any 
rate, because he sees his work as a 
calling. The students are comfortable 
with him, he says, and he can iden- 
tify with them, not simply because 
of his color but because he was raised 
in a single-parent household, too. 
"I want them to see that if I could do 
it, so could they," he confesses. 
"I want to show them that there's a 
different wodd; that the things they 
see every day are not normal; that 
things have order and meaning." 

He feels, too, that he has some 
tall examples to live up to: professors 
George Bagby and William Shear, 
among others, who not only gave 
him encouragement while he was at 
Hampden-Sydney but have contin- 
ued to support Parker's classroom 
efforts. "Everbody gives lip service to 
a whole lot of things," Parker says. 
But when somebody like George 
Bagby says, 'Kenneth, here is a set of 
books I thought your students might 
like to have' or Bill Shear hands over 
a computer and printer for my class- 
room. . . . Well, that's more than lip 

Parker has gone a step further 
and begun passing on what he 
has learned. The first to 
undertake training in a 
new education program, 
he is now going to teach 
it to other teachers. And 
every day, he overcomes 
the doubt, practices an act 
of faith, and goes back 
into battle. 


Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club 
in Leesburg, a Gary Player Signature 

RFC, RIA, joined with Beverly Hills 
Sports Council agent Dennis 
Gilbert, the leading baseball agent in 
the United States, in September to 
form Gilbert-Krupin Insurance and 
Estate Planning. Mr. Krupin works 
in the Council's insurance division, 
which specializes in life and estate 
planning for the entire industry. 

is in the first year of a three-year 
term on the policy committee of 
Mays & Valentine law firm in 


Cincinnati after many years in Phil- 
adelphia and in New York. He still 
works for Proctor & Gamble, now as 
health care operations manager in 
the world headquarters. He and his 
wife Sallie find Cincinnari similar to 
Richmond, with its "relaxed atmos- 
phere, excellent restaurants, good 
galleries and theaters, and profes- 
sional sports." 

Commander LINDSAY C. 
BLANTON was promoted to 
District Manager for USPA&IRA, 
a Rockville, Maryland, company 
that handles financial programs for 
military families. 

promoted in August 1 996 to exec- 
utive vice piesident and head of 
commercial banking for Crestar 
Bank in Richmond. In June 1996 
Mr. Cannady was elected treasurer 
of Prevent Blindness Virginia. 

In May 1996 Navy Captain E. 
command of the Supreme Allied 
Commander Adantic Intelligence 
Unit 01 86, based at the Naval Air 
Station in Norfolk. A senior physical 
scientist with the National Ground 
Intelligence Center in Charlottes- 
ville, Capt. Elliott has served on 
seven reserve units since his retire- 
ment from active duty in 1975. 
Over his 25-year career, Capt. Elliott 
has earned the Navy-Marine Corps 
Commendation Medal, the National 
Defense Service Medal, and the 
Armed Forces Reserve Medal. 

K. MICHAEL KINES is direc- 

tor of finance and administration for 
the University of Virginia Hospital 
otolaryngology department. 

DAVID S. MERCER was the 
subject of an article in the September 
1, 1996, edition of the Richmond 
Times-Dispatch. On a trip sponsored 
by the U.S. Agency for International 
Development, Mercer and an asso- 
ciate toured Russia in April, taught a 
class in the basic principles ol owner- 
ship, and helped Russian profes- 
sionals develop a statement of 
purposes for their nascent national 
organization of condo owners and 
associations. An attorney in Alex- 
andria, Mr. Mercer specializes in 
laws governing condominiums and 
homeowner associations. 

president of C. P. Dean Co. Inc., 
was elected commander of Rich- 
mond Power Squadron, a nonprofit 
boating education, safety, and civic 


JOHN B. ADAMS, JR., is Chair- 
man ot The Martin Agency in Rich- 
mond. In July 1996, the agency was 
chosen to develop a new campaign 
to promote New York City. 

wife Liz came in third in doubles in 
the Carrol Bruce Memorial Tennis 
Tournament at Longwood College 
in September 1996. 

JOHN F. GAYLE, JR., of Balti- 
more was appointed executive vice 
president ot Crestar's commercial 
banking division ol Maryland in 
April 1996. 

DALE W. PITTMAN received 
the Virginia State Bar's 1996 Legal 
Aid Award, given annually by the 
State Bar to recognize a Legal Aid 
attorney in Virginia who demon- 
strates innovation and creativity in 
advocacy and excellence in service to 
low-income clients. Mr. Pittman is 
general counsel at Southside Virginia 
Legal Services, Inc., in Petersburg. 

BO'WER was selected in June 1996 
as Southwest Virginia's 'Tather of 
the Year" in the Family Life cate- 
gory. After earning an M.Ed, from 
Radford, Mr. Trumbower taught in 
and eventually became principal of 
several local elementary schools; he is 
now a visiting teacher — a caring, 
positive version of a truant officer — 

for Roanoke County schools. "It's a 
chance to get kids headed in the 
right direction,' says Trumbower. 

recently recognized by IBM for 
marketing achievement and excel- 
lence at the Golden Circle Recogni- 
tion Event in Puerto Rico. Mr. 
Uhrich was also cited by the IBM 
Leadership Forum in New York. 

who practices general dentistry in 
Morehead City, North Carolina, was 
elected in November 1 996 to serve 
on the Board of Commissioners of 
Carteret County. 

Bell Atlantic- Virginia in Richmond, 
was elected secretary of the Virginia 
Telecommunications Industry Asso- 
ciation in June. 


WILLL\M R. DACEY, JR. joined 
Charles M. Terry & Co. to form a 
new accounting firm. The Rich- 
mond firm is now known as Terry, 
Stosch, Hagen, Dacev & Atwood. 

elected ptesident of Wheat First 
Butcher Singer, Inc., in Richmond 
in June 1996. 

JR., was appointed by Williams, 
Mullen, Christian & Dobbins as its 
representative to the International 
Congress of Industrialists & Entre- 
preneurs, an organization founded to 
promote international trade. Mr. 
Graham is a partner in the Rich- 
mond law firm. 

JOHN R. MARKS has been 
promoted by Davenport & Co. of 
Virginia, Inc., to associate vice pres- 
ident for investments. Mr. Marks 
lives in Franklin with his wife 
Margaret and two children. 

III has recently published Striking 
In: The Early Notebooks of James 
Dickey (University of Missouri 
Press); Dr. Van Ness teaches at 
Longwood College in Farmville. 
This study provides "the first 
detailed look at the artistic begin- 
nings of one ol America's most 
accomplished writers." In his 
detailed annotation to Dickey's note- 
books. Van Ness establishes a 
biographical context for the author's 
journals, identifying the influences 
of events and other writers on 



Winter-Spring 1997 

'73 (right) and B. Calvin 
Bass, retired chemistry 
instructor at the College, 
were reunited at a gath- 
ering in Rice over Home- 
coming Weekend 1996. 





Winter-Spring 1997 

JR., '74 of Richmond has 
been appointed chief finan- 
cial officer of Eskimo Pie 
Corporation. Mr. Mishoe has 
responsibihty for all corpo- 
rate-wide accounting, finan- 
cial a?id banking affairs as 
well as investor relations, 
human resources, informa- 
tion systems, acquisitions, 
purchasing and facilities 
management. In addition, 
Mr. Mishoe has been 
appointed vice president, 
tirasurer, and corporate 


'75 with Archbishop 
Desmond Tutu in South 
Africa. (See note at right.) 

Dickey's early years — the record of 
"a man trying to chart his own artis- 
tic course" and of his "struggle to 
discover a st}'le and subject matter 
uniquely his own." The book 
includes an appendbc that lists all of 
Dickey's poems published in the 
1930s and ten never-before- 
published poems, as well as fourteen 
never previously collected. 


JR., is President and Chief Executive 
Officer of the South Carolina State 
Ports Authority; he is responsible for 
the nation's sixth-busiest container 
port and facilities that handle more 
than $24 billion in international 
trade annually. 

coached the varsity men's golf team 
at Columbus Academy in Gahanna, 
Ohio, to the state championship — 
his third in his sixteen years as coach 
and teacher at the school. 

III of Norfolk is announcing his 
retirement from adult baseball after 
two shoulder separations, a dislo- 
cated thumb, numerous bruises, and 
the satisfaction that he could still do 
it after all those years. Mr. Moring 
works for the Glass Corporation. 

CRAIG OSTH, a Foreign 
Service Officer, has been assigned to 
the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil, 
following a rwo-year tour at the 
Department of State in Washington, 
D.C. This is Mr. Osth's second tour 
in Brazil; he has also served in Costa 
Rica, Venezuela, and Mexico. He is 
accompanied by his wife Isabel, son 
Victor, and daughter Laura. 

brated a rwenty-year class reunion 
with fellow graduates of Eastern 
Virginia Medical School. Dr. Saka- 
kini, a member of the first class at 
EVMS, was valedictorian at the 
graduation ceremony in 1976. Dr. 
Sakakini now works at First Colonial 
Family Practice and Urgent Care 
Center in Virginia Beach. 


CLARK O. MARTIN was recently 
promoted to the rank of Deputy Fire 
Chief in the Fairfax Count)' Fire and 
Rescue Department; he is in charge 
of 349 fire and rescue personnel. 

IN FALL 1997 


Founders Day & 




Family Symposium & 

Parents Day 



Hall of Fame & 

Hampden-Sydney Marathon 


Macon Game (at Ashland) 

was unanimously elected mayor of 
Waynesboro. Mr. Ricketts is an 
attorney with Allen and Carwile. 



Glen Allen was named vice pres- 
ident, general counsel and secretary 
at Hamilton Beach-Proctor-Silex 
Inc. Before his appointment, Mr. 
Manson had been corporate counsel 
at American Home Products Corp. 
and had worked with Richmond- 
based A. H. Robins Corporation. 

church youth mission to South 
Aftica. Mr. Powell, along with 
Reverend Brian McGurk of St. 
Mary's Episcopal Church, led a 
group of sixteen high school students 
to Soweto, Sebokeng, Sharpeville, 
and Boipatong, South Africa, to 
perform a service project of AIDS 
education. While in South Africa, 
the group worked with Archbishop 
Desmond Tutu and visited with the 
family Mr. Powell lived with twenty- 
five years ago as an exchange 
student. Mr. Powell is an investment 
banker in Richmond with Legg 
Mason Wood Walker, specializing 
in municipal finance. Mr. Powell 
serves on the boards of the Virginia 
Chamber of Commerce, The Powell 
Endowment for American Enter- 
prise, The Greater Richmond Tech- 
nology' Council, The Virginia 
Opera, The Historic Richmond 
Foundation, The Virginia Public 
Safet)' Foundation, and The Science 
Museum of Virginia Foundation. 

Mr. Powell and his wife Cicely have 
two teenaged children. 

Detroit, Michigan, has had his book. 
Christian Theology and Medical 
Ethics: Four Contemporary Approaches 
(1996) published by Kluwer 
Academic Publishers. 



president of Vocational and Medical 
Consultants, Inc., which was recog- 
nized as the fifteenth fastest-growing 
privately owned company in the 
greater Richmond area. VocMed has 
offices throughout the Southeast. 

The Rev, Mt. W1LLL\M M. 
KLEIN was named senior pastor of 
Lexington Presbyterian Church. 
Before this appointment. Dr. Klein 
and his wife, the Rev. Deborah Eliz- 
abeth Heckel Klein, served as pastors 
of Northview Presbyterian Church 
in Danville. 

A. WILLL\M REID, president 
of Cellar Door of Virginia, spear- 
headed a project in Virginia Beach to 
create an amphitheater which will 
seat 20,000 and attract top-name 
entertainment acts. The huge project 
has generally been regarded as setting 
a precedent for successful coop- 
eration between public and private 
funding for major civic construction. 

elected vice chairman of Chesapeake 
Redevelopment Housing Authority; 
he also continues his career as a liti- 
gation partner with the Clark S. 
Stant law fitm in Virginia Beach. 

been named chief of clinical opera- 
tions for the Scott and White Clinic. 
Mr. Sequin had been the assistant 
administrator of human resources at 
Scott and White Clinic and in busi- 
ness health services at the HCA West 
Florida Regional Medical Center in 
Pensacola, Florida. 


Allen Prudential agent, is a member 
of the 1996 Million-Dollar Round 
Table. Membership in the group is 
considered a standard of excellence 
in life insurance sales performance. 
EDMUND C. LEARY has been 
promoted to vice president of 
marketing for the Winston brand at 
R. j. Reynolds Tobacco Co. 



assigned as the U.S. Army Physician 
Assistant at the White House Medi- 
cal Unit in Washington, D.C. Mr. 
WTiitmore's previous assignment was 
as the Battalion Physician Assistant 
in the 44th Engineer Battalion in 
Camp Howze, Korea. 


BEN NEWELL and his wife 
Leonora were commissioned in June 
1996 by the Baptist Convention to 
do missionary work in Indonesia — a 
lifetime commitment. Mr. Newell is 
a deacon ot the First Baptist Church 
in Richmond. 

executive director of Deerfield Epis- 
copal Retirement Community in 
Asheville, North Carolina. A hand- 
lettered copy of the poem he wrote 
in honor of his grandmother, Mrs. 
P. T. Atkinson, hangs prominently 
in the Museum she founded here at 
the College. 

ticing personal injury litigation in 

BURNER, JR., is president of 
Virginia Vascular Associates in 



psychiatric consultant for Hampden- 
Sydney College Counseling Center. 
Dr. Curtis has been in a private prac- 
tice in Richmond since 1987. 

entered the Marines in 1979, has 
been promoted to Lieutenant Colo- 
nel while serving with Marine 
Aircraft Group 29, 2nd Marine 
Aircraft Wing, Marine Corps Air 
Station New River, Jacksonville, 


is an owner in Bersch & Rhodes, 
P.C., in Roanoke. Mr. Leach was 
graduated from the University of 
Virginia Law School in 1983. 


R. WARDEN GOOD of Rich- 
mond has recently been appointed 
first vice president with Scott & 
Stringfellow, Inc. 

is a general partner in a venture capi- 
tal fund. He and his wife and two 
sons live in Greenwich, Connecticut. 

with Light- VanAusdall, Inc., broker- 
age in Richmond. He earned an 
MBA from William & Mary in 



is "ver\' busy" establishing a vascular 
intervention service in the Tampa 
Bay area in Florida. In his spare time 
he stays fit with tennis, golf biking, 
and jogging. 

a senior analyst lor demand-side 
planning and research with the 
Power Supply Division of the North 
Carolina Electric Membership 
Corporation in Raleigh. He heads a 
multi-disciplinary team of five grad- 
uate-level professionals and a flill- 
time technician, whose objective is 
to determine how much electricity 
each customer in 93 counties across 
the state will use in any given month 
or week in the next ten years. In 
November 1996, for the eighth year 
in a row, he was a visiting lecturer at 
Hampden-Sydney, in the economics 
forecasting seminar taught by Dr. 
Ken Townsend. Mr. Chevalier is 
still working on his definitive history 
of the Hampden-Sydney Volunteer 
Fire Department. 

assistant chief financial officer for 
Timmons engineering-architectural 
firm in Richmond; Mr. Edmunds 
will assume the chief role upon the 
retirement of the current officer. 

M.D. is an emergency physician 
with Fredericksburg Emergency 
Medical Associates. Dr. Hooker has 
recently been published in Academic 
Emergency Medicine and in Annals of 

Emergency Medicine. He is also a 
board member of the Metropolitan 
Health Foundation of Richmond. 

M.D., recently achieved board- 
certified status with the American 
Board of Forensic Examiners; he is a 
psychiatrist. Dr. Leggett maintains 
his memberships in both the Chris- 
tian Medical-Dental Society and the 
American Association of Christian 
Counselors. He was also recently 
ordained deacon in the West Salem 
Baptist Church. 

CHARLES V. (Chuck) 
McPHILLIPS, as president of the 
Virginia Club of Norfolk, oversaw 
the renovation of the 1908 Southern 
Bank Building in downtown 
Norfolk as the Club's new home. 
The Virginia Club, founded in 
1873, counts among its members 
"a cross-section of the business 
community," according to Mr. 
McPhillips, who is a lawver. 

been promoted to manager of 
procurement for Ferguson Enter- 
prises in Newport News; he will 
develop the corporate procurement 
department to support the logistics 
network of the company. 

received the Distinguished Achiever 
Award from the Morton G. Thal- 
himer realtors, where he is a corpo- 
rate sales leader. 

after serving as a managing director 
of Trendline Research and Manage- 
ment, has joined Wheat First 
Butcher Singer as a financial consul- 
tant. Each week, Jeft has an hour- 
long radio show on AM 1 320 
WLEE entitled "On the Money 
with Jefi-rey Roberts." Jeff lives in 
Bon Air with his wife and three 



attorney for Best and Best, P.L.C. 
He lives in Virginia Beach with his 
wife and son, Charles W. Best IV. 

Roanoke has joined Davenport and 
Company of Virginia, Inc., as vice 
president for investments. 

BRIAN S. THOMAS was Chair- 
man of the 1996 District III Confer- 
ence, held in Adanta, of the Council 
for the Advancement and Support of 




Winter-Spring 1997 

'79 (above, with his son 
Chris) is president and chief 
executive officer of SPAN- 
AMERICA Medical Systems, 
Inc. He and his family live in 
Simpsonville, South 


was promoted to the rank of 
Major in the United States 
Air Force Medical Service 
Corps on November 1, 1996. 
Dr. Witt is assigned to the 
6th Medical Group, MacDill 
Air Force Base, Florida, as 
director of managed care 




Winter-Spring 1997 


'87 (above, as a "cheap 

model" in an ad) has been 

named a vice president and 

senior art director at Citron 

Halipnan Bedecarre, a San 

Francisco advertising agency, 

which was recently named 

"West Agency of the Year" by 

Adweek magazine. He has 

aLo won two Ejfi awards 

for the year's most ejfective 

advertising campaigns. 


HARDY IV '88 has been 

named vice president and 

business services officer for a 

branch ofBB&T. Mr Hardy 

and his wife Mary live in 

Cola, South Carolina. 

Education (CASE). 

ing a sailor's beard after he recently 
finished sailing from Antigua to 
Bermuda and then up the East Coast 
to Connecticut. 


was recognized by Harvey Lindsay 
Commercial Real Estate for leading 
the firm in sales in 1995. Mr. 
Hudgins has also played a large role 
in the development of the down- 
town Norfolk campus of Tidewater 
Community College. 

GARRETT C. JETER keeps the 
good-men and good-citizens tradi- 
tion alive in West Virginia: he serves 
on the Boards of Literacy Volunteers 
of Kanawha County and of the 
Midland Trail Scenic Highway Asso- 
ciation; he is an actor in the living- 
history drama, "Mary Ingles on the 
Virginia Frontier"; and he was 
graduated from Leadership West 
Virginia in November 1 996. 

recendy joined Scott Insurance in 
Roanoke as an account manager, 
after ten years in commercial bank- 
ing. He lives in Roanoke with his 
wife and two sons. 

been promoted to vice president of 
Regency Bank. 

DREAU is an electronic publica- 
tions specialist, editor of electronic 
projects, for the University of Illinois 

elected for a second term as pres- 
ident of the Food and Libations 
Association of Virginia. He lives 
with his wife and children in 
Virginia Beach. 

BRL\N CROTTY lives in 
Springboro, Ohio, with his wife 
Cathleen and their two sons Jack 
and William. Mr. Crotty is regional 
manager for Van Dyne Crotty, a 
uniform supply company. 

president and general manager of 
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. of Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

PHILLIP TRAPANI is enjoying 

his second year of solo law practice 
in Norfolk. 


assistant vice president with Morton 
G. Thalhimer realtors in Richmond. 

JAY M. JALENAK, JR., is a part- 
ner in the law firm of Klean, Miller, 
Hawthorne, D'Armond, McCowan 
and Jarmon in Baton Rouge, 

PATRICK B. KANE has been 
named head football coach at 
Dinwiddle High School. 

Louis, Missouri, is a research chemist 
in the narcotics group of Mallinck- 
rodt. Inc. He recently gave a pres- 

entation at the International Ion 
Chromatography Symposium and 
published an article in xhe Journal of 

ROBERT P. KLINE opened his 
own law office in New Cumberland, 

19 8 8 

BRETT BENNETT was recendy 
promoted to national accounts 
manager for Masland Carpets Inc. 
Mr. Bennett and his wife Becky live 
in Mobile, Alabama. 

GLENN A. FINK, promoted to 
Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve, 
commands the 301 Signal Company 
at Ft. Pickett. 


Below: Former members of the Student Poster Committee CHRIS SCARDINA 
CARTER '95 returned to the Hill in March as panelists at a retrospective exhibit 
at the College Museum, "The Good the Banned, and the Ugly: Twenty Years of 
Posters at Hampden-Sydney, " organized by the Lectures and Programs Committee. 

Below: National Outdoor Leadership School instructors TURNER C. MOORE 
'92 and G. C HARRIS '92 on a mountaineering seminar in the Casmer Face of 
the Alaska Range, May 1996. The National Outdoor Leadership School is based in 
Tucson, Arizona. 


a foreman with Luck Stone Corpora- 
tion. Mr. Gardner moved to Char- 
lottesville in the spring of 1995. 

was promoted to assistant vice pres- 
ident of the Farmville office ot 
Central Fidelity in April 1994. Mr. 
Harris serves as treasurer of the 
Amelia Lions Club and has served as 
a fund-raising coordinator of the 
Boy Scouts of America. 

manager and vice president of the 
Richmond branch of Waterhouse 
Securities. Mr. Kelly works with 
Dale Nowery '94 and Eric Strong 

finished fifth in the last two Rich- 
mond Marathons and raised money 
for the American Cancer Society. He 
practices law in Virginia Beach. 

investment banker with Salomon 
Brothers in New York City. 

DANIEL NEWELL was named 
head football coach at Lake Taylor 
High School in Norfolk; he also 
teaches chemistry and biology. His 
wife Samantha is in her second year 
at Eastern Virginia Medical School. 

JOHN W. PEAK has opened 
the Dorado Restaurant in Mel- 
bourne, Florida. All Tigers are 
welcome and will receive a free beer! 

p. HOBBS ALLISON has opened 
his own store for Surefoot in Santa 
Monica, California. 


promoted to Assistant General 
Manager of Three Rivers Stadium in 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

taken a position as an Accounts 
Manager for Howard W. Phillips 
and Company, an insurance group 
specializing in propeny and casualty 
coverage in Washington, D.C.. 

professionally associated with the law 
firm ot Gladden, Rose, Jones and 
Harrison in Nags Head, North 

JAMES H.McVEY of Rich- 
mond has been recognized as a 1995 
Distinguished Achiever by Virginia 
Landmark Real Estate. He received 
the Gold Award. 



senior associate in the international 
group of Coopers and Lybrand's 
government consulting practice in 
Washington, D.C. 

last year on a six-month overseas 
deployment to the western Pacific 
Ocean with the 11 th Marine Expedi- 
tionary Unit. Before departing, he 
participated in a Pacific Joint Task 
Force Exercise off the coast of Cali- 
fornia, with over 1 5,000 soldiers 
from the United States, Canada, 
Australia, and Chile. 

BLOCKER II is helping expand 
U.S. trade into Asian markets as 
Principal 169 for the Asian Trade 
Alliance (ATA) in Louisville, 
Kentuck)'. ATA is the exclusive 
distributor for Maybelline Cosmetics 
and Keebler Foods in Vietnam. ATA 
is also responsible for the importa- 
tion of ninety percent ot the U.S. 
beef consumed in Vietnam. Other 
partners with ATA include Dan 
Tafel '87 and Marshall Eldred '87. 

the city editor tor the Marietta Daily 
Journal in the Atlanta area. 

MARK P. FALLS has moved 
back to Richmond, where he is an 
account executive at Dean Witter. 

G. TODD JOYCE has left his 
law practice to become an outside 
sales representative with the Joyce 
Agency, Inc., representatives of 
plumbing and HVAC manufactur- 
ers. Joyce and his wife Susan live in 

is with Wafernet in San Jose, 

WATSON and his wife Laurin live 
in Nashville, Tennessee; he is an 
accounts executive tor Landmark 

is the new director of publications 
for Longwood College in Farmville. 

KIRK A. ZAMBETTI is moving 
with his wife and son to Brussels, 
Belgium, where, as a general 
manager tor Physician Sales Ad 
Service (PSS) of Jacksonville, Flor- 
ida, he will be directing PSS's first 
international acquisition. 


is controller for the American Tide 
Guarantee Company in Baltimore. 

HART is managing a creative 
department for Turner Entertain- 
ment in New York. In his spare 
time, Mr. Goodhart volunteers to 
walk dogs and deliver pet food for 
homebound pet owners with AIDS. 
Mr. Goodhart also volunteers for the 
leading AIDS organization, Gay 
Men's Health Crisis. 

a customer service supervisor at 
Signet Bank in Glen Allen. 

has formed a law partnership in 
Hillsville with his tather, Joseph 

ticing law with Holcomb Dunbar, 
P.A., in Clarksdale, Mississippi. 

was promoted to Captain in the 
United States Army in May 1996. 
After spending one and a half years 
in Korea with the Second Infantry 
Division, he is stationed at Fon 
Bragg in North Carolina. 

SOMMARDAHL, JR., is a sales 
representative for the N. B. Handy 

was promoted to operations manager 
for Jones Communications in Prince 
William County. Mr. Thompson is 
also actively involved with the LCI 
Indy Car Racing Team. 

tor Texas State Senator Jane Nelson 
as a press secretary and speech writer. 
Mr. Ward had been executive assist- 
ant to the Texas State Republican 

JOHN F. WARE III is a trader 
with Alex Brown and Sons, an 
investment bank in Baltimore, 


SABAT P. BARBER is a mortgage 
banker for Capitol Advisors in 
Raleigh, North Carolina. 

is a case management and emergency 
services clinician for the Danville- 
Pittsylvania Mental Health Services 
Board; he plans to pursue a docto- 
rate in psychology. 




Winter-Spring 1997 

Athletic Hall of Fame 
Nominees to be inducted on 
Saturday, November 8, 1997 

Basketball, 1965-68 „« 

Golf. 1973-76 

Football (split end), 1978-81 


Football (kicker). 1980-83 

Special Citation ^H 


Head Football Coach 
1956-59 „ 


To order tickets for the induction 
luncheon on November 8, or to 
nominate alumni for the Hall of 
Fame, call the Athletics Office at 





Winter-Spring 1997 


KEMPER '93 has become 

associated with the law firm 

ofHeilig, McKenry, Eraim 

andlollar. He will practice 

corporate law. real estate 

finance and development, 

and bankruptcy. 


legal assistant in the envitonmental 
law firm of Jackson & Campbell, 
P.C. in Washington, D.C. 

San Ftancisco and works for Rich- 
mond-based Owens & Minor in 
mechanical sales and distribution. 

JOHN B. CARNEY works as a 
salesman for Ferguson Enterprises in 
Beltsville, Maryland. 

with SportGrass Inc. in the sales and 
marketing department in McLean. 

Senator John Warner's staff in 
Washington, D.C. 

will publish his first collection of 
stories, Dogfight, with E. P. Dutton 
& Company in the fall of 1997. He 
has been published in the Paris 
Review and the Virginia Quarterly 
Review. One of his stories won Play- 
boy's 1996 Short Fiction contest and 
appeared in the September issue. 
He teaches English at the Gilman 
School in Baltimore. 

creative director of television opera- 
tions for the Republican National 
Committee. In 1996, Mr. Meath 
organized coverage of the Repub- 
lican National Convention. During 
the political race, Mr. Meath 
appeared on the USA Network and 
the Family Channel reporting on 
Republican events. 

commercial real estate broker for 
Cushman and Wakefield Real Estate 
in Adanta, Georgia. 

works as an investment broker lor 
A.G. Edwards and Sons in Norfolk. 

elected chairman of the board for 
Woollcott-Drolet Development 
Corporation. Mr. Woollcott is a 
member of the Charleston Trident 
Association of Realtors in Charles- 
ton, South Carolina. 

JOHN ZELL has begun a new 
job as a Program Associate with the 
Jacksonville Community Associa- 
tion, a non-profit organization that 
gives grants for community projects. 



Management Recruiter for Circuit 
City Express, the mall-based division 

of Circuit City. 


Underwriter for State Farm Mutual 
Insurance Company in Chariottes- 
ville. In his free time, Mr. Johnson is 
a volunteer for the American Red 
Cross and for Kluge Childrens Reha- 
bilitation Center at the University of 
Virginia. Mr. Johnson also teaches 
eighth-grade students about eco- 
nomics as pan of the Junior Achieve- 
ment Program. 

teacher and coach at Huguenot 
Academy in Powhatan. In 1995 and 
1996 he coached back-to-back JV 
basketball championship teams. He 
is married to Anne Jessup Smith. 

BROOK works as an accounts exec- 
utive for Borders, Perrin & Norran- 
der advertising in Portland, Oregon. 


JAMES C. CARDILLO is a stock 
options trader tor Timber Hill, Inc. 
Mr. Cardillo is the leading scorer on 
the New York Athletic Club's 
lacrosse team. 

promoted to Healthcare Account 
Manager with Physician Computer 
Network and was given his own 
territor)' in South Florida. 

a reinsurance broker and analyst for 
E.W. Blanch Company in Phil- 
adelphia, Pennsylvania. 

ALEX McBEE was recendy 
promoted to regional director in the 
office of Georgia's Senior U.S. Sena- 
tor, Paul Coverdell. 

ANDREW R. OWEN is in insti- 
tutional sales for Salomon Brothers 
in Atlanta, Georgia. 

promoted to lead auditor with 
Union Pacific Resources in June 
1996. Mr. Selzer and his wife Eliz- 
abeth live in Fort Worth, Texas. 


JOHN P. BRIGGS lives in Ever- 
green, Colorado, with his wife 


is in the U.S. Air Force, training as a 
Communications Systems Specialist 
tor the Airborne Warning and 
Control System (A WAGS). 

BRAIN HERRON is a flying 
instructor in Birmingham, Alabama. 

CHARLES HURT works as a 
City Desk Reporter for the Detroit 
Neivs in Detroit, Michigan. 

MIKE MURRAY panicipated in 
the 1996 Summer Centennial 
Olympic Games as a Volunteer 
Emergency Medical Technician, 
working at the Morehouse College 
basketball venue. Working with 
doctors and paramedics, Mr. Murray 
provided medical care to both the 
spectators and the basketball plavers. 

ing an acting career with Universal 
Guild in Holh-wood, California. 

THAL has been named to serve on 
the Virginia Juvenile Justice and 
Delinquency Prevention Advisory 
Committee, which represents voung 
adults under age 24. 

the Manager of Sales in the Americas 
for Guasare Coal America, Inc., a 
subsidiary of Inter-America Coal 


JEREMY ELLIS is a consultant with 
Oxford Associates in Washington, 

managed the campaign ot Ernie 
Fletcher for Congress from Lexing- 
ton, Kentucky. Mr. Manson is now 
working with the firm of Creative 
Media in Alexandria. 

has been hired by the Georgia Trust 
for Historic Preservation as Director 
of the McDaniel-Tichenor House 
museum in Monroe, Georgia. At 
Hampden-Sydney he had been co- 
chair ot the Student Museum Board. 

works as a regulatory analyst for the 
Florida Public Service Commission's 
Division of Communications. Mr. 
Musselwhite and his wife Audra Kay 
live in Tallahassee, Florida. 

SAY III is a fiitures trader with 
Chesapeake Capital Corporation in 

a sales trainee with the Dillard Paper 
Company in Richmond. 

J. JUSTIN WATSON is work- 
ing for Wachovia Bank. 

Continued on page 44 



Robert Beverly '91, 

Robert Beverly opens the backpack. 
"I feel better if I have a legal pad in 
my bag," he says, pulling out a 
microphone cord, a mousepad, and 
a Buzz Lightyear Spin Pop ("The 
little Manian from the Bugs Bunny 
cartoons is a better one," he jokes). 
He carries the bag, with its toys 
("tools for leisure"), wherever he 

And he travels a lot, mostly east 
and west on Route 460. 

In 1991 — along with classmates 
Mark Gammon, Tripp Reynolds, 
Rick Koehler, and Paul Scanni- 
ello — he went west to write and 
publish the Mojo Sloth, an ans and 
entertainment news magazine. In 
1992, he came back east to be the 
Assistant Dean ol Students at 
Hampden-Sydney. In 1994, he 
moved back to Roanoke to "do 
music." In 1995, he came back to 
Farmville to play music in local 
nightspots with a band called Live 
Bait. Then, on New Year's Eve 
1995, he packed all his possessions 
into his car and drove to the real east 
end of 460, to Dave Matthews's 
concen in Hampton. After the 
concert, he got into the car and 
drove "straight back to Roanoke" to 

Finally, when the magazine he 
was editing there folded, Beverly 
made up his mind, not about where 
he wanted to be (he still had this 
Route 460 thing in his head) but 
about what he wanted to do: music. 
He started making a CD, Letterbox, 
at Flat Five Studios in Salem, where 
Matthews made part of his first 
record. In Letterbox, Beverly offers 
melodies and music on keyboards 
and acoustic guitar, backed up by 
members of his old band. But the art 
ot his work is in the lyrics ot the 
songs that range from humorous to 
regretful to painfully cynical. There 
is Randy Newman-like, self- 
deprecating wry humor in "No 

Reason to Shave": "Rain is 

leakin' through the roof / 

water drippin' on my toes / 

got a cockroach, skis my feet / 

giant slalom when it snows." 

Or "Mean Time": "The 

mean time, the mean time, / 

it all but stands still / In the 

shadows of what 1 have 

done." At the other side of 

despair, he is contemptuous, 

as in "Occasional Collision": 

"A casual engagement, with / 

only bodies involved. / There was no 

imminent danger / 'Cause they both 

had / tunnel vision, except for an / 

occasional collision." 

He feels he is better at "struc- 
ture, " at song-writing, than he is at 
performing. As with other musicians 
and writers, creation is an uneven 
process for him. He gets ideas and 
"snatches of melody" in his head and 
lives with that for a while, looking 
for "flashes, little events that might 
be something I can wotk from." He 
listens to others' music, but only to 
get him thinking about ideas, to "get 
me to where I'll find something on 
my own." 

Beverly started playing piano at 
the age of five because, while he 
wanted an electric guitar, his dad 
thought he should try the piano first. 
(He didn't pick up the guitar until 
he bought himself one for his birth- 
day in 1995.) By the time he came 
to Hampden-Sydney, he was a 
performer with a rich repertoire. 
The first musician to play in a 
dinner-and-music series at the 
College, he once discovered, with 
amazement, that "about 25 guys 
from Fiji" had come to Crawley 
Forum just to hear him play. 

He has thought about pursuing a 
"real" job, the kind of meat-and- 
potatoes thing that most people end 
up doing, whether they like it or not. 
"But," he says, "I hope there's a 
reason for artists and musicians to 
add something to the lives of every- 
body else; the world needs music 
and art and books." 

Several years ago, he figured out 
exactly what he was: a "leisure engi- 
neer,' someone who helps others 
find ways of "spending their time in 
a way that will improve the quality 
of their lives. Whether I offer escap- 
ism or make them think about their 
lives, ideally, I'd be contributing 
something musically and still have a 
relatively normal existence. Out of 
all the pieces of life, that would be a 
ptetty nice balance." 

Beverly sees this balanced picture 
of his life composing itself in South- 
side Virginia. He loves the geograph- 
ical area, its charactet, and its people. 
Besides, it's crossed by his favorite 



Winter-Spring 1997 

Robert Beverly '91 (left) at 
the piano. Beloiv lefi, his 
CD album "Letterbox, " 
decorated, naturally enough, 
with a photograph of mail- 
boxes in the Hampden- 
Sydney Post Office. 

"I hope there's 
a reason for 
artists and 
musicians to 
add something 
to the lives of 
everybody else; 
the world needs 
music and art 
and hooks." 






Winter-Spring 1997 

DAILEY'9 1 received a 

Doctor ofDetital Surgery 
degree from the University of 
North Carolina School of 
Dentistry at Chapel Hill in 
May 1996. He is now in a 
two-year general practice resi- 
dency at the University of 
Virginia Medical Center. 

At the wedding of David F. 

(Doc) King '83 and Cynthia 

Anne Farley: front row, 

Michael OMailey '91. R. F 

Burke Steele III '84, Brian 

Peabody '84, Carlyle Turner, 

Thomas Warren '84, Thomas 

Pratt '84, Hunter Craig '84; 

standing, James Mercer '89. 

David Huddle '81. Lash 

Barksdale '93, Vee Pittman 

'84, Steven Cooper '88, David 

King, Rodney Goggin '67. 

Cynthia King. Waring Trible 

'80, Edward Green '83. 

James Baecher, Frank Powell 

'84, Alex Ware '84, and 

John Moss 75 

Advanced Degrees 



successfully defended his disserta- 
tion, Style Complexity in the Novels of 
William F. Buckley, Jr., and received 
the Doctor of Arts degree from 
Middle Tennessee State University. 


SAMUEL L. HUGHES was gradu- 
ated in May 1 996 from the Univer- 
sity of the District of Columbia 
School of Law with a Juris Doctor 
degree. Mr. Hughes plans to practice 
in Virginia, Maryland, and the 
District of Columbia. 



completed his residency in general 
surgery at the Medical College of 
Virginia in June 1996. He is 
enrolled in a two-year subspecialty 
fellowship in peripheral vascular 
surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock 
Medical Center in Lebanon, New 


was graduated from the Cumberland 
School of Law at Samford University 
in Birmingham, Alabama, in 
December 1996. Before law school, 
Mr. Davis completed a Master's of 
Education from the University of 
Virginia in 1992 while coaching at 
VMI. Mr. Davis plans to join his 
brother Bev Davis '88 and father 
Dick Davis '53 in law practice in 

Ph.D., holds a post-doctoral fellow- 
ship at the University of Victoria, 
British Columbia, sponsored by the 
Networks for Centres of Excellence- 
Mechanical Pulps and Papers. 

SON completed an OBt;YN resi- 
dency at the University of Alabama 
and has begun a three-year fellow- 
ship in gynecologic oncology in 


after a year in West Africa as a Ful- 
bright Scholar, returned to graduate 
studies at Stanford University in 
December 1996. 

received an MBA from Wake Forest 
University in August 1996. He is a 
vice president and corporate rela- 
tionship manager with Wachovia 
Bank in Hickory, North Carolina. 


was chief resident at the University 
of Florida Department of Pathology 
for the 1996-97 academic year. 

graduated from Campbell University 
with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 
May 1996. He is a research chemist 
with Quintiles Inc. of Research 
Triangle Park, North Carolina. 

in an internal medicine residency at 
Vanderbilt University. 

JOSEPH NEWELL was awarded a 
scholarship to attend the University 
of San Jose in Costa Rica; he is in 
training to become a missionary. He 

had been a sportswriter at the 
Danville Register and Bee. 


MAHDI ABU-OMAR was gradu- 
ated from Iowa State University with 
a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry in 
August 1996. He has received a two- 
year postdoctoral fellowship from 
the National Institutes of Health, 
which he will spend at the California 
Institute of Technology. 

SON received a Master of Health 
Sciences degree in 1996 and certifi- 
cation as a Physician Assistant from 
the Duke University School of 
Medicine; he is now a physician 
assistant in primary care and emer- 
gency medicine at Sage Memorial 
Hospital on the Navajo Reservation 
in Arizona. He had earlier practiced 
medical relief work in Tamil Nadu, 
India, and in the Dominican Repub- 
lic. In 1994 Mr. Ardison was gradu- 
ated magtia cum Liude from Gordon- 
Conwell Theological Seminary with 
a Master of Arts in World Missions. 

graduated in May 1996 from the 
Johns Hopkins University with a 
Master's of Science in real estate; 
he is a controller with American 
Title Guarantee Corporation in 

EDWARD R. DAVIS is work- 
ing on his Master's at Gordon 
Conwell Theological Seminary in 

The Rev. Mr. JAMES A. 
EVANS was graduated from Union 
Seminary in Richmond in May 
1995; he is pastor of the First Pres- 
byterian Church of Ahoskie, North 

JOSEPH G. GLASS received a 
Master's degree in library science 
from Rutgers in May 1996. 

candidate in Instructional Systems 
Design at the University of Florida; 
he is working for their athletic 
department as a tutor in English 
and biology. 

ROBERT W. HINKLE received 
a Master's of Science in Education 
degree from Virginia Tech in May 
1996. He works at Natural Bridge 
Juvenile Correctional Center as a 
transition specialist (counselor). 

INSON was graduated from the 


University of South Carolina School 
of Medicine in May 1996 and began 
an OB^GYN residency there. 

an M.A. in experimental psychology 
from Cleveland State University in 
May 1996 and is a Ph.D. candidate 
in statistics and research design at 
the University of Memphis. 

working toward a B.S. in aerospace 
engineering at North Carolina State 
University; he is owner of ProGreen 
Landscaping in Gary, North 

graduated from the Medical Univer- 
sity of South Carolina in May 1996; 
he is starting an ob^gyn residency at 
the University of South Florida- 
Tampa General Hospital. 

pursuing a Master of Business 
Administration degree. 

Georgia State University Law 

invited to deliver a paper at the 
Twenty-first International Confer- 
ence on Patristic, Mediaeval, and 
Renaissance Studies held at Villa- 
nova University on October 4-6, 
1996. Mr. Newcomb is a Ph.D. 
candidate at Fordham University, 
where he is working on the ideas of 
Bishop Nicholas Ridley of Tudor 

completed the publications specialist 
summer program at George Wash- 
ington University in 1996. 

SELDON was graduated from 
dental school in May 1995. Dr. 
Seldon is in practice with his father 
in Mechanicsville. 

working on a double Master's in 
sports medicine and fitness at the 
U.S. Sports Academy in Daphne, 

Chief Resident at the MCV- 
Blackstone Family Practice Center; 
he is a graduate of the Philadelphia 
College of Osteopathic Medicine. 


MARC A. BROWN was graduated 
from the Ohio Northwestern School 
of Law in May 1995; he works for 

Godard, West & Adleman in 

TROY E. DRAFTON is pursu- 
ing a graduate degree in public 
administration at American 

JAMES DUFFY is in the CPA 
program at the University of 
Virginia. He is an accountant at 
Evergreen Media in Washington, 

the MBA program at William & 

II was graduated from the University 
of Virginia School of Law in May 
1995; he is a lawyer with LeClair 
Ryan in Richmond. 

received a B.S. in mechanical engi- 
neering from the University of 
Tennessee at Knoxville in May 

received a doctorate in chemistry 
from Virginia Tech in May 1996; he 
is a senior scientist in the Waste 
Policy Institute in the Corporate 
Research Center in Blacksburg. 

DANIEL S. OWEN received an 
MBA from the University of South 
Carolina in May 1996. He is a terri- 

tory manager with Michelin Tire 

graduated from the Medical College 
of Virginia in May 1996; he is in a 
family practice residency at the 
Oschner Clinic Hospitals in New 



graduated from William & Mary 
law school in May 1996; he is prac- 
ticing with Hall, Fox, & Atlee, in 

received a Master's of Science degree 
in applied physics in May 1996 from 
the University of North Carolina at 
Charlotte. He works lor Electronic 
Warfare, Inc., in Herndon as a 
research physicist. 

received a Master's in health admin- 
istration from the Medical College 
of Virginia in May 1996; he is an 
administrative resident at Martha 
Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville. 

recendy passed the Virginia State Bar 
Exam. Mr. Creasy is an associate of 
Martin and Raynor, P.C. 





Winter-Spring 1997 

At the wedding of David 
Blanliemhip '85 and 
Victoria Martin: Kevin 
Mitchell '86, David and 
Victoria, Allan Saunders 
'85, and Tom Cundijf '86. 

At the wedding of 
Christopher Welch '88 
and Michele Worsham. 





Winter-Spring 1997 


1 . Color or black-and- 
white both work. Photos 
can be returned if you 
request it; otherwise they 
will be kept on file. 

2. Alumni group shots at 
weddings should always 
include the bride. Please 
identify ever)'body. 

3. Baby shots should be 
taken with the father or 
both parents, preferably 
when the babies have 
developed a personality. 
(Newborns don't repro- 
duce well.) Bab)' shots 
will be printed only as 
space allows. 

received an M.S. in chemistry from 
Old Dominion Universit)' in August 
1996; he is in a Ph.D. program at 
Louisiana State Universirv. 

received a Master's degree in 
emotional disturbance from Virginia 
Commonwealth Uni\'ersirv in May 
1996. He is a special education 
teacher in the Henrico County 

JOHN A. MARCH, JR., is stud- 
ying at the T. C. Williams School of 
Law at the University of Richmond. 

in law school at the Universin' of 

ing environmental and natural 
resource economics at Pennsylvania 
State Universit)'; he had worked for 
Burlington Industries for rwo years. 

WILLIAM P. M. (Scon) ' 
SCHWIND was graduated from the 
Universit}' of Texas School of Law in 
Ma}' 1 996 and passed the Texas Bar 
in July 1996. He works for Baker & 
McKenzie, an international law firm, 
in its offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil; he 
helps American clients with local 
investments, concentrating on soft- 
ware and telecommunications law 
and environmental law. 

in law school at the University of 

student at Eastern Virginia Medical 

graduate student and teaching assist- 
ant in classics at the University of 



the MBA program at East Carolina 
State Universin'. 

Second Lt. BRL\N J. VON 
HERBULIS was recendy graduated 
from The Basic School at Marine 
Corps Combat Development 
Command in Quantico. 

W1LLL\M P. IRWIN V is stud- 
ying law at the University of Rich- 
mond School of Law. 

H. LEE KING, JR., is in the 
Mastets program in educational 
administration at L}'nchburg 
College; he teaches English at 
Hargrave Military Academy in 

ROBERTS, JR., is in law school at 
the Universit}' of Alabama. After his 
graduation from Hampden-Sydnev, 
he earned a Diploma de Cervantes 
(Master's) from the Universitas Me- 
brissensis in Madrid and interned at 
a law firm in Mexico Cirs'. 

is studying law at the University of 
Virginia. He is a member of the 
editorial board of the Virginia Envi- 
ronmental Law Journal inA was a 
Moot Court quaner-finalist. He is 
married to Meredith Hamlett. 

an MBA from Wake Forest Univer- 
sity in May 1996. 



stud\'ing law at Widener University 
in Wilmington, Delaware. 

PATRICK A. ELB graduated 
from the University of Memphis 
with a Master's degree in American 

At the wedding of 
Harris Haynie '91 
and Cecelia Schultz. 

RYAN V. GODSIL attended die 
Don Quijote language school in 
Barcelona, Spain, and is in the Latin 
American Studies graduate program 
at the Universit}' of Texas. 

STEVEN HO is a law student at 
the University of Southern Cali- 
fornia; he will receive his J.D. in 
May 1 998. He is also a law clerk for 
Hughes, Hubbard and Reed. 

in Georgetown Universit}''s Gradu- 
ate Public Polic}' Program. From 
May to August 1 996 he was a 
Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow for 
the National Taxpa}'ers Union. In 
lanuarv' 1997 he presented a paper 
at an international conference, on 
"Personalit}'-Driven Agenda-Setting 
in the Public- Policy Process of the 
Speaker of the House of 

CARTER B. MYERS is in law 
school at the University of 

is in the Masters program in indus- 
trial engineering at the University of 

working on his Master's at New 
Orleans Baptist Theological 



completed the Mclntire Business 
Summer Institute at the University 
of Virginia in 1996 and is now trav- 
eling through the Far East, Australia, 
and New Zealand. 

worked as a publicist and speech- 
writer in the office of the Super- 
intendent of the Board of Education 
in Phoenix, Arizona, will study crea- 
tive writing with playwright Edward 
Albee at the University of Texas in 





TODD were married on August 3, 
1996; they live in Hampton. 


The Rev. THOMAS C. CLAY and 
MILDRED R. MASI were married 
on May 4, 1996, in the chapel of the 
Richfield Retirement Community in 
Salem, where Mr. Clay is the 



married on December 16, 1995. Mr. 
Duerson is a principal with Strategic 
Marketing Resources, Inc., in 
Raleigh, North Carolina. 


were married in October 1996. 


were married on May 18, 1996, at 
St. Mary's Episcopal Church in 


DAVID P. KING, JR., and 
married on April 27, 1996, in Fred- 
ericksburg, where he is an officer 
with King Construction Company. 
Richard Floyd Burke Steel III '84 
and Thomas Underwood Warren 
'84 were groomsmen. 


RAYNE JULL\N were married on 
January 27, 1996. 

TO were married in September 

RHENEY YORK were married on 
October 21, 1995, in New Canaan, 

SMITH were married on June 15, 
1996, at Milden Presbyterian 

Church in Charlottesville. 



were married on September 28, 
1996, at the Lewis Ginter Botanical 
Gardens in Richmond. He is admin- 
istrator of the division of nephrology 
at the University of Virginia Medical 
Center and she is a regional phar- 
macy supervisor lor a major drug 

19 86 

and JOYCE LYN AUER were 
married on May 4, 1996, at the 
Washington Street Methodist 
Church in Alexandria. He is a sales 
executive for Cadmus Magazines, 
and she is an editor at Lodging 

married on May 11,1 996, in Wash- 
ington D.C. In the wedding party 
were Randy Webb '86, Christopher 

Brown '86, and Samuel Procter 




were married on December 21, 



were married on March 2, 1996, at 
First United Methodist Church of 
Asheboro, North Carolina. Mr. 
Luckenbach works for Klaussner 
Furniture Industries, and Mrs. Luck- 
enbach works for Joyce Design 
Group Inc. 

married on August 17, 1996, at St. 
Paul's Episcopal Church in Ivy. 
They live in Chariottesville. 

were married on November 25, 



Winter-Spring 1997 

Mark Wainwright Pollina 
'90 and Brigerte Smith 

At the wedding of Michael 
Holland '91 and Brooke 
Adams: front row. John 
Merrttt '91. Dan Miller '91. 
Boh Brinson '93, Michael and 
Brooke: standing, Stephen 
Driscoll '92, Fewell Merchant 
'92, Paid Pisano '89, Moran 
Goetz '90. Steve Fore '91, 
Ryder Perkins '89, George 
Trible '91. Steve Selden '91. 
Brian Canterbury '90, Brian 
Mitchell 91, Michael 
Hubbard '91, Kirk Webb, 
and Scon Webb. 

At the wedding ofWilliaiii 
Liiesing '91 and Ursula 
Logue: Hugh White 91, 
UrsuLi and Bill Barbara 





Winter-Spring 1997 

Joseph McKissick '91 
and Angela Dame. 

The Hampderi-Sydney 

contingent at the wedding 

of William Hicks '92 and 

Jennifer Boswell: seated, 

Scott Pomeroy '95, Blake 

Burr '94, Jim Wood '94, 

Josh Rahman '94, Gerry 

Pettus. Bryan Burcher '91, 

E. A. Mayo, Tom Mayo, 

Malcolm Sydnor '94, Brian 

Rollison '93, John LaValle: 

standing, Eric Dye '93, 

Matt Whitaker '92, Brad 

Pomeroy '92, Rusty Ryan 

'94, William and Jennifer. 

Chris Haddock '93, Brian 

Wurster '94, Tony Carilli, 

Tracy Carilli, Chris Fallen 

'94, Jimmy Miller '93. 

and Billy Reid 91. 


HAM were married on March 16, 
1996, at Overbrook Baptist Church 
in Greenville, South Carolina. They 
live in Simpsonville, South Carolina, 
where he is a technical sales coordin- 
ator at Ethox Chemicals and she 
works in Human Resources for 


BEALE were married on August 24, 
1996, at St. John's Episcopal 
Church in McLean. They Hve in 
Atlanta, Georgia. 


ABETH STOVALL were married 
on May 11, 1996, at St. James 
Church in Wilmington, North 
Carolina. In the wedding parry were 
Pace Mahood Fonville, Jr. '92, 
Harry Wylie Stovall IV '92, and 
Garretts live in Tappahannock, 
where he works for B. H. Baird Insu- 
rance Company, and she works for 
Capital One Financial Corporation. 

married on August 12, 1995, in 
Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They live 
in Alexandria, where Mr. Goetz 
owns a consulting firm, and Mrs. 
Goetz is a production assistant. 

married on September 14, 1996, at 
Centenary United Methodist 
Church in Winston-Salem, North 
Carolina. They live in Richmond, 

where Mr. Greer is an attorney, and 
Mrs. Greer is a physical therapist. 

SMITH BARTON were married 
on November 5, 1994, at St. Paul's 
Episcopal Church in Bloomsburg, 
Pennsylvania. In the wedding party 
were H. Brandon Thompson '91, 
Mark S. Blankenship '91, and Jona- 
than A. C. Lee '91. The Pollinas live 
in Tampa, Florida, where he is a 
senior investment manager, and she 
is an administrative assistant. 


STONE were married on January 
27, 1 996. He works for Greg 
Hopkins & Associates in Little 
Rock, Arkansas. 

JO ANN TUOHEY were married 
on June 22, 1996, at St. Francis 
Xavier Catholic Church in Birming- 
ham, Alabama. They live in Birm- 
ingham, where Mr. Bettis is a 
dentistry student, and Mrs. Bettis 
is a teacher. 

ANN MURPHY were married on 
August 17, 1996, at the Memorial 
Chapel on the Marine Corps Base in 
Quantico. They live in Richmond. 

ANN HARRELL were married on 
October 21, 1995. Jim Bell '91, 
Blake Blyth '91, Taylor Stone '91 
and Rand Dupriest '92 were 

married on June 15, 1996. Doug 
Tardio '90, Tony Bedon '91, Jake 
Player '91, and John Wayt '75 were 
in attendance. Mr. Coudert works 

for the Connecticut Treasury 
Depanment in Hartford. 

were married in August 1 992. 
Matthew T. Ardison '91, Ward 
Davis '91, Tim Arnold '94, and 
Greg Rohrbough '92 were in 

CECILL\ SCHULTZ were married 
on August 11, 1995, in Santa 
Barbara, California. Among the 
party were James Forbes '91, Rick 
Koehler '9 1 , and the groom s father 
Michael Haynie '67. 

married on September 23, 1995, in 
The Plains. Among the groomsmen 
were Robert W. Brinson '93, 
Stephen R. Fore '91, John M. 
Merritt '91, Daniel S. Miller '91, 
Michael T. Hubbard "9 1 , and 
George M.Trible IV '91. 

were married on October 28, 1995, 
in Raleigh, North Carolina. Among 
the groomsmen were William 
Ferrell IV '91, David Grubbs '91, 
Christopher Ray '91, and Chris- 
topher Kelley '95. They live in 
Greensboro, where Mr. Holt works 
for Burlington Industries and Mrs. 
Holt works for Merrill LNTich. 

married on June 1, 1996, at First 
Presbyterian Church in Danville. 
They live in Chatham, where Mr. 
Hurt is now working as Assistant 
Commonwealth's Attorney for Pitt- 
sylvania Count\'. 
were married on May 18, 1996, in 
Adanta. They live in Dahlonega, 
where Mr. Luesing works at the 
Hidden Lake Academy, and Mrs. 
Luesing works at the Chestatee 
Regional Hospital. 

The Rev, Mr. JOSEPH McKIS- 
DAME were married on June 4, 
1994. They live in Louisville, 

HUGH L. McLaughlin hi 

and PAULA GRAY were married 
on May 27, 1995. In the wedding 
party were John Hudson '91, Trey 
Tyler '91, and Chad Duncan '93. 


The McLaughlins live in Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

FRANCES MULE were married on 
April 20, 1996 at Our Lady of 
Lourdes Catholic Church in 

PARETTI were married on March 
2, 1996 at the Mt. Pleasant Pres- 
byterian Church in Mt. Pleasant, 
South Carolina, in the wedding 
party were John William Myers III 
'60 and Braxton Pollard '91. 

married on August 13, 1994, at 
Word of Faith Church in Char- 
lottesville. They live in Tulsa, 

were married on April 13, 1996, in 
Adanta, Georgia. They live in Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

were married on June 23, 1 996. 
They live in Accomac. 

were married on June 22, 1996, at 
St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Rich- 
mond. They live in Charlottesville. 

married on May 13, 1995, in Buck- 
eystown, Maryland. Ushers included 
Ethan Jones '90. The Halls live in 
New Church. 

SEY were married on May 25, 1996, 
at St. Mary's Catholic Church in 

RODRIGUEZ were married on 
July 29, 1995; they live in Centre- 
ville. WiUiam Hicks '93, John 
Carney '92, Rusty Ryan '94, and 
Gerald Walsh '93 were at the 

were married on April 13, 1996, in 
Atlanta, Georgia. Bobby McBride 
'93 was the Best Man. Mr. Hensley 
works with Ferguson Enterprises in 
Roswell, Georgia. 

married on July 15, 1995, in Rich- 
mond. In the wedding party were 
Bryan Burcher '91, Jim Wood '94, 
Brian Wurster '94, and Kelly 
Tadlock '96. 

married on September 7, 1996, at 
St. Edward's Catholic Church in 
Richmond. They, live in Richmond. 

married on August 17, 1996, at the 
Episcopal Church ol the Ascension 
in Hickory, North Carolina. They 
live in Charlotte. 

married on September 14, 1996, at 
St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Rich- 
mond. They live in Richmond, 
where she is a registered nurse, and 
he is an electrical engineer with 
NSWC in Dahlgren. 

KATHRYN BROWN were married 
on August 3, 1996, at Saint Paul 
United Methodist Church in Golds- 
boro. North Carolina. They live in 

SETT were married on April 20, 
1996, at St. John's Cathedral in 
Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. 
Ray live in Lexington. 

CULLATHER were married on 
June 8, 1996, at St. Benedict Cath- 
olic Church in Richmond. 

VALENTINE were married on June 
29, 1996, at St. Stephens Episcopal 
Church in Richmond. 


married on December 28, 1996, to 



Winter-Spring 1997 





IL^^^^^^K-' J^^^l 



L 1 






Chris Faiisseinagne '94 
and Nikki Perry. 

At the wedding of 
James Van Ness '93 and 
Jennifer Valentine: seated, 
Brennan Rosser '92. Todd 
Ogletree '92. and Champe 
Andrews '91: kneeling, Sid 
Martin '94, Charles Britt 
'92, Schuyler Benson '92, 
Steve Satchell '91, and Carter 
McEntire 92: standing, 
Charlie Livermon '91. David 
Archibald '91, JeffBareivick 
'95, Davies Hood '92, Char- 
lie Atwill '92, Frank Overton 
'92, Giles Jones '92, Alex 
McGee '94, Fletcher Abele 
'94, Jennifer Van Ness, 
Michael Finucane '94, 
Jim Van Ness, and 
Clark McNair '94. 

At the wedding of John Scott 
'94 and Meredith Brooks: 
seated, Chris Turgeon '94: 
standing. Bill Bu.xton '94, Cal 
Spencer '94, John Porter '94, 
Andy Lowe '94, Tim Mona- 
han '94, Sheldon Bryan '96, 
David Barton '92, Trip Howe 
'92, George Trible '91, Mere- 
dith and John Scott, Robert 
Purvis '96, and Robert Geiger 





Winter-Spring 1997 

At the wedding of Chris- 
tian Carlson '94 and Rachel 
Caiazza: Chris Wilson 94, 
Jay Kapp 97, Mike Staun- 
ton 94, Spencer Culp 94, 
David Parker 94, Butch 
Allen '94, Justin Isaacs '95, 
Christian and Rachel, Jejfery 
Overand95, Paul Kelly 
'96, Bill Wright '94, Bliane 
Hill '94, Bob Croker '94, 
and Sean Collins '94. 

At the wedding ofLaine 

Seely '94 and Rachel Tate: 

Scott Pietan '95, Noel 

Bumpas '94, Cameron 

Carter '95, Gresham Weath- 

erly '95, Frazier Bell '95, 

Philip Bangle '95, Andrew 

Branch '94, Amos Lee Laine, 

Carlton Kemper '94, Matt 

Malone '95, James Dujjy 

'83; seated, Rob Robinson III 

'94, Owen D. Seely '99, 

Rachel and Laine, and 

Christopher Laine. 

(University of Georgia '95). The 

'94. Alumni present were Ray Bos- 

wedding party included Bob Croker 

weU '94, John Caner '94, William 

'94, Sean Collins '94, Blaine Hill 

Douglass '94, Dan Fannon '94, 

'94, and Butch Allen '94. Other H- 

Colin Mellon '93, Bartow Morgan 

SC men in attendance were Chris 

'94, and Frank Overton '94. 

Wilson '94, Jay Kapp '97, Mike 


Staunton '94, Spencer Culp '94, 


David "Sundance" Parker '94, 

ABETH WOOD were married on 

Justin "Junior" Isaacs '95, JefFery 

September 14, 1996. He is em- 

Overand '95, Paul Kelly '96, and 

ployed by Alabama Food Service 

BiU Wright '94. 

in Montgomery. 




NUNNERY were married on June 

married in Atlanta on September 7, 

22, 1996. John Hosteoer '94 was a 

1996. She is a graduate of the 


University of North Carolina at 


Chapel Hill. Groomsmen were 


Holmes Bell '94, Sid Martin '94, 

were married on July 6, 1996, at 

Alex Mcgee '94, and Atkins Roberts 

Immaculata Conception Catholic 



At the wedding of 
Ford Hamilton '95 
and Katherine 
Elizabeth Wood. 

Church in Jacksonville, Florida. 
They live in Winston-Salem, North 
Carolina, where he is in his third 
year ot law school at Wake Forest 

BROOKS were married on April 
27, 1996. They live in Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina. 

TATE were married on July 6, 
1996. They live in Gary, North 
Carolina; Mr. Seely works for Bell 
South Mobility in Raleigh. 


married on August 24, 1 996, at 
North Run Baptist Church in 
Greensboro, North Carolina. Mr. 
Craft works for the Greensboro 
Police Department. 

ATSUKO TAKEI were married on 
June 15, 1996, at Mackinaw Island, 
Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Day live in 
Tokyo, Japan. 

married on May 25, 1996, at the 
Meadowbrook Country Club in 

BETH WOOD were married on 
September 14, 1996. Mr. Hamilton 
works for Alabama Food Service in 

were married on Februarj' 10, 1996, 
in Colonial Heights. He is a broker 
with Dean Witter in Virginia Beach. 


married on December 28, 1996, in 
Richmond. Among the attendants 
were Justin D. Merrick '97, Robert 
C. Boyd '97, and Barksdale 
Watkins '96. The couple lives in 
Fayetteville, North Carolina, where 
he works with the Robeson County 
Emergency Medical Squad. 





daughter, Lucy Rose Bartges, on 
May 4, 1996. The Bartges live in 
Richmond, where Mr. Bartges is 
employed as an Account Supervisor 
for The Martin Agency. 


CABELL a daughter, Jordan Alex- 
andria Cabell, on October 9, 1996. 
Jordan joins two sisters, Elizabeth 
and Christina. Mr. Cabell is a part- 
ner in Williams, Mullen, Christian 
& Cobbins in Richmond. 


son, John Cole Gayle III, on Octo- 
ber 18, 1996, in Richmond. Mr. 
Gayle is a partner in the law firm 
Kane, Jeffries & Foreman Gayle. 

gid, Sally Rebecca Mann, on June 6, 
1993. Sally joins two siblings. Jack 
and Elizabeth. Mr. Mann is a vice 
president with NationsBank in 
Great Falls. 

To EDWARD (Ned) and 
ELENA TAYLOR, a daughter, 
Anne Tribby Taylor, on December 
6, 1996, in Boone, North Carolina, 
where Mr. Taylor is a vice president 
with Geonetics Corp. 

19 7 S 


FRANCIS, a daughter, Katherine 
Elizabeth Francis, on March 27, 
1996, in Birmingham, Alabama. 
Katherine joins a brother, Joseph. 
To EDWARD (Chopper) and 
KIMBERLY SNYDER, a daughter, 
Katherine Ryan Snyder, on June 26, 
1996, in Martinsville. Katharine 
joins two brothers, Edward and 
Marshall. Katherine is a grand- 
daughter of Dr. Puck Kiser, Jr. '53 
and the niece of Dr. Kent Kiser '80. 
Dr. Snyder is an orthodontist. 




McGEHEE, a daughter, Mary 
Garner McGehee, on July 30, 1996, 
in Charlottesville. 

WATSON, a son, Sean Thomas 

Watson, on May 20, 1995, in Pasa- 
dena, Maryland. Sean joins a brother 
Andrew. Mr. Watson recently joined 
the senior staff at the Johns Hopkins 
University Applied Physics 



MOODY, JR., a son, Blake Weston 
(Wes) Auchmoody, on September 
27, 1996, in New York Citv. 

ALLISON BUTLER, a son, Dane 
Alexander Butler, on February 6, 
1996, in Williamsburg. Dane joins 
two brothers, Corydon III and 

CAMP, a daughter. Carmen Jean 
Camp, on June 8, 1996. Mr. Camp 
teaches at Fork Union Military 
Academy while pursuing a Master's 
degree in humanities at the Univer- 
sity of Richmond. 

To GEORGE (Giueman) and 
Alexander Gluesner, on August 9, 

1995, in Huntington Station, New 

OLSON, a daughter, Katherine 
Grace Nicholson, on April 5, 1996, 
in Danville. Katherine joins two 
brothers, Patrick and Andrew, and a 
sister Rachel. 

SLATTUM, a daughter, Virginia 
Christine Slattum, on April 10, 

1996. The Slattums live in Charles 

SORAH, a son, Clayton Randolph 
Sorah, on April 6, 1996. The Sorahs 
live in Mechanicsville. 

19 '84 

ALTIZER, a son, Ryan Wallace 
Altizer, on February 4, 1 996. Ryan is 
the Walker's second son. 

CURRY, a daughter, Regan Hulme 
Curry, on November 10, 1995, in 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

GARVEY, a daughter, Sarah Long 
Garvey, on September 21, 1995, in 
Greensboro, North Carolina. Sarah 
is the Garvey's third child, joining 

Hamilton and Elizabeth. 

a son, James Ryland Jeter, on May 

13, 1995, in Charlotte, North Caro- 
lina. James joins a brother Preston. 
Mr. Jeters was recently promoted to 
Senior Credit Specialist with the 
Private Client Group of Nation- 
Bank, N.A. 

To R. MATTHEW and 
Bo McGee, on January 11,1 990, 
and Jake McGee, on September 19, 
1991. Mr. McGee is managing 
director of the Business Loan Center 
in Richmond. 

McJUNKIN, a son, James Patrick 
Mcjunkin, on March 17, 1996, in 
Arlington. His older brother 
Matthew is three. 



a son, David Whitehead Hobbs, Jr., 
on February 8, 1996, in Birming- 
ham, Alabama. 

PETERS, a daughter, Cristina Anne 
Peters, on January 8, 1996. Chris- 
tina was born during the largest 
snow storm of the decade and only 
narrowly made it to the hospital. 
Mr. Peters works for Circuit City as 
a Programmer/ Analyst. 

TRAPANI, JR., a son, Philip R. 
Trapani 111, on August 13, 1996. 

To Mr, and Mrs. HARVEY 
WARNICK, a son, Matthew 
Charles Warnick, on June 12, 1996, 
in Woodbridge. 

WILLIS, a daughter, Lucy Elizabeth 
Willis,onOctober 18, 1996. 

HUNT ZIGLAR, a son, George 
Wyatt Ziglar, on November 7, 

19 §7 

a son, Jacob Andrew Gray, on 
November 13, 1995, in Woodbridge. 
Andy is a mathematics teacher and 
the head boy's basketball coach at 
Garfield Senior High School. 
PATTERSON, a daughter, Virginia 
Magdalene Patterson, on February 

14, 1995. Dr. Patterson holds a 
post-doctoral fellowship in chemistry 




Winter-Spring 1997 

Andy Gray '87 and Jacob 
Andrew Gray. 

Left: Jessica Morgan Schoen 
(Chris Schoen '88). 
Right: Harrison Todd Reid 
(ToddReid '96). 





Winter-Spring 1997 

sponsored through the Networks for 

Centres of Excellence — Mechanical 
Pulps and Paper at the University of 
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 
ROBERTSON, a daughter, Brooke 
Randolph Robertson, on March 20, 
1996, in Birmingham, Alabama, 
where Mr. Robertson is beginning a 
three-year fellowship in Obstetrics 

To Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH H. 
BRIDGES, a son, Joseph Herbert 
Bridges III, on March 19, 1996. 

To Mr. and Mrs. GLENN 
FINK, a daughter, Allison Kate 
Fink, on October 12, 1996. 

To Mr. & Mrs. JEFFREY 
JACKSON, a son, Kevin Nichols 
Jackson, on September 7, 1995, in 
Baltimore. He joins Laura McGarry 

MULLER, two sons, John Crawford 
MuUer III and Roben Andrew 
Muller , on July 24, 1996, in Hick- 
ory, North Carolina. 

To Mr. and Mrs. HENRY R. 
POLLARD, a daughter, Anna 
Robinson Pollard, on May 30, 1996. 

daughter, Jessica Morgan Schoen, 
on August 25, 1996, in New York 

DAVIS, a son. Tucker Cole Davis, 
on September 9, 1996, in Reston. 
Bodi Davises are analysts for the 

KIM HOPEWELL, a son, Jarrett 
Preston Hopewell, on July 4, 1996, 
in Virginia Beach. Mr. Hopewell is a 
representative for Glaxo-Wellcome 

JAMIE VIELE MOON, a daughter, 
Bailey lourdan Moon, on September 
15, 1996, in Glen Allen. 

CLARK, a son, Donald H. Clark 
III, on May 14, 1996. 

KATHRYN GLASS, a daughter, 
Hannah Margaret Pomvood Glass, 

on July 3, 1 996, in Holly Springs, 

To Mr. and Mrs. M. JARED 
MAUNEY, twin sons, Brennan 
lared and Patrick William Mauney, 
in Richmond. 

WILSON, twins, Thomas Connell 
Wilson 111 and Emily Gail Wilson, 
on March 6, 1996, in Richmond. 
Mr. Wilson is a vice president with 
Wheat First Butcher Singer. 



LAMPMAN, a son, Tyler Lamp- 
man, on April 14, 1996, in Berlin, 

To Mr. and Mrs. DEANE BLAIR 
MAURY, a son, Gregory Atkins 
Maury, on August 14, 1994. Mr. 
Maury is an account executive for 
Eastern Telecom International. 


GARDNER ARNOLD, a daughter, 
Meagan Rose Arnold, born on 
December 15, 1995, in Decatur, 

To Mr. and Mrs. CLAYTON 
HURT, a son, William Anderson, 
on August 28, 1996, in Greenville, 
South Carolina. 


REID, a son, Harrison Todd Reid, 
on October 2, 1996, in Richmond. 




Berryville died on May 2, 1996. He 
practiced law for fifty-nine years, but 
he had also served as a high school 
teacher and principal and as a bank 
director and president. He was very 
active in serving his community, 
sitting on the school board and vari- 
ous committees and associations. 



Montreat, North Carolina, died on 
November 18, 1996. He was an 
ordained Presbyterian minister who 
served pastorates in Marietta, Geor- 
gia; Tokushima, Japan; Huntington, 
West Virginia; and Charlotte, North 
Carolina, as well as the First Pres- 
bjterian Church in Bessemer, 
Alabama, from 1941 to 1953. In 
retirement he held several interim 
pastorates and continued his mission 



92, ot Greenville, South Carolina, 
died on February 20, 1997. A native 
of Roanoke, at Hampden-Sydney he 
was business manager of the Tiger 
and a member ot Theta Chi. 
Employed by Westinghouse Corpo- 
ration and Dupont, he joined 
Judson Mill in 1945 and remained 
with its successor company, Judson 
& Milliken, until his retirement in 
1969. He was a member and former 
Deacon of the Founh Presbyterian 
Church in Greenville and a member 
and former president of the Green- 
ville Kiwanis Club and the Taran- 
tella Dance Club. When he served as 
president of the local chapter of 
Advanced Management, the chapter 
was voted fourth-best in the nation. 
He was an active United Fund 
worker, serving as vice-chair of the 
Textile Division. He and his wife, 
Jean Murray Johnson, have been 
very generous to the College over the 
years, having several planned giving 


JR., of Richmond, died on Decem- 
ber 31, 1996. Mr. Richardson was a 


veteran of World War II and a 
retiree from the Federal Reserve 
Bank of Richmond. 

died on January 23, 1997. A life- 
long educator, Mr. Strickler was 
principal of four schools in Rock- 
bridge County and southwest 
Virginia before moving to Virginia 
Beach. In 1954, he was promoted to 
assistant superintendent of schools, 
the position from which he retired in 
1969. Two years later Mr. Strickler 
became assistant headmaster of the 
upper school at Huguenot Academy 
in Powhatan, remaining there for 
five years. 

of Salt Springs, Florida, died on July 
23, 1996. He had retired to Florida 
after working for many years in the 
auto parts business in Waynesboro. 


JR., of Glens Falls, New York, died 
in July 1996. He had retired as 
assistant vice president from Glens 
Falls Insurance Company, where he 
had worked from 1930 until 1973. 
He was an active volunteer with the 
United Way, the Chamber of 
Commerce, and the Red Cross, for 
which he served as chairman of the 
Northeast New York Steering 
Committee and director of the 
Adirondack Chapter; he was a trus- 
tee, Sunday School superintendent, 
and Loyalty Fund chairman with 
Christ Church (United Methodist). 
Houston, Texas, died in 1992. He 
had been the Director of Sales for 
Oceans International Corporation 
Worldwide Ocean Freight of 


HANDY MOORE of Courdand 
died on November 19, 1996; he was 
87. He had served in the U.S. Navy 
from 1943 to 1945, leaving as a lieu- 
tenant commander, and had spent 
most of his working life in the sales 
department of Charles W. Priddy 
Fertilizer Company, retiring in 1980 
as vice president. At Hampden- 
Sydney he was on the football, 
basketball, and track teams; was 
captain of the track team and pres- 
ident of the Athletic Association, 
belonged to Theta Chi, and was 

elected to Omicron Delta Kappa 
honorary leadership fraternity. 

of Roanoke died on May 12, 1996. 
He was a retired officer of the 
General American Life Insurance 


The Rev. Dr. CHARLES 
pia, Washington, and formerly of 
Farmville, died on December 2, 
1996. Dr. Chappell spent most of 
his life as a Methodist missionary on 
upper tributaries of the Congo River 
in Central Zaire, Africa, where the 
majority of his ministry was in 
personal and community develop- 
ment in out-villages and three leper 
colonies. Dr. Chappell directed 
primary schools and led construction 
projects. From 1938 until his 
replacement by African leaders in 
1954, Dr. Chappell was district 
superintendent, supervising more 
than a hundred conventional and 
supply pastors, several primary 
schools, and a major school for train- 
ing teachers and preachers at 
Wembo Nyama; he was director of 
printing and publishing in Otetela 
for the Methodist mission, and treas- 
urer of the mission, in addition to 
ministering directly to the Atetela 
people and the Asi Etc. 

Charlotte, North Carolina, died on 
February 8, 1996. Dr. Hemphill 
received his Medical degree from the 
Medical College of Virginia. Dr. 
Hemphill was Assistant Professor of 
Radiology at Bowman-Gray School 
of Medicine in Winston-Salem, 
North Carolina; later he practiced 
privately as a radiologist in Charlotte 
for 1 8 years and served with the 
Union Memorial Hospital in Rock- 
ingham, North Carolina, for 20 
years until he retired in 1972. 

South Boston died on March 24, 
1996, after a long illness. During 
World War II, Mr. Lawson was a 
Captain in the Army Air Corps 
Troop Carrier Command in 
England and was decorated for 
distinguished service. Mr. Lawson 
was a long-time buyer for the Amer- 
ican Tobacco Company. 



died on May 6, 1996. He began his 
career in public education in 
Fauquier County in 1934, serving as 
coach and teacher at Warrenton 
High School, and principal at 
Gainesville and Remington for the 
next eight years. In 1942, Mr. 
Moore became principal at Clarks- 
ville High School in Mecklenburg 
County, where he served until 1959. 
Mr. Moore earned a Master's degree 
in education from the University of 
Virginia in 1945. He was principal 
of Bluestone Senior High from 1959 
until 1 973. He was assistant super- 
intendent for education for Meck- 
lenburg County from 1973 until he 
retired in 1975. 

retired in 1989 from the Logistic 
Management Institute, died of pneu- 
monia on July 18, 1996. Mr. Tayloe 
had many years of experience at 
executive levels in both government 
and private industry when he joined 
LMI in 1962. Mr. Tayloe led their 
procurement program, producing 
innovations in incentive contracting 
and life-cycle costing, and in 1 966 
became a vice president, developing 
the Institute's first non-defense busi- 
ness by taking on procurement stud- 
ies for NASA and the General 
Services Administration, as well as 
for various government commis- 
sions. Mr. Tayloe returned to 
government in 1975, joining the 
Department of Energy's Directorate 
of Procurement and Contract 
Management, retiring in 1978. For 
the next twelve years Mr. Tayloe 
served LMI as a Consultant and 
Special Assistant to the President. 


R. DABNEY CARSON of Roanoke 
died on September 13, 1996. After 
college, Mr. Carson was a school 
principal and coach for a year before 
joining Jefferson-Pilot Insurance 
Company's Bristol Division as an 
agent in August 1937. In 1943, Mr. 
Carson left the company to serve in 
the U.S. Army during World War 
II. An OCS graduate of the Infantry 
School at Fort Benning, Georgia, he 
served in the States and overseas as a 
second lieutenant, and received the 
army commendation ribbon for 
meritorious service at Okinawa. 



Winter-Spring 1997 

Jean Murray Johnson and 
Charles G. Johnson '26 

Harry H. Bryan '25 

Turner McDowell '29 





Winter-Spring 1997 


Edward Li'B. Goodwin '50 

Returning to JefFerson-Pilot in 1946, 
he became district manager in Bris- 
tol; in 1948 he was appointed 
regional agency manager in 
Roanoke. Mr. Carson retired from 
JefFerson-Pilot in 1978 as manager 
emeritus. A popiJar speaker in the 
area, Mr. Carson was active in his 
church and civic associations, includ- 
ing the Lions Club; he was a 
member of the Salvation Army Advi- 
sor\' Board, president of the local 
Gideons, a director of the Roanoke 
Chapter Juvenile Diabetes Fund, 
and a Sunday school teacher and 
charter member of Covenant Pres- 
byterian Church. 

The Reverend Mr. THEO- 
DORIC ROBERTS of San Diego, 
California, died on February 26, 
1996. Mr. Roberts had a brief career 
in teaching, then graduated from 
Union Seminary and did graduate 
work at Princeton University. Mr. 
Roberts served as an associate pastor 
in Houston before serving in the 
U.S. Navy during World War II. 
Mr. Roberts then ser\'ed as pastor of 
Lakeside Community Church until 
his retirement in 1981. Mr. Roberts 
was instrumental in establishing 
Lakeside Gardens, a retirement 
communit)', and was active in several 
civic organizations. 

TOWER, a former president of the 
Virginia Highway Users Association 
and a member of the Richmond 
Community Services Board and the 
Country Club of Virginia, died on 
August 19, 1996. 


JAMES L. ELDER, a partner in the 
Cincinnati, Ohio, law firm of 
Nieman, Aug, Elder and Jacobs, 
died on September 14, 1996. Mr. 
Elder, a graduate of Harvard Law 
School, specialized in probate, real 
estate, and corporate law, and was 
the author of a text book. Elder's 
Revision of Stems on Suretyship. 

died on March 10. 1996. Mr. Roach 
served as a captain in the U.S. Army 
Air Corps and was a veteran of 
World War II. After the war, Mr. 
Roach joined his father in the family 
business. Star Laundry and Dr\' 
Cleaners in Danville; he was pres- 
ident of the company until his retire- 
ment in 1974. 



Henderson, North Carolina, died on 
Iulv23, 1996. 

i. WEBB SURRATT died on 
January 7, 1996. Mr. Surratt earned 
a Master's degree from the Univer- 
sity of Virginia, and spent twent)'-sbc 
years as a professor of humanities at 
the Wright- Patterson Air Force Base 
in Dayton. 

The Reverend Mr. IRVINE H. 
WILLL\MS died on April 13, 1996. 
Mr. Williams was a graduate of 
Union Seminary and also received a 
Master's degree from the University 
of Texas. He served pastorates in 
Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, and 



Catonsville, Maryland, died on July 
21, 1996. Mr. Richardson married 
Betty Jo Watson in 1940 and 
worked with her father, designing 
and building houses in New Mexico. 
^Tien World War 11 began, the 
couple moved to Washington, where 
Mr. Richardson worked for the 
General Services Administration 
until his retirement. 


Dr. E. MILTON KELLAM of Belle 
Haven died on March 5, 1996. Dr. 
Kellam graduated from the Medical 
School of the University of Virginia 
in 1943. After a brief internship. Dr. 
Kellam went on active dut}' with the 
Navy as a medical officer, providing 
care for those wounded in the 
Normandy Invasion. Reassigned to 
the Pacific, he participated in the 
Okinawa invasion and the Occupa- 
tion of Japan. After the war. Dr. 
Kellam returned to the Eastern 
Shore and served as Chief of Surger)' 
at NAM Hospital. 

SON died on May 22, 1996. Mr. 
Williamson was a teacher in Henry 
and Cumberland County public 
schools, and was principal ot Hamil- 
ton High School, Cumberland. He 
was owner of a Western Auto Store 
in Scottsville for 32 years, served in 
the U.S. Nav>' during World War II, 
was a member of the Scottsville 
Lions Club, Volunteer Fire Depart- 
ment, Masonic Lodge #45 AF&AM, 
and the Scottsville Baptist Church, 

where he served as a Deacon and 
teacher of the Men's Bible Class. 


JOHN S. BATTLE, JR., 77, a 

founder of the Souths largest law 
firm, McGuire, Woods, Battle & 
Boothe, died on January 16, 1997, 
in Richmond. Born in Charlottes- 
ville, he was the son ot John Stewart 
Battle, governor of Virginia from 
1930 to 1954. During World War 
II, Mr. Battle was lieutenant 
commander in the Navy, serving on 
a destroyer escort in the South 
Pacific. After two years at Hampden- 
Sydney, he went to the Universit)' of 
Virginia, earning a B.A. and a law 
degree. Joining his father's law firm 
in Charlottesville, he became City 
Attorney in 1951 and was the author 
of the city's plan to desegregate its 
schools. He moved to Richmond in 
1960 to work tor a law firm which 
merged with his father's firm as the 
forerunner of McGuire, Woods, 
Battle & Boothe. He was a trustee of 
Richmond Forward; advised on 
political appointments in Virginia 
during the Kennedy years; sat on the 
Virginia Board ol Law Examiners; 
and was a fellow ot the American 
Association of Trial Lawyers, the 
American Bar Association, and the 
American College of Trial Lawvers. 

Danville, died on August 9, 1996. 

on March 20, 1996, in Seanle, 
Washington. Dr. Hasegawa was a 
retired Professor of Sociolog)' from 
Tokai University'. 

JR., a retired attorney in Augusta, 
Georgia, died on November 4, 

Newport News died on February 27, 
1996. Dr. Radiff was graduated 
from the Medical College of Virginia 
in 1944 and served in the Army 
during World War II. He practiced 
radiolog)' and general medicine in 
Norfolk, where he was city coroner, 
until he retired in 1980. He was a 
member of Warwick Masonic Lodge 
and the James River Country Club. 


THOMAS L. CURRIE, a retired 
real estate broker in Hudgins, died 
on October 29, 1996. 


WALTER M. ENGLE of Towson, 
Maryland, a retired teacher and 
guidance counselor, an avid golfer 
and bridge player, and an accom- 
plished jazz trumpeter, died on 
December 26, 1996. Mr. Engle 
worked briefly tor DuPont in a 
smokeless powder plant in Okla- 
homa before entering the Navy as an 
ensign. After earning a degree in 
meteorology from UCLA, he fore- 
cast weather at the Norfolk Naval 
Air Station and in Puerto Rico for 
the rest of World War II. Returning 
to Baltimore, he became a teacher 
and later a guidance counselor. 



died on March 3, 1993. 


at his home on May 5, 1996. After 
attending the Medical College of 
Virginia, Mr. Bendall operated 
Bendall's Drug Store in Danville 
until his retirement in 1970. His 
son, Gordon Bendall 72, editor of 
the Qmvell Messenger, wrote a eulo- 
gistic editorial about him, which 
won first place in the 1996 North 
Carolina Press Association contest. 
Mr. Bendall was also the father of 
Robert Bendall III 70 and C. 
Hunter Bendall 76. 


North Carolina, retired publisher of 
the Lenoir News-Topic, died in July 


The Reverend Mr. JAMES E. 
DRINKARD of Knoxville, Tennes- 
see died on July 6, 1 996. During a 
thirty-year career in the ministry, 
Mr. Drinkard served Presbyterian 
congregations in Virginia, North 
Carolina, and Tennessee. Before his 
service in the ministry, Mr. Drin- 
kard served in the Air Force in 
World War II. He earned a law 
degree from the University of 
Virginia and practiced law in Bristol 
for five years, leaving his law practice 
to train for the ministt)' at Union 
Theological Seminary in 1955. 

II died on September 21, 1996, in 
Goochland. Mr. Young was a vete- 

ran of World War II, and held mid- 
level administrative positions in two 
federal agencies until retirement. He 
was the father of Walter H. Young 
III 74. 


WIN ol Kinsale died on February 
26, 1996. He taught math and 
science at St. Stephen's School in 
Alexandria for thirty-four years and 
was an adviser to the Honor Coun- 
cil. He also taught at St. Margaret's 
School in Tappahannock. 

Richmond, vice president of Shade 
& Wise, Inc., died on January 28, 
1996. He had been president of the 
Virginia Masonr)' Council and an 
officer of the National Home- 
builders Association. He received the 
Ernest E. Mayo Award as Man of 
the Year for both Richmond and the 
State, and was the original recipient 
ot the Guy B. Hazelgrove Member- 
ship Development Award. 


JOHN D. MacDONALD died on 
January 29, 1997, in Newport 
News. He was a purchasing agent at 
the Newport News Shipbuilding and 
Dry Dock Company at the time of 
his retirement. Mr. MacDonald was 
past president of Warwick Toast- 
masters and had been a member of 
the James River Country Club. 

of Richmond, the former president 
of Trewett Christian Printing 
Company and owner of Lakeside 
Philatelies, died on June 6, 1996. 

19 62 

died on April 14, 1997, at his home 
in Hampden-Sydney, where he was 
director of annual giving (see article 
on page 29). 

died on June 21,1 996. Mr. Day was 
employed at Merriam Webster 
Dictionary Company until 1983, 
when he became an editor with 
Wyclifife Bible Translators in Peru, 
Guatemala, North Carolina, and 
(since 1990) Dallas, Texas. 

EVANS died on November 10, 
1996, at his home in Halifax. After 
graduation, Mr. Evans received a 

commission to serve in the Army, 
then served the Virginia National 
Guard for an additional twenty 
years. Mr. Evans worked as a Certi- 
fied Public Accountant in Halifax. 
He was a Director of First Federal 
Savings Bank and Treasurer of Tri- 
River Habitat for Humanity. He 
served as President of the South 
Boston Rotary Club, and sat on the 
Boards of the Halifax County 
Chamber of Commerce and the 
Virginia Society of CPAs. 


July 6, 1996. Mr. Wood was 
employed by Gan Cor Marketing as 
a marketing agent and was a 
member of the Waynesboro Church 
of the Brethren. 


JACK M. DICKERSON, a gradu- 
ate of Trinity Episcopal School, died 
in an automobile accident on 
December 23, 1996. 

College Family 

brother of Charles R. Guthrie 19, 

died on January 24, 1997; he was 
92. He had been an agricultural 
specialist with the U.S. Department 
of State, helping (among other 
significant assignments) to restore 
the agriculture of nations devastated 
by World War 11. With his wife, 
Elizabeth DeLong Guthrie, Mr. 
Guthrie established the Charles 
Callaway Guthrie Scholarship at 
Hampden-Sydney in 1968 in honor 
of his father. 

KIRBY KIRBY, wife of Lewis Kirby 
and mother of Wade Howard 
Osborne Kirby '80 and Trustee 
Roger Hillersdon Wigg Kirby '88, 
died on July 3, 1996, at her home, 
Claremont Manor on the James. 
Over the years Mrs. Kirby and her 
family have been generous support- 
ers of Hampden-Sydney, donating, 
among other things, the Coat of 
Arms, the College Gate, and Kirby 
Field House. 

Dr. LAIN G. WILSON, who 
received an honorary doctorate of 
Letters in May 1995, died of cancer 
in late 1995. 




Winter-Spring 1997 

J. Dennett Guthrie 


A sudden passion for bicycling across the country 

HAMPDEN-SYDNEY ., ■ j i ■ i ■ r, 

COLLEGE Strikes a senior and two alumni, the one just to see if he 
could do it, the others to raise money for inner-city kids 

Winter-Spring 1997 

Biking for a Good Came 


"I'm hoping to get 

the word out in our 

area and across the 

country what can be 

achieved if we get our 

kids into the outdoors 

to learn about nature 

and themselves. " 

Cross-country hiker 

laden with 40 pounds of camping and 
personal gear, John Kincheloe '97 of 

Culpeper spent last July and August 
forging his way from the Pacific coast of California to 
the Adandc waters of Virginia Beach. "I had one more 
year of school," recalls Kincheloe, who had never under- 
taken more than a single-day bike trip, "and I thought 
this would be a great way to see the coimtry." And see 
the country he did: 3410 miles of it, to be exact. 

Along the way, Kincheloe says, he met plent)' of 
people, visited some friends, and enjoyed the scenic 
diversity along the back roads of his route. 

Facing the "typical knee jerk reactions" from his 
mother, Kincheloe finally eased his family's concerns 
and persuaded his employers, Culpeper Wood Preser\'- 
ers, to give him time off for the trip. He says he went 
alone because he "didn't know 
anyone else who wanted to go 
along"'; then it became a cause: 
"I wanted to be able to say I did it 
by myself" 

During the early stages of the 
trip, Kincheloe had to contend 
with 1 00-degree-plus temper- 
atures in the California and 
Arizona deserts, vast stretches 
where water and supplies were in 

Sam Henry '94 (above left) 

and Butch Allen '94 dipped 

their bikes in the Pacific Ocean 

as they began their two-month 

cross-country trip for charity. 

John Kincheloe '97 (right) 

stands with his bike in the 

Atlantic Ocean after pedaling 

across the United States. 

short supply. "Once I had to fill my botdes from a 
closed store's air-condidoner run-off," he recalls. 

He spent about two months preparing for the trip, 
which was definitely worth the effort, he says, if only for 
"the feeling of freedom, of being on the open road with 
everything you need on your back. " 

• L^ '94 have been friends for years. When 
/3 they were at Hampden-Sydney, Allen 
was president of Omicron Delta Kappa, 
the honorary leadership society, and Henry was vice 
president. They co-coached the rugby team. After 
graduation, they both went to Europe. Then they 
paned company. In 1994-95, Allen ran a program for 
inner-city kids in South-Central Los Angeles, and now 
teaches at Holy Cross School in New Orleans. Henry 
went off to Vail, Colorado, to hold seveial jobs there. 

But they were so used to teamwork that when Allen 
had an idea, during their first Half-Iron-Man competi- 
tion in the simimer of 1996, to undertake a cross- 
country bicycle trip and raise money for charity, Henry 
supplied the charity (and another pair of legs for the 
work). Their ride from Oregon to Maine will help to 
support the "Meet the Wilderness " program, which 
gives at-risk kids from major cities a chance to hike, 
camp, and simply get outdoors — an idea that appeals to 
Allen because of his work with inner-city kids. "We've 
been bikers all our lives," says Allen of the 3,500-mile 

journey. "And we both like physical chal- 
lenges. So somedme during that Half- 
Iron-Man last summer, this idea came 
together for us, and we decided to do 
some good with it. '" 

Allen and Henry began the joiuney 
in May 1997 and will be in Maine, they 
hope, in August. They hope, too, that 
their "team" charity work will raise big 
money for a good cause. 

The note about John Kincheloe is adapted, 
with permission, from an article by Vincent 
Vala in the Culpeper News. 



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HALL OF FAME, Football vs. Methodist. 

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Football (A) vs. Randolph-Macon. 

10 Sunday 


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Music Festival Artist concerts. 

j DECEMBER 1997 

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Music Festival Artist concert. 

1 1 Monday 

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JUNE 1998 

1 9 Tuesday 
10,11 Wed-Thursday 

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.Study Days. 

12-18 Friday-Sunday 

Alumni Summer College 

12 Friday 

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14 Sunday 

Study Day. 

17 Wednesday 

Last day of final exams. 


P L A N N E D 

G I V 

»3g iTT'ata 

^ N ^ , .U. P ^ D A T E, 

How do your stock dividends compare with 
the yield of a Hampden-Sydney Gift Annuity? 

"My gift annuity 

is a two-way street. 

I happened to have 

an asset at the time 

that fit right into the 


It's a win-win 

situation. It gives me 

guaranteed income 

for life. I saved on 

capital gains and 

estate taxes. 

More important, 

it does good things for 


and will make a 

difference for the 

College and for 

future generations 

of students. " 



Charlottesville, Virginia 

Here is a chart of the yields of 20 of the 
more popular common stocks. Let's see how 
they compare with the 
guaranteed returns of gift 

Many of us have stock that 
we purchased for its 
appreciation value. Through 
the years these stocks may 
have doubled or tripled in 

Now, however, earning a 
higher rate of income and 
avoiding major capital gains 
taxes may be of greater 
importance to you than the 
appreciation. If this is your 
situation, the Development 
Office at Hampden-Sydney 
has a program that may meet 
your needs — a gift annuity. 

The tax code allows for assets 
like stock to be given to 
nonprofit institutions like Hampden- 
Sydney, in what is referred to as a "life- 
income arrangement." Simply put, this 
means that donors give away the principal 
but retain the right to receive the income 
produced by it for the remainder of their life 
(or lives, in the case of a couple). 









American Express 







Black & Decker 














Delta Airlines 








General Dynamics 




General Electric 






General Mills 


General Motors 


















International Paper 2.4 

















Average Yield of these 20 



selected stocks is 2.0%. 



' Stock Yields based on 

quotations of 4/22/97. 

Funding a gift annuity usually brings you a 
significandy higher rate of return than your 
stock. It also generates a 
charitable deduction for 
your current income tax, 
while allowing you to 
avoid capital gains tax on 
the increased value of 
your stock. And while it 
gives you all those 
benefits, it has the added 
advantage of helping 
continue its mission. 

If you feel that a gift 
annuity might be of 
value to you, contact the 
Development Office 
toU-free at (800) 865- 
1776; ask for George 
Peters or Michael 
Degenhart. A confi- 
dential, detailed illus- 
tration can be prepared 
to show how a gift 

annuity would affect your specific situation. 

(Tbis illustration is not intended as tax or legal 

advice; for that you should consult your own 

professional advisors.) 

Call us today to find out how a gift annuity 
can help both you and the College. 






Non-Profit Org. 
U. S. Postage 

Permit #6221 
Merrifield, VA 

Address Correction Requested 

"At Hampden-Sydney, our most important task 

other than teaching and learning is to continue to strengthen 

and improve our sense of direction for the future — 

our vision for the next five, ten, twenty five years and beyond— 

as well as the strategy to support that vision in the 

troubled world of the twenty first century. 

And that highlights our critical need for resources. 

Money — the money to do the things we must do, if we are 

to continue to fulfill our promise of almost two and a quarter 

centuries ago, if we are to keep pace in the next century. 

You alumni, parents, and friends have dug down 

deep and helped us as you 've never helped before. 

For that we are profoundly grateful, 

and for that you should be proud as well. 

The return on your investment in our College, recall, is the 

"Hampden-Sydney Man "- — the good man and good citizen, 

the bulwark of society that our pre-Revolutionary founders 

dreamed and talked about, the kind of man 

today 's society needs so desperately. " 

President of Hampden-Sydney College 


Honor Roll of Donors 1996-97 

Recognizing gifts during the 
1996 - 97 Fiscal Year 


© 1997 Hampden-Sydney College 

The lists contained in this report 

are to be used only for the information of 

Hampden-Sydney s alumni and friends. 

All other uses, especially commercial uses, 

are strictly prohibited. 

Every effort has been made to compile 

as accurate a report of donors as is possible. 

If, however, you discover a mistake, please let us know: 

Recorder of Gifts, Development Office, Estcourt, 

Hampden-Sydney , VA 23943; Telephone: (804) 223-6136; Fax: (804) 223-6381 

E-mail: fundmanage@tiger. hsc. edu. 

This report includes donors for the 1996-97 fiscal year, 

which began on July 1, 1996, and 

endedjune30, 1997. 



C = Cabinet 

F = Faculty 

FE = Faculty Emeritus 

FF = Former Faculty 

S = Staff 

T = Trustee 

FT = Former Trustee 

TE = Trustee Emeritus ,' 





ng Donors of $ly 




or more 



Mr. & Mrs. Roben V, Hatcher, Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Saunders, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Manuel H. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Bates Chappell '64 

Honoring Donors of $10,000 or more 



McLean, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Newport News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John Willard Kirk III '72 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Chitwood, 


Mr. & Mrs. Roben R. Hatten '69 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadincjr. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Jr. '68 

Mr. Copeland E. Adams '31 - Deceased 

Newport News, Virginia 

'66 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggeti '68 (FT) 

Greenville, North Carolina 

Franklin, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. William C. Holbrook (FE) 

Richmond, Virginia 

Huddleston, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Clark, Jr. '75 

Mr. & Mrs, Thomas N. Allen "60 (T) 

Hampden -Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Grant C. Sipp '49 

Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Lindsay '52 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall B. Hopkins "34 

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Ashby W. Coleman '87 

Dr. William H, Armstrong '36 

Goleta. California 

Mr. & Mrs, Julious P. Smith. Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. L. White Matthews III '67 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Ken[, Connecticut 

Mr. William Henr>- Hubbard '39 



Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Anhur, Jr. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 

Wayne, Pennsylvania 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Henrv C, Spalding, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs, W. Sheppard Miller III '79 

Dr. J. Scott Colley (C) 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Beck '67 

'46 (FT) 


Norfolk, Virginia 

Dr. Christine Coiley(F) 

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Miss Dorothy Overcash 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Boinest '54 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Ireland 111 

Mr, & Mrs. S. Bruce Spencer '37 

Winchester. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Custis, Jr. '67 

Richmond. Virginia 

Thoma-sville. Georgia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Dr.JohnA. Owen,Jr. '45 

Onancock, Virginia 

Mr. Raymond B. Bottom, Jr, '51 (T) 

Mr, Charles G. Johnson '26 - Deceased 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Timothy Dalke & 

Hampton, Virginia 

Greenville, South Carolina 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Parker '81 (T) 

Kathr)'n Dalke 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Mrs. Charles G. Johnson 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Woodstock, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Greenville. South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Venable. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Parroti II '64 (Y) 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Dennis 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. H. Brandon '45 

Mr, & Mrs, Charles Hill Jones, Jr, (T) 

■50 (FT) 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Lively, Virginia 

High Point, North Carolina 

Rumson. New Jersey 

Fripp Island, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. William CPeake '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Diet! '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Carter B. Br>'an (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Kendig, Jr. '32 


Newpon News, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Jacksonville. Florida 

Richmond, Virginia 

Alexandria. Virginia 

Mr.&Mrs. Baxter F.Phillips, jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert W. Driver '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Royal E. Cabell, Jr. '43 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. King. Jr. '52 

Mr. George T. Walters '32 

Richmond, Virginia 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Manakin-Saboi. Virginia 


Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C.Rapp. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Robert Eason, Sr, '40 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Gartlcdge, Jr. 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Edgar N. Weaver. Jr, '69 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

Orange, Virginia 

'63 (T) 

The Kirby Family 

Roanoke, Virginia 

The Hon. Donald Henry Rumsfeld 

Mr. W.Robert Eason, Jr. '67 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Claremont, Virginia 

Chicago. Illinois 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Chapman III 

Mr. Robert W. Uwson, jr. "30 (FT) 


Dr. &Mrs.JohnB.Schug'52 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Travers Edwards, Jr, '68 

Saiem, Virginia 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Honoring Donors of $5,000- $9,999 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Newpon News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Philip Cook, Jr. (T) 

Dr. & Mrs. William I. Ue "71 

The Rev. & Mrs. Thomas T. 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Flannagan, Sr. 

Birmingham. Alabama 

Harrisonburg. Virginia 


Traynham. jr. '41 

'40 (FT) 

Mr. Richard F.Cralle, Jr. '65 (T) 

Dr. & Mrs. Willetie L. UHew '57 (FT) 

Mr. &Mrs.JohnM.Acken'61 

Crewe, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Mr. James L. Trinkle '50 (FT) - 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Frischkorn, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist. Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Lipscomb '66 

Mr. & Mrs. James N.Boyd "58 




Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Long. Sr. '38 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Mark Burris '76 

Mrs. Muriel King Trinkle 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Fuller '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglass C. Crummett '43 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

High Point. North Carolina 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macferlane III '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Camp '83 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wheat Iir75 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry R Gilbertson '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Dixon. Jr. '65 (T} 


Columbia, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

McLean, Virginia 

Dillvtyn, Virginia 

Darien, Connecticut 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Citrone '87 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Whitley '59 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III 65 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Madden '67 

Westporr, Connecticut 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 


Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Eugene Cooke '58 

Dr. William T. Wilkins 

Mr. & Mrs. John N. Harrington. Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. CraigL. Massey'88(T) 

Midlothian. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 



Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. &Mrs.AnhurP. Flippo'41 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. Willcox 

Raleigh. North Carolina 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

The Hon. D. Carleton Mayes '36 

Doswell. Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr, '65 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Drinko 

Dinwiddie, Virginia 

Mr. James Gordon Frazer '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon C. Willis '42 (FT) 

Farmville, Virginia 

Lyndhurst. Ohio 

Mrs. Frank T. McFaden, Jr. - Deceased 

Richmond. Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Gregor)' B. Henderson '76 

Mr. &'Mrs. John C.Ellis, jr. '70 (T) 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Dr. Richard M. Frazer, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. George Wright III '48 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr, Davidj.McKittrick'67(T) 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

New York. New York 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hill III '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson (T) 

North Sioux City, South Dakota 

Dr. & Mrs, Richard M, German, Jr, '^0 

Mr. Frederick W. Young, Jr. '44 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey III '57 

Fredericksburg. Virginia 

Knoxville. Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Hoffmann '53 

Dr. & Mrs. William C. Finch '29 (FT) 


Dr. & Mrs. Frederick T. Given. Jr. '^9 

Richmond. Virginia 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Schley. Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 


Mr, & Mrs. Charles E. Hubbard '62 

MissJuliaB. Fleet 

Dr. & Mrs. Perry D. Mowbray, jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Goodmon 

Honoring Donors of $2,500 - $4,999 

Roxboro, North Carolina 

La jolla, California 

Marion, Virginia 

Raleigh. North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston. Jr. "42 

Mr. & Mrs. Pace M. Fonville, Sr. (T) 

Mr. Malcolm R. Myers "57 (T) 

Mr. Ernest W. Goodrich 


South Boston, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mentor, Ohio 

Surry, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Adkins. jr. '82 

Mr. William C.Keightley '75 

Mr.&Mrs.j. B. Fuqua(FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell B. Newton, Jr. (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Chicago, Illinois 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William Byrn Alsup III '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kiefer "75 

Mr.&Mrs.CarterB.S. Furr.Sr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Pannill '77 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. P. M. Grabill. Sr. 

Washington, District of Columbia 

Sparks, Maryland 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Martinsville. Virginia 

Woodstock, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Baril '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael j. Krupin 

Mr.&Mrs. MarkM.Gambill72 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Pauley (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry A. Hackney '67 

Midlodiian, Virginia 

Be\Trly Hills, California 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Beckner '68 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh K. Leary '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Guthridge, Sr. 

Dr. George P. Piros '75 

Mrs. Virginia H. Hackney (T) 

Nashville. Tennessee 

Richmond, Virginia 

'68 (T) 

Savannah, Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bonaventura '83 

Mr, & Mrs. Keith W.Lewis '78 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. &C Mrs. Gary W. Rollins 

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan B.Hair39 

Rye. New York 

Baltimore. Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney III 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Sanibel. Florida 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush (C) 

The Hon. & Mrs. J. Granger 

'43 Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Russell, jr. 64 

Mr. & Mrs. Marion Peebles Harrison 

Hampden-Sydne)', Virginia 


TheHon.JohnM. Hamlet, jr. '31 

Norfolk, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. James W. Burgess '62 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

Mrs. Martha C. Sanders 

Nags Head. North Carolina 

South Boston, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. j. Harrison Hancock '38 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. W. Glenn Hun '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene C. Caldwell '38 


Charlottesville, Virginia 



Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 



Dr. & Mrs. Samuel B. McLaughlin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C.Fred Ball. 


Mr. & Mrs. LonnieA. Byrd 

Mr. Douglas 

S. Diven, Jr. '53 

The Hon. & Mrs. Ernest P. Gates, Sr. 


Dallas. Texas 

Newport News, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

■45 (FT) 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

Mr. & Un. Charles A. Banks III 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Cabell "74 

Dr. & Mrs. William S. Dodson '54 

Chesterfield, Virginia 

Mr. J. Maurice Miller. Jr. 

Gloucester, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Portsmouth, Virginia 


Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Bascom. Jr. '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Capito. Jr. 76 

Mr. & Mrs. R. T. Doole\-. Jr. 

Baltimore. Mar>'land 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Moorman '64 

Charlortesville. Virginia 

Charleston. West Virginia 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Gear. Jr. '55 

Lawrencev-ilie. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Basilone "85 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Caplin '86 

Mr, & Mrs. James F. Douthat '64 

South Hill. Virginia 

Mrs. Banow Morgan III 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Warrington. Pennsylvania 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William Gee 

Lawrenceville. Georgia 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. BeaJl '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L.Carr '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy HI (S) 

TImonlum. Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Nolan '51 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Farmville. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Y. Geho '83 

Charleston. West Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Beall 111 

Mr. & Mrs, William A. Carrington '38 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew "60 (C) 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. &Mr^. J. Fain Peebles 78 

Mobile, Alabama 

L>Tichburg. Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Giannetti III '86 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward J. Beanie. Jr. 

Mr. George B. Cartledge III '86 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis J. Duckwall "59 

Wayne. New Jersey 

Mr. & Mrs. Phihp deButts Rome '68 

New York, New York 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Giles '65 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. Frederick W. Beck 111 "65 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley H. Gary *85 

Mr. Thomas U. Dudley '65 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John I. Rose 11 

Concord. Virginia 

McLean, Virginia 

UpperAille. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Alben R. Gillespie '33 (FT) 

Bronx\'ille, New York 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Bedinger III 76 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Catlett "43 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Russell Dunnington, Jr. 

Staunton, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Toy D. Savage. Jr. 

Adanta, Georgia 

Richmond, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Gillespie, Jr. '54 

Norfolk, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. M. Deane Cheatham III 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Severna Park. Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Schaaf 111 '69 

Winchester. Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. C. Thomas Ebel '76 

Mr. & Mrs, William A. Gillespie, Sr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Edmund L. Benson lir59 

Mechanicsville. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 


Mr. John H. Schaefer 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Kenneth E. Childress 70 

Dr, & Mrs. Frederick T Edmunds '4 1 

Tazewell, Virginia 

Cassel berry. Florida 

Mr. & Mrs. MarcellusJ. Best. Jr. '80 

Brent\vood, Tennessee 

Lexington. Vliginia 

Mr. J. Edwin Givens 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 

Goldsboro. North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Clarke "50 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh G. Edmunds. Jr. "64 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. &Mr^. George C Bird '57 

Devon. Pennsylvania 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr, Roben L. Glenn III 

Mrs. Beniamin A. Soyars 

Montere\', Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Shel'ton Clarke. Jr. '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds. Jr. 

Ne\v' York. New York 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Blank. Jr. '78 

Richmond. Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Glover III '83 

Mr. & Mn. Leon K. Stepanian, Jr. 

LItde Rock, Arkansas 

Mr. & Mrs, Don R. Cochran *73 

Richmond, Virginia 

Manakin -Sabot, Virginia 

Manakin- Sabot. Virginia 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Roben Bluford. 

Hampton. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Elwang, Jr. '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Bennie W. Good 73 

Mr- Douglas P. Strup 

Jr. "45 

Mr. Frederick G. Coffield 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Bethesda. Mar)'land 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mrs. Rose S. Emerick 

Dr. John R Good '^1 

Mr.&Mrs. DavidL.Tashjian?? 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Elliott Bondurant '79 

Mr. Ernest Lee Coleman, Jr. 

Warrenton. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Rye, New York 

West Point. Virginia 

Prospea. Virginia 

Mr, John R. English 

Mr. & Mrs. R Warden Good "81 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Taylor. Jr. '57 

Mr. Obie Henry Boodi '62 

Mr. Mark S. Collier 

CIncinnari. Ohio 

Richmond. Virginia 

Radford. Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

FayenevlUe, North Carolina 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Keith Eubank, Jr. '42 

Mrs. Juliet Lynch Goode 

Mr. James B. TTiomas, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Bosweli "65 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Barrie Cook '45 

Charlonesville. Virginia 

Virginia Beach. Viiginia 

Newport News. Virginia 

Burkeville, Virginia 

Fairfex, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Everette, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Goodman '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Thomson '85 

Mr. & Mrs. John Watts Bowditch 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Coulbourn 

Mechanicsville. Virginia 

Adanta. Georgia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Gloucester. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. James H. Fannon. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Goodnight 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Trammell '58 

Mr. & Mrs. George Steel Bowers. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Cowherd III '50 

Alexandria. Virginia 

Halifax. Virginia 

Hershe)', Pennsylvania 


Martinsville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, Roben E. Farmer III '70 

Dr. &: Mrs, lames W, Gordon. Jr. '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas' B. Walker "77 

Br)an. Ohio 

Dr. & Mrs. WiUiam S. Coxe '46 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin C. Bowling, Jr. '48 

St. Louis, Missouri 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Faussemagne 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. James C. Whear. Jr. (FT) 

Powhatan, Virginia 


Adanta, Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. William B, Graham "43 

Caret. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Trevor Boyce '83 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mr^. Mark E. Feldmann. Sr. '70 

Irvlngton, Virginia 

President & Mrs. Samuel V. Wilson 

Poquoson. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter E. Craig '84 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Mr, Horace A. Gray III 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Bray "60 

Charlonesvllle, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Leavenworth M. Ferrell '63 

Richmond, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Ponsmoudi, Virginia 

Mrs. Roberta A. Crawley (S) 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, R. Bryan Grinnan HI '5^ 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcoa. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. 0. Christian Brednip, Jr. 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Scott Fife '83 

Nortialk, Viiginia 



Dr. & Mrs, Charles L. Crocken. Jr. "42 

Great Falls. Virginia 

Mrs. R Br\'an Grinnan. Jr. 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. S. Douglas Fleet (TE) 

Virginia Beach. Vliginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Orian Wrenn "46 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Breeden III '56 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Brian C. Grogan '73 

Richmond. Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Cross, Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Franklin Flippin '69 

Yosemite National Park, California 

Mr. John L. Brinkley '59 (F) 

Newport News, Virginia 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter L. Grtibb. Jr. "5^ 


Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Crowley 

Col. & Mrs. William R Foley 

Charlone, North Carolina 

Homnng Donors of $1,000 - $2,499 

Mr. EricJ.Brinsfield'88 


Williamsburg. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John L. Guerrant '33 

Newark. Delaware 

Cowpens. South Carolina 

Mr, & Mrs. John A. Forbes Iir69 

Charlortesville. Virginia 


Dr. & Mrs. J. Mills Brin. Jr. '56 

Dr. & Mrs. John C. Crump III '60 

Ramsey. New Jersey 

Mrs. ChrisrineG, Hadel 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Adams. Jr. '7 1 

Franklin. Virginia 

Dunnsvilie. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gr^ory D. Foreman "^1 

Farmville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mni. J. Alfred Broaddus. Jr. 

Mr. &Mrs,JohnP. Cullen'91 

Midlothian. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Hale 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Adelman "70 

Richmond, Virginia 

Greenville. Soudi Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Randolph Fowler '74 

Atlanta. Georgia 

Cincinnati. Ohio 

Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner T. Broob. Jr. '51 

Dr. & Mrs. C. William Dabney '76 

Greenville, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Haley "77 

Mr. William S. Adkisson, Jr. '29 

Williamsburg. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Gordon France. Jr. '76 

Winnetka. Illinois 

Clover, Virginia 

Mr. W. Denis Brown I\' '80 

Mr. & Mrs, Frederick M, Dabney 

Spananburg, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. B. W. Hamilton. Jr. 

The Rev'. & Mrs. John L. Alexander '64 

Monroe. Louisiana 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Freeman, Jr. '52 

Montgomerv. .\labama 

Charlone. North Carolina 

Dr. W. Hamilton Bryson '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Daly '83 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Hampton '75 

Dr. &Mr^. Donald M.Allen 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. George H. Fulton, Jr. '42 

Chesapeake, Virginia 

Fredericksburg. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, John D.Burke "80 

Mr. & Mr5. Thomas B. Davidson. Jr. 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Darby G.Hand '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Mosby R. Allmond, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 


Mr. Shockley D. Gardner, Jr, 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

Hanover, \'irginia 

Mr. & Mrs, Rjchard Burrell "38 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Hardin. Jr, (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Andrews. Sr. 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Norwood H. Davis, Jr. '63 

Mrs. Shockle)' DeWitt Gardner. Sr, 

Raleigh. North Carolina 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Burroughs. Sr. 


Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Hardin '63 

Mr. & Mrs, Lester E. Andrews. Sr. '.% 

Virginia Beach, Viiglnla 

Richmond. Vliginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gardner. Jr. '57 

Middletown. Ohio 

(T)Farmville. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Bunon '68 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Brandt Deal 70 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. &Mrs.J. Daniel Hardy. Jr. 71 

Mr. & Mrs. Landon G. Atkins 

Charlortes\'ille. Viiginia 

Winston-Salem. North Carolina 

Ms. Anita H. Garland (C) 

Blacksburg. Virginia 

Farmvltle. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Buder '63 

Mr. Rocco DeMilio 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Robert G. Harper "38 (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Austin 71 

Winchester, Virginia 

Crofton, Maryland 

Mr. Todd B. Garliss, Jr. 

Chevy Chase. Maryland 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Dr. &: Mrs. W. W. Samuel Buder '76 

Major & Mrs. John W. Dennis. Jr. 72 

Lutherville, Mar)'land 

Dr. & Mrs. James A. Harrell. Jr. 

Mrs. .\nnc P. H. Ayres 

Roanoke, Viiglnia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Garrett. Jr. 

Elkln, North Carolina 

Staunton, Virginia 

Mr. Wlliim T.Butler. Jr. '62 - 

Dr. Henn- Clark Deriso 

Gastonia. North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Hiter Harris III '83 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles LBaird, Jr. 


Savannah, Georgia 


Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Lonnle B. Dickens. Jr. '45 

Newport News. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Hiter Harris. Jr. (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. Pauls. Baker (S) 

Mrs. W^ililam T. Butler. Jr. 

Charlottes\ille. Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Alan F. Garrison '84 

Richmond. Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Mr. August A. Dietz III "46 
Richmond. Virginia 

Staunton. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Han-is '77 

Winston -Salem. North Carolina 



"7 1_I f~\ K T i~\ n 

n /~s 

T T /-~\T-' r~\/~> 


7 HONOR )s\jv.v. Kjf uv> 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Allen Harrison 

Mr. & Mrs. C Mark Kelly '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis B. McClung '82 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pappas '60 

Dr. Philip A. Roberts (FT) - Deceased 

Jupiter, Florida 

Charlotte. North Carolina 

Salem. Virginia 

Pommouth, Virginia 

Staunton. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. Hassold '52 

Ms. Ruth Anne Kendall 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. McClung '82 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Russell Parker Iir67 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Stewan Robertson '54 

Landrum, South Carolina 

Canterbury. Connecticut 

Salem. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Kingwood. Texas 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W, Hatcheti, Jr. '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Kimbrough 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. 

The Hon. & Mrs. WcstbrookJ. Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Francis Robinson, Jr. 

Rock Hill. South Carolina 

Davidson, North Carolina 




Mr. & Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw 111 78 

Mr. Roger H. W. Kirby '88 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Franklin, Virginia 

New Canaan, Connecricut 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. McMullen '89 

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Parks 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred D. Robinson '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Paulus I. Haynsworth '62 

Dr. & Mrs. Hubert E. Kiscr. Jr. "53 

Charlotte, Nonh Carolina 

Newpoa News, Virginia 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Bluefield. West Virginia 

Dr. &Mrs.JohnB. Mears 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Passano, Jr. 

Mrs. Lynne R. Robinson 

Captain & Mrs. Joel B, Beaton 

Mr. & Mrs. C, Norman Krueger (C) 

Birmingham. Alabama 

'53 (FT) 

Chesapeake. Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydne>', Virginia 

Mrs. V^irginia B. Mell 

Balrimore. Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Robinson 

Ms. jane Murphy Bellinger 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles R. Kmmmell '63 

Waynesville, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. William T.Patrick, Jr. 


Manassas, Virginia 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Meredith. Jr. '45 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Chesapeake. Virginia 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Bereford 

Mrs. Douglas W. Laird 

.,%nold. Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Patton "63 

Mrs. Virginia N.Roddy (FT) 

Charleston. West Virginia 

Richmond, Vii^inia 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Michaux '34 

Laurel, Maryland 

New Orleans. Louisiana 


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Lane 


Mr. & Mrs. W. David Paxton '76 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben G. Rogers (F) 

Farmville, Virginia 

Wisconsin Rapids. Wisconsin 

Richmond, Vii^ia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Bampden-Sydney. Viipnia 

Mr. Timothy E.Biidreth 73 

Mrs. Belen S. Lanier 

Mr. William R. Middelthon. Jr. '63 

Mr. Marshall N. Pearman, Jr. '61 

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Rosanelli. Jr. '58 

Gahanna, Ohio 

Palm Beach, Florida 


Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. Thomas B. Hilton 

Doctors Oscar M. & Sarie G. Laserna 

Coral Gables, Florida 

Mr. C. Wayne Penick '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Ro.senb3um '54 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Middleton '76 

Annapolis. Maryland 

McLean. Virginia 

Dr. Mary Saunders Boban (F) 

Mr. Lance A. Lavenstein 71 

Nashville. Tennessee 

Mrs. Doris R. Percy 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Lewis Roysier, Jr. "62 

Bampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Miles Iir66 

Midlothian. Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. H. William Boffman '49 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Lawley. Sr. 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Percy, Jr. '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis j. Rudzinski 

Charlotte C. H.. Virginia 

Pasadena. California 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Miles 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Barry F. Boke. Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Fontaine B. Lawson "64 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Perkins '64 

Mr. Joseph M. Ruffin. jr. '62 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Miller, jr. '62 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. Richard D. Holcomb "76 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Lawson '39 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. George M. Peters (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Sanders '56 

Richmond, Virginia 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Mr. John M. Miller '56 

Hampden -Sydney, Virginia 

Spartanburg, South Carolina 

The Bon. Dr. & Mrs. Clarence A. 

Mrs. Susan Weems Leachman 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith D. Peterson. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradford B. Sauer '74 

Bolland "52 

Ashland, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Minter '73 

Shrevepon, Louisiana 

Richmond. Virginia 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Lee LeCompte '53 

Bronxville. New York 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pickral, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Saunders 

Mr. Claude S. Bornsbv 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. Stewan P. Mitchell 

Richmond. Virginia 

Midlothian. Virginia 

Roswell. Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. Bunon P. Lee 

Newport News, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael j.Piron 

Mr. &: Mrs. Boyd Scarborough '70 

Mr. Roben G. Bonon. Jr. '52 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd B. Mize, Jr. '53 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Portsmouth, Virginia 

Frisco, Texas 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Lee "68 

Ruther Glen. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Benr>' R. Pollard IV "64 

Mr. Edward M.Schaaf. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Howard 11 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monette 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Alexandria. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. UHew "59 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Porterfield (F) 

Mr. George R. Schell 

Mr. George M.Bowenr92 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Montgomery, jr. 


Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Cullen C. Leigh '47 

Campobello, South Carolina 

Bampden-Sydney, Virginia 

The Bon. Dr. James R. Schlesinger. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Norton Bowe, Jr. '60 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles C. Moore, Jr. '67 

Dr. & Mrs. Randall W. Powell '67 

Arlington. Virginia 

Greenville. North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Leigh '40 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mobile. Alabama 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Scon "63 

Dr. & Mrs. David F.Buddie "81 

Bethesda, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Moore '78 

Mr. & Mrs. John Carlisle Priddy '58 

Portsmouth. Virginia 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Lowry. Jr. '66 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. j. Boward Settle '50 

Mr. WilliamA. Hudgins'84 

Charlone, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. Devereux P. Moring 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius B. Pntchard, Jr. 

Lawrenccville, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Lucas '59 

New Orleans. Louisiana 

'50Summerville. South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Shannon IV 

Mr. & Mrs. Walton L. Buff 'S! 

Beckley, West Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John Barris Morrison, jr. 

Mr. &: Mrs. Kenneth M. Pricchett '64 

Birmingham. Alabama 

Sugar Land, Texas 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles I. Lunsford II "64 

Concord, North Carolina 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Captain & Mrs. S. Michael Sharp 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Bughey '79 

Moneta, Virginia 

Cmdr. & Mrs. Frank M. Morton, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Pumphrey III 

USAF, MD '86 

Bouston. Texas 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Daniel MacGill III '67 



Boise. Idaho 

Mr. David C. Bumphreys 

Snowshoe, West Virginia 

Water View. Virginia 

Winchester, Kentucky 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Shelor '72 

Jopllin. Missouri 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Mack. jr. '68 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles B. Moseley. Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Greyson Quarles, Jr. 

Salem, Virginia 

Mr. ^ Mrs. Robert W. Bumphreys '58 

Knoxville. Tennessee 

Petersburg. Vii^inia 


Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Shelton '41 


Mr. & Mrs. George W. Macon III "65 

Dr. V.AtwellMotley.Jr. "51 

Gary. North Carolina 

Nassawadox. Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Abingdon. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Ragsdale III '66 

Mr. Marvin G. Sigler 

Mr. & Mrs.]. Brian Jackson '87 

Mr. Howard D. MacPherson '25 

Dr. & Mrs. Roderick A. Mundy '43 

Petersburg. Virginia 

Mi. Jackson, Virginia 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

Mahwah, New jersey 

Mountain Lakes. New Jersey 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Ramey, Jr. '51 

Dr. Berbenj.Sipe.Jr. (F) 

Mr, & Mrs. j. Bruce James, Jr. '53 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Maddux, Sr. "72 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham 

Tucker, Georgia 

Bampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

ChaHottesville. Virginia 


Dr. & Mrs. E. Jarrati Ramsey. Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. James I. Slaydon, jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Anson Jamison "39 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Mansfield. Jr. 79 

Chapel Bill, North Carolina 

Richmond. Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Gainesville. Georgia 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Noningham. jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Rankin 

The Rev, Dr. Glenn W. Small, Jr. '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Janney 11 73 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Manson. Jr. "44 


Richmond. Virginia 

Atlanta, Geoi^ia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. &Mrs.JakeRasor,Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Smith '59 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Dabney Jarman '27 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Maragon '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley. Sr. '44 

Cross Bill. South Carolina 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Washington, Disiria of Columbia 

McGaheysville. Vii^inia 

Clifton Forge. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Bolman C. Rawls III '63 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Snavely '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Jennings 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Marks 72 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore G. Offterdinger 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

Franklin, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. Henry Barnes Ray. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Snyder Iir50 

Dr. & Mrs. Edgar F. Jessee '42 

Mr.jamesj. Marshall. Jr. "34 

Lynchburg. Virginia 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Chapel Hill. North Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

New York. New York 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence T. Orgain '4 1 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Ray (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bryce D. Jewen. Jr. "68 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hawley Martin 

Albena, Virginia 

Devon. Pennsylvania 

Sr. "63 

Richmond, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. John Gui|;aney Overstreet 

Mr. & Mrs. A. William Reid '76 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. J. Monroe Johns 

Richmond, Virginia 


Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mr. j. Boyd Spencer 

Farmville. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Winfield Massie "49 

Bedford, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Rick Reiss '70 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Johnson '67 

Spring, Texas 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Overton "48 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

The Bon. & Mrs. Roben B. Spencer. 

Burkeville. Vii^inia 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Mainey '63 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. E. A. Rennolds. Jr. 

jr. '43 

Dr. Samuel S. Jones '43 

Avon. Connecticut 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Michael Pace. Jr. '79 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dillwyn, Virginia 

Tucson. Arizona 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F, S) 

Salem, Virginia 

Mr. C. Edward Richardson III '51 

The Bon. William B. Spong, Jr. '41 

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Jones, jr. "37 

Bampden-Sydney, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Pace '82 

Richmond. Virginia 


Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. McBratnev. Jr. 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Richardson '38 

Portsmouth, Vii^inia 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Jovner, Jr. '51 


Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Padgett, jr. '63 


Dr. & Mrs. Peter W. Squire '48 


Lynchburg. Virginia 

Bethesda. Maryland 

Bluefield. West Virginia 

Emporia. Virginia 

Bampden-Sydne)', Virginia 

Mr. Adrian L.McCardellIir74 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Palmore. Jr. '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Roach '73 


Mr. & Mrs. James j. Keating, jr. "56 

Reston. Virginia 

Ashland. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. David S. McClung II '5 1 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Palmore 111 

Mr. James C. Robbins '55 

Salem. Vii^nia 



Bear. Delaware 



Mr. & Mrs. R. Curtis Steele. Jr. '67 

Dr. & Mrs. William H, Weiss, Jr. '68 

Mr. Patrick D. Mulquin '91 


Mr. Cliffbrd A. Curlee '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall B. Hopkins '34 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Cape Carteret. North Carolina 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Goleta. California 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Mark Stcpanian '93 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Wells, Jr. 73 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Pollard V '88 

Mrs. Kay Booker Davidson 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin G. Horner 

Richmond. Virginia 

Seyerna Park. Maryland 

Richmond, Virginia 

Halifax. Virginia 

Moselev. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Graham Stephens '49 

Mr. & Mrs. John B.Werner 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles W. Pryor III '89 

Mr. & Mts. James W. Dennis 

Mr. William Henr>' Hubbard '39 

Troutville, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Piano. Texas 

Lively, Virginia 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. H.Ben Stone m '61 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. White '60 

Mr. John J. Regan '93 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Dixon. Jr. '65 (D 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. 

New Bern, North Carohna 

Salem. Vii^inia 

Mineola. New York 

Dillwyn, Virginia 

'46 (FT) 

Dr. Keartoti M. Stone '67 

Ms. Lucille B. Whidow 

Dr. & Mrs. Matthew W. Robertson III 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III '65 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Gloucester, Virginia 

Vinton, Virginia 



Mr. & Mrs. J. Bruce James. Jr. '53 (FT) 

Mrs. Walter N. Street. Jr. 

Mr. John L. Wilcox 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Richmond, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Manakin-Sabot. Virginia 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. John Howard Selzer '94 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Drinko 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Anson Jamison '39 

Mr. Thomas J. Sirup 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Wilkins. Jr. '59 

Dallas, Texas 

Lyndhurst. Ohio 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Herndon, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. William Francis Shumadine III '94 

Mrs. W. P. Edmondson. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Saul E. Joftes 

Lt. & Mrs. Christopher P. Stuart '8"^ 

Mr, & Mrs. William T. Wilson '60 

Richmond. Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Pacific Grove, California 

Covington. Virginia 

Mr. Roy Timothy Tepper III '94 (S) 

Dr. & Mrs. William P. Edmondson, Jr. 

Mrs, J, Monroe Johns 

Mrs. Carroll Wilson Suggs 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Witthoefft '68 

Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 


Farmville, Virginia 

Metairie, Louisiana 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bradley Terry '87 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 

Mrs. Charles G. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Suiti, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wolcon. Jr. '42 

Abingdon. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Everett '63 

Greenville. South Carolina 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Norfolk. Virginia 


Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hill Jones. Jr. (T) 

Dr. & Mrs. T. Austin Sydnor. Jr. '52 

Mr. Raymond Andrew Woody '63 

Ellicott City, Maryland 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Gray Ferguson 

Rumson, New Jersey 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

Smyrna. Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Timothy Williford '88 

Staunton. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. W.Robert Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Walker P. Sydnor. jr. '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Worthen 

Wilson, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. WiOiam G. Ferrell '71 (FT) 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Birmingham. Alabama 

Mr. Mark T. Wright '89 

Greenwich, Connecticut 

Mr, & Mrs. James J. Keating, Jr. '56 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Taylor 74 

Mr. & Mrs, Cleveland A. Wright, Sr. 

Arlington. Virginia 

Mrs. John A. Field, Jr. 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

Charlotte. North Carolina 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Naples, Florida 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Kendig, Jr. '32 

Dr. & Mrs. Cunis H. Thomas, Jr. '61 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert G. Wright 


Dr. & Mrs. William C. Finch '29 (FT) 

Richmond, Virginia 

Lochgelly. West Virginia 

Raleigh. North Carolina 

Nashville. Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kiefcr '75 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Brian Thompson 

Mr, & Mrs, Howard A. Wynne, Jr. '52 


Miss Julia B. Fleet 

Sparks, Maryland 

Alexandria, Virgmia 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Dr. Mary Virginia Allen 

La Joila, California 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. King, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy S. Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Emmett D. B. Yancey '60 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 

Mr, & Mrs. S. Douglas Fleet (TE) 


Adanta. Georgia 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60 (T) 

Richmond, Virginia 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

The Hon. & Mrs. W. Carnngton 

Mr.&Mrs. NeilW.Yeargin'62 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles D. Fox III 

The Kirby Family 

Thompson '37 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

Mr. W.Dudley Allen. Jr. '43 

Maui, Hawaii 

Claremont. Virginia 

Chatham. Virginia 

Wilsons, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Franck 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett '68 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Spencer L. Timm 


Mr. & Mrs. Lester E. Andrews, Sr. '36 

Maninsville, Virginia 

Huddleston, Virginia 

Sherborn, Massachusetts 

Honoring donors from the classes of 


Mr, & Mrs. George C. Freeman. Jr. '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Willette L. LeHew '57 (H) 

Mr. & Mrs. John A, Tlmmons, Jr. 

1987- 1 996 who gave $500 - $999 

Farmville. Virginia 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Forest. Virginia 

Dr. William H. Armstrong '36 

Mr, & Mrs, J, B, Fuqua (FT) 

Mr. Edset H.Lester "55 

Dr. & Mrs. Terry Tippin 

Mr. JamesA. Abbon'91 

Kent. Conneaicut 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Grundy, Virginia 

Savannah, Georgia 

Arlington, Virginia 

Mrs. Anne P. H. Ayres 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard M, German, Jr. '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Lewis 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Tomkies '83 

Mr, Benjamin H. Beaird '96 

Staunton, Virginia 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Richmond, Viig,inia 

Powell, Ohio 

Dallas. Texas 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Kyle Baldwin '39 (TE) 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Gibson II (FT) 

Mr. Sherwood E. Liles, Jr. (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs, Thomas L. Toone '32 

Mr.&Mrs, Blake H.BIythe '91 

St. Simon's Island. Georgia 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Vii^inia Beach. Virginia 

Nonh Myrtle Beach. South 

Louisville. Kentucky 

Mr. & Mr. Roben W. Banning (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert R. Gillespie '33 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Long, Sr. '38 (T) 


Mr. & Mrs. David C. Brown '87 

Hyattsville, Maryland 

Staunton. Virginia 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Topping, Jr. 

Arlington, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Alban K. Barrus, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Mrs. William W. Lucado 

Newpon News. Virginia 

Mr, &Mrs, Br)'anE. Burcher'91 

Kinsion, North Carolina 

Richmond. Virginia 

Sea Island. Georgia 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Waverley Townes '66 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mf. Stewart Bell, Jr, '31 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Goodman "82 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfkriane III 76 

Louisville. Ken tuck)' 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Buder III '91 

Winchester. Virginia 

Atlanta, Georgia 


Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Trice 40 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Boinest '54 (T) 

Mr. Alben H. Gordon 

Darien, Conneaicut 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. R. Scott Carr '95 

Richmond, Virginia 

New York, New York 

Mr, Craig L. Massey '88 (T) 

Mr. Joseph T. Trotter '35 (FT) 

Windsor. Virginia 

Mr. Patrick H. Booth, Jr. "42 

Dr. & Mrs. James W. Gordon. Ir. 32 

Richmond, Virginia 

Harrisonburg. Virginia 

Mr. James David Carter '93 

Petersburg, Vii^inia 


Mr, & Mrs. E. Morgan Massey (FT) 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker (F) 

Central. South Carolina 

Mr. Raymond B. Bonom. Jr. '51 (T) 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Hampden -Sydney. Virginia 

Mr, Hugh G.Edmunds 111*93 

Hampton, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Guthridge. Sr, 

The Hon, D. Carleton Mayes '36 

Mr. Charles W. Tudor 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mrs. Cecil C. Bowman 

'68 (T) 

Dinwiddle, Virginia 

Greenville, North Carolina 

Mr, Daniel G, Fannon '94 

Staunton, Virginia 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. 

Mr. &: Mn>. Larry C. Tucker 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. H. Brandon '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney III 


Petersburg, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Moncure Geho "87 

High Point. North Carolina 


Richmond. Vi(|;inia 

Mr. James M. Turner, Sr. '56 

Richmond. Virginia 

Miss Lucile B. Brown 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 


Danville. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Brawner Greer '90 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

The Hon. John M. Hamlet, Jr. '3 1 

North Sioux City, South Dakota 

Dr. & Mrs. William V. Tynes II '57 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Mark Burris '76 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Henn' H. McVey III '57 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas Haskins 

High Point, North Carolina 

Mr, & Mrs, J. Harrison Hancock '38 


Dr. Ik Mrs. S. Craig Vranian '8 1 


Mr. & Mrs. Royal E. Cabell. Jr. '43 (T} 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Schley. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Manakin -Sabot, Virginia 

Mr, & Mrs. Eugene B. Hardin, Jr. (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Michaux '34 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Walker, Sr, 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hopper '89 

Mr. Edward j. Campbell(FT) 

Raleigh, North Carolina 


Goshen, Kentucky 

Richmond. Virginia 

Racine. Wisconsin 

Mr, & Mrs, H, Hirer Harris, Jr. (FT) 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Compton Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Ingram '91 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Canledge, Jr. 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney B. Mitchell (FT) 


Bethesda, Maryland 

'63 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Houston, Texas 

Colonial Heights, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Ireland, Jr. '89 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Farmville, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Monene 

Mr. & Mrs. Earle R Ware 11 '57 

New York. New York 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Chapman III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Hatcher. Jr. "5 1 

Suffolk. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Alexander Z. Kroustalis '90 

Salem, Virginia 


Mr. Malcolm R. Myers "57 (T) 

Mr, & Mrs. Guilford D.Ware 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Chewning '4 1 

Richmond, Vii^inia 

Mentor, Ohio 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr. PeterA, Leggett.Jr, '95 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Hatten '69 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell B. Newton, Jr. (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Ernest Warinner III '47 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Mrs. Ruth Anne Reed Chitwood 

Newpon News, Virginia 

Jacksonville. Florida 

Ordinary'. Virginia 


Wyiheville, Virginia 

Mrs, William R.Hill, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Kemp Norman, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Michael E. Warner 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Mr.&Mrs, Walter P. Conrad, Jr. 

Medora, Illinois 


Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr.&Mrs,JohnW. Maioney'88 

Norfolk, Virginia 


Montpelier, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. John Hardy Waters III '58 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. &Mrs. C, BarrieCook'45 

Rice, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham 


Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan L. McGrady '91 

Fairfax. Virginia 

Miss Emilie C. Holladay 


Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 

Hillsville. Virginia 

Dr. Dorothy F. Cooney 

Farmville, Virginia 

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Watkins. Jr, '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh L McUughlin 111 

Farmville. Virginia 

Miss Genevieve V. Holladay 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Noningham, Jr. 

Farmville, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Crowder '45 

Richmond, Virginia 


Mr, & Mrs. James F. Watson 

Falls Church. Virginia 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Miss Natalie V. Holladay 

Richmond, Virginia 

St. Simon's Island, Georgia 

Richmond. Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. William G. Panniil (FT) 

Martinsville, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Pannili 7? (T) 

Maninsville. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Rjchard C. Parker '81 (T) 

Atlanta. Georgia 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Patterson, Jr. 


Martinsville, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Pauley (T) 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Richardson "38 


Biuefield. West Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 


Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Russell, Jr. '64 

Norfolk. Virginia 
Mrs. Manha C. Sanders 

Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Saunders. Jr. 


Newport News, Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Selden V 70 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Sydnor Settle "55 {TE) 

New York. New York 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Shelton '41 

Nassawadox. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine. Jr. 

66 (T) 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Simes 

Durham. North Carolina 
Mr. & Mrs. Gram C. Sipp "49 

Albuquerque. New Mexico 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Smith "59 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding. Jr. '60 


Richmond. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. S. Bruce Spencer '37 

Farmville. Virginia 
The Hon. William B. Spong, Jr. '41 


Portsmouth, Virginia 
Mrs. Roben S. Spratley 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Stokes '40 

Farmville. Virginia 
Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 


Hampden -Sydney, Virginia 
Mrs. Muriel KingTrinkle 

Roanoke. Virginia 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Venable. Jr. 

'50 (FT) 

Fripp Island, South Carolina 

Alexandria. Virginia 
Mrs. William W. Walton 

Lexington. Kentucky 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wheat III 75 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. James C Wheat, Jr. (FT) 

Caret, Virginia 
Dr. 8l Mrs. Francis R. ^X'}^itehouse '34 


Lynchburg, Virginia 
Dr. William T. Wilkins 

Richmond. Virginia 
Mr, & Mrs. Gordon C. Willis '42 (FT) 

Roanoke. Virginia 
President & Mrs. Samuel V. Wilson 


Hampden-Sydney. Virginia 


TIGER CLUB 1996-97 

Honoring Donors of $500 — $999 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Carrington Alexander 

Mr. Jerold W. Alien 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Altizer '84 

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Ames IV 73 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley G. Andrews, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. John I. Armstrong '3') 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Macaulcy Aron, Jr, 78 

Mr. John G. August '72 

Mr. & Mrs, Jacob P. Bailey '69 

Mr. & Mrs, Edwin B. Baker '64 

Mr. William F, Banner 72 

The Rev. & Mrs. Lundy M. Barkley '38 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Barrell '40 

Col. & Mrs. Charles H. Beale.Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. H.Carlisle Bean '43 

Mr.&Mrs. DavidT. Beasley78 

Mr. Elmer Billman 

Mr. Clyde H. Bliss '37 

Mr. W.Charles Blocker. Jr. '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Fraley Bosi "69 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Bowers 70 

Mr, & Mrs. William L. Bowles 76 

Mr. Otis H.Bradley. Jr. '63 

Mr. B.Louis Bnel. Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bruce III '66 

Dr.&Mrs.JohnE. Brush. Jr, 76 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Buck '58 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph H. Bunzl 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Burke 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Burton II 

Mr. & Mrs. Stratford W. Butterworth 

Dr. Addison D, Campbell '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Caples, Jr. 
Mr, & Mrs. William B. Carr 
Mr, & Mrs. Richard A. Carrington III 
Mr. O. Holmes Caner '38 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Caver '64 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Lee Chambliss, Jr. '35 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Clarke '43 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Clifford 
Mr. Walter H. Cobbs. Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs, Michael T. Crone '64 
Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Crowder '43 
Mr. Alexander B. Dickinson '37 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank P, Dickinson '68 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Donaldson. Jr, 


Mr. & Mrs, Donald R. Dorey '78 
Dr. & Mrs. William F. Dorrill 
Mr. & Mrs, Stephen R. Echols '74 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Eichler 
Mr. & Mrs, Christopher K. Evans '68 
Mr. & Mrs, Lewis D, Evans '39 
Mr. & Mrs. Neil P. Farmer '78 
Mr. & Mrs, James G. Ferneyhough '59 
Mr. & Mrs, Dennis P. Finger '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Fischer. Jr. '80 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Flannagan. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Meriwether Fowlkes. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs, J, Thomas Francis, Jr. '78 
Mr. James Frye 
Mr. Forrest L. Gager. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs, Paul E. Calami 
Mr. John A. Gam "85 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lee Garlock '48 
Mr. & Mrs, Gary R. Garner '77 
Mr. & Mrs. William N. Gilmer '47 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Goodwyn.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. Graves 
Dr. & Mrs. John Roben Greenwood 

Mr. & Mrs. Kossen Gregory '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Grler 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Grimball, Sr. 
Dr. &: Mrs. Richardson Grinnan 
Dr. & Mrs. Roben E. Grover "80 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Garnett Hall, Jr. '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. Hanmer. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Haywood Hardin '86 
Mr. & Mrs. Rives S.Hardy "54 
Mrs. Frederick N. Harrison, Jr. 
Mr. Benjamin R. Harvey. Jr. '83 
Mr. James L. Hatcher. Jr. "57 
Mr. & Mrs, Richard B. Hazlegrove '76 
Mr. & Mrs. Everett A. Hellmuih III '75 
Mr. & Mrs, D. Rankin Hervey '35 
Dr. & Mrs. G. Philip Hillen III '63 
Mr. & Mrs, T. David Hinton '66 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert Hippensteele '59 
Mr. & Mrs. Dale M. Hodges '69 
Mr. Joseph L. Hudson '33 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O. Humphreys '61 
Mrs. Robert F. Hutcheson III 
Mr, & Mrs. Edward C, Irby, Jr. '73 
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Irwin IV 
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Stuan Johnson "63 
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Jones. Jr. "45 
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Jones '75 
Mr, & Mrs. Christian C. 

Dr.&Mrs. LloydJ. KellamIII'77 
Dr, & Mrs. Lawrence B, Kelly '74 
Mr. & Mrs. Alben S, Kemper 111 "51 
Mr. & Mrs. George S. Khoury "74 
Mr. & Mrs, Edward P. Kinney. Jr. '51 
Dr. Paule G. Kline (F) 
Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Kniffen (F) 
Mr. & Mrs, Randolph H, Kulp 
Dr. & Mrs. O. W. Uc7 '47 
Mr. & Mrs. Ben B. LeCompte, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs, A. Mark Lee 76 
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Leming '79 
Mr. & Mrs, J. Thomas Lewis (FT) 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles E, Llewellyn, Jr. "43 
Mr. & Mrs, A. Hunter Long '59 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Long, Jr. '72 
Mr. & Mrs, Buford T, Lumsden 
Mr. be Mrs. George Patterson Manson, 

Jr. 75 
Mr. Howlene B. Manin, Jr. '55 
Mr. & Mrs. William B. May. Jr. 75 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Mayo III '61 
Dr. & Mrs. Russell G. McAllisler, |r. 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock (S) 
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy G. McGarry '83 
Mr. & Mrs. John G, Mcjunkin '84 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. McUin '77 
Mr. & Mrs. David N. Meeker 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred M. Michel 
Mr. Giles H.Miller, Jr. 
Mrs. Stuart Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Miller HI '67 
Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Moore, Jr. '41 
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Moore, Jr. '63 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Moore. Ir. 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank Thomas Morgan 
Dr. & Mrs. Mark J, Morris '80 
Dr. R. Carter Morris '66 

Dr. Paul H. Mueller (F) 

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Munoz 

Col. & Mrs. Francis R. Munt '42 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Barrett Nichols '72 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Bradley Nott, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Clifford A. Nottingham III 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley, Jr. '69 
Mr. & Mrs. James M. O'Connor 
Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin R, Ogburn '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Osgood '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Pace '63 
Mr, & Mrs. Harry K. Parks '45 
Dr. & Mrs. Barn- N. Parsley '72 
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Pendleton '68 
Dt. & Mrs. McHenry Peters. Jr. '48 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Pollard '37 
Mr. & Mrs. John V. Prestia, Jr. '83 
Mr, & Mrs. Stephen D. Pritchett 
Mr. & Mrs, Charles B. Ramsey 
Dr. &Mrs.JohnA. Rawls'56 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Reed '36 (FT) 
Mr. Todd A. Reedcr 
Mr. &Mrs.JohnA. Rees.Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Milton P. Reid II '68 
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Roberts '76 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Robertson '51 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Rogers II '65 
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Roper III 
Mr. & Mrs. Pauls. Roper 71 
Mrs. William J. Rue 
Dr. & Mrs. William G. Sale III '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Wcllford L. Sanders, Jr. '67 
Dr. & Mrs. Wade H. Saunders III '63 
Mr. Francis Y. Savage '43 
Mr. Michael A. Scaturro 
Mr. & Mrs. Craig N. SchcUe '86 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C.Scott '.W 
Col. & Mrs. Herbert Seay '58 
Mr. & Mrs. William J, Seegers '66 
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Shands, Jr. '52 
Mr. &; Mrs. Dennis P. Shaw 
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Shepherd '64 
Mr. & Mrs. Pendleton M. Shiflett III 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred L. Silbernagel, Jr. '50 
Mr5. Glenn W. Small. Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Smith FV' '67 

Dr. & Mrs. Theodore R. Smidi. Jr. '65 
Dr. & Mrs. Edward P. Snyder '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Sprye. Jr. '67 
Mrs. Anna H. Steele 
Mrs. Frances K. Pugh Steinhetmer 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank D. Stoneburner. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott Street III '65 
Mr. H.Tinsley Taliaferro 11171 
The Hon. & Mrs. William A. Talley. 

Jr. '66 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank E. Taylor '43 
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Taylor (FT) 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Taylor 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Thomas '76 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tredway '62 
Mr. Joseph W. Tuck '66 
Mrs. Corrine H. Turner 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Tweel '66 
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Tydings, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Uhrich '71 
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel V. Unger IV '80 
Dr. &: Mrs. Edwin B. Vaden '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Via, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Walker, Jr. '76 
Dr. & Mrs. K.K.Wallace. Jr. '54 
Mr. Thomas R. Wallace '34 • Drccoied 
Mrs. Thomas R. Wallace 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Waring 11161 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Warren '59 
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Watkins, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Hunter R. Watson 
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert F, Webb '38 
Mr. Todd A. Weinen '84 
Mr. & Mrs, D. M, Wcsterhouse, Jr. '68 
Mr. & Mrs. Meade Whitaker, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben H. Whitt, Jr. '78 
Mr. & Mrs, Thomas F, Williams. Jr. 

The Hon. & Mrs. Jere M. H. Willis, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Wilson, Jr. '63 
Mrs. Janet Miller Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Wilson II '68 
Mr. Roy R. Wimmer '66 
Dr. &Mrs. EdwinS.Wysor'41 
Mr. & Mrs. Leighton D. Yates, Jr, '68 
Mr. Marcus M. Zimmerman '77 



HILL CLUB 1996-97 

Honoring Donors of $350 — $499 

Mr. & Mrs. Chaj-les E. Agee III '84 
The Hon. & Mrs. William C. Andrews 

III '67 
Mr. W. KirbyArniir87 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. A.xselle '68 
Mr. &: Mrs. Peter C. Bance '74 
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Bebeau '44 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Best III '83 
Mr. & Mrs. Harvard R. Birdsong II '71 
Mr. George W. Boylan '68 
Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Buckman '77 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Calcote '79 
The Hon. & Mrs. James H. Chamblin 

Mr. & Mrs. 'William C, Childrey '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard B. Chittum '.35 
Mr. & Mrs. David I. Clay '73 
Dr. & Mrs. William B. Costenbader. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. CounciU III '67 
Mr. Donald C Cournow '76 
Mr. William T. Covington, Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Crawford III '71 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Q. Cunningham 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Curtis '77 
Mr. & Mrs. Jon M. Daly '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Wilfrid A. Daly 111 
Mr. &: Mrs. Uster L. Dillard '40 
Mr. & Mm. Robert C. Dorey, Jr. 

Mr. William J. Dougherty. Jr. "64 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Doyle. Jr. '66 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Driskill '81 
Mr. Roben T. EXiPuis, Jr. '84 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Edmunds '34 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. English '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson II '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Weltbrd S. Farmer 
Dr. &Mrs. T.J.Fcrrell.Jr. '54 
Mr. & Mrs. Lowery D. Finley III '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd L. Firing. Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank E. Flora '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Foster '73 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Gallalee '49 
Mr. Edward H. Gignilliat 
Mr. & Mr. Rodney G. Goggin '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Greene. Jr. '77 
Mr. & Mrs. John S, Grinalds ITI 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter V.Hall '51 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Neil Hammerstrom 
Mr. William K. Harrison lir41 
Mr.JosephB. Heldrethlir78 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael William 

Dr. & Mrs, H. Philip Johnson 111 '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Johnson '53 
Mr. Maurice A. Jones '86 (T) 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard Kay, Jr. 71 
Mr. Timothy M. Kelly '88 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Burke King '85 

The Rev. & Mrs. Frank C. King '32 
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney H. Kirstein '73 
Lt. & Mrs. Hal V.' Lackey Iir85 
Mrs. Lindy Allen Leake 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Uud, Jr, '55 
Mr, & Mrs, L, Richmond Manin 111 

Mr, & Mrs, Thomas B, Mason '40 
Dr, James B. Massey, Jr, '35 
Mr, & Mrs, John J. Mayfield, Jr, 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R McDaniel '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Bryant C. McGann '82 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Michalek '48 
Mr. & Mrs. Claude W. Milam '49 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Miller Iir72 
Dr. & Mrs. Roben E. Mitchell. Jr, '40 
Mr, Gerald Morgan, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. B. Christopher Moring 111 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Mullins 
Mr. & Mrs. Sean F. Oberle '88 
Mr, & Mrs, Harold D, Pace '57 
Mr, & Mrs, Frank C, Page '88 
Dr. & Mrs. James E. Payne '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Peabody. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Wooten Peebles. 

Dr. & Mrs. William J. Phipps. Jr. '77 
Dr. & Mrs. Waller C. Plunkett '75 
Dr. & Mrs. John M. Quarles '50 

Dr. 8t Mrs. Dudley A. Raine. Jr, '62 
Mr, & Mrs. Roben F.Ray '71 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Redd '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Randy W. Reed '82 
Mr. & Mrs. Roy C. Rhodes '48 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Richards '56 
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Richmond '79 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Theodore Ripberger, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Giles M, Robertson, Jr. '64 
Mr. James C. Roddy. Jr. '90 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Ryburn, Jr. '45 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Saffclle. Jr. '53 
Mr. & Mrs. Oden K. Semones, Jr, "^7 
Mr, & Mrs, David M, Sheppard, Sr, 
Mr, Edward H, Shield '63 
Mr, & Mrs, Walter D, Shields '44 
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Showalter '62 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Mark Slaydon '84 
Mr. & Mrs. Kent A. Smack '62 
Mr. Garnett F. Smith '60 
Mrs. H. Maxcy Smith. Jr. 
Mr. & Mm. Harry Houghton Smith 
Major & Mrs. L. Rucker Snead lll'Sl 
Mr. & Mrs. Yoon S. Song 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Squire. Jr. '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Stokes. Jr. '79 
Dr. & Mrs. 1. Keidi Stone '71 
Mr. & Mrs. Troy A. Street 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Suggs 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene F. Sweeney 

Mr. Mone L, Talley '77 

Mr, John Ed Tankard lir85 

Mr, & Mrs, Wayne T, Tennent '67 

Mr, Donald W, Thomas '76 

Mr, J, Chrisropher Thomas '71 

Dr, & Mrs, E, Randolph Trice '44 

Mr, Edward E, Tronnes '86 

Dr, & Mrs, Wallace T, Van Norrwick 

Mr. &: Mrs. 
Dr. & Mrs. 
Mr. Gerald 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Dr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 

Mr. & Mrs. 
Dr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 
Mr. & Mrs. 

Branch W. Vincent III '83 
Marcellus E. Waddill '52 
M. Walker '69 
Carlton B. Waskey 
Nat E. Watson. Jr. 
Peter R. Watson '79 
Frank L. Wheeler '85 
R Tyler Whitley '59 
James H. Wilson '76 
Richard W.Wiltshire, Jr. 

E. J. Wolanski 
Edward T. Wolanski '78 
Robert W.Woliz, Jr. 71 
Taylor Woody 
Kirk A. Zambeni '90 


Honoring Donors of $100 — $349 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Abbott '78 
Mr, & Mrs, John F, Abele, Sr, 
Mr, BradleyA,Addicks'88 
Mr, & Mrs, David D. Addison '64 
Mr, & Mrs, Jonathan J, Adelman '74 
Mr, Sf Mrs, Alfred A, Adkins III '51 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas E, Adkins, Jr, '38 
Dr, & Mrs, Robert L, Agee IV '79 
Dr, & Mrs, Joseph E, Agsten '65 
Mi. & Mrs. Steven C, Akers '73 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas M, Akers '79 
Dr, & Mrs, Robert B, Albee, Jr, '67 
Dr, & Mrs, David A, Albertson '69 
Mr, & Mrs, George F, Albright, Jr, '74 
Mr, & Mrs. Alexander Alexander 
Dr, & Mrs, C, Bruce Alexander '67 
Dr, & Mrs, Louis E, Alexander '43 
Dr, M, Donald Alexander, Jr, 
Mr, T, W, Alexander 
Mr, & Mrs, Harper S, Alford '66 
Mr, & Mrs. John D. Alfriend '50 
Miss Anna Louise Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. Herman W. Allen 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allen '55 
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. David C Alley '67 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Wayne Alley '64 
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Alloway '80 
Mr. &Mrs. R.B. Allpon.Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Alphin '53 
Mr. & Mrs. Victor R. Alpizar '82 
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Airman 
Mr. Carlos A. Alvarenga HI '90 

The Rev. & Mrs. F. Sidney Anderson, 

Jr. '41 
Mr. Robert D. Anderson 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Anderson 
Colonel & Mrs. William T. Anderson 

Mr. & Mt^. C. Thomas Andrews '62 
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Burness F. Ansell, Jr. '54 
Mr. & Mrs, R. David Anthony '77 
Mr, & Mt^, Steve H, Apking 
Mr, Donald L, Appich, Jr, '80 
Mrs, Carol E, Applegate 
Mr, & Mrs, Randall E, Appleton '79 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas Armata 
Mr, & Mrs. Charles G, Armfield III '67 
Mr, & Mrs. John G, Armistead "46 
Mr, & Mrs, Ira L, Armstrong III '77 
Mr, & Mrs, Alvan M, Aron '53 
Dr, & Mrs, Charles C, Ashby, Sr, '53 
Mrs, James Ashby III 
Mr, & Mr^, Timothy E, Ashman '86 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas R, Addnson '83 
Mr, & Mrs, William E, Atkinson '48 
Mr, & Mrs. Blake P. Auchmoody, Jr. 

Col, & Mrs, Thomas A, Austin III 

Mr, & Mrs. James V. Babashak II '80 
Mr. & Mrs. Ryland A. Babb, Jr, '61 
Mr, & Mrs, Richard A, Bagby '79 
Mr, & Mrs, Joseph M. Bagley '53 
Mr, & Mi^, George E, Bahen, Jr, '53 

Mr, & Mrs. Dean A. Bailey "61 

Mr, L, Philip Bailey. Jr, "64 

Dr, K, Drew Baker '86 

Mr, & Mrs, Edward A, Bakewell 

Mr, & Mrs. William N, Balas '49 

Mr, & Mrs. William L, Ball III '86 

Mr, & Mrs, Peter Bance 

Mr, C, Poner Banister, Jr, '93 

Mr, James L, Banning '87 

Dr. & Mrs, Scort J, Banning "85 

Mr, Benjamin G, Barbour '99 

Mr, Walter Cason Barco '68 

Dr, & Mrs, John R Barker '65 

Mr, & Mrs, Lee F, Barlow 

Mr, & Mrs, Lindsay R Barnes, Jr, '73 

Mr, & Mrs, William C, Barnes '57 

Mr, & Mrs, Steven D, Barnhart '79 

Mr. William E. Barr '87 

Mr. Alban K. Barrus III '95 

Mrs. Joan Moore Banlen 

Mr. & Mrs. David Anderson Banon 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Baskervill '75 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Q. Bass. Jr, '75 
Mr, &Mrs, RichardJ, Basto'50 
Mr, & Mrs, Robert W, Banen '62 
Mr. & Mrs, Kevin Lee Beale '80 
Mr, & Mrs, Richard C, Beale "71 
Mr, & Mrs, Joseph S, Bean, Jr, "79 
Mr, Henry H, Beanie '30 -Deeeased 
Mr, & Mrs, James P, Beatty 
Mr. & Mrs, Gary J, Beck '79 
Dr, R, Nels Beck 
Mr, & Mrs, Waldo H, Beck '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig E, Heckler "88 
Mr, T, Scott Beckman "92 
Dr, & Mrs, George A, Bedon 
Dr, & Mrs, William W, Belk '68 
Mr, & Mrs, Alexander H, Bell II '78 
Dr, &Mrs, LarryP. Belore'71 
Dr, &Mrs, R, KeidiBelore'71 
Mr, & Mrs, Bren P, Bennert '88 
Mr, & Mrs, Michael T, Bennett '79 
Mr, Peter C, Bennen. Jr, '92 
Mr, & Mrs, Roben H, Bennert '63 
Lt, Col, & Mrs, Edward H, Benson 

Ret, '55 
Mr, & Mrs, John H, Bergeron '64 
Mr. & Mrs. Scon W. Berglund '78 
Mr, & Mrs. David E. Bergren III '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Archie C. Berkeley, Jr, '67 
Dr, & Mrs. J. Michael Herman (F) 
Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Berry III 
Dr. & Mrs. David P. Bevcriy 
Mr. Bennen H.H.Hicver '91 
Mr. & Mrs. Horatio A. E. Bigelow '68 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Biggs 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles C. Binford '52 
Mr. & Mrs. M. B. Bing 
Mr. Warren L. Birdsong '79 
Mr. & Mrs. William I, Black 
Mr, & Mrs, Joseph E, Blackburn. Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, WiUiam D, Blackford '79 
Dr, 8d Mrs, William A. Blackman '76 
Mr, & Mrs, John D, Blackwell 
Mr, & Mrs, Robert A, Blackwood III 
Mr, & Mrs, Duncan W, Blair '74 

Mr, E,WardBIakely.Jr, '93 
Mr, & Mrs, James R, Blandford '72 
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Blankcnship '85 
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Blankenship 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Blanks '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Blanlon III '75 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Blanton '43 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank S. Blanton. Jr. '48 
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Blanton, Jr, '39 
Cmdr, & Mrs, Lindsay C, Blanton '70 
Mr, & Mrs, WiUoughby C Blocker. Sr, 
Mr, & Mrs, Harold E, Blondeau 
Mr, & Mrs, Harold U, Blythe '64 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas J, Boehling 
Mr. &: Mrs. Andrew C. Bohnengel 71 
Mr. & Mrs. Walton G. Bondurant, Jr, 
Dr, & Mrs, Francis Nash Boney '52 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Bonfield '90 
Mr. Myron P. Boon '74 
Mr. & Mm. Paul G. Boone '32 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Booth III '66 
Dr. & Mrs. George W. Booze '62 
Mr. Frank Kennon Borden, Jr. '83 
Dr. & Mrs. H, Scott Boswell '73 
Mr, & Mrs, Gary W, Boswick '85 
Dr, & Mrs, Thomas P, Bowe. Jr, '57 
Mr, & Mrs, Ben James Bowers '54 
Mr, & Mrs, R. Jeffrey Bowker '65 
Mr, & Mrs, Norman L, Bowles, Sr, 
Mr, & Mrs, Donald C, Bowman. Sr, 
Mr, & Mrs, James R, Bowman. Jr, 
Mr, & Mrs, Carl F, Bowmer '63 
Captain & Mrs, R, Dwayne Bowyer '92 
Mr, & Mrs, G, Grayson Boyce '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C, Boyd 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Boyd '40 

Mr. & Mrs. J. C.Bradford in 

Mr. & Mrs. Numa P. Bradner '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Brailsford '83 

Mr, & Mrs. Marion P. Brawley III '74 

Mr. R.Morgan Bray '91 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Breincr '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Brewbaker, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis W. Bridgforth '61 

Mrs. John R. Brinser 

Mr. Roben W. Brinson '93 

Mr. Charles P. Brite '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Broaddus '61 

Mrs. Anne D. Brockenbrough 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Brockenbrough 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Brogan '82 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Brooks, Jr. 
Mr. & Mt5. G. Tyler Broob III '74 
Mr. & Mrs. William Townsend Brooks 
Mr. & Mrs. Archibald M. Brown 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Brown '81 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Lee Brown, Jr. '76 
Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank Brown '4 1 
Mr. &: Mrs. Timothy T. Brown '76 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Brown III 
Mr. & Mrs. Dan E. Bruce 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Garnett Bruce, Jr. '36 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Blay Bnm '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Br>'an III 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Bryan 
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Bryant '90 
Mrs. Judy G. Bryant 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Bryant '72 
Mr. & Mrs. Wlliam O. Bryant '59 
Mr. & Mrs. George T. Bryson, Jr. 'SO 
Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert H. Br)'son '56 
Mrs. A. C. Buchanan, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Archibald C. Buchanan III 

Mr. & Mrs. Temple R. Buck 
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Bugg. Jr. '41 
Mrs. Kathleen Mansfield BuUard 
ETC & Mrs. George K. Bumgardner 

DMD USA '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Bumgardner FV 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Burcher 
Mrs. Roben B. Burger 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Burke '71 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Burnene '76 
Mr. Michael B. Burnette '95 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Burr, Jr. '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Bush (S) 
Dr. & Mrs. J. George Buston II '58 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Butler 
Mr. & Mrs. A. McDowell Bynum '41 
Mr. 8: Mrs. Garnett W. Bwd '90 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Byrne '89 
Mr. Royal E. Cabell III '72 
Mr. & Mrs. Stokely G. Caldwell, Jr. '78 
Mr. Henry W. Calhoun 
Mrs. Edward Callahan 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Callard 
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Camden '85 
Dr. & Mrs. E. Malcolm Campbell '38 
Dr. & Mrs. Gilben S. Campbell. Jr. '43 
Dr. & Mrs. Hawes Campbell III '60 
Mr. Hawes Campbell IV '92 
Mr. & Mrs. Ray S. Campbell, Jr. '71 
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Kenner Campbell 
Dr. & Mrs. James T. Campen '68 
Mr. Brian M. Cann '80 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Dale Cannady '70 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Cantus '85 
Mt. & Mrs. Sergio Capocelli '81 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. ardiUo '94 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Cardwell '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Carlisle 
Mr. Christopher Francis Carnev 
Dr. Gerald T. Carney (F) 
Mr. G. R. Carpentet, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Carpenter 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. H. Carpentet '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Carpenter '"^7 


Mr. & Mrs. James F. Carper "61 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Carr '82 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Carrington, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. Caner '59 
Dr. Russell H. Caner 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Caiuso 
Dr. & Mrs. Donald E. Carwile '71 
Mrs. Eunice W.anvilc '92 (S) 
Mr. James H. Carwile 
Mr. Melvin L Casde '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Rafael F. Castro '77 
Mrs. Gen Leggett Cecil 
Mi. & Mrs. David P. Chalkley '71 
Dr. & Mrs. Henry W. Chappcll, Jr. '75 
Mr. & Mrs. Graylin Chastang 
Mr. & Mrs. G. Philip Cheatham '46 
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Cheatham 
Mr. Gary Wayne Chenault, Jr. '93 
Mr. &: Mrs. James C. Cherry '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Chesser 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence C. Chewning III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Chilton '66 
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Chinn, Jr. '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Chinn '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert B. Chittum, Jt. 
Mr. & Mrs. McLin S. Choaie, Jr. '50 
Doctors Surrinder & Kamlesh Chopra 
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Christ '89 
Mt.& Mis. Fiank F.Churchill '51 
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Gas 
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Clark '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Clark, Jr. '90 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Clark 111 '77 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard Clark '61 
Dr. & Mrs. John G. Claudy '65 
Dr. &Mrs.Je(fteyA. aifton'83 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Clifton. Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Clower, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Cobb '69 
Mr. J. Leonard Cobb '68 
Dr. & Mrs. David S. Cobbledick '5 1 
Mr. & Mrs. Cabell F. Cobbs '46 
Mr. Charles R. Cochran '85 
Mr. & Mrs. John R- Cocke. Jr. '66 
Mrs, Charles E. Coe 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Coghill '90 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Coker. Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John Collie, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin J. Collier 
Mr. & Mrs. N. Macon Collier III '76 
Captain & Mts. Charles B, Coltman 

Mr, Roben T. Comer III 
The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Marvin K. 

Compher '37 
Mr. & Mrs. William Kenneth Conger 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Connelly, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Gilliam Conrad '37 
Mr. & Mrs. Dilwonh S. Cook, Jr. '54 
Dr. & Mrs. Phillip M. Cook '62 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Coons '61 
Mr. & Mrs. G. William Cooper, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. James F. Cope '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Copeland '58 
Mr. & Mrs. H.Otis Copley '49 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Corben '88 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Corkran '67 
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Corrigan '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Anhur G. Costan 111 '69 
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Costenbader '63 
Dr. & Mrs. James E. Cousar III '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Rick W. Cox '73 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Y. Cox '80 
Mr. W. Scon Cox 111 '77 
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Coxe III '43 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. G. Coyle, Jr. 

Mrs. Rosa Lee Cozan 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Cozan '84 
Mr. & Mrs. Claiborne W. Craddock 

Mr. John W. Craddock, Jr. '81 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerty W. Craig 

Mr. & Dr. William R. Craig 

Mr. John Worth Crandall '55 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. P. Crawley '63 

Mr. Walter C. Crawley '36 

Dr. & Mrs. William B. Crawley, Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Stover Henry Creasy IV 

Mr. & Mrs, E, Hatcher Crenshaw III 

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Crisp 
Mr. Roben Van Wyck Croker III '94 
Mr. Michael K. Crookshank '74 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lee Cross III 
Mr. & Mrs. Brian F. Grotty '86 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben V. Crowder III '74 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Crowder '78 
Dr. & Mrs. James A. Crowell 111 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Glenn Culley, Jr.(S)(S) 
Mr. & Mrs. William David Gulp, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Culpepper III 

Dr. & Mrs. Jesse W. Cumbia 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Madison Cummings, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred T. Curlee '47 
Dr. & Mrs. John T. Curnes '74 
Dr. Thomas L. Currie. Jr. '65 
Mr. Timodiy M. Cunin '89 
Dr. Horace H. Custis, Ji. '34 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Cuder, Jr. '76 
The Rev. & Mrs. John R. Dail '49 
Mr. & Mrs. Ruhis E. Dalton 
Mis. Ann Hill Daniel 
Mr. & Mrs. Dabney M. Daniel '78 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Adams Darden IV '88 
Col. & Mrs. Robert S. Darden '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Thomas Darnes. Jr. 

Mr. William Daughtrey, Jr. '55 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Sidney Davenpon IV '64 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Davidson '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Beverly M. Davis '88 
Mr. 8d Mrs. Billy R. Davis 
Mr. Bryan H. Davis III '88 
Mr. E. Causey Davis, Jr. '72 
Dr. & Mni. Frederick C. Davis, Jr. '54 
Mr. Gregory R. Davis '91 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Davis, Jr. '65 
Dr. & Mrs. James A. Davis, Jl. 
Mis. Peggy Camper Davis 
Dr. & Mri. Philip C. Davis '58 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Davis '78 
Mr. Thomas M. Davis '81 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Dawson 
Mr. &c Mrs. Vernon D. Dawson '53 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Moring De Haas '53 
Mr. & Mrs. Stuan H. Deal '73 
Dr. & Mrs. Mark A. Deaton '82 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Forrester DeBuys II! '88 
Captain Charles D. Dees '90 
Dr. Joyce S. Degenhan 
Mr. Michael J. Degenhan (S) 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis K. Degges '71 
The Hon. John E. DcHardit '45 
Dr. & Mrs. George D. Delo, Jr. '59 
Dr. & Mrs. Brian A. Dementi '60 
Mt. & Mrs. John E. Dent 
Dr. & Mrs. Roy W. Dent, Jr. '55 
Mr. & Mrs. Willard E. Dent 
Dr. & Mrs. William Ervin Des Pones 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C, Devine, Jr. '78 
Mr. & Mrs. James A- DeVoe 
Mr. Edward O'Herron Dewey '95 
Mr. & Mrs. G. Steele Dewey III 
Mr. 8d Mrs. William G. dcWindt 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. DeWolfe (F) 
Mr. & Mts. John Jackson Dickinson. 

Mr. Laurence M. Dickinson '87 
Mr. & Mrs. Jackie E. Diggs 
Mr. James David Diggs '87 
Dr. & Mrs. Franklin Dill 
Mr. & Mrs. James K. DiUe, Jr. '77 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Dillon, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Tyler Dinsmore '86 


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. DiPietro. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip T. DiSlanislao, Jr. 

Dr. J. William Dmon, Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. William Dayton Duton. Ji. 

Mi. & Mis. G. Stephen Dodson 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Doherty 
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Dombalis 11 '72 
Dr. & Mrs. Martin Donelson, Jr. '38 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Donne '75 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Donnelly '88 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Donohue '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore A. Doremus, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Heniy Doin, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffress S. Donch, Jr. '35 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Marshall Doswell, Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Douglass '69 
Mr. Thomas G. Douglass '79 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Benton Downer III '77 
Mr. Christopher T. Doyle 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Drayton "89 
Mrs. Susan Drewery 
Mr. Stephen M. Driscoll '92 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Sidney Dnicn '64 
Mr. & Mrs, Roger W. Dudley '48 
Ms, Martha N. Dugan 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Duke '85 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Berri' Dumas '69 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Kevin Dumond '91 
Mr. & Mrs. Basil M. Duncan, Jr. '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Duncan, Jr. 
Cmdr. & Mrs. Hugh H. Dunkum, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Pendleton DuPuis '85 
Ml. & Mis. Bradley T. Duquette 
Ms. Mary Ellen Durham 
Mi. & Mrs. Brian S. Dyer '83 
Mr. Frank Eason 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Eason, Jr. '37 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. East '36 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Kirk Edens '85 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Eggleston '87 
Ml. & Mis. Roben W.Ehlen 
Ml. & Mis. L. C. Einwick, Ji. 
Col. & Mis. M. E. Ekman 
Dr. Taher El Gammal 
Mrs. James L. Elder 
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Elder 
Dr. & Mrs. Bryce L. Elkins 
Dr. & Mrs. Henry N. Elksnin '74 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Caner Ellion '70 
Mrs. lohn C. Ellis -Deceased 
Mr. & Mrs. Jon C. Ellis, Sr. 
The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. A. D. Ellison, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Leslie E. England 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Ennis '51 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Wayne Enroughty, Jr. 

Mr. Tolga U. Esmer '95 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Eure, Jr. '36 
Dr. Edward J. Evans '38 
Mr. James ,\rthur Evans III '95 
Mr. lohn M. Evans. Jr. '94 
Dr. & Mrs. Randall W. Evans '77 
Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Evans, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. John K. Even '85 
Mr. & Mrs. J. David Ewing '91 
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd T. Fallen 
Mr. B. Noel Fallwell '36 
Dr. W. Franklin Fallwell, Jr. '34 
Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Farina, Jr. '83 
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Farinholt, Ji. '57 
Mr, & Mrs, Bob M, Farmer '73 
Mr, & Mrs, W, Stuart Farmer, Jr, '74 
Colonel & Mrs. Alan F. Farrell Ph.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Fanhing '81 
Mr. & Mn. Irving L. Fass 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Faust '70 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Feldmann '79 
Mr. & Mrs. James Kenneth Feiguson 

Ml. T. Rudieiford Ferguson '95 
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Ferguson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Manin E. Ferrara '81 
Mr. & Mrs. J. William Ferrell 111 '62 
Lt. Cmdr. & Mrs. John E. Fidler 

D.D.S. '78 
The Rev. & Mrs. Anhur M. Field, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Field, Jr. '50 
Captain John M. Field '92 
Mi. & Mis. James D. Finley '34 
Mr. Lowery D. Finley. Jr. '39 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles O. Finne, Jr. '39 
Mr. & Mrs. Brendan E. Finucane 
Mr. & Mrs. Louis McLane Fisher, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Keidi W. Fitch (F) 
Mr, & Mrs, Oscar P, Fitzgerald, Jr. '35 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Fitzgerald '53 
The Hon. & Mrs. Duross Fitzpatnck 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl L. Fletcher, Jr. '77 
Mr. & Mrs. Garland W. Flournoy '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Banon L. Floyd '80 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Foley '84 
The Rev. & Mrs. Thomas W. Foley '48 
Mr. & Mrs. P. Mahood Fonville, Jr. '92 
Mr. SlMrs.J. QbellFooshe "92 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Cabell Ford, Jr. '53 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Ford '53 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Ford '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Garren T. Ford '72 
Dr. & Mrs. William S. Foreman, Jr. '51 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Formwalt '36 
Dr. & Mrs. John C. Foushee '40 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Fowler, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Fowler '60 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Fox '60 
Dr. & Mrs. Russell E. Fox '38 
Mrs. Drusilla B. Francis 
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander L. Franklin II 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin P. Franklin '32 
Mr. & Mrs. Mervin A. Frantz, Jr. '63 
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Freeman '81 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Freestate '75 
Mr. & Mrs. William C French '57 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Conrad Frey, Jr. '51 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Friedman '88 
Mr. & Mrs. Hunter Frischkorn III 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Fn' 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Fulgham 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Fulghum 

Robin H. Gabriel 
Dr. A. Frederick Gall, Jr. '77 
Dr. & Mrs. H. Fred Gallasch, Jr. '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Gallo '74 
Ml. HeniyH.Galusha.Jl. '45 
Mi. & Mis. James G. Gamble IV 
Ml. & Mis. James G. Gamble V '84 
Mr. Blair C. Gammon 
Mr. & Mrs. Tracy W. Gammon '8 1 
Mr. & Mts. John C. Garber 
Mrs. Allen H. Garland, Sr. 
Mr. & Mn^. Richard D. Garlock '76 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Garner '71 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Garner 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Garner '80 
Dr. & Mrs. Stanford Taylor Garnen III 
Mr. & Mrs. James Edward Garren '83 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Garren, Sr. '43 
Mr. William C.Gan-en, Jr. '74 
Dr. c<c Mrs. Clyde M. Ganison III '77 
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Gates '78 
Mr. Si Mrs. Thomas B. Gates '88 
Mr. & Mrs. William C Gay '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Gaynor '68 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank W. Gearing III 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Geiger '71 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Genet '73 
Ml. & Mrs. Fred B. Gently, Ji. '65 
Mi. & Mrs. Richard M. Geoghegan '56 
Mr. & Mrs. loseph B. Gcycr '41 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Duncan Gibbs 111 '83 
Mr. John L. Gibson lir82 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Gibson, Jr. '41 
Mr. & Mrs. David Giles (S)(S) 

The Hon. & Mrs. Herben C. Gill. Jr. 

Mr.JosephP. Gillach'82 
Dr. & Mrs, Ritchie P. Gillespie 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Gillespie. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. Gillcspy '88 
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Gilliam. Jr. '.» 
Mr. Leslie B. Gilliam '51 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Charles Gills '64 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gilmer. Jr. '48 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Given '84 
Mr. & Mrs. B. Richards Glascock, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Glascock '49 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Glascock, Jr. '51 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Glascock '55 
Dr. & Mrs. Allen M. Glasgow '64 
Dr. & Mrs. Lowrie R. Glasgow '69 
Mr. Roger P. Glass '76 
Mr. & Mrs. James B, Glenn II '92 
Dr. Richard F. Glenn '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Godsey. Jr. '61 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Godsey 
Mr, Richard S. Godsey '85 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Grayson Goldsmith '76 
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey W, Goode, Jr. '45 
Mr, & Mrs. Thomas E. Goode '79 
Dr. & Mrs. Julius Temple Goodman 

Mr. & Mrs. Dickinson M. Gould '66 
Dr. & Mrs, T, Winston Gouldin '50 
Mr, Alexander C, Graham. Jr, '72 
Mr, & Mrs, Louis A, Graham '46 
Mr. & Mrs, Harvey Granger '76 
Mr, & Mrs, Harvey Granger, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Grant, Jr. '60 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Lawson Grant '69 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Graves '60 
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Gray 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas P, Gray. Jr, '80 
Mr, & Mrs, Charles E, Green III '73 
Mr, & Mrs, Edward J, Green, Jr, '83 
Mr. R. Tyree Greene, Jr. '83 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Greene. Sr, 
Captain & Mrs, Wallace A, Greene 
Ms, Bonnie P. Greenwood 
Mrs. Mary Ann Greer 
Mr. Sean D. Gregg '84 
Mr, & Mrs, Bret S, Grieves '86 
Dr. & Mrs. Francis G. Griffin '46 
Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd T. Griffith '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip D. Griswold 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F, Groonell 
Mr, Thomas J, Groonell '88 
Mr, & Mrs, Bernard S, Groseclose. Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, William P, Groseclose '49 
Ms, Margaret M, Grove 
Mr, & Mrs, William H, Grover, Sr, '70 
Mr, &: Mrs, Howell L, Gruver '51 
Mr. & Mrs. John R, Gr)'mes '62 
Dr. & Mrs. James W. Gulick, Jr. '70 
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Gunter '82 
Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gustin III '74 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Guthrie '83 
Captain & Mrs. Alton Larue Gwaltney 

III '90 
Dr. & Mrs. Darrow E, Haagensen, Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, Harry V, Haga, Jr, '48 
Dr, & Mrs, Hugh J, Hagan Iir76 
Mr, & Mrs, William C, Hagan '52 
Mr, & Mrs, LeRoy Y, Haile, Jr, '50 
Mr, & Mrs, H, Edward Hales, Jr. 
Mr. Clivie C. Haley, Jr, '48 
Dr,JohnH,Hall.Jr, '37 
Dr, & Mrs, Robert G, Hall (F) 
Dr, & Mrs, William W, Halligan. Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, Randolph L, Hallman '70 
Mr, & Mrs, John R, P, Hamilton '61 
Mr, & Mrs, Robert B, Hamlett '72 
Mr, & Mrs, Fred E, Hamlin HI '89 
Mr. & Mrs, Leigh B, Hanes, Jr, '40 
Mr, & Mrs, Thom F, Hanes '58 
Mr, & Mrs, John Evans Harbour '65 


Mr. & Mrs, Michael S, Harcum '78 
Dr, & Mrs, A, Lawson Hardie, Jr, '41 
Mr, & Mrs, David R, Hardie '77 
Mr, &c Mrs. Samuel C, Harding, Jr, '63 
Mr. & Mrs, Thomas A, Harding '66 
Mr, & Mrs, Archibald Hardy IV '88 
Mr, & Mrs, Vincent D, Hardy '71 
Mr, & Mrs, R, Bryant Hare IV '80 
Mr, & Mrs, David L, Harlow '77 
Mr, & Mrs, John P, Harlow, Jr. '42 
Mr, & Mrs, C, Dale Harman, Jr, 
Dr, & Mrs, Austin B, Harrelson '57 
Mr, & Mrs, J, Roben Harris III '72 
Mr, & Mrs, J, Scon Harris '73 
Mrs, Marie Eason Reveley Harris 
Mr, & Mrs. Richard N, Harris '49 
Mr, & Mrs, T, Bradley Harris '76 
Mr, & Mrs, W, Lee Harris, Jr. '74 
Mr. & Mrs. Holmes C. Harrison '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A, Harrison '92 
Mr, John P, Harrison 111 '86 
The Rev, & Mrs, L, Randolph Harrison 

Mr, & Mrs, William E, Harrison '81 
Mr, & Mrs, Michael D. Hartley '69 
Mr. William L. Harvie '45 
Dr. & Mrs. John Q. Hanen '44 
Mr. & Mrs, Leon W. Hawker, Sr. '60 
Mr, & Mrs, Daniel M, Hawks '61 
The Hon, & Mrs, William P, Hay. Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, W, Eugene Hayes '71 
Mr, & Mrs, Joseph A. Hazlegrove, Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, Walker B, Healy, Jr, '70 
Mr, & Mrs, David N, Heaion '84 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Manin Hedgepeth, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M, Heery '78 
Mr, & Mrs, Phillip M, Hedin! Jr. '87 
Mrs. Harrison H. Heiberg, Jr. 
Mr, & Mrs, Frank S, Heidclbach '42 
Dr, & Mrs, Ronald L, Heinemann (F) 
Mr, & Mrs, Ralph D, Hellams 
The Hon, & Mrs, Stephen H, Helvin 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles R, Henderson, Ir, 

Mr, 6c Mrs. J. Christopher Henderson 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Clayfaorn Hendricks '71 
Mr. John B. Henneman. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Henry '56 
Mr, & Mrs, Samuel P, Henry. Sr, 
Mr, & Mrs, Lawrence H, Hent7, Jr, '75 
Mrs, Mary Herdegen (S) 
Mr, Robert T, Herd^en, Jr, 
Mr, & Mrs, Philip B, Hereford '76 
Mr, & Mrs, Richard N, Herod '73 
Dr, & Mrs, Ralph C, Hess III '73 
Mr, & Mrs, William R, Hess '59 
Mr, & Mrs, Cecil W. Hicbm III 92 
Mr, & Mrs, James Hickey 
Mr, Richard B, Higginbotham '70 
Dr, & Mrs, Uwrence E, Hightower '68 
Dr, Uwrence K, Hill, Jr, '77 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Knox Hillman, Jr. '63 
Dr. & Mrs. Gabel G. Himmelwright, 

Jr. '33 
Cmdr, &Mrs.HeberH. 

Himmelwright 70 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Mines. Jr. '64 
Mrs. Rosalind Hingeley (F) 
Mr.AlbenL. Hobbs.Jr. 
Mr. F. Spain Hodges '95 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hodges. Jr. *58 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hodson 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Hoffman 71 
Mr. &Mrs. PhilipA. Hoge'59 
The Rev. Geoi^e R. Holden '42 
Mr. James C. S. Holladay 77 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F. Holland 77 
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Michaei Holland "91 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Byrd Holloway '46 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E.L. Holt III 
Mr. & Mrs. Duran P. Holton "83 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse R. Hopkins '43 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hopkins '33 
Mr. & Mr^. William D. Hopkins '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund J. Hopper '84 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger G. Hopper 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Home, Jr. 77 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Horner III '76 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Horner 73 
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne D. Horney 73 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Horsley. Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Hotchkiss HI '86 
Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Hotchkiss. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Leighion S. Houck '67 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Housb '84 
Mr. Charles G. Houston, Jr. '40 

Mrs. Charles G. Houston, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs, John W. Howard. Jr. '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Hoy '61 
Dr. & Mrs. Maury A. Hubbard, Jr. '58 
Mr. & Mrs. R. George Hubbard '50 
Mr.WilhamJ. Hubbard'85 
Mr. & Mrs. David D. Hudgms '77 
Mr. Gary D. Hudson '77 
Mr, & Mrs, Neil D, Huffman '82 
Dr. John D. Hughes '68 
Mr, & Mrs. Philip W. Hughes '69 
Mr, & Mrs. William L. Hughes '86 
Dr. & Mrs. R. Douglas Humphrey, Jr. 

Mr. William O. E. Humphreys '51 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Humphries 72 
Dr. & Mrs. Willoughby S. Hundley HI 

Mr. & Mrs. Willoughby S. Hundley. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Hunt III '88 
Mr. & Mrs. K. Neal Hunt '64 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hunter III '75 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Hunter '50 
Mr. Henry Charles Hurt 11195 
Mr, DanielA. Huskey'81 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Huskey. Jr. '78 
Dr.&Mrs.JohnE, Husted'38 
Mr. John G. Hutchinson '93 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary A, Huttcr '40 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence B. Hyde II '59 
Dr. & Mrs. Wellford W. Inge, Jr. '58 
Mr, & Mrs. GaryR. Ingemanson '71 
Dr.&Mrs.JethroH. Irby.Jr. '38 
Dr. & Mrs. L, William Irby.Jr. '76 
Mrs. Nell Copley Irby 
Dr, & Mrs. W. Robert Irby "43 
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Irminger "52 
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Irvin, Sr. 
The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. John M. Irvine. 

Jr. '49 
Mr, & Mrs, Brian A. Irving '92 
Mr. William Pinckney Irwin V '94 
Mr. Christopher C. Jackson '92 
Dr. & Mrs, Lee Anderson Jackson, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs, Richard Lynn Jackson 
Dr. &Mrs. Pau!A.Jagasich(F) 
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher James '72 
Mr. W. Borden James '87 
Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert T. James III '51 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas lamison 
Dr. & Mrs. Allyn G. Janney '42 
Dr. & Mrs, Allyn G. Janney, Jr. '82 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Devereux Jarratt '64 
Mr. & Mrs, Henry M. Jarvis '44 
Dr. William McK, jefferies "35 
Mr. & Mrs. Brandey M. Jefferson 
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Jefferson, Jr. 75 
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey E. JeftVeys. Jr. "47 
Dr. & Mrs, Daniel E, Jenkins '36 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Jervey '81 
Dr, & Mrs, E. Forrest Jessee. Jr. '71 
Dr. & Mrs. A. Emerson Johnson III '52 
Mr. & Mrs, B. Boyd Johnson '74 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Lunsford Johnson '80 
Mr, C, Michael Johnson '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick F. Johnson '61 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Charles Johnson '60 
Mr. Roben D, Johnson '36 


Mr, & Mrs. Roben E. Johnson '50 
Mr. Sage B. Johnson '92 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Johnson '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Todd C. Johnson 78 
Dr. & Mrs. William T. Johnson '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Johnston '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson C. Johnston 
Mr. & Mrs. Prentiss D. Johnston. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Alan Johnston '76 
Mr. & Mrs. Catesby Jones II '77 
Dr. & Mrs. David F. Jones '84 
Dr. & Mrs. E. Marston Jones III 
Mr. & Mrs, Gregg K. Jones '72 
Mr. & Mrs. H, Benjamin Jones, Jr. '61 
Sen. & Mrs. James P. Jones 
Dr. &: Mrs. Keith M.Jones '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Langhorne Jones. Jr. '56 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark T. Jones "83 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Jones '48 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben F. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben H. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs, Walter M. Jones III '77 
Dr. & Mrs. Webb D. Jones '67 
Mr, & Mrs. G. Todd Joyce '90 
Mr. Richard G. Joynt '58 
Mr. Bobby J. Junes '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Keefer 
Dr. Christopher Keeley '89 
Dr. & Mrs. Roben Keeley 
Mr. Michael P. Kehoe "88 
Mr. RalphD. Keighdey.Jr. '45 
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Keiper 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C, Kellam, Jr, 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Kellam, Jr. '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Kelley 
Mr, & Mrs. Clyde B. Kelly '85 
Dr. & Mrs. James A. Kelly 
Ms. Mildred M. Kelly 
Mr. & Mrs. Philander Kelsey '79 
Mr. & Mrs. Ross E. Kent 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Kern '67 
Mr. & Mrs, Trent S, Kerns '80 
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kerst 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Ketcham 
Mr. L. Wilson Kidd, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Christian A, Kiesau '89 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Kighi, Jr. '66 
TheRev.Johnl. Kilby'53 
Mr. & Mrs, J, Kendall Killgore '87 
Mr. & Mrs. David M, Kimmelshue 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. Kjng III "72 
Mr. & Mrs. John T, King '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. King '77 
Dr. & Mrs, Michael E. King '69 
Mr. & Mrs. William j, Kinnamon, Jr. 
Dr, & Mrs. Marshall Kent Kiscr '80 
Mr. Jon K. Kjos '93 
Rev. & Mrs. William R. Klein 
Dr. & Mrs. Rodger W. Kleisch '74 
Mr. Roben P. Kline '87 
Mr. & Mrs, Thomas K. Koch 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Krasnow 
Mr. & Mrs. Allie B. Kr^er III '76 
Mr, & Mrs. Arthur H. Kreienbaum III 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Kremer. Jr. '60 
Mr. Otto A. Kurz 

Mr. & Mrs, Philip W. UBatte, Jr. '63 
Mr. & Mrs, Leon Agee Lackey. Jr. '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Lacy. Jr. '40 
The Rev, & Mrs. Lewis H. Lancaster. 

Jr. '48 
Dr. & Mrs. Elmer K. Landis, Jr. '52 
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Larie 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Allen Lasyone '87 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome E. Laux '80 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff R. LaVangie '89 
Mr. & Mrs. Charies E, Lavezzoli 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben H.LaVier 
Dr, & Mrs. Douglas R. Lawler II'SI 
Mr. & Mrs, David G. Lawrence, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Lawrence '64 
Mrs. Carol Ann Lawson 

Mr. & Mrs. Greene H. Lawson, Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Tommy Lawson III 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Layton '90 

Mr. & Mrs. M.Keith Leach '81 

Mr. William C. Leach '80 

The Rev. William K. Leach '62 

The Hon. & Mrs. Joseph A. Leafe '58 

Mr. & Mrs, Andrew K. Leake II "35 

Mr. & Mrs, George H, Leary '47 

Lt. &Mrs.JohnW. Leary'78 

Mr, Clark L, LeBlanc '89 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. LeCompte '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Lee. Jr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Lee '77 

Dr,& Mrs, Richard M.Lee '52 

Mr. Aaron Archer Legum '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Chaffraix A. Leiong, Jr. '72 

Mr. Sean T, Lenehan '92 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lenzi 

Mr, Roben C. Leonard, Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C, Levenon '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Levy 

Mr. Geoffrey J. Lewis '85 

Mr. J. Boiling Lewis III '81 

Lt. Col, &: Mrs. John F. Lewis, Jr. '41 

Mr. Lynwood W. Lewis. Jr. '84 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry S. Lieben, Jr. '52 

Mr, George A. Light '86 

Mr. James Randolph Light III '97 

Mr. Randolph Jackson Light '96 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Lightncr '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Lindsey '73 

Mr, & Mrs. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 

Dr. & Mrs, David Lee Litchfield '54 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Little '46 

Mr. H. Timothy Litde '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Linrell '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Livesay. Jr. '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Livingston. Jr. 

Mr. Ray E. Lockard "95 
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Lockwood III 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Lodge. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs, Roben C. Lodge '89 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Lonei^an, Jr. '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell W. Long '71 
Mr. & Mrs. L. Cecil Long '64 
Mr. & Mrs. R. Gordon Long, Jr. '76 
Cmdr, & Mrs. Roben C. Lorigan '76 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Keidi Love '78 
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Lovelace III 
Mr. & Mrs. James V, Loveless II 
Dr. &: Mrs, Roben H. Loving '37 
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Lower>' III '63 
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne B. Lucas '87 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon M, Lucey '54 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Luckam 
Dr. Anne C. Lund (F) 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Rodgers Lunsford II! 
Ms. Patricia D. Lust 
Mr. & Mrs, John W. Luxton '71 
Mr. David F. Lykins '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Lyman 11 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Lyster '87 
Dr. & Mrs. Russell C, MacDonald '50 
Mr. Gordon McLain MacGill '94 
Dr. & Mrs. Kenton L. Mackey '84 
Mr. & Mrs, A. Caner Magee, Jr. '76 
Mr, Gordon Lee Mallonee. Jr. '71 
Mr, & Mrs. J. Lawrence Mansfield, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Manson, Jr. '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Mapp '74 
Mr. & Mrs. Ashley B. Marable '86 
Mr. & Mrs. John March 
Mrs. Dianne O. Marion (F) 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Camp Marks '8 1 
Dr. & Mrs. Norman Jay Marks 
Col. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Marou-sek 
Mr. & Mrs. Herben Arnold Marsh 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Marshall, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Marshall '73 
Mr. & Mrs, Edwin Sidney Manin III 



Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Martin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Minnick 

Mr, Ralph M, O'Hair. Jr, '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Allan Leo Purlill, Sr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard 0. Royce '76 

Mrs. Linda L. Martin (S) 

Mr, & Mrs, G. R. Misenhelter '52 

Mr, & Mrs. R. Stedman Oakey, Jr, '66 

Dr, & Mrs, John T, Pun'is 

Mr. Steven M. Roznowski 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Manin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Frederick Mitchell 'bi 

Mr, & Mrs, John R, Oakman, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Capenon D, Putt '87 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ruble '64 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Mason '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred N. Mitchell, Sr. 

Dr, & Mrs, Vincent H, Obcr, Jr, '70 

Mr, & Mrs. J, Horsley Putt, Jr, '58 

Mr. DouglasP. Rucker.Jr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Franklin Massie III 77 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Mitchell '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. O'Brian 

Mr, & Mrs. John M. Quarles, Jr, '79 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Rude '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Roderick B. Mathews '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Jav D. Mitchell '85 

Dr. & Mrs. William L Odom '57 

Mr, & Mrs. G. Richard Query 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rue. Jr. '74 

The Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Frank Clayton 

Mr. & Mrs. John R.Mitchell, Jr. '77 

Dr. & Mrs. W.Levi Old, Jr, '46 

Dr. & Mrs. William FQuillian.Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Ruff '41 

Matthews 70 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Modlin 

Mr, & Mrs, Robert W. Oldfield '79 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry A. Raddin, Jr, '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Mark C. Rummel '81 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Mattox 

Dr. & Mrs. John H, Moling 11151 

Mr, & Mrs. John Penn Oliver '54 

Mr, & Mrs, David K, Rader '85 

The Hon. & Mrs. Joseph P. 

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Matzncr Iir'i9 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Monday, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas M. Orange '67 

Mr, & Mrs, T, Smith Ragsdale III '76 

Rushbrooke '55 

Mf. & Mrs. Thomas F. Mauldin 

Mr. Colin T, Monette '95 

Mrs. Francis L. Orgain 

Mr, & Mrs, Anhur W, Rainc '59 

Mr.&Mrs.JohnW. Russ71 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe S. Maupin '^^ 

Dr. & Mrs, John Roger Monroe '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Orme 

Mr. & Mrs. Michaux Raine III '57 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Lindsay Russell '82 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Maxcy. Jr. 72 

Mr, & Mrs, F, Breckinridge Montague 

Mr. & Mrs. John Michael Otis 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ramsey, jr. '58 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. J. Shepherd 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. May 72 


Mr. & Mrs. George R. Ours, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. M, Gregory T, Randall '92 

Russell, jr. '51 


Mr, WaJrer Scott Montgomety 111 '97 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Overbey '55 

Mr, & Mrs, John Hamilton Randolph 

The Rev. & Mrs. T. Field Russell '84 

Mr.JayA. Maynard 70 

Mr, & Mrs, Vincent M, Montsinger III 

Dr. & Mrs. Kelley E, Overcash '61 


Dr. & Mrs. Samuel B. Ryburn '50 

Ms. Ann B. Mayo '84 


Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Overton '74 

Mr, & Mrs, Ljnny Max Rauer 

Mr. & Mrs. William LSager. Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Mayson '88 

Mr, & Mrs, B, F, Moomaw, jr, '5 1 

Mr. & Mrs. Everett M. Owen '35 

Mr, & Mrs, Henry E, Ravenhorst '^3 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L, Samuel, jr. '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. McAllister '46 

Mr, & Mrs, Edward C, Moomaw. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Owen '67 

Dr, & Mrs, William F, Rayburn '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Samuels. Jr. '72 

Mr, & Mrs, William E, McBratney III 


Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Owen '74 

Mr, & Mrs, Henry M. Read '53 

Mr. & Mrs. John G.Sanders '41 


Dr, & Mrs, Andrew L, Moore, Jr, '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Owings 111 '62 

Mr, & Mrs, George W, Redd 

Mr. Owsley W.Sanders '35 

Mr, & Mrs. Mickey L. McCamish 

Mrs, Carrie Moore (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren M. Pace, Jr. '69 

Mr, & Mrs, Frederic S, Reed '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Sanders 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. McCann III 71 

Mr, & Mrs, Julian A. Moore, Jr, '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Graham F. Painter. Jr. '64 

Mr,J, William Reid,Jr, '91 


Mrs. Richard McCanhy 

Mr, Marion L, Moore '75 

Mr, & Mrs. James R. Painter "66 

Mrs, Milton P, Reid 

Mr, & Mrs. Wellford L. Sanders '38 

The Rev. & Mrs. Claud W. McCauley 

Mr, & Mrs, Robert G, Moore '46 

Dr, & Mrs. William G. Painter. Jr. '42 

Mr, & Mrs, Francis J. Reidy 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren E. Sandidgc '45 


Dr, & Mrs, Robert P, Moore '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Horace C. Paist '43 

Mr, H, David Rcitz '61 

Mr. &Mrs.J. KeidiSands75 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Austin McCleUan '46 

Mr, Thomas C, Moore '52 

Mrs. Jane H. Palmer 

Mr, & Mrs, Frank F, Rennie 111 '45 

Mr. Jonathan D. Sargeant '90 

Mr, & Mrs, Richard Wayne 

Mr, & Mrs, Ralph C, Morehead IV '78 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Vaughan Palmore 

Mr, & Mrs, James G, Rennie, jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Rowell Sargeant. Jr. "69 

McOinnell '68 

Dr, 8d Mrs, J, Stuan Morgan '73 

Mr. Russell V. Palmore, Jr. '69 

Mr. John L Reynolds IV '96 

Mr. j. Edward Sanain 


Mr, & Mrs, James V, Morgan, Sr, '50 

Mr, & Mrs. Kenneth G. Pankey. Jr. '85 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Reynolds '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Conrad F. Sauer IV '72 

Mr, & Mrs. Glenn L. McCroskery 

Mr, & Mrs, Joseph K, Morgan '82 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Panlele '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Rhea '81 

Dr. Richard G.Saur74 

Mrs. Myrtle C. McCutchen 

Mr, & Mrs, L, V, Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pantoulis 

Mrs. Archer L, Richardson, jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robin A. Saul '76 

Mrs. Mary Wynn Richmond McDaniel 

Mr, & Mrs, W, Hunter Morgan, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon E. Parker. Jr. '89 

Mr, D, Kirk Richardson '92 

The Hon. & Mrs. Amos C. Saunders 

Mr. & Mrs. James McDosvell 

Mr, & Mrs, Peter Morison '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Loren L. Parker, Jr. '44 

Dr, & Mrs, David W, Richardson 


Col. & Mrs. James E. McDowell Ret. 

Mr, Donald C, Morris, Jr. '51 

Captain & Mrs. William B. Parker 

Dr, & Mrs, George S, Richardson '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Brooke M. Savage "74 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. McEachern '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Morris '57 

D.D.S. '73 

Mr, Jeffrey R, Richardson '84 

Mr. John W. Savage '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. McElwee '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman deV. Morrison 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Parrish '87 

The Rev. & Mrs. W. Ramsey 

Dr. & Mrs. Randolph E. Sas-age '70 

Mr. & Mrs. David P. McEnderfer '85 


Mr, Mark W.Patterson '76 

Richardson '52 

Dr. Daniel B.Schein '81 

Mr. Carter H. McEntire '92 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Paul M. Morrison. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Patterson III 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Richmond, Jr, 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Schifter (F)(S) 

Mr. & Mrs, Richard C, McEvoy. Jr, '89 

Mr. Joseph F. Morrissette 



Mr. & Mrs. Kent H. Schmidt 

Mr, & Mrs, Philip J. McEwen.Jr, '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Garnett F. Monon '70 

Mrs. Emma Lee Parteson 

Col. Robert T. Richmond '44 

Ml. & Mrs. Roger C. Schmutz 

Mr, & Mrs, R Matthew McGee '84 

Mr. & Mrs. John Stewart Morton. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Patron III 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Ricketts III '74 

Mr. Wilson W.Schoellkopf '93 

Mr, & Mrs, Hobson C, McGehee. Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, Roger L. Morton '67 

Mr. 8d Mrs. Michael W. Paulette '66 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Rickman '59 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Schoen '88 


Mr, & Mrs, William 0. Moseley. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Payne Iir72 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Riddick '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck '65 

Mr. & Mrs, Henry P. McGill, Jr, '58 


The Hon. Nina K. Peace 

Mr. Barry L. Riddle '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C.Schroeder 

Dr, & Mrs, George R, C, McGuire 

Dr, & Mrs, Lloyd F, Moss. Sr, '37 

Mr. & Mrs. John Warren Peake '88 

Dr. & Mrs. William M. Riggins, Jr. '47 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Schultheis '74 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel W. McKeel. Jr. '61 

Mrs. Sallie Atkinson Mowbray 

Mr. David B. Pearman '93 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Rilee, Jr. '51 

Ml. & Mrs. Milton J. Schultz Iir77 

Mr. & Mrs. George A. McLean, Jr. '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank F. Muir 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Peden '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Ripbcrger '38 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Schultz '41 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert P, McLean '51 

Mr. Randall C. Muir 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Robert Peery '50 

Mr. John C. Risher 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. Schwan '76 

Mr, S, Calhoun McMeekin 111 '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Mullen '83 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Peery, Jr, '70 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Cabell Rives III '55 

Dr. & Mrs. Charley Scort 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Frederick McNeer '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Shirley E. Mullens '33 

Mrs, Barbara Ann Pemberton 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Saunders Roberson, Jr. 

Mr. &Mrs.JohnS. Scoa.Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent McPhiUips 

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Munford. Jr, '72 

Dr, & Mrs, Berkeley M. Pembenon '67 


Mr, & Mrs. James 0, Screven 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. McSpaddcn, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, William W, Muse '70 

Mr, C, Graham Pembroke, Jr, '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts III '84 

Mr. R. Brooks Scuri7 III '92 


Mr. Stephen C, Musilli '91 

Mr, & Mrs. Raymond A. Pepc 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Robertson '77 

Dr. & Mrs. D. Scott Sears '39 

Dr. & Mrs. George]. McVey '61 

Dr, & Mrs, John W, Myers lir60 

Mr. Christopher F.W. Perkins '90 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Robertson "65 

Mr. & Mrs, Everette M. Seay III 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert RMcWiUiams, Jr. 

Mr, 6c Mrs, Joseph S, Myers '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Perry 71 

Di. & Mrs. William A. Robertson '60 

Specialist Everette Meade Seay IV '94 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Maxsvell Meador '58 

Mr, & Mrs, David S. Naismith '92 

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Person '76 

Mr. & Mrs. William Harveycutter 

Mr, & Mrs. Ralph L. Sebrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Olin R. Melchionna, Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs, James L, Nance '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Petersen. Jr. '59 

Robertson '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Seegers '69 


Mr, & Mrs, Frank L, Nanney. Jr. '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Peterson 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin E. Robinson '86 

Rev. & Mrs. Donald H. Seely 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Melton 

Mr, E, Dawson Nash '76 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Banb Peterson, Jr. '85 

Mr. & Mrs. John Cuder Robinson '5 1 

Dr. & Mrs. Harvey F. Selden '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Hedlev N. Mendn 111 

Colonel & Mrs, Gordon C, Nash '71 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Pillow. Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Robinson, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Unnis N. Selz '76 

Mr, &Mrs.]oeV.'Mencndez'78 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Russell Neely '28 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Pittman 

Mr, & Mrs, Charles D, Robison III '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Alan Selzer '90 

Dr, & Mrs, Reinaldo R, Menendez 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Nelson, Jr, '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Pitts '88 

Mr, & Mrs, Donald C. Robison '69 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Semones '64 

Mr, & Mrs, Everett T, Meredith '40 

Mr, John Cason Newbern '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spencer Plaster. Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs. Bradley Rodgers 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Sessoms '56 

Mr, & Mrs, Robert B, Merrell '78 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles A. Newcomb 


Mr. & Mrs. J, Howard Rodman '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Settle 11171 

Mr, & Mrs, Charles W, Merriam. ]r. 

Mr. & Mrs. Meigs A. Ncwkirk '5 1 

Dr. & Mrs. Vance J. Plumb '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Judson H. Rodman. Sr, 

Mr. & Mrs. John Banks Sewcll 111 '87 


Mr. & Mrs. Herbert S. Newman. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry G. Plunkcn. Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs. K. Craig Rogers (S) 

Mrs. Roben M. Seylarth 

Mr. & Mrs, Richard H, Merrill '70 


Dr. & Mrs. William G. Plunkett '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee Rogers '74 

Mr. William F. Seymour IV '79 

Mr. & Mrs, Philip C. Metcalf '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Nexsen 

Mrs. Suzanne M. Plybon 

Mrs. Charles P. Rolfe 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward H. Sharp '50 

Mr. R. Bradley Meyers '94 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Nexsen '74 

Mr. & Mrs. John W, Pollock '87 

Dr. & Mrs. Dixon M. Rollins. Sr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Shaughnessy III 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Michaux 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. NichoU III '44 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Lear Ponton '51 

Mr. Brian A. Rollison '93 


Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Milam '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bryant Nickerson 

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Pontuso (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Rolston '48 

Dr. & Mrs. William A. Shear (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Mileham III 


Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Poole '74 

Mr. Josh Boulton Roman '94 

Mr. & Mrs. C, Daniel Shelburne '36 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Miller '86 

Mr. & Mrs. John Nicoll '71 

Mr. Wendell B.Ponerfield.Jr, '70 

Mr. & Mrs. John W, Romm. Jr. '63 


Mr. & Mrs. David S. Miller '77 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald B. Nolan '62 

Mr. Christopher W.Powelr89 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Roncaglione. jr. '83 

Mr, & Mrs. Jeffrey L, Shelley 

Mr. Harmon B.Miller IV '89 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Blackford Noland, Ir, 

Dr. & Mrs. Jack Hanson Powell 111 '73 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Roper IV 75 

Mr, & Mrs, Thaddeus R Shelly 111 '75 

Mr. Henry R Miller III '49 


Mr, & Mrs. John Maynard Power '79 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Rose '72 

Mr, & Mrs. Willie R. Shelnut il '80 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Hunter Miller '52 

Dr, & Mrs, Owen L. Norment, Jr, (F) 

Mr. David R. Price '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rosen 

Mt, & Mrs. Clvde E. Shelton '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Miller 

Mr, & Mrs, George D. Norrington '81 

The Rev. & Mrs. Luther L. Price '31 

Dr. William Rosenberger II '78 

Mr. & Mrs. R Kelly Sheridan '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Miller 7} 

Mr. & Mrs, Bradley D, Nott 

Mr. & Mrs. Sumpter F. Priddy, Jr, '46 

Dr. & Mrs, David E, Ross '82 

Mr. 6: Mrs. Manin Manker Sherrod 

Mr. & Mrs, Terry H, Miller. Sr, 

Mr. & Mrs, Paul B, Nott 


Dr,& Mrs, R.Douglas Ross '81 


Mr, & Mrs. Thomas H. Miller '82 

Miss Alicia Novey 

Mr, Samuel S, Proctor '88 

Mrs. Laurice W. Rounrree 

The Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth V. Shick '41 

Mr.WenrzJ.Miller.Jr. 71 

Mr, & Mrs, John Neuncr III 

Mr, & Mrs, Stephen D, Proctor '62 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Ranson Roussel '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Shidett, Jr, '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Billie M. Millner '50 

Mr, & Mrs, Glenn A, Nunnery '74 

Mr, & Mrs, Anhur Puc 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Roussel 

Mr, & Mrs, Samuel S, Shiplctt '68 

Mr. & Mrs. George W.Mills 11 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel V. P. O'Connor 72 

Mr, & Mrs, Sumner R, Pugh. Jr, '57 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Rowe '72 

Mr, & Mrs, Jimmy T, Shockley 

Dr. Steven E. Mills '89 

Mr. Charles Dee 0'Dellir87 

Mr. William A. 

'umphrey '96 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Landon Royals '85 

Mr, Thomas H. Shomo '69 



Mr. & Mrs. Phillip A. Short 73 

Mr. & Mr. Roben P. Stickley. Ji. '47 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben G. Thompson 11 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Ward 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Wilkinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Shrcves II '65 

Mi. & Mis. John N. Stiiewalt 


The Rev, & Mrs. W. Russell Ward, Jr, 


Mr. & Mrs. William L. Shumate III '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Sherrill W, Stockton, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John L. Thornton III '47 


Mr. & Mrs. C. Nelson Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Siewers II 


Mr. Russell E. Thornton 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander H. Ware '84 

Dr. & Mrs. George M. Williams '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart M. Siglet '80 

Mi. & Mis. Allen Y. Stokes '46 

Mr, & Mrs, Christophei G. Thoip '86 

Mr.&Mrs. Richard L. Ware '81 

Mr. Harry Lee Williams III '96 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Simes 

Df. & Mis. Ralph M. Stokes, Ji. '40 

Mr, & Mrs, P. Thomas Thurmond 111 

Mr. Timothy J. Ware '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Isham Rowland Williams, 

Dr. David B. Simmons '85 

Di.& Mis. James B.Stone III 


Dr, & Mrs, William E. Ware. Jr. '60 


Mr. & Mrs. Bradley S, Simms '85 

Di. & Mis. James H, Stone 

Dr, & Mrs, James H, Timberlake '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin N. Warfield, Jr. '56 

Dr. & Mrs. John Page Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Simms '61 

Mr, & Mrs, lohn A. Stough, Ji. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Tinsley '77 

Colonel A. S. Warinner '54 

Mr, & Mis. Paul Williams 

Mr. John D. Simpson '25 

Mi. MeirellL, Stout Iir9l 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry H. Titus '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D, Warinner '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Williams '69 

Mr. William D. Simpson '83 

Ml. & Mrs. B. Brack Stovall '74 

Mr. & Mrs, D. Simpson Tomkies '50 

Mr. Harry H.Warner, Jr, '84 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben B. Williams '72 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Carter Sinclair, Jr. '76 

Mr. Harry W. Stovall IV '92 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Tompkins III '62 

Mr, & Mrs. Harvey L. Warnick, Jr. '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sivell '43 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles S, Stringfellow 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Trapani, Jr. '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Lee Warnick 


Mrs. Janet L. Sketchley 

Mr, & Mrs, Charles S. Stringfellow, Jr, 

Dr. & Mrs. William Holmes Trapnell, 

Dr. & Mrs. Julien K. Warren III '73 

Dr. & Mrs. William B. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Benton Dane Skuda '75 


Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Warwick 


Mr. & Mrs. James H. Slaughter '61 

Dr. & Mis. Alfred H. Stuart '33 

Dr, & Mrs, Charles C, Travis, Jr. '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Washburn '65 

Mr. & Mrs. 'William D. Williams '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence 0, Sligh, Jr. '62 

Ml. & Mis, George R. C, Stuan '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben G, Traylor '57 

Mr. Stephen K.Waske)' '90 

Mr.J.Urry Williamson '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley S.Smith '85 

Ml, & Mis, Robert J. Stuckey '76 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Randolph L. Tribble 

Mr. & Mrs. Drew Waterbury '84 

Mr, & Mrs. Beniamin J, Willis. Jr. '42 

The Hon. & Mrs. Charles H. Smith. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Stuhr 


Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Waters '75 

Mr, & Mrs. Gerald F. Willman, Jr, '79 



Mr.&Mrs. Roben W.Trible 

Ml. & Mrs. Robert P. Wateis '64 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wilson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W.Smidi, Jr. '51 

Di.&Mis. DavidA.Stulmail'69 

Dr.&Mrs.WaringTrible,Jr. '80 

Di. William R. Wadcins 

Dr. James W. Wilson Iir41 

Dr. Claude A. Smith 

The Hon. & Mrs. J. Robert Stump '61 

Mr, Lawrence T, Trice, Jr. "67 

Ml. & Mis. Robert L. Watt III '68 

Mr. & Mrs. John D.Wilson '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Smith '72 

Mr. & Mrs. R Lawrence Stutts '81 

Mr, & Mn. Randolph E. Trow, Jr, '64 

Mi. & Mis. Randolph H. Watts '67 

Mr.&Mrs. John N.Wilson. Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Smith II '61 

Mr. PhilipA.Suazo'85 

Mr. Randolph E. Trow III '96 

Mi. & Mis. T, Ashby Watts 11157 

Dr. PaliickA.Wilson(F) 

Mf. & Mrs. Edwin Smidi '51 

Mr.&Mrs. U. D.Sudduth.Jr. '70 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick L, Troxel '77 

Dr. & Mrs. Blair M.Webb '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Wilson '78 

Mr. Frederic L. Smith, Jr. '93 

Lt. Col, Frank E Sullivan '40 

Mr. c'i Mrs. David C. Trumbower '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Webb '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Wilson III '90 

Dr. Gladstone E. Smith, Jr. '52 

Ms, Gena M. Summers 

Dr. Henry J. Tucker, Jr, '54 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Randolph Webb, Jr, '86 

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Wilson '49 

Dr. & Mrs. James H. Smith '56 

Mr. George Summers, Jr, '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Rjchard F. Tull 

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar T. Webb 

Mr. & Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 

Mr. & Mrs. John E Smith, Jt. 

Mr, & Mrs, George E, Summers 

Mr.&Mrs. N.H.TurbeviUe, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs, Robert B, Webb, Jr, '47 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Wiltshire '71 

Mr. Kevin E. Smith '92 

Dr. & Mrs. Joshua P. Sutherland. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Turgeon 

Dr, & Mrs. G. Daniel Weese (F)(F) 

Mi. & Mis. Roben C. Wimei '65 

Mr. & Mrs. L, Norfleet Smidi. Jt. '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Pctei M. Swan '87 

Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Turner 

Dr. Roben H. Welch '64 

Mi. & Mis. Roben P. Winfield, Ji. '45 

Mr. London Caner Smith '60 


Dr. & Mrs. Remus S. Turner, Jr, '67 

Mr. & Mrs. George R, Wells (S) 

Ms. C^aioline Winfree 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Smith '77 

Mi.&Mis. DavidJ.Talaber 


Mr. & Mrs. Harold Wells 

Mi. & Mis. Heniy S. Winston 1\' '75 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul English Smith '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuan A. Talbott '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Travis J. Tysinger '66 

Dr. &Mn. James M.Wells, Jr. '71 

Mi. & Mis. Frank Downing Wiseman 

Mr. Roben Carrol Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Spencer Tallcy, Jr, '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Tyskowski, Sr. 

Mr, & Mrs, William E, Welsh 


Mr. W. Bowman Smith '96 

Mr, & Mrs, John E, Tankard. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Kemper Uhler. Jr. '53 

Mr. Bruce D, Wenger '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwaid R Witt, Ji. '70 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. L. Smidi III '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Tarry '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry P. Umberger '88 

Mr, & Mrs. George HWenz '57 

Mi, & Mis, Edwaid W, Wolcott, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, William S. Smithers III '82 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Tarry '84 

Mr. Charles C. Vaden '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Wenz '60 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Snidow '81 

Col. & Mrs. Clayton B. Tasker '4 1 

Dr. Thomas ValenteCF) 

Mr. Richard H. West '68 

Mr. & Mrs, A, Allen Wolf 

Mr. Brian C. Sommardahl '96 

Mr, & Mrs, William H. Tavenner '86 

Dr. & Mrs. John H. Vansani '50 

Mr. & Mrs. John Drewry Westbrook 

Mr, & Mrs, Herben D, Wolfflll '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl, 

Mrs, Harry M, Tayloe 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis G. Varboncoeur 


Mr, & Mrs. Ballard P. Wood '52 

Jr. '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Brent W. Taylor 


Mr. & Mrs. Leigh C. Whaley, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Wood '60 

Mr. & Mrs. David Rhoades 

Mr. & Mrs. Daryl W. Taylor '86 

Mr. Henry S. Vaughan '82 

Mr. Michael David Whaley '90 

Dr. Judy W.Wood 

Sommardahl '94 

Mr. & Mrs. Gervas S, Taylor Iir72 

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy B. Vaughan '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben 0. Whaley 

Professor & Mrs. L. Barron Wood, Jr. 

Mr. F.Scott Soukup '91 

Mr.&Mrs. H.Tyler Taylor, Ji, '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Page H. Vaughan. Jr. '53 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Wheeler 111 


Mr. &C Mrs. Stanford L, Soudiworth 

Mr, & Mrs, Huben S, Taylor, Jr, '48 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben C. Vaughan, Jr. '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Charies H. Wheeler IV '65 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Wood, Jr. '75 


Mr, & Mrs. James C. Taylor HI '82 



Mr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Woody. Jr. '56 

Dr. & Mrs, Harry E. Spalding '85 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Taylor, Jr. '88 

Mr. Glenn C, Vaughn '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Whitaker '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Allan C. Wooldridge. Jr. 

Mr. JefteyS. Sparks '87 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Parrish Taylor, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Venable '42 

Mr. David Meade White, Jr, '38 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Callen Sparrow '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben D. Taylor '73 

Mr. Paul C. Venable IV '90 


Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Woosley. Sr. 

Mr. Robert M. Speaks '71 

Mr.&Mrs. W.W.Taylor, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, H, Benjamin Vincent, Sr, 

Mrs. David Meade White, Jr, 


Maj. Gen. & Mts Stanhope S. Spears 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Telford '29 


Ms. Donna R. White 

Mr. & Mrs, Dean S. Worcester '74 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold R. Spencer '54 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Temple '37 

Ms. Judith F.Vogelback 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. White, Sr. '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Word, Jr. '59 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Spencer '39 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Tennent 111 

Mr. &Mrs. RicksS,Voight.Jr.'66 

Mr.&Mrs. James M.White 

Mr.&Mrs. Roben B.Wrenn '51 

Mr, Gordon R. Spessard 


Mr. & Mrs. R.King WaddiU '59 

Mi. & Mis. Lewis M. White '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil B. Vi'right 111 

Mr. Philip D.Spessard '91 

Dr. & Mrs, R. Dean Tester '54 

Mr. Keith H. Wadswonh '91 

Mi. William Ashby White, Jt. '67 

Mi. & Mis. Edwaid B. Wright. Jr, '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Spider '59 

Mr, & Mrs. Roben J. Thalman 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Waff III 

Dr. & Mrs. William B. White '40 

Mr, Fletcher J, Wright lir57 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Spotswood, Jr. 

Mr. Richard B. Thatchei 

Mr. & Mrs. Emory S. Waldrep '40 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis R. Whitehouse '.34 

Mr. J. Patrick Wright '93 

'34 (FT) 

Ml. & Mis. Brian S. Thomas '83 

Mr. & Mrs. Wyndham P. Waike, Jr. 


Mr. & Mrs, John W, Wright '71 

Mrs. Paula R. Spraker 

Di. & Mrs, Emory M. Thomas 


Mr.&Mrs, E.Qrter Whitley '72 

Mrs. Claudia Albright Wyan 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Warren Spratley, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Rogers Thomas '32 

Mr. & Mn. Herman B. Walker '56 

Mi, & Mis, James L. Whitlock 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Wyan 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Springer '77 

Mr. & Mrs. J, Holmes Thomas '31 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis M. Walker III '61 

Mi, Morton V, Whidow 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Wyeth 

Mr.&Mrs.W.C.Sproiise,Jr. '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Nick R. Thomas '75 

Mr, & Mrs. Roben H. Walker, Jr, '57 

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Whitman, Ji. 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Churchill Young 111 

Mr. Walter C. Sprye, Sr. '43 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Thompson, Jr, 



Mr. & Mrs. R. Douglass Young '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Squire '76 


Mr. & Mrs. William B. Wall '50 

Di. & Mis. James H. S. Whitney '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard O. Young, Jr. '74 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Edwin Stanfield '53 

The Rev. James G, Thompson '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Wallace, Jr, '54 

Di. & Mis. J. W. Whined 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Young, Jr. '35 

Mr. William W. Stanfield III '92 

Mr, & Mrs. James K. Thompson, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs. Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. 

Mi. & Mis. William G. Whitter 

Mr. & Mrs. W. James Young '86 

Mi. &Mrs. PhilipA, Stedfast 



Dr. & Mrs. Richard A, Wiani '49 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Younger '72 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Watts Sieger III '70 

Mr. James L. Thompson '74 

Mr, Sean D, Wallace '82 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Glen Wiggans 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Zakas 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Stein '60 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Thompson 

Mrs, Frederick H, Walsh, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuan P. Wilbouine '83 

Mr. A. Ford Zehmer '54 -Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Reynold F. Slelloh, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Thompson 111 '43 

Mr, & Mrs. Gerald Walsh 



Mr, & Mrs, Alfred W. Stephens 

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Thompson, Jr. '5 1 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Walters '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Corbin McCue Wilkes '68 

Mr. Douglas F. Zier '77 

Mr. Christophei W. Stevens '92 

Mr. & Mrs. Lex C. Thompson 

Mr, & Mrs. Charies W.Ward '77 

Mr. James R.WilkinsIir90 

Mi. & Mis. William T. Ziglar '86 

Dl.& Mis. WaidW. Stevens, Jr, 

Dr. & Mrs. J. W.Ward 

Dr. R. Edward Zimmerman '68 

Mr. Eric Steward '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Linton B. Ward '42 




Class of 1923 

60% of the class gave $1,225.00 
Average pji was $408.33 

Dr. Harold J. Dudley 

Mr. Howard D. MacPherson 

Mr. lohn D. Simpson 

Class of 1926 

50'io of the clmigave 

Mr. Charles G. Johnson - Deceased 

Class of 1927 

37.5% oftheckss gave $16,937.50 
Average gift was S 5.64 5.83 

Dr. W. Dabneyjarman 
Dr. John M. Preston IV 

Dr, Graves H, Thompson (FE) 

Class of 1928 

42.8% of the class gave $280.00 
A vcrage gift was $93. 33 

The Rev. E. Raynard Arehan 
Mr. Hugh G. Edmunds 
Mr. R. Russell Neelv 

Class of 1929 

62.5% ofthe elms gave $b3.l40.00 
Average gift was $12,628.00 

Mr. William S.Adkisson, Jr. 
Dr. William C. Finch (FT) 
Dr. Robert S. Lancaster 
Dr. John F. Montgomery 
Mr. William B. Telford 

Class of 1930 

62.5% of the cLus gave $25,418.19 
Average gift was $5,083.64 

Mr. Henry H. Beattie - Deceased 

Dr. William M. Feild 

The Hon. John P. Hill 

Mr. Roben W. Lawson. Jr. IFT) 

Mr. Campbell Pancake. Jr. 

Class of 1931 

J00% of the class gave $68.35 1. 78 
Average gift was $9,764.54 

Mr. Copeland E, Adams - Deceased 
Mr. Stewart Bell, Jr. (FT) 
Mr. Frank L. Bersch - Deceased 
The Hon. John M. Hamlet. Jr. 
The Rev. Luther L. Price 
Mr. J. Holmes Thomas 
Mr. C. Wilder Watts. Jr. 

Class of 1932 

^5% of the diss gave $51,029.26 
A verage gift was $5. 669. 92 

Mr. Paul G. Boone 

Mr. Benjamin P. Franklin 

Dr. James W. Gordon, Jr. (FT) 

Dr. Edwin L. Kendig, Jr. 

The Rev. Frank C. King 

Mr. C Theodore Ripberger. Jr. 

Mr. H. Rogers Thomas 

Mr. Thomas L. Toone 

Mr. George T. Walters 

Class of 1933 

33.3% of the class gave $2,220.00 
A verage gift was $246. 67 

Dr. Albert R.Gillespie (FT) 

Dr. John L. Guerrant 

Dr, Gabel G. Himmelwright, Jr. 

Mr. John A. Hopkins 

Mr. Joseph L. Hudson 

Mr. Shirley E. Mullens 

Dr. Alfred H.Stuan 

Dr. James R. Sydnor 

The Rev. Milton C. Wilkerson 

Class of 1934 

71. 4% of the class gave $50,590.50 
Average gift was $3.372. 70 

Mr, Edwin E. Bouldin 

Mr. Peter G. Cosby III 

Dr, Horace H, Custis, Jr. 

Mr, Roben H, Edmunds 

Dr. W. Franklin Fallwell, Jr, 

Mr, James D. Finley 

Mr. Marshall B. Hopkins 

Mr. James J. Marshall, Jr. 

Dr. Richard A. Michaux (TE) 

Dr. James Miller Smith, Jr. 

Mr, William F, Spotswood. Jr. (FT) 

Mr. Harr)' M. Tayloe - Deceased 

Mr, Thomas R. Wallace - Deceased 

Dr. Francis R. Whitehouse (FT) 

Dr. John B. Woodworth 

Mr. L Q. Yowell 

Class of 1935 

51.3% ofthe class gave $5,904.00 
Average gift was $310. 74 

Mr. John I. Armstrong 
Mr, John C. Beckwith 
Mr, Clarence Campbell, Jr. 
Mr, R. LeeChambliss.Jr. 
Mr. Leonard B. Chittum 
Mr. Jeffress S. Dortch, Jr. 
The Rev. Bernard E. Dotson 
Mr. Oscar P. Fitzgerald, Jr. 
Mr. Percy Harris, Jr. 
Mr, D. Rankin Hervey 
Dr, William McK.Jefferies 
Mr. .Andrew K. Leake II 
Dr. James B. Massey, Jr. 
Mr. Everett M. Owen 
Dr. Paul E. Power 
Mr. Owsley W. Sanders 
Mr. Joseph T. Trotter (FT) 
Mr. James G. Watson 
Dr. Thomas K. Young, Jr. 

Class of 1936 

65. 7% ofthe class gave $292.996. 79 
Average gift was $12,738.99 

Mr. Lester E. Andrews. Sr. (T) 

Dr. William H. Armstrong 

Mr. Stuan H, Barrell 

Mr. Robert M. Boyd, Jr. 

Dr. J. Garnen Bruce. Jr. 

The Rev. Day (Ilarper 

Mr. Walter C. Crawley 

Mr. J. Tucker Doyne. Jr. 

Mr. John H. East 

Mr. John W. Eure. Jr. 

Mr. B. Noel Fallwell 

Mr. William S. Formwalt 

Mr. Howard H. Hanmer, Jr. 

Dr. W. Ivan Hoy 

Dr, Daniel E.Jenkins 

Mr. Robert D. Johnson 

The Hon. D. Carleton Mayes 

Cmdr. Frank M. Morton, Jr. 

The Rev. William H. Ramkey, Jr. 

Mr. Henry C. Reed (FT) 

Mr. George Richardson III 

Mr, C. Daniel Shelburne (FT) 

The Rev. Joseph R. Woody 

Class of 1937 

45.8% ofthe class gave $19,915.80 
Average ffft was $905-26 

Mr. Clyde H. Bliss 

Mr. Frank M. Booth 

Mr. John Frank Chambers 

The Rev. Dr. Marvin K. Cx)mpher 

Mr. James Gilliam Conrad 

Mr. Alexander B. Dickinson 

Mr. Thomas D. Eason. Jr. 

Dr.John H.Hall, Jr. 

Dr. William R. Jones. Jr. 

Dr. Roben H. Loving 

Mr. Richard S. Manson 

Dr. Lloyd F. Moss, Sr. 

Mr. Herbert S. Newman. Jr. 

Mr. Frank D. Pollard 

Dr. James W. Simmons 

Mr. S. Bruce Spencer 

Mr. William D. Temple 

The Hon. W. Carrington Thompson 


Mr. John Drewry Westbrook 

Dr, William R. Whitman. Jr. 

Mr. Roben Henrv Wilson 

Class of 1938 

56.2% ofthe cLusgave $172,735.85 
Average gift was $6.397. 62 

Mr. Thomas E. Adkins, Jr. 
The Rev. Lundy M. Barkley 
Mr. Richard Burrell 
Mr. Eugene C. Caldwell 
Dr. E. Malcolm Campbell 
Mr. William A. Carrington 
Dr. Manin Donelson, Jr. 
Dr. Edward J. Evans 
Dr. Russell E. Fox 
Dr. William T. Hall 
Mr. J. Harrison Hancock 
Mr. Roben G. Harper (FT) 
Mr. Kenneth L. Hudson 
Dr.John E. Husied 


Mr. Frank T. Hyde 

Dr. Jethro H. Irby. Jr. 

Mr. Prentiss D.Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. John B. Long. Sr.(T) 

Mr. Winston O. Noel 

Mr. Roben M. Richardson (FT) 

Dr. Frank M. Ripberger 

Mr. Samuel 0. Ruff 

Mr. Wellford L. Sanders 

Mr. Meredith E. Watson 

Df. Herben F. Webb 

Mr. David Meade White. Jr. - Deceased 

Mr. Charles B. Williams 

Class of 1939 

.5 " 5 % ofthe class gave $74,346 00 
Average gift was $3,232.43 

Mr. James M. Blanton, Jr. 
Mr. Bernard T. Doyle, Jr. 
Mr. Lewis D. Evans 
The Rev. Arthur M. Field. Jr, 
Mr. Lowery D. Finley. Jr. 
Dr. Charles O. Finne, Jr. 
Mr. John H. Gilliam, Jr. 
Mr. Calvin G. Greear 
Mr. Nathan B. Hall 
The Rev. D. Kirk Hammond 
Mr. William Hent)' Hubbard 
Mr. A. Anson Jamison 
Mr. Joseph P. Lawson 
Mr, Thomas H. Lightner 
Mr. RalphM.O'Hair.Jr. 
Mr. John M, Osborn 
Mr. Fred W. Palmore. Jr. 
Mr. Walter C. Scott 
Dr. D. Scon Sears 
Mr. T, Randolph Sherman 
Mr. William B. Spencer 
Lt. Col. Randolph L. Tribble 

Class of 1940 

67.8% ofthe class gave $17,814.75 

Average gift was $468.81 

Dr. Robert P. Barrell 

Mr. William H. Boyd 

Mr. Lester L. Dillard 

Mr. W. Roben Eason. Sr. 

Mr. Henry A. Flannagan, Jr. 

Mr. William H. Flannagan. Sr. (FT) 

Dr. John C. Foushee 

The Rev. James B. Garrett 

Dr. Richard M. German, Jr. 

Mr. Leigh B. Hanes.Jr. 

Mr. Homer P. Hatten 

Mr. Charles G. Houston, Jr. - Deceased 

Mr. Ben F. Hun 

Mr. Gary A. Huiter 

Mr. C. Maynard Johnson - Deceased 

Mr. Paul B. Lacy. Jr. 

Mr. Monroe Leigh 

Mr. Thomas B. Mason 

Mr. Everett T. Meredith 

Mr. Harold L. Mitchell 

Dr. Robert E.Mitchell, Jf. 

Mr. Charles D. Nottingham 

Dr. J. Davison Philips 

Dr. Lewis G. Richards, Jr. 

Dr. Hoskins M. Sclaier 

Mr. William P. Snavely 

The Rev. Millard G. Stimpson 

Mr. Herben R. Stokes 

Dr. Ralph M.Stokes. Jr. 

Lt. Col. Frank E. Sullivan 

The Rev. James G. Thompson 

Dr. Roben P. Trice 

Dr. Roben C. Vaughan, Jr. (FT) 

Mr. S. Sydnor Walden 

Mr. Emory S. Waldrep 

The Rev. Dr. William G. Walker 

Dr. William B. White 

Lt. Col. A. A. Williams 

Class of 1941 

65.3% ofthe class gave $25,740.35 
Average gift was $757.07 

The Rev. F, Sidney Anderson, Jr. 

Mr. T. Frank Brown 

Dr. James L. Bugg.Jr. 

Mr. A. McDowell Bynum 

Mr. Frank C. Chaffin. Jr. 

Cmdr. Hugh H. Dunkum. Jr. 

Dr. Frederick T. Edmunds 

Mr. Arthur P. Ftippo 

Mr. Joseph B. Geyer 

Mr. William C. Gibson. Jr. 

Dr. A. Lawson Hardie, Jr. 

Mr. William K.Harrison III 

Mr. Richard E.Hill 

Dr. Matthew L, Lacy 11 

Lt. Col. John F, Lewis, Jr. 

The Rev, Byron L. Milton 

Dr, Ray A. Moore. Jr. 

Mr. Theodore G. Offterdingcr 

Mr. Clarence T. Orgain 

Dr. J, Hunter Peak, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas C. Ruff 

Mr. John G. Sanders 

Dr. Roben G. Schulct 

Mr. Francis A. Shelton 

The Rev. Kenneth V. Shick 

The Hon. William B. Spong, Jr. (FT) 

Col. Clayton B. Tasker 

Mr. H. Tyler Taylor. Jr. 

Mr. William G. Traylor, Jr. 

The Rev. Thomas T. Traynham. Jr. 

Mr, Richard B. Whiting 

Mr. Emer)'C. Wilkerson 

Dr. James W. Wilson III 

Dr. Edwin S. Wysor 

Class of 1942 

63. 7% of the class gave $23. / 74 00 
A verage gift was $ 526. 68 


The Rev. Dr, William H. Bailey 

Dr.John S. Baker 

Col, Charles H. Beale, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas C. Bowen. Jr. 

Dr. Addison D. Campbell 

Mr, Walter H.Cobbs. Jr. 

The Rev. Paul J. Coblentz 

Dr. James E. Cousar III 

Mr. William T. Covington, Jr. 

Dr. Charles L Crocken. Jr. (FT) 

Dr. J. William Dixon, Jr. 

Mr. J. Marshall Doswell, Jr. 

Dr. W, Keith Eubank. Jr. 

Mr. George H. Fulton, Jr. 

Mr. James B. Gregory 

Mr. Kossen Gregory 

Mr. John P. Harlow. Jr. 

The Hon. William P. Hay. Jr. 

Mr. Franks. Heidelbach 
The Rev. George R. Holden 
Dr. Thomas M. Horilcy. Jr. 
Dr. Allyn G. janney 
Mr. Herndon P. Jeffreys, Jr. 
Dr. Edgar F. Jessee 
Dr. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. 
Mr. Joseph C. Kellcy 
Mr. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. 
Col. Francis R. Munr 
Dr. William G. Painter. Jr. 
Mr. Samuel W. Purviance 
Mr. Philip L, Strader 
Col. Gary A. Thompson, Jr. 
Dr. William K. Tracy 
Dr. Edwin B. Vaden 
Dr. Douglas Venable 
Mr. Lmton B, Ward 
TheRev. Ira B.Watson. Jr. 
Mr. William A. Webb 
Mr. Lewis M. White 
Mr. Benjamin ]. Willis, Jr. 
Mr. Gordon C. Willis (FT) 
Mr. John N.Wilson. Jr. 
Dr. James M. Wolcott, Jr. 

Class of 1943 

59.1% of the ckisgave $49,541.25 
Average gift um $1,179.55 

Dr. Horace Adams, Jr. 

Dr. Louis E. Alexander 

Mr. W.Dudley Allen. Jr. 

Mr. H. Carlisle Bean 

Dr. Frank M. Blanton 

Dr. Elam W. Bosworth II 

Mr. Royal E.Cabell, Jr. (T) 

Dr. Gilbert S. Campbell, Jr. 

Dr. John B. Catlett 

Mr. William H, Clarke 

The Rev. Thomas C. Clay 

Mr. Harold C.Cole 

Dr. Joseph W.Coxe III 

Mr. Douglass C. Crummett 

L^r. Austin I. L^odson,Jr. 

The Rev. Dr. A. D. Ellison, Jr. 

Mr, William B. Elwang. jr. 

Dr. Hugh Fitzpatrick HI 

Mr. William C. Garrett. Sr. 

Mr. William B. Graham 

Mr. Thomas O. GwaJtney III 

Mr. lesse R. Hopkins 

Dr. W. Robert Irby 

Dr. Samuel S.Jones 

Mr. Thomas G. Lane, Jr. 

Mr. F. Bruce Leys 

Dr. Charles E. Llewellyn, Jr. 

Dr. Roben P. Moore 

Dr. Roderick A. Mundy 

Mr. Carter Noble 

Mr, Horace C, Paist 

Mr. James G. Peden 

Mr. Francis Y. Savage 

Mr. John P. Sivell 

The Hon. Robert B. Spencer, Jr. 

Mr. Walter C. Sprye. Sr. 

Dr. Frank E. Taylor 

Mr. John H. Thompson 111 

Dr. Sidney J. Venable. Jr. 

Mr. Alan J. White 

The Rev. Thomas C. Whitehouse 

Mr. Edward W. Wolcott, Sr. 

Class of 1944 

50% ofthe class mve $10,255.00 
Average ^fi WiW $487.38 

The Rev. Allan C. Anderson 

Dr. Eugene R. Bebeau 

Mr. Waldo H. Beck 

Mr. Henry W. Brockenbrough 

Dr. William W.Halligan, Jr. 

Dr. John Q. Batten 


Mr. Julian B. Jackson, Jr. 
Mr. Henry M. Jarvis 
Mr. Harold R. Johnson 
Mr. Richard H. Manson. Jr. 
Mr. Peter Morison 
Mr. Thomas J. Nichols III 
Dr. Wallace C. Nunley. Sr. 
Mr. Loren L. Parker. Jr. 
Col. Robert T. Richmond 
Mr.JohnA. L. Ruff 
Mr. Walter D. Shields 
Dr. James H. Timberlake 
Dr. E- Randolph Trice 
Mr. Anhur G. Turner 
Mr. Frederick W. Young, Jr. 

Class of 1945 

5(x ^% of the class gave $101,598. /J 
A verage pft was $2, 675. 64 

Dr. Wilbur F, Amonene III 

Mr. Tucker G. Bedinger 

Mr. Carl W. Belcher 

The Rev. Dr. Robert Bluford. Jr. 

Mr. Lewis E. H. Brandon 

Mr. L. Shelton Clarke, Jr. 

Mr. Stanley G. Clinelll 

Dr. C. Barrie Cook 

Lt. Col. D. R. Copeland 

Mr. T. Frank Crowder 

The Hon. John E. DeHardit 

Dr. Lonnie B, Dickens, Jr, 

Mr. P.. Conrad Dodl, Jr. 

Mr. Harle)' C. Easter 

Mr. Thomas J. Fulcher. Jr. 

Mr. Henry H. Galusha, Jr. 

The Hon. Ernest P. Gates. Sr. (FT) 

Mr. B. Richards Glascock. Jr. 

Mr. C. Hobson Goddin 

Dr. Harvey W. Goode, Ir. 

Mr. William L. Harvie 

The Rev. George G. Henley 

Mr. John P. Hughes III 

Mr. James M. Jones, Jr. 

Mr. Ralph D. Keightley. Jr, 

Mr. John Laing 

Mr. William B. Lambert 

Mr. Gary L. Meredith, Jr. 

Dr. John A. Owen, Jr. 

Mr. Harrv' K. Parks 

Mr. J. Preston Proffin, Jr. 

Mr. Frank F. Rennie Hi 

Dr. Frank M. Ryburn. Jr. 

Mr. Warren E. Sandidge 

Mr. William R. L. Smith IH 

Mr. George R. C. Stuart 

Mr. Walter W. TunstaJl 

Mr, Roben P. Winfield, Jr. 

Class of 1946 

60.4% of the class gave $25.381. 13 
Average gift wiis $976.20 

Mr. John G. Armistead 

Mr. Stratford W. Butterworth 

Mr. G. Philip Cheatham 

Mr, Qbell F. Cobbs 

Dr. William S. Coxe 

Mr. Claiborne W. Craddock 

Dr. Junius E. Crowgey 

Mr. August A. Diecz III 

Mr. Louis A. Graham 

Dr. Francis G. Griffm 

Mr, F. Byrd Holloway 

Mr. C. Randolph Hudgins. Jr. (FT) 

Mr. Francis P. Jones 

Mr. George B. Little 

Mr. Robert M. McAllister 

Dr. W. Austin McClellan 

Mr. Charles W. Merriam. Jr. 

Mr. Robert G, Moore 

Dr. W.Levi Old. Jr. 

Mr. Neale H. Oliver 

Mr. Allen C. Phillips 

Mr. SumpterT. Priddy, |r. 
The Rev. Rockwell Smith 
Mr. Allen Y. Stokes 
Dr. Charles C. Travis, Jr. 
Dr. Hugh Orian Wrenn 

Class of 1947 

50% of the ckssgave $6. 196.25 
Average ^fi was $476.63 

Dr. John D. Beall 
Mr. Alfred T. Curlee 
Mr. William N. Gilmer 
Dr. Harvey E. Jeffreys, Jr. 
Dr. O. W. Lacy 
Mr. George H. Leary 
Mr. J. Cullen C. Leigh 
Dr. William M. Ri^ins. Jr. 
Mr. Roben P. Stickley, Jr. 
Mr. James A. Sydnor 
Dr. John L. Thornton III 
Mr, J. Ernest Warinner III 
Dr. Roben B. Webb. Jr. 

Class of 1948 

77 1 % of the class gave $15,510.00 
Average gift was $492.96 

Mr. William E. Atkinson 

Dr. Frank S. Blanton, Jr. 

Mr. Marvin C. Bowling, Jr. 

Mr. Roger W.Dudley 

The Rev. Thomas W. Foley 

Mr. Donald Lee Garlock 

Dr. Thomas E. Gilmer. Jr. 

Mr. HarryV, Haga.jr. 

Mr. Clivie C. Haley, Jr. 

Dr. James A. Higgs, Jr. 

Mr. Roben C.Jones 

The Rev. Lewis H. Lancaster, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph S, Livesay, Jr. 

Mr. Tinsley Mack 

Mr. John H. Michalek 

Dr. Thomas P. Ovenon 

Dr. McHenr)' Peters. Jr. 

Mr. Roy C. Rhodes 

Mr. C, Wilson Rives 

Mr. Charles H. Rolston 

Dr. Peter W. Squire 

The Rev. Dr. Charles C. Talle)' 

Mr. Benjamin L. Taylor. Jr. 

Mr. Huben S. Taylor, Jr. 

Mr. P. Edmond Virgili 

Mr. William F, Wadans. Jr. 

Mr, George Wright III 

Class of 1949 

7/ , 7% of the class gave $39, 462. 82 
Average gifi was $1,195.84 

Mr. Wesley G. Andrews, Jr. 

Mr. William N.Balas 

Dr. Francis J. Brooke III 

Mr. H, Otis Copley 

The Rev. John R. Daii 

Mr. William D. Gallalee 

Dr. Frederick T. Given. Jr. 

Mr. Jack A. Glascock 

Mr. William P. Groseclose 

Mr. John E. Hansbarger 

Mr. Richard N. Harris 

TTie Rev. Everett A, Hellmuth. Jr. 

Mr. H. William Hoffman 

Mr. John A. Hudson, Jr. 

Mr, Richard D, Hudson 

The Rev. Dr. John M. Irvine, Jr. 

Dr. Archer Jones 

Mr. James W, Luke. Jr. 

Dr. Winfield Massie 

Mr. George A, Matzner II! 

Mr. Arthur H. Michel 

Mr. Claude W. Milam 


Mr. HeniyR. Miller III 

Mr. Grant C. Sipp 

Mr. P, Warren Spradey, Jr. 

Dr. W. Graham Stephens 

The Rev. Anhur H, Stevens, Jr, 

Mr. Charles C. Vaden 

Mr. Edwin D, Warinner 

Dr, Richard A. Wiant 

Dr, Thomas C, Wilson 

Dr. William L. Wilson 

Mr. Walter H. Young II - Deceased 

Class of 1950 

5L3% of the ckssgave $55,201.52 
Average gift was $572.44 


Mr. Earl T, Agee 

Mr. John D. Alfriend 


Mr, Richard J. Baste 

Mr. H. Peirce Brawner. Jr. 

Mr, Harry T. Bridges 

Mr. George T. Bryson, Jr. 

Mr. Douglas G. Chapman. Jr. 

Dr. Jack W. Chevalier 

Mr, Lvnn P. Chewning 

Mr, McLin S. Choate. Jr. 

Mr, Donald F. Clarke 

Mr. John W. Cowherd III 

The Rev. Russell R. Davis 

Mr. William Davton Dixon, Jr, 

Mr. Roben W, Driver 

Dr. Samuel A. Elder 

Mr. Joseph Davis Elmore 

Mr. Frank L. Field, Jr. 

Dr. Frank E. Flora 

Dr. Julius Temple Goodman 

Dr, T. Winston Gouldin 

Mr. LeRoy Y. Haile, Jr. 

The Rev. L. Randolph Harrison 

The Rev. Dr. Collier S. Harvey. Jr. 

Mr. John W. Howard. Jr. 

Mr, R. George Hubbard 

Mr. William A. Hunter 

Mr. Robert E. Johnson 

Mr. Harr)' C. Lonergan, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas S. Lovelace 

Dr. Russell C. MacDonald 

Mr. Samuel D, May. Jr. 

Mr. William M. Mcllwaine 

Dr. William D. McLean 

Mr. Billie M. Millner 

Mr. James V, Morgan. Sr. 

Mr. C. Roben Peery 

Dr. Claudius H. Pritchard. Jr. 

Dr. John M. Quarles 

Dr. Samuel B. Ryburn 

Mr. J. Howard Settle 

Dr. Edward H. Sharp 

Mr. William H.Shirey 

Mr. Fred L. Silbernagel, Jr. 

Mr. Philip M.Snyder 111 

Mr. D. Simpson Tomkies 

Mr, James L. Trinkle (FT) - Deceased 

Mr. Palmer G. Tunstall 

Dr, John H. Vansant 

Mr. Rjchard M. Venable. Jr. (FT) 

Mr. Wyndham P. Walke, Jr. 

Mr. William B. Wall 

Mr. John E.White III 

Mr, Roben L.Wilson 

Dr, Lindley M. Winston 

Mr. George E. Withers, Jr. 


Class of 1951 

69% ofthe class gave $205,661.66 
Average gift was $3,511.41 


Mr. Raymond B. Bonom,Jr. (T) 

Mr. Walter W. Bridges, Jr. 

Mr. Gardiner T. Brooks, Jr. 

Mr. Randolph B. Chichester 

Mr. Frank F. Churchill 

Dr. David S. Cobbledick 

Dr, William Ervin Des Pones 

Mr. Joseph D. East 

Mr. Roben L. Ennis 

Dr. William S. Foreman, Jr. 

Mr. Roben A. Francis 

Mr. A. Conrad Frey. Jr. 

Mr. Roben L. Galloway 

Mr. W. Marshall Gcoghegan. Jr. 

Mr. Leslie B. Gilliam 

Mr. Mark B. Glascock, Jr. 

Mr. Howell L. Gruver 

Mr. Walter V. Hall 

The Rev. Samuel P. Han 

Mr. Robert V. Hatcher. Jr. (T) 

Mr. Walton L Huff 

Mr. William O.E. Humphreys 

Mr, Willoughby S.Hundley. Jr. 

Mr, Wilbert T.James III 

Dr. W, Thomas joyner. Jr. (F) 

Mr. Albert S. Kemper 111 

Mr. Edward P. Kinney. Jr. 

The Rt. Rev, A. Heath Light 

Mr. Harvey S. Lutins 

Mr. Davids. McClung II 

Mr. Roben P. McLean 

Dr.JohnH. Moling III 

Mr. B. F. Moomaw, Jr. 

Mr. Donald C. Morris, Jr. 

Dr. V. Atwell Modey. Jr. 

Mr. Edwin P. Nevin 

Mr. Meigs A. Newkirk 

Mr. Richard E. Nolan 


Mr. George W. Patteson III 

Mr. William C. Peake 

Mr. C. Lear Ponton 

Dr. Roben H. Ramey, Jr, 

Mr. C. Edward Richardson HI 

Mr. Eugene T, Rilee. Jr. 

Dr. Clement J. Robbins III 

Mr. John A. Robertson 

Mr. William Harveycutter Robenson 

Mr. John Cuder Robinson 

The Rev. Dr. J. Shepherd Russell. Jr, 

Mr. John S.Scott. Jr. 

Mr. Charles W. Smith. Jr. 

Mr. Edwin Smith 

Mr. John V, Thompson. Jr. 

Dr. Blair M, Webb 

Mr. John D. Wilson 

Mr. Robert B. Wrenn 

Class of 1952 

61 1 % ofthe ckssgave $56,950.75 
Average ^fi was $1,116.68 

Mr. Sheppard K. Ames. Jr, 

Mr. Sterling P. Anderson. Jr, 

The Rev. Lawrence W. Avent 

Dr. Charles C. Binford 

Dr. Francis Nash Boney 

Mr. Numa P. Bradner 

Mr, William E. Coleman. Jr. 

Mr, Chades M. Dietz 

Mr. Basil M. Duncan. Jr. 

Dr. Richard M. Frazer. Jr. 

Mr. George C. Freeman, Jr. 

Dr. John R. Good 

Dr. Lloyd T. Griffith 

Mr. William C. Hagan 

Mr. Richard C. Hassold 

Mr. Robert W. Hassold 

The Hon. Dr. Clarence A. Holland 

Mr. Roben G. Horron, Jr. 

Mr. George R. Irminger 

Dr. A. Emerson Johnson III 

Dr. William T. Johnson 

Mr, Robert W.King, Jr. (FT) 

Dr. Elmer K. Landis, Jr. 

Dr. Richard M. Lee 

Dr. Henry S.Liebert, Jr. 

Mr. G. W. Lindsay 

Mr. John P. Maragon 

The Rev. Claud W. McOuley 

Mr. Hobson C. McGehec, Jr. 

Dr. Eugene D. Milener III 

Mr. J. Humer Miller 

Mr. G. R. Misenhelter 

Mr. Thomas C. Moore 

Mr. Harvey B. Morgan 

Dr. Charles H. Moseley, Jr. 

Dr. Benjamin R. Ogburn 

Mr. James G. Rennie. Jr. 

Dr. George S. Richardson 

The Rev. W. Ramsey Richardson 

Dr. John B. Schug 

Mr. William R. Shands, Jr. 

Dr. Gladstone E. Smith, Jr. 

Dr. T- Austin Sydnor, Jr. 

Mr. Stuan A. Talbott 

Dr. Herbert G.TullIII 

Dr. MarcellusE.Waddill 

Mr, William C.Wanbaugh, Jr. 


Mr. Ballard P. Wood 

Mr. Robert J. C. Wrenn 

Mr. Howard A. Wynne, Jr. 

Class of 1953 

62.9% of the classgave $16,254.56 
Average gift was $416. 78 

Mr. William M. Alphin 

Mr. Alvan M. Aron 

Dr. Charles C. Ashby. Sr. 

Mr. Joseph M. Bagley 

Mr. George E. Bahen, Jr. 

Mr. William A. Blair 

Mr. A. G. W. Christopher, Jr. 

Mr. Vernon D. Dawson 

Mr. Philip Moring De Haas 

Dr. Herbert D. Deane, Jr. 

Mr. Douglas S. Divers, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas Bruce Edmonds, Sr. 

Mr. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. 

Mr. William C. Fitzgerald 

Mr. A. Qbell Ford, Jr. 

Mr. Albert C. Ford 

Col. Richard E. Haislip 

Mr. Frank R. Hoffinann 

Mr. J. Bruce James. Jr. (FT) 

Mr. Robert M. Johnson 

The Rev. John I. Kilby 

Dr. Hubert E.Kiser. Jr. 

Mr. E. Lee LeCompie 

Mr. H.irr)' G. McGinn, Jr. 

Mr. J. Carroll Melton II 

Mr. Owen R. Minter 

Mr. Lloyd B. Mize, Jr. 

Dr. French H. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. William T. Murphy, Jr. 

Mr. Harr)'J. Nanney 

Dr. William M. Oppenhimer 

Mr. William M. Passano. Jr. (FT) 

Mr. Henr>'M.Read 

Mr. Robert L.Saffelle, Jr. 

Dr. J. Webb Simmons III 

Mr. J. Edwin Stanfield 

Mr. E. Kemper Uhler, Jr. 

Mr. Page H. Vaughan. Jr. 

The Rev. F. Bryan Williams 


Class of 1954 

67.2% ofihecLm gave $152,894-94 
A veragepfi was S3. 729. 14 

Lt. Col. Edwin J. Andrews, Jr. 

Dr. Burness F. Ansell. Jr. 

Mr. Wade T. Atkins, Jr. 

Mr. William C.Boinest(T) 

Dr. Joseph T. Bones 

Mr. Ben James Bowers 

Mr. Dilworth S. Cook, Jr. 

Dr. John A. Cross, Jr. 

Dr. Frederick C. Davis, Jr. 

Dr. William S.Dodson 

Dr.T.J. Ferrelljr. 

Mr. Carter B. S. Furr. Sr. 

Mr. Joseph S. Gillespie, Jr. 

Mr. Rives S. Hardy 

Dr. Harry F. Hoke, Jr. 

Dr. R. Douglas Humphrey, Jr. 

Dr. David Lee Litchfield 

Mr. Gordon M. Lucey 

Mr. Joe S. Maupin 

Mr. John Penn Oliver 

Mr. Lewis F. Phillips, Jr. 

Mr. George E. Pillow, Jr. 

Mr. E. Stewan Robertson 

Dr. Fred D. Robinson 

Mr. Robert F. Rosenbaimi 

Mr. Romulus M. Sanders, Jr. 

Mr. Ashby C. Saunders 

Mr. James I. Slaydon, Jr. 

Mr. Harold R. Spencer 

Dr. R. Dean Tester 

Dr. William Holmes Trapnell. Jr. 

Dr. Henr)'J. Tucker, Jr. 

Mr. H. Benjamin Vincent, Sr. 

Mr. Glen G. Vought 

Mr. Joseph L.Wallace, Jr. 

Dr. K. K. Wallace, Jr. 

Colonel A. S. Warinner 

Dr. George M. Williams 

The Hon. Jere M.H.Willis, Jr. 

Dr. W. P. Wiltsee Young 

Mr. A. Ford Zehmer - Deceased 

Class of 1955 

46. 1 % of the classgave $7,302.50 
Average gift was $304.27 

Dr. Roben B. Allen 

Mr. James G. Anderson. Sr. 

Lt. Col. Edward H. Benson, Ret. 

Mr, John W. Craddock 

Mr. John Worth Crandall 

Mr. Roben E. Curtis, Jr. 

Mr. William Daughtrey, Jr. 

Dr. Roy W.Dent, Jr. 

Mr. Guy 0. Farley, Jr. 

Dr. Arthurs. Gear, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas E. Glascock 

Mr. Wilson E. Kemp 

Mr. Edward H. Loud, Jr. 

Mr, Howlette B. Martin, Jr. 

The Rev. Richard L. Newklrk 

Mr. James M. Overbey 

The Rev. Roben E. Pollock 

Mr. Thomas E. Reese 

Mr. W.Cabell Rives III 

Mr. James C. Robbins 

The Hon. Joseph P. Rushbrooke 

The Hon. Amos C. Saunders 

Mr. Thomas 1. Savage, Jr. 

Mr. H. Wayland Stephenson, Jr. 

Class of 1956 

51.^% ofthe classgave $12,485.00 
was $356.71 


Dr. Gilben H. Bryson 

Mr. William T. Carrington. Jr. 

Mr. Roger K. Ellion 

Mr. Rjchard M. Geoghegan 

Mr. Ronald M. Henry 

Mr. Langhorne Jones, Jr. 

Mr. James J. Keatmg. Jr. 

Mr. John M. Miller 

Mr. William 0. Moseley, Jr. 

Mr. Frank L. Nanney, Jr. 

Mr. John Nichols 

Mr. John Y. Nicholson III 

Dr. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. 

Mr. Donald R. Perritt 

Dr. John A. Rawls 

Mr. John F. Richards 

Mr. Donald A. Ross 

Mr. John E, Sadler. Jr. 

Mr. Edward L. Sanders 

Mr. Richard B. Sessoms 

Mr. John W.Sherman III 


Dr. James H. Smidi 

Mr. James M. Turner. Sr. 

Mr. Herman B. Walker 

Mr.H. EwingWall.Jr. 

Mr. James E. B. Wallace 

Mr, CalvmN.Warfield.Jr. 

Mr. William D.Williams 

Mr. Bernard L. Woody. Jr. 

Class of 1957 

68.7% ofihe class gave $150,912.51 
Average ^fi was $3,429.83 

Mr. Donald M. Ault 
Mr. William C. Barnes 
Mr. George C. Bird 
Dr. Thomas P. Bowe, Jr. 
Mr. Sidney S. Bridgforth, Jr. 
Mr. James B. Farinholt, Jr. 
Mr. James Gordon Frazer 
Mr. William C. French 
Mr. William R. Gardner, Jr. 
Mr. Clarence R. Gillespie 
Mr. R. Bryan Grinnan III 
Dr. Walter L. Gmbb, Jr. 
Dr. Austin B. Harrelson 
Mr. James L. Hatcher, Jr. 
Mr. B. Graves Kerr III 
Dr, Willene L. LeHew (FT) 
Mr, Thomas C. Looney 
Mr. Hugh B. Marshall 
Mr. Walter C. McDermott, Jr. 
Mr. HenryH.McVeyllKT) 
Mr. Roben L. Morris 
Mr. Lewis H. Mundin III 
Mr. Joseph S. Myers 
Mr. Malcolm R.Myer5(T) 
Dr. William L. Odom 
Mr. Harold D. Pace 
Mr. William O.Payne. Jr. 
Mr. C. Graham Pembroke, Jr. 
Mr. Sumner R. Pugh, Jr. 
Mr. Michaux Raine III 
Mr. Joseph B. Shelor 
Mr. Clyde E. Shelion 
Mr. Edwin W. Siersema 
Mr. Benny B. Smith 
Mr. James C. Taylor. Jr. 
Mr. Roben G.Traylor 
Dr. William V. Tynes II 
Mr. Joseph P. Vaughan, Jr. 
Mr. Roben H.Walker, Jr. 
Mr. Earle R. Ware II 
Mr. T Ashby Watts III 
Mr. George Ed Wertz 
Mr. John P, Wetherill IV 
Mr. Fletcher J, Wright III 

Mr. Thomas E. Adkins, Sr. 
Mr. Fred A. Bebeau 
Dr. 0. Christian Bredrup, Jr. 
Mr. Edward L. Breeden III 

Class of 1958 

63% of the classgave $26,805.75 
Average ^ft was $653-80 

Mr. James N. Boyd 
Mr. Miles S. Brooks 
Mr. Thomas S. Bryant, Jr. 
Mr. Frank Buck 
Dr. J. George Buston II 
Mr. Sherwood C. Buder.Jr. 
Mr. O. Holmes Caner 
Mr. E. Eugene Cooke 
Mr. Richard S. Copeland 
Dr. Philip C. Davis 
Mr. Charles M. Dennis 
Mr. Roben R. Edens 
The Rev. Peter C. Fulghum 
Mr. Thom F. Hanes 
Mr. Percy Harris III 
Mr. John E. Harwood. Jr. 
Mr. Karl C. Henderson 
Mr. John F. Hodges, Jr, 
Mr. Alexander L. Hoffman 
Dr. Maur}' A. Hubbard, Jr. 
Mr. Roben W. Humphreys (S) 
Dr. Wellford W. Inge, Jr. 
Mr. Richard G. Joynt 
The Hon. Joseph A. Leafe 
Mr. HenryP.McGill.Jr. 
Mr. R. Maxwell Meador 
Mr. Nathaniel P. Neblett 
Mr. Harry Borum Price III 
Mr. John Carlisle Priddy 
Mr. J. Horsley Putt.Jr. 
Dr. Harry E. Ramsey, Jr. 
Mr. Allen H. Reynolds 
Dr. Peter Rosanelli. Jr. 
Col. Herbert Seay 
Mr. Charles J. Shaughnessy III 
Mr. Edward C. Shepherd IV 
Mr. VenableL. Stern. Jr. 
Mr. G. Granville Sydnor III 
Mr. James M, Trammell 
Mr. John Hardy Waters III (S) 
Mr. Frederick W, Wells 

Class of 1959 

65- 1 % of the classgave $22,234.00 
Average gift was $517.07 

Dr. John W. Bailey. Jr. 
Mr. Edmund L. Benson 111 
Mr, John L, Brinkley (F) 
Mr. William O. Bryant 
Mr. Roben W. Caner 
Mr. Stuan W. Copeland 
Mr. Roben Q. Cunningham 
Dr. George D.Delo. Jr. 
Dr. Francis J. Duckwall 
Mr. William L. Fagan, Jr. 
Mr. William M. Ferguson. Jr. 
Mr. James G. Ferneyhough 
Mr. William R. Hess 
Dr. J. Roben Hippensteele 
Mr. PhilipA. Hoge 
Mr. Clarence B.Hyde II 
Mr. Owen Magruder Jones, Jr. 
Dr. Rjchard A. LeHe%v 
Mr. A. Hunter Long 
Mr, Charles F. Lucas 
Mr. John N, Meadows. Jr. 
Dr. Elben P. Osborne, Jr. 
Mr. Charles A. Petersen, Jr. 
Mr. Anhur W. Raine 
Dr. John N. Ralsten 
Mr. Edward H. Richmond, Jr. 
Mr. George E. Rickman 
Mr. Bobby Gene Saylor 
Dr. Marvin W. Scon 
Dr. John M. Shepherd. Jr. 
Mr. Lawrence N. Smith 
Mr. Richard P. Spider 
Mr. H. R. Stallard (FT) 
Mr. Edmund L.Waddill, Jr. 
Mr, R. King Waddill 

Mr. Fred G.Warren 
Mr. Donald P. Whidey 
Mr. R. Tyler Whidey 
The Rev.'john R. Wilcox 
Mr. William P. Wilkins. Jr. 
Professor L. Barron Wood, Jr. 
Mr. James K. Woodley, Jr. 
Mr. Thomas S. Word, Jr. 

Class of 1960 

53- 9% of the classgave $172,077.25 
Average gif was $3,584.94 

Mr. Thomas N. Allen (T) 

Mr, Silas W. Barnes. Jr. 

Mr. Benjamin W. Boxley 

Mr. J. Roben Bray 

Mr. Edward H. Bryant, Jr. 

Dr. Hawes Campbell III 

Captain Charles B. Coll man 

Dr. William B. Costenbader, Jr. 

Dr. Benjamin M. Crowder 

Dr. John C. Crump III 

Mr. Joseph H. Cutler, Jr. 

Mr. Harr\' Thomas Darnes, Jr. 

Dr. Brian A, Dementi 

Dr. Lewis H. Drew (S) 

The Hon. Nelson T. Durden 

Mr. Clayton W. Eisinger 

Mr. Donald A. Fowler 

Mr. F. Meriwether Fowlkes, Jr. 

Mr. Edward H. Fox 

Mr. William H. Goodwyn, Jr. 

Dr. James H. Grant, Jr. 

Mr. John F. Graves 

Mr. John N. Harrington, Jr. 

Mr. Leon W. Hawker, Sr. 

Mr, E, Manin Hedgepeth, Jr. 

Mr. M. Nonon Howe, Jr. 

Dr. W. Glenn Hun 

Mr. J. Charles Johnson 

Mr. J. Thomas Kremer, Jr. 

Mr. Wayne C. McLean 


Dr. John W. Myers III 

Mr. John E. Pappas 

Dr. William A. Robenson 

Mr. Banlett Roper, Jr. 

Mr. William T. Saunders. Jr. 

Mr. Garnett F. Smith 

Mr. Landon Caner Smith 

Mr. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. (T) 

Mr. Alan D. Stein 

Mr. E. Douglas Vaughan. Jr. 

Mr. Raymond B.Wallace. Jr. 

Dr. William E, Ware. Jr. 

Mr, Richard W.Wenz 

Dr. Paul F. White 

Mr. William T. Wilson 

Mr. Joseph H. Wood 

Mr. Emmen D. B. Yancey 

Class of 1961 

73. 4 % of the classgave $19. 556 00 
Average gift was $416.09 


Mr. John M. Acken 
Mr. Ryland A. Babb, Jr. 
Mr. Dean A. Bailey 
Dr. Lewis W. Bridgfonh 
Mr. Scott Broaddus 
Mr. James F. Carper 
Mr. Jack H. Chappell 
Mr. W. Richard Clark 
Dr, Richard E. Coons 
Mr. Roben B.Ewald 111 
Mr. Louis McLane Fisher. Jr. 
Mr. Charles H. Frischkorn. Jr. 
Mr. Edward K. Godsey. Jr. 
Mr. John R. P. Hamilton 
Mr. Daniel M. Hawks 
Mr. Richard R. Hollomon 
Mr. Wayne E. Hoy 
Mr. Joseph O. Humphreys 

Mr. Frederick F. Johnson 
Mr. H, Benjamin Jones, Jr. 
Mr. Hugh K. Leary 
Mr. Can' B. Mayo III 
Dr. Daniel W.McKed. Jr. 
Dr. George J. McVey 
Mr. D. Roger Mower. Jr. 
Mr. Roberr K. Norfleet 
Mr. George M. O'Mara 
Dr. Kelley E. Overcash 
Mr. Wilham H. Payne 
Mr. Marshall N. Pearman. Jr. 
Mr. H. David Reit? 
Mr. Eugene E. Rich. Jr. 
Mr. J. Scott Simms 
Mr. James H. Slaughter 
Mr. David H.Smith II 
Mr. Olen C. Stewart. Jr. 
Dr. H. Ben Stone III 
The Hon. J. Robert Stump 
Mr. Samuel L. Tarry 
Dr. Curtis H. Thomas, Jr. 
Mr. Lewis M.Walker III 
Dr. Robert E. Wallace 
Mr. John S. Waring III 
Mr. Boyd Alton Webb 
Mr. Thomas C. Williams, jr. 
Dr. William B.Williams, Jr. 
Mr. Michael L. Woosley, Sr. 

Class of 1962 

"2. 7% of the cLuigave $18.78'. 19 
Average ^fi was $391.40 

Mr. C. Thomas Andrews 

Mr. Sidney G. Armsworthv 

Mr. Robert W. Batten 

Mr. Obie Henry Booth 

Dr. George W. Booze 

Mr. James W. Burgess 

Mr. William T. Butler. Jr, - Deceased 

Dr. Phillip M.Cook 

Mr. J. William Ferrell III 

Mr. Garland W. Flournoy 

Dr. Richard F. Glenn 

Mr. John R. Grymes 

Mr. R.GarncttHall,Jr. 

Mr. Paulus I. Haynsworth 

Dr. William j. Heinzer 

Mr. Charles E. Hubbard 

Mr. Peyton R. Keller, Jr. 

Mr. David E. Laird. Jr. 

The Rev. William K. Leach 

Mr. Robert C. Leonard, Jr. 

Mr. David F. Lykjns 

Mr. William E. Mason 

Mr. R. Gordon McKenney 

Mr. Donald P. Miller. Jr. 

Mr. William J. Nelson, Jr. 

Dr. Donald B. Nolan 

Mr. Irvin Owings 111 

Mr. James M. Price III 

Mr. Stephen D. Proctor 

Dr. DudleyA. Raine.Jr. 

Mr. John E. Roberts. Jr. 

Dr. R. Lewis Royster, Jr, 

Mr. Joseph M. Ruffin, Jr. 

Dr. William G. Sale III 

Mr. Nelson Showalter 

Mr. C. Frederick Shuli7 

Mr. Clarence O. Sligh, Jr. 

Mr. Kent A. Smack 

Dr. Robert G. Thompson II 

Mr. Harry H. Titus 

Mr. Robert H.Tolbert. Jr. 

Mr. John T. Tompkins 111 

Mr. Thomas S. Tredway 

Mr. William F. Vess, Jr. 

Mr. John A. Williams 

Mr. Thomas F. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. Herbert D.Wolft III 

Mr. Neil W. Yeargin 


Class of 1963 

64% of the class gave $98. 127. 13 
Average gift was $1,533.24 

Mr. Robert H. Bennett 

Mr. George Steel Bowers. Jr. 

Mr. Carl F. Bowmer 

Mr. G. Grayson Boyce 

Mr. Otis H.Bradley, Jr. 

Dr. W. Hamilton Br\son 

Mr. Benjamin M. Butler 

Mr. Richard H. Cardwell 

Mr. George B. Canlcdge, Jr. (T) 

Mr. David L. Costenbader 

Mr. Charles F. P. Crawley 

Mr. Thomas B. Davidson. Jr. 

Mr. William S. Davidson 

Mr. Norwood H. Davis, Jr. (FT) 

Mr. Leavenworth M. Ferrell 

Mr. Lowery D. Finley III 

Mr. Mervin A. Frann, Jr. 

Mr. James M. Galloway 

Mr. Gerald T. Gilliam 

Mr. Donald R. Gladstone 

Mr. James W. Hardin 

Mr. Samuel C. Harding, Jr. 

Mr. Holmes C. Harnson 

Dr. G. Philip Hillen 111 

Mr. J. Knox Hillman, Jr. 

Dr. Donald W. Houpe 

Mr. Ferdinand Stoddert Johns 

Mr. HaJ Stuart Johnson 

Mr. Charles R. Krummell 

Mr. Philip W.UBatte. Jr. 

Mr. H. Timothy Little 

Mr. William W. Lowery III 

Mr. Roderick B. Mathews 

Mr. jVthur J. Macney 

Dr. Russell G. McAllister. Jr. 

Dr. John N. McDaniel 

Dr. TTiomas R. McDaniel 

Mr. William R. Middelthon, Jr, (FT) 

Mr. C. Frederick Mitchell 

Mr, William E. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Edmund Noyes, Jr. 

Mr, Gerald M. Pace 

Mr, Philip G. Padgett. Jr. 

Mr. James L, Patton 

Mr, W. Greyson Quarles, Jr, 

Dr. Holman C Rawls 111 

Mr. Frederic S, Reed 

Mr. John W. Romm. jr. 

Mr. Evans C, Ross 

The Rev. Preston O. Sartelle, Jr. 

Dr. Wade H. Saunders III 

Dr. Kenneth N, Scott 

Dr. Harvey F. Selden 

Mr. Edward H. Shield 

The Rev. Dr. Glenn W. Small. Jr. 

Mr. Charles W. Sommardahl. Sr, 

Dr. SherrillW, Stockton, Jr. 

Mr. Marshall H. Stuart 

Mr. William W. Tennent 111 

Mr. John Vermillion III 

Mr.JosephF.Viar.Jr. (FT) 

The Rev. Linwood G. Wilkes 

Mr. David G.Wilson, Jr. 

Mr. Raymond Andrew Woody 

Class of 1964 

61% of the class gave $72,911.06 
Average gift was $1,257.09 

Mr. David D. Addison 
The Rev. John L. Alexander 
Mr. J. Wayne Alley 
Mr. L.Philip Bailey. Jr. 
Mr. Edwin B. Baker 
Mr. John H, Bergeron 
Mr. Harold U. Blythe 
Mr. J. P. McGuire Boyd 
Mr. Michael D. Caver 
Mr. W. Bates Chappell 
Mr. John B. Cline 
Mr. Michael T. Crone 

Mr. J. Sidney Davenpon IV 

Mr, William J, Dougherty, Jr. 

Mr, James F, Douthat 

Mr. W. Sidney Druen 

Mr, S. Hardy Duerson. jr. 

Mr, HughG. Edmunds. Jr. 

Mr. Donald R.Ford, jr. 

Mr, David C. Fuller 

Dr, J. Charles Gills 

Dr, Allen M. Glasgow 

Mr. F. Wayne Gray 

Dr, Larry D. Hensley 

Mr. Robert L. Hines. Jr. 

Mr. K. Neal Hunt 

Mr. R. Devereux Jarratt 

Mr, William J. Lawrence 

Mr. Fontaine B. Lawson 

Mr, Stephen C. Leverton 

Mr. Thomas M. Lewis 

Mr. L. Cecil Long 

Dr, Horace C, Lukens.Jr. 

Mr. Charles 1, Lunsford 11 

Mr. Michael F, Moorman 

Dr. George F. Nixon. Jr, 

Mr. Jesse W. Overbcy 

Mr. Graham F. Painter. Jr. 

Mr.JohnC, ParrottlKT) 

Mr. George F. Perkins 

Mr. John Kennon Perrin, Jr. 

Mr. Henry R. Pollard IV 

Mr. Kenneth M. Pritchett 

Dr. Giles M. Robenson. jr. 

Mr, A. Francis Robinson, jr. 

Mr. Allan Ross 

Dr. Richard E. Ruble 

Mr, C. Edward Russell, Jr. 

Dr. John D. Semones 

Mr, Keith Shepherd 

The Rev. Dr. Louis A. Skidmore 

The Hon. Charles H. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. James Lee Thacker, Jr. 

Mr, Clifford L. Thomas 

Mr, Randolph E. Trow, Jr. 

Mr. Hunt B. Wagstaff 

Mr, Robert P, Waters 

Dr. Robert H. Welch 

Class of 1965 

57.6% of the class gave $88.876. 10 
Average giji was $1,676.91 

Dr. Joseph E. Agsten 

Dr, John R. Barker 

Mr, Frederick W. Beck III 

Mr, Doddridge HBiaeti III 

Mr, John M, Boswell 

Mr. R. Jeffrey Bowker 

Dr. Gerald A. Butler 

Dr. John G. Claudy 

Dr. Thomas F. Connelly, Jr. 

Dr. James F. Cope 

Mr. Richard F.Cralle. Jr. (T) 

Mr. Richard H. Crane, Jr, 

Mr. R. Madison Cummings, Jr. 

Dr. Thomas L. Currie, Jr. 

Mr. Hugh M. Davis. Jr. 

Mr. Gene B. DLxon, Jr. (T) 

Mr, W, Birch Douglass 111 (T) 

Mr. Thomas U. Dudle)' 

Col. David Lane Ferguson 

Mr. Fred B. Gentry. Jr. 

Mr. Thomas S, George 111 

Dr. Richard D. Giles 

The Hon. Herbert C.Gill, jr. 

Mr. John Evans Harbour 

Mr. Scon M. Harwood, Sr. 

The Hon. Stephen H. Helvin 

The Rev. G. Geoffrey Hubbard 

Mr. Ronald R.Jessee 11 

Mr. David L, Johnson 

Mr. Edward C. Johnston, Jr. 

Mr. John T, King 

Mr. George W. Macon III 

Mr. Richard C. Manson, Jr. 

Dr, Samuel B. McLaughlin, Jr, 


Mr. Vincent M. Montsinger III 
Mr. Wilson G. Page. Jr. 
Mr. George H. Plunkett 
Mr. James E. Robertson 
Mr. William F. Robinson. Jr. 
Mr. Daniel E. Rogers II 
Dr, Dixon M. Rollins, Sr. 
Mr. Gordon D. Schreck 
Mr. Frederick L. Shreves II 
Mr. Julious P. Smith, jr. (T) 
Dr. Theodore R. Smith, Jr. 
Mr, Carter B. Spalding 
Mr. W. Scott Street III 
Dr. Richard VC'. Topham 
The Rev. W. Russell Ward, Jr. 
Mr. Kenneth E. Washburn 
Mr. Charles H, Wheeler I\' 
Mr. John R. Wilhoite 
Mr. Robert C, Wimer 

Class of 1966 

57.2% of the cLissgave $100,214.93 
Average gift was $1,822.09 

Mr. Harper S, Alford 

Mr. David E. Bergren 111 

Dr. Frank M. Booth III 

Mr. B.Louis Briel, jr. 

Mr, James G. Bruce 111 

Mr. E. Blay Bryan 

Mr. Theodore J. Burr. Jr. 

Mr. Clarence C. Chewning 111 

Mr. Robert M. Chilton 

Mr. Marks. Chinn 

Mr. John R. Cocke, Jr. 

Dr. William B.Crawley, Jr. 

Mr, Charles W.Crist. Jr. m 

The Rev. Charles N. Davidson. Jr. 

Mr. Robert E. Doyle. Jr. 

Mr, John E.Early HI 

Mr. Dennis P. Finger 

Dr.H. FredGallasch,jr. 

Mr. Stephen M. Gedney 

Mr. Dickinson M. Gould 

Dr. Darrow E. Haagensen. Jr. 

Mr. Thomas A. Harding 

Dr. jack 1. Hayes 

Mr. T. David Hinton 

Mr. William D. Hopkins 

Mr. Robert L. Ingram, jr. 

Mr. John R. Kight. jr. 

Mr. James F. Lipscomb 

Dr. Thomas W. Littrell 

Mr. William F. Lowry. Jr. 

Mr. Joseph D, Miles III 

Dr. R. Carter Morris 

The Rev. Robert L. Morriss 

Mr. R. Stedman Oakey,Jr. 

Mr. James R. Painter 

Mr. Michael W. Paulette 

Dr. James E, Payne 

Mr. James R. Pickens 

Dr.JohnR. Ragsdalelll 

The Rev, James M. Rissmiller 

Mr, Herbert L, Sebren, Jr. 

Mr. William J. Seegers 

Mr, W. Lewis Shipp 

Mr. William F. Shumadine, Jr. (T) 

Mr. William L.Shumate III 

The Hon, William A. Talley, jr. 

Mr. William Charles Thompson 

Mr. W, Waverley Townes 

Mr. Joseph W. Tuck 

Mr. Lawrence J. Tweel 

Mr. Travis J. Tysinger 

Mr. Glenn C. Vaughn 

Mr. RicksS.Voight.jr. 

The Rev. William W, Williamson, jr. 

Mr. Roy R. Wimmer 

Class of 1967 

58.6% ofihecLiss gave $105,034.38 
Average ^fi was $1.47936 

Dr. Robert B.Albee. jr. 

Dr. C. Bruce Alexander 

Mr. David C, Alley 

Colonel William T. Anderson 

The Hon, William C. Andrews III 

Mr, Charles G.Aimfield III 

Mr. Stephen D. Beck 

Mt. Archie C. Berkeley, Jr. 

Mr. William H. Blanks 

Mr. William C. Childrey 

Mr. Charles B. Cocke 

Mr. Thomas D. Corkran 

Mr. James P. Councill III 

Mr. George G. Cralle, Jr. 

Mr. Henrtr' P, Custis. jr. 

Col, Robert S, Darden 

Mr. W. Robert Eason, Jr. 

Mr. Conley L. Edwards III 

Dr, Charles W. Ford 

Mr. John Franklin 111 

Mr. William A. Gillespie, Sr. 

Mr. Rodney G, Go^in 

Mr. Barrj' A. Hackne)' 

Lt, Col. Allen P. Hazlegrove 

Mr. Joseph A. Hazlegrove, jr. 

Mr. Leighton S. Houck 

Mr, Randall H. James 

Mr. Robert E, Johnson 

Dr. Keith M. Jones 

Dr. Webb D. Jones 

Mr. R. Daniel Keeling II 

Mr, Harold B.Kellam, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas B. Kern 

Mr. Leon Agee Lackey. Jr. 

Mr, Greene H, Lawson, Jr. 

Mr. W. Daniel MacGill 111 

Mr, Richard B. Madden 

Mr. Stephen Hawley Martin 

Mr. L. White Matthews III (FT) 

Mr, DavidJ. McKittnckCT) 

Mr. William R.Miller III 

Mr. Edward C. Moomaw. Jr. 

Dr, Charles C. Moore. Jr. 

Mr. Roger L. Morton 

Dr, Perry D. Mowbray. Jr. 

Mr. Robert W.Mullin 

Dr, E. Blackford Noland. jr. 

Mr. James K. Null 

Mr. Thomas M. Orange 

Mr. Robert H. Owen 

Mr. J. Russell Parker III 

Dr. Berkeley M, Pemberton 

Dr. Randall W. Powell 


Mr. James A. Rosenstock. jr. 

Mr. Wellford L. Sanders, Jr. 

Mr. Peter W. Smith IV 

Mr. Waller C. Sprye. Jr. 

Mr. R. Curtis Steele. Jr. 

Dr. Kearfott M. Stone 

Mr. George Summers, Jr. 

Mr. Robert R. Swann 

Mr. Wayne T. Tennent 

Mt. H. Stetson Tinkham 

Mr. Lawrence T. Trice, Jr. 

Dr. Remus S. Turner. Jr. 

Mr. Randolph H. Watts 

Mr.J. KendallWhitaker.Jr. 

Mr. William Ashby White. Jr. 

Mr. Jan Michael Yarosi 

Mr. John Pannill Yeaman 

Class of 1968 

57-7% of the class gave $53,535.00 
Average ^ji wtu S 1.029.52 

Mr. William ByrnAJsup III 

Mr. Ronald W. Axselle 

Mr. Waller Cason Barco 

Mr. Edward C. Becker 

Mr. James L. Beckner (FT) 

Dr. William W. Belk 

Mr. Horatio A. E. Bigelow 

Mr. George W. Boyian 

Mr. Ronald H, Bunon 

Dr. James T. Campen 

The Hon. James H. Chamblin 

Dr. W. Randolph Chiwood, Jr. 

Mr. J. Leonard Cobb 

Mr. William T. Culpepper III 

Mr. Christopher M. Daniel, Jr. 

Mr. Frank P. Dickinson 

Mr.JeflressS. Dortchin 

Dr. J. Travers Edwards, Jr. 

Mr. Chrisiophcr K. Evans 

Mr. Ernest M. Frank, Jr. 

Mr. Norman J. GavTior 

Mr. Charles M. Guthridge, Sr. (T) 

Dr. Lawrence E. Hightower 

Dr.John D.Hughes 

Mr. Bryce D, Jewect. Jr. 

Mr. William E. Lane 

Mr. Donald E. Lee. Jr. 

Mr. James B. Lee 

Mr. Peter A. Leggett (FT) 

Dr. Eddie R. Lowry, Jr. 

Dr. John W. Mack. Jr. 

Mr. Richard Wayne McConnell 

Mr. James R. McSpadden, Jr. 

Dr. John W. Pendleton 

Mr. E. K. Prewitt, Jr. 

Mr.MihonP. Reidll 

Mr. Philip deButts Rome 

Mr. Douglas P. Rucker. Jr. 

Mr. N. Hartley Schearer, Jr. 

Mr. Pendleton M. Shifleri III 

Mr. Samuel S, Shiplen 

Mr. W. Malcolm Tilson 

Mr. Roben L. Wart III 

Dr. William H.Weiss. Jr. 

Mr. Richard H. West 

Mr. D. M. Westerhouse. Jr. 

Mr. Corbin McCue Wilkes 

Mr. William F. Wilson II 

Mr. Richard W.Wiltshire. Jr. 

Mr. Charles F. Witthoefft 

Mr. Leighton D, Yates, Jr. 

Dr. R. Edward Zimmerman 

Class of 1969 

46% ofthe class gave $67,001.73 
Average gift um$1.288.49 

Dr. David A. Albertson 
Mr. Jacob P. Bailey 
Dr. John M.Bass 
Dr. Richard C. Bell 
Mr. Samuel Fralev Bost 
Mr. Charles R. Cobb 
Mr. J. Gordon Coleman. Jr, 
Mr. Anhur G. Costan III 
Mr. Roben C. Douglas 
Mr. Charles M. Douglass 
Mr. W. Berr)' Dumas 
Dr. A. Russell Dunnington. Jr. 
Mr. G. Franklin Flippin 
Mr. John A. Forbes III 
Mr. William F.Franck III 
Mr. Stuart T. French 
Mr. Larr^- R. Gilbertson 
Dr. Lowrie R. Glasgow 
Mr. W. Lawson Grant 
Mr. Michael D. Hartley 
Mr. Robert R. Hatten (T) 
Mr. David S. Hay 
Mr. Dale M. Hodges 
Mr. Philip W. Hughes 









FEES 52% 

Dr. Lee Anderson Jackson. Jr. 
Mr. F. Geoffrey Jennings 
Dr. Michael E. King 
Mr. Michael J. Krupin 
Mr. William G, Lockwood III 
Mr. John W. MacClarence 
Mr. William M. Mason 
Dr. J. Frederick McNeer 
Mr. Norman deV. Morrison 
Mr. Hiller)' Benton Myers 
Dr. Wallace C. Nunley. Jr. 
Mr. John Gurganey Overstreet 
Mr. Warren M. Pace, Jr. 
Mr. Russell V. Palmore. Jr. 
Mr. John T. Percy-. Jr. 
Dr. Harr>'A. Raddm.Jr. 
Dr. E. Jarratt Ramsey, Jr. 
Mr. W. Randolph Robinson 
Mr. Donald C. Robison 
Mr. S. Rowell Sargeant, Jr. 
Mr. Edward M.Schaaf III 
Mr. Joseph W. Seegers 
Mr. Thomas H. Shomo 
Dr. David A. Stulman 
Mr. Gerald M.Walker 
Dr. Edgar N. Weaver, Jr. 
Mr. Richard J. Williams 
Mr. Carlisle M. Wroton 

Class of 1970 

51 7% of the class gave $53335.00 
Average gift was $919.57 

Mr. Michael J. Adelman 

Cmdr. Lindsay C. Blanton 

Mr, David A. Bowers 

Mr. A. Dale Cannady 

Mr. Kenneth E. Childress 

Mr. Jay D.Cook III 

Mr. R. Brandt Deal 

Mr. John W. Drescher 

Mr. E. Caner Elliott 

Mr. John C. Ellis, Jr. (T) 

Dr. Nathaniel M. Ewcll III 

Mr. Charles W. Ewing II 

Mr. Roben E. Farmer III 

Mr. Frank L Faust 

Mr. Mark E. Feldmann, Sr. 

Mr. Maor J. Fennon 

Mr. William H, Grover, Sr. 

Dr. James W. Gulick. Jr. 

Mr. Randolph L. HaJIman 

Cmdr. David C. Hastings, Jr. 

Mr. Walker B. Healy, Jr. 

Mr. Richard B. Higginbotham 

Cmdr. Heber H. Himmelwright 

Mr. Alben Fielding Jones. Jr. 

The Rt. Rev. Frank Clayton Matthews 

Mr. Jay A. Maynard 

Mr. Olin R. Melchionna. Jr. 

Mr. Richard H. Merrill 

Dr. Roben Michael 

Mr. F. Breckinridge Montague 

Mr. Gamen F. Morton 

Mr. William W. Muse 

Dr. Vincent H.Ober, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas D. Page 

TTie Hon. WestbrookJ. Parker 

Dr. David P. Paul III 

Dr. James M. Peery, Jr. 

Mr. C. Wayne Penick 

Dr. Vance J. Plumb 

Mr. Wendell B. Ponerfield. Jr. 

Mr. W'JIiam R. Pumphrev III 

Mr. R. RickReiss 

Mr. Charles D. Robison III 

Dr. Robert E. Rude 

Dr. Randolph E. Savage 

Mr. Boyd Scarborough 

Mr. Howard N. Soucek 

Mr. Philip C. Spencer 

Mr. H. Wans Steger III 

Mr. Charles S. Stringfellow. Jr. 


Mr. Randolph P. Tabb. Jr. 

Mr. Leroy B. Vaughan 
Mr, Roben Compton Walker 
Mr. D. Richard Weiglein, Jr. 
Mr. Donald W.Wingfield 
Mr. Edward R.Witt. Jr. 

Class of 1971 

:^0% of the class gave $56,750.66 
A veragegifi was $447. 93 

Mr. John B, Adams, Jr. 

Dr. Joseph L. Austin 

Mr. David A. Baldini 

Dr. John H. Barker. Jr. 

Mr. Richard C. Beale 

Dr. Larry P. Bcloie 

Dr. R. Keith Belote 

Mr. Harvard R. Birdsong II 

Mr. Joseph E, Blackburn, Jr, 

Mr. Andrevv C. Bohnengel 

Mr. Anihony A. Burke 

Mr, Ray S. Campbell. Jr. 

Mr. U. Carter Carson. Jr. 

Dr. Donald E. Carwile 

Mr, David P, Chalkley 

Mr. H. Edmunds Coleman III 

Mr. David C. Crawford III 

Mr, Francis K. Degges 

Mr. A. Dwight Doggett 

Dr. William F. Egelhoff, Jr. 

Mr. William H. Ferguson II 

Mr. William H. Flannagan, Jr. 

Mr. Gregory D. Foreman 

Mr. Edwin Gadberr)' III 

Mr. John A. Garner 

Mr. John F. Gayle, Jr. 

Mr. James R. Geiger 

Dr. C. Ernest Gibb, Jr. 

Mr. Harry F.Hale, Jr. 

Mr. J. Daniel Hardy. Jr. 

Mr. Vincent D. Hardy 

Mr. W. Eugene Hayes 

Mr. J- Christopher Henderson 

Dr. A. Clayborn Hendricks 

Mr, Andrew G. Hoffman 

Mr. James B. Hollingsworth 

Mr. Thomas L. Hoy 

Mr. Gary R. Ingemanson 

Dr. E. Forrest Jessee, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph R. Kane 

Mr. W. Richard Kay. Jr. 

Mr, Lance A. Lavenstein 

Dr. William I. Lee 

Mr. Darrell W. Long 

Mr. John W. Luxton 

Mr. Gordon Lee Malionee, Jr. 

Mr. L. Richmond Martin III 

Mr. Frank B, McCann III 

Mr, George A. McLean. Jr. 

Mr.WentzJ. Miller.Jr. 

Mr. E. Conwav Moncure, Jr. 

Dr. John Roger Monroe 

Mr. Francis R, Nance 

Mr. James L. Nance 

Colonel Gordon C. Nash 

Mr. John Nicoll 

Dr. H.Lee Perkins 

Mr. Charles A. Perry 

Mr. John Hamilton Randolph 

Mr. Roben F. Ray 

Dr. William F, Rayburn 

Mr. Paul S. Roper 

Mr. John W. Russ 

Mr. Joseph E. Setde III 

Dr. Roben W.Smithwick III 

Dr, Christopher Snyder III 

Mr. Roben M. Speaks 

Dr. Parker R. Stokes 

Dr. I. Keith Stone 


Mr. H. Tinsley Taliaferro III 

Mr. GuyG. Terrell 

Mr. J. Christopher Thomas 

Mr. David C. Trumbowcr 


Mr. Dennis M. Uhrich 
Dr. James M. Wells. Jr. 
Dr. James H. S. Whitney 
Mr. Jefferson W. Willis 
Mr. William B. Wiltshire 
Mr, Elvin A. Wright, Jr. 
Mr. John W. Wright 

Class of 1972 

45.9% of the class gave $28,480.07 
Average gift was $439.36 

Mr. T. Darnley Adamson III 
Mr. John G, August 
Mr. William F. Banner 
Mr. James R. Blandford 
Mr. Stephen A. Bryant 
Mr. Royal E. Cabell III 
Mr. W. Cunis Coleburn III 
Dr. Wilson S. Comer. Jr. 
Mr. E. Causey Davis, Jr. 
Major John W. Dennis, Jr. 
Mr. Nicholas J. Dombalis II 
Dr. P. Paul Ferraraccio 
Mr. Garrert T. Ford 
Mr. Mark M. Gambill 
Mr, W. Frederick Genheimer III 
Mr. Alexander C. Graham. Jr. 
Mr. Robert B. Hamlett 
Mr, J, Roben Hams III 
Mr. Bruce B. Hopkms 
Mr. John W. Humphries 
Dr. Christopher James 
Mr. Gregg K. Jones 
Mr. Harry R. King III 
Mr. John Willard Kirk III 
Mr. Chaffraix A. Lelong, Jr. 
Mr. Robert C Long. Jr. 
Mr. H. Scott Lowry 
Mr. John E. Maddux. Sr. 
Mr. John R. Marks 
Mr. Herbert E, Maxey, Jr. 
Mr. Roben A. May 
Mr, Peter H. McEachern 
Mr. Thornton W. McNeal 
Mr. Waiter W. Miller III 
Mr. George A. Munford, Jr. 
Mr. W. Barrett Nichols 
Mr. Edward B. Nortleet 
Mr. Daniel V. P. O'Connor 
Dr. Barry N. Parsley 
Mr. John W.Payne 111 
Mr. David R. Price 
Mr. J. Michael Rose 
Mr. James J. Rowe 
Mr. Joseph T. Samuels, jr. 
Mr. Conrad F. Sauer IV 
Mr. Stephen C. Shackelford 
Mr. David W. Sheior 
Mr. Steven F. Shreckhise 
Mr. Daniel S, Smith 
Dr. Vaughan Stanley 
Mr. David A. Taylor 
Mr. Gervas S. Taylor III 
Dr. H.Tyler Taylor III 
Mr, John C. Thompson 
Mr. W. Henry Thurmond, Jr. 
Dr. Wallace T. Van Nortwick 
Mr. E. Carter Whitley 
Mr. Stephen H. Wiley 
Dr. Roben B. Williams 
Mr. Martin R. Willis 
Mr. Edward B.Wright, Jr. 
Mr. George E. Younger 

Class of 1973 

^2.9% oftheckss gave $22,484.38 
Average gift was $368.60 

Mr. William S. Adkins 
Mr. Steven C. Akers 
Dr. James E, Ames IV 
Dr. Richard D. Anke 

Mr, Lindsay R. Barnes, Jr. 

Mr, William C. Bascom, Jr. 

Dr. H, Scott Boswell 

Mr. Thompson C. Bowen III 

Dr. Archibald C. Buchanan III 

Mr. Richard L. Carr 

Mr. Melvin L, Casde 

Mr. John B. Chappell 

Mr. James C. Cherry 

Dr. John W. Chinn, Jr. 

Mr. David A. Clark 

Mr. David 1. Clay 

Mr. Don R. Cochran 

Mr. Rick W. Cox 

Mr. Stuan H. Deal 

Mr. Richard B, Donaldson, Jr. 

Mr. Daniel A. Donohue 

Mr. Bob M. Farmer 

Mr. Carl A. Foster 

Mr. William C. Gay 

Mr. John E. Genet 

Dr. Bennie W, Good 

Mr. Charles E. Green III 

Mr. Brian C. Grogan 

Mr. J. Scott Harris 

Mr. Richard N. Herod 

Dr. Ralph C. Hess III 

Mr. Timothy E. Hildreih 

Mr. Michael W, Homer 

Dr. Wayne D. Homey 

Mr. Edward C Irby, Jr. 

Dr. Samuel M. Janney II 

Mr. C. Michael Johnson 

Dr. H.Philip Johnson III 

Mr, Thomas T. Johnson 

Mr. Claude W.KiIby, Jr. 

Mr. Sidney H. Kirstein 

Mr. Paul A. Lindsey 

Dr. Brockton A. Livick 

Mr. Ralph C. Lukhard 

Mr. William P. Manhall 

Mr. Michael P. Miller 

Mr. Michael K. M inter 

Dr. J. Stuan Morgan 

Mr. B. Christopher Moring 111 

Mr. Carter Noble, jr. 

Mr. Ronald O. Overstreet 

Captain William B. Parker, D.D.S. 

Dr. Jack Hanson Powell III 

Mr. Henrv E. Ravenhorst 

Mr. Frank W. Roach 

Dr. George C. Sakakini 

Mr. Phillip A. Shon 

Mr. Robert D. Taylor 

Dr. julienK. Warren III 

Mr. Roben K. Wells. Jr. 

Mr. J. I-irry Williamson 

Mr. Frank Downing Wiseman 

Class of 1974 

394% of the class gave $15,059.50 
A verage gift was $250. 99 

Mr. Jonathan J. Adelman 
Mr. George F. Albright, Jr. 
Mr. Frank Acie Allen, Jr. 
Mr. Peter C. Bance 
Dr. Roben W. Bedinger. Jr. 
Mr. Duncan W. Blair 
Mr. Myron P, Boon 
Mr. Marion P. Brawley 111 
Mr. G.Tyler Brooks 111 
Mr. Charles L. Cabell 
Dr. Charles R. Chiarello 
Mr. John B. Coupland 
Mr. Michael K. Crookshank 
Mr. Roben V, Crowder III 
Dr. John T. Curnes 
Mr. Stephen R. Echols 
Dr. Henry N. Elksnin 
Mr. W. Stuan Farmer, Jr. 
Mr. J. Randolph Fowler 
Mr. Christopher Gallo 
Mr. William C. Garren. Jr. 
Dr. H.Nelson Gustin III 


Mr. Gary L. Harper, jr. 
Mr. W. Lee Harris. Jr. 
Mr. Charles R. Henderson. Jr. 
Mr. Richard M. Jacobs 
Mr. B. Boyd Johnson 
Mr. Francis P. Jones, Jr. 
Dr. Lawrence B. Kelly 
Mr. George S. Khoury 
Dr. Rodger W, Kleisch 
Mr. James T. Logan. Jr. 
Mr. Stephen W. Mapp 
Mr. Clark 0. Manin, Jr, 
Mr, Adrian LMcCardell III 
Mr. Carl J. Moushegian 
Mr. F. Davis Newsom 
Mr. William W. Nocsen 
Dr. Clifford A. Nottingham III 
Mr. Glenn A. Nunnery 
Mr. Theodore G. Ouredmk 
Mr. Frank L. Overton 
Mr. Stephen L. Owen 
Mr. Jeffrey J. Poole 
LTC Watson O. Powell 111 
Mr. Charles LRickens III 
Mr. Roben Lee Rogers 
Mr. William J. Rul Jr. 
Mr. Bradford B. Sauer 
Dr. Richard G. Saul 
Mr. Brooke M. Savage 
Mr. David C Schultheis 
Mr. R- Kelly Sheridan 
Mr. Ronald C. Shiflett. Jr. 
Mr. B. Brack Stovall 
Dr. J. Bruce Taylor 
Mr, David A. Thomp.son 
Mr. James L. Thompson 
Mr, Dean S. Worcester 
Mr. Richard O.Young, Jr. 

Class of 1975 

34.6% of the class gave $43,920.00 
Average gift was $976.00 

Mr. Sidney B. Allen, Jr. 

Mr. Charles T. Baskervill 

Mr. Samuel Q. Bass, Jr. 

Mr. Charles A. Blanton III 

Mr. Roben W. Carson 

Dr. Henry W. Chappell, Jr. 

Mr. John G. Clark. Jr. 

Mr. John T. Donne 

Mr. Joseph A. Farmer 

Mr. Alexander L. Franklin II 

Mr. Mark M. Freestate 

Mr. Bernard S. Groseclose. Jr. 

Mr. Timothy B. Hampton 

Mr. J. Thomas Hardin 

Mr. Everen A. Hetimuth III 

Mr. Lawrence H. Hentz. Jr. 

Mr. Charles E, Hunter III 

Mr. William A. Hunter. Jr. 

Dr. Glenn E. Jefferson. Jr. 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Jones 

Dr. Samuel M.Jones 

Mr. William C. Keighdey 

Mr. Jeffrey Kiefer 

Mr. George Panerson Manson, Jr. 

Mr. William B. May, Jr. 

Mr. William E.McBratney III 

Mr. Marion L. Moore 

Mr. Lawrence R. Moier, Jr. 

Mr. John F. Petersen, Jr. 

Dr. George P. Piros 

Dr. Walter C. Plunkett 

Mr. John L Roper IV 

Mr. Michael A. Rowland 

Mr. J. Keith Sands 

Mr, ThaddeusR. Shelly III 

Mr. Benton Dane Skuda 

Mr. Charles Smith III 

Mr. Howard W. Stracke 

Mr. Nick R. Thomas 

Mr. Armisiead Traynham. Jr. 

Mr. James B. Tubbs, Jr. 

Mr. Howard B. Waters 

Mr. James C Wheat II! 
Mr. Henry S. Winston IV 
Mr. William E.Wood. Jr. 

Class of 1976 

-)-i.8°oofrhe class gave $67859.78 

A verage gift was $81 7. 59 

Mr. Frank C. Bedinger III 
Dr. William A. Blackman 
Mr. James W. Bolton. Jr. 
Mr. William L. Bowles 
Mr. F. Lee Brown. Jr. 
Mr, Timothy T. Brown 
Dr.JohnE. Bmsh.Jr. 
Mr. Mark G. Burnette 
Mr. J. Mark Burris 
Dr. W. W. Samuel Buder 
Mr. Charles L. Capito, Jr. 
Mr. N. Macon Collier III 
Mr, Donald C. Cournow 
Mr. Richard H.Cuder. Jr. 
Dr. C. William Dabney 
Mr. Roben S. Downs, Jr. 
Mr. C. Thomas Ebel 
Mr. Christopher D. Eib 
Dr. H. Gordon France. Jr. 
Mr. Richard D. Garlock 
Mr. Roger P. Glass 
Mr. R. Grayson Goldsmidi 
Mr. Harvey Granger 
Dr. Hughj. Haganlll 
Mr. T. Bradley Harris 
Mr, Richard B. Hazlegrove 
Mr. Gregory B. Henderson 
Mr. Roben S. Henderson 
Mr. Philip B. Hereford 
Mr. William R. Hill III 
Mr. Richard D. Holcomb 
Mr. Edwin B. Horner III 
Mr, David F. Host 
Dr. L.William Irby. Jr. 
Mr. E. .\llen Iigen 
Mr. R. Alan Johnston 
Dr. William M. Klein 
Mr.AllieB. Kregerlll 
Mr. A. Mark Lee 
Mr. R. Gordon Long. jr. 
Cmdr. Roben C. Lorigan 
Mr. John G. Macfarlane III 0") 
Mr, A. Caner Magee. Jr. 
Mr. S. Hoge McClaughcrty 
Mr. Philip J. McEwen, jr. 
Mr. James B. McVeigh, jr. 
Mr. John C. Middleton 
Dr. Andrew L. Moore. Jr. 
Mr. Ronald L. Moore 
Mr. E. Dawson Nash 
Mr. W. Howard Overbey, jr. 
Mr. Mark W. Patterson 
Mr, W. David Paxton 
Mr. David D. Person 
Mr. Cruger S. Ragland, Jr. 
Mr. T. Smith Ragsdale III 
Mr. A. William Reid 
Mr. Robert B. Riddick 
Dr, Kenneth H. Roberts 
Mr. Richard O. Royce 
Mr. Roben L. Samuel. Jr. 
Mr. Raymond E. Sanders III 
Mr. Robin A. Saul 
Mr. Marcus C. Scheumann 111 
Mr. Eric D. Schwarz 
Mr. Lannis N. Selz 
Mr. Manin Manker Sherrod 
Mr. W. Caner Sinclair, jr. 
Mr. James H. Sparger. Jr. 
Mr. W. C. Sprouse, Jr. 
Mr. Harry E. Squire 
Mr. Richard C. L. Starke 
Mr. Roben M. Stcwan 
Mr. Roben J. Stuckey 
Mr. Edward W. Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. Donald W. Thomas 
Mr, Michael W, Thomas 

Mr. }. Gray Tuttle 

Mr. Richard C Walker. Jr. 

Mr. Steven C. Wilkshire 

Mr. Richard B. Williams 

Mr. James H. Wilson 

Mr. Bdward W. Wolcon. Jr. 

Class of 1977 

43. 1 % of the class gave $37.579S 
Average ^{i was $501.07 

Mr. Timothy S. .'Vilsworth 
Mr. R. David Anthony 
Mr. Ira L. Armstrong 111 
Mr. Stephen E. Baril 
Mr. James R. Belcher. Jr. 
Dr. Paul S. Buckman 
Mr. Timothy E. Carpenter 
Mr. Ratael F. Castro 
Mr. John R. Clark III 
Mr. W. Scott Cox 111 
Mr. Steven A. Curds 
Mr.JamesK. Dille.Jr. 
Mr. Philip T. DiStanislao. Jr. 
Mr. W. Benton Downer 111 
Mr, Darrell T, Drummond 
Dr. Randall W. Evans 
Mr. Michael A. Farrell 
Mr. James Kenneth Ferguson 
Mr. Carl L. Fletcher. Jr. 
Dr. A. Frederick Gall. Jr. 
Mr. Gar)' R. Garner 
Dr. Clyde M. Garrison III 
Mr. Harry S. Greene, Jr. 
Mr. George M. Grizzard 
Mr. Philip A. Haley 
Dr. Darby G.Hand 
Mr. David R. Hardie 
Mr. David L. Harlow 
Mr. James L. Harris 
Dr. Lawrence K. Hill, Jr. 
Mr. James C. S. Holladay 
Mr. Gregory F. Holland 
Mr. Frank L. Home. Jr. 
Mr. William B. Howard 
Mr. David D. Hudgins 
Mr. Gar)' D. Hudson 
Dr. Willoughby S. Hundley III 
Mr. Catesby Jones II 
Mr. WatterM. Jones 111 
Dr.LioydJ. Kellamlll 
Mr. Joseph L. King 
Mr. Douglas B. Lee 
Mr. Dudley H. Marks 
Mr. James D. Mason IV 
Mr. E. Franklin Massie 111 
Mr. Richard W. McLain 
Mr. Philip C Metcalf 
Mr, Davids. Miller 
Mr. John R. Mitchell, Jr. 
Dr. Michael S. Morgan 
Mr. William L. PannUI (T) 
Mr. Roben D. Parsons 
Dr.WilliamJ. Phipps.Jr. 
Mr. Thomas C. Repenning 
Mr. D. Scon Robenson 
Mr. Andrew S. Rosenfield 
Mr.MiltonJ. Schultzlll 
Mr. Oden K. Semones, Jr. 
Mr. David C. Shiflett 
Mr. Michael A. Smith 
Mr. Roben N. Springer 
Mr. Mone L. Talley 
Mr. David L Tashjian 
Mr. John S. Tinsley 
Dr. Frederick L. Troxel 
Mr. A. Morris Turner. Jr. 
Mr. D. Ian Valentine 
Mr. Michael A. Via 
Mr. Thomas B. Walker 
Mr. Daniel K. Walters 
Mr. Charles W.Ward 
Mr. Michael D. Ward 
Mr. Douglas M. Webb 
Mr. Douglas F. Zier 



















Mr. Marcus M. Zimmerman 

Class of 1978 

40. 9% of the class gave $20.049. 8 1 
A verage gift was $294. 85 

Mr. William L. Abbott 

Mr. A. Macaulcy Aron. Jr. 

Mr. David T. Beaaley 

Mr. Alexander H.Bell 11 

Mr. Scott W. Bei^lund 

Mr. Richard H. Blank, Jr. 

LTC George K. Bumgardner. DMD 

Mr. David C. Bunerworth 
Mr. Stokely G. Caldvi'ell. Jr. 
Dr. John F. Canter 
Mr. David M. Clough 
Mr. Thomas M. Crowder 
Dr. Barry K. Cutrighi 
Mr. Jon M. Daly 
Mr. Dabney M. Daniel 
Mr. Richard A. Da%'is 
Mr. Patrick C. Devine. Jr. 
Mr. Douglas B. Donaldson 
Mr. Donald R. Dore>' 
Mr. Richard E. 
Mr. Neil P. Farmer 
Mr. Gerald W.Fauth III 
U. Cmdr. John E. Fidler. D.D.S. 
Mr. J. Thomas Francis, Jr. 
Mr. David H. Gates 
Dr. Samuel L. Groseclose 
Mr. Michael S. Harcum 
Mr. J. Sheppard Haw III 
Mr. Thomas M. Heer\' 
Mr. Joseph B.Heldreth 111 
Mr. Robert B. Huskey, Jr. 
Mr. Todd C. Johnson 
Mr. James M. Jones 111 
Mr. BobbyJ. Junes 
Mr. Craig P. KJely 
Mr. David H. LaMotte.Jr. 
Lt. John W. Leary 
Mr. Keith W. Lewis 
Mr. Robert E. Livingston, Jr. 
Mr. C. Keith Love 
Mr. Gregory G. Love 
Mr. Joe V. Menendez 
Mr. Roben B. Merrell 
Mr. HarlandL Miller 111 
Mr. Julian A. Moore. Jr. 
Mr. William S. Moore 
Mr. Ralph C. Morehead W 
Mr. Lowell M. Moss 
Mr. Thomas W. Osgood 
Mr. P. Tulane Patterson 
Mr. J. Fain Peebles 
Mr. Joseph B. Penick 
Mr. Chester D. Porter 111 
Mr.WiliiamD. Redd 
Mr. Barry L. Riddle 
Dr. William Rosenberger II 
Mr. William L. Sager. Jr. 
Mr. Paul English Smith 
Mr. Samuel E. Smith. Jr. 
Dr. Edward P. Snyder 
Dr. Frank D. Stoneburner. Jr. 
Mr. John A. Stough, Jr. 
Mr. Richard S. Surton 
Mr. Charles S. M. Tipton 
Mr. Randolph E. Tra^-nham 
Mr. Roben M. Wilson 
Dr. Edward T. Wolanski 

Class of 1979 

36% of the class gave $1 7.4}~.9! 
A verage gift was $322. 55 

Dr. Robert L. Agee IV 
Mr. Thomas M. Akers 
Mr. Randal! E. Appleion 
Mr. Richard A. Bagby 


Mr. Steven D, Barnhan 

Mr. Douglas C. McElwee 

Mr. Thomas S. Cottrell 

Mr. C. Mark KeUy 

Class of 1985 

Mr. Joseph S. Bean. Jr. 

Mr. W. Ovenon McGehee 

Mr. William B. Crenshaw 

Dr. Timothy G. McGarry 

29.2% ofthe class gave $11,920.00 
Average gift was $209. 12 

Mr. Gary J. Beck 

Dr. MarkJ. Morris 

Mr. Hugh C. Cunningham III 

Mr. Michaei P. Mullen 

Mr. Michael T. Bennen 

Mr. W. Randolph Nexsen 

Dr. Mark A. Deaton 

Dr. Louis E. Nelsen 111 

Mr. Warren L. Birdsong 

Mr. William J. Pantele 

Dr. David W. Donovan 

Mr. William W.Patterson 111 

Mr. John W. Ames III 
Dr. Scon J. Banning 
Mr. John E. Basilone 
Mr. David W. Biankenship 
Mr. Gary W. Boswick 
Mr Michael R Boudreau 

Mr. William D. Blackford 

Dr. William G. Plunkeit 

Mr. Brian H. Dunbar 

Mr.JohnV. Prestia.Jr. 

Mr. Peter D. Blanton 

Mr. J. Howard Rodman 

Mr. Nelson H. C. Fisher 

Mr. Carl J. Roncaglione. Jr. 

Mr. B. Elliott Bondurant 

Mr. Willie R. Shelnut 11 

Mr. John L.Gibson III 

Mr. William D. Simpson 

Dr. Roben D. Calcote 

Mr. Stewart M. Sigler 


Mr. Kevin L. Slattum 

Mr. Donald Davison Cantlay 

Mr. Timothy A. Smith 

Mr. Scott C. Goodman 

Mr. Brian S. Thomas 

Mr. John T. H. Carpenter 

Mr. J. Callen Sparrow 

Mr. Curtis D. Gordon 

Mr. Michael C. Tomkies 

Mr. L. Dickerson Br^ 
Mr. Gregory A. Brandt 
Mr. William A. Brown. Jr. 
Mr. David B. Camden 

Mr. A. Robinson Can 

Mr. G. Spencer Talley, Jr. 

Mr. William E. Green, Jr. 

Dr. Scon A, Vander Vennet 

Mr. Robert C. Clary, Jr. 

Dr. Waring Trible, Jr. 

Mr. David E. Gunter 

Mr. Branch W.Vincent III 

Mr. David P. Corrigan 

Dr. Daniel V. Unger IV 

Mr. Gifford R. Hampshire 


Mr. Thomas C. G. Coyle, Jr. 

Mr. David E. White 


Mr. Stuart P. Wilbourne 

Mr Cnarlp^ H Canrii^ 

Mr. E. Hatcher Crenshaw 111 

Mr. James M.Wolcon 111 

Dr. Edmond A. Hooker 

Mr. Bradley H. Gary 
Mr. Charles R. Cochran 
Mr. F. Neil Cowan, Jr. 
Mr Pfter S Denr 

Mr. Christopher M. Crowley 
Dr. Richard E. Curtis, Jr. 

Mr. Mark E. Yates 

Mr. Neil D. Huffman 
Dr. AllynG. Janney,Jr. 

Class of 1984 

Mr. Thomas G. Douglass 

Mr. William H. LeCompte 

36 7% ofthe class gave $12. 115.00 

Mr. Richard P. Epperson 11 

Class of 1981 

Dr. Richard P. Leggett 

Average gift was $189.30 

Mr. Robert S. Dietz 

Mr. Gregory W. Feldmann 

33. 1 % ofthe class gave $16,354.38 

Mr. Richard G. Levy 

Mr. Robert M. Duke 

Mr. Craig A. Folio 

A verage gift was $340. 72 

Mr. Lewis B. McClung 


Mr. A. Pendleton DuPuis 

Mr. Rustin Burt Godfrey 

Mr. Thomas G. McClung 

Mr. Charles E. Agee III 

Mr D Kirk Edens 

Mr. Thomas E. Goode 

Mr. George G. Ball III 

Mr. Bryant C. McGann 

Mr. Steven T. Alexander 

Dr. John K. Even 
Mr. J. Scon Finney 
Mr. John A. Cant 
Mr. Richard S. Godsev 

Mr. Robert R. Henry IV 

Mr. Edward F. Brown 

Mr. Scott F. Miller 

Mr. Christopher C. Altizer 


Mr. Sergio Capocelli 

Mr: Thomas H. Miller 

Mr. David A. Arias 

Mr. Stephen L. Hughey 

Mr. Chnstopher E. Caton 

Mr. Joseph K. Morgan 

Mr. Sutton P. Baldwin 

Mr. John K. Jeanes 


Mr. Robert T. Newcomb 

Mr. W.Charles Blocker, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas A. Hickman, Ir. 

Mr. Kenneth M. Johnston 

Mr, Thomas M. Davis 

Mr. F. Barrett Normann 

Mr. Robert H. Bourne III 

Mr. Michael J. Hodge 
Dr. Brian A. Hoa' 

Mr. Philander Kelsey 

Mr. William S. Driskill 

Mr. Charles G. Oakes 

Mr. D. Campbell Bowman, Jr. 

Mr. Gordon C. Lee 

Mr. Sam D. Eggleston III 

Mr. Jon A. Pace 

Mr. Stuart M. Close 

Mr. William J. Hubbard 

Dr, Joseph A. Leming 

Mr. Stephen D. Farthing 

Dr. Jesse K. Park 

Mr. William C. Cozan 

Mr CIvde B Kellv 

Mr. John E. Mansfield, Jr. 

Mr. Martin E. Ferrara 

Mr. Raymond D. Parks 

Mr. Hunter E. Craig 

Mr. Joseph P. Marchetti, |r. 

Mr. William L. Freeman 

Mr. David R. Phillips 

Mr. JetlVe)' H. Curry 

Mr. C.Burke King 
Mr. William C. Knox III 

Mr. W.Sheppard Miller III 

Mr. Trac\' W. Gammon 

Mr. Benjamin W.Rawles III 

Mr. Robert T.DuPuis, Jr. 

Mr. Neil E. Nappo 

Mr. R. Warden Good 

Mr. Randy W. Reed 

Mr. Todd S. Farrand 

Lt. Hil V. Lackey III 
Mr. Robert R. Lawson 

Mr. Robert W.Oldfield 

Mr. Michael LeeGunn 

Mr. Robert Worth Remick 

Mr. Richard D. Foley 

Mr.G. Michael Pace, Jr. 

Mr. Gregory J. Haley 

Mr. W. Jeffrey Roberts 

Mr. James G. Gamble. V 

Mr. Geoffrey J. Lewis 
Mr. David P. McEnderfer 

Mr. Frank L. Pegram 

Mr. William J. Hancock 

Dr. David E. Ross 

Mr. Alan F. Garrison 

Mr. John Maynard Power 

Mr. William E. Harrison 

Mr. D. Lindsay Russell 

Mr. Alfred H.Garvcy. Jr. 

Mr. Jay D. Mitchell 

Mr. John M. Quarles, Jr. 

Dr. David F. Huddle 

Mr. William A. Shelly 

Dr. Robert W. Given 

Mr. Paul C. Nunnally 
Mr. Kenneth G. Pankey, Jr. 
Mr. W.Banks Peterson, Jr. 

Dr. William D. Richmond 

Mr. DanielA. Huskey 

Mr. William S.Smithers III 

Mr. John I. Gray III 

Mr. Robert T. Ross 

Mr. William A. Jervey 

Mr. James C. Taylor III 

Mr. Sean D. Gre^ 

Mr. William F. Seymour IV 

Dr. Douglas R.Uwler 11 

Mr. Thomas D. Thalman 

Mr. Joseph W. Hatchett, Jr. 

Dr. Peter R. Quarles 

Mr. Peter W. Squire, Jr. 

Mr. M. Keith Leach 

Mr. Henry S, Vaughan 

Mr. David N. Heaton 

Mr. David K. Rader 

Mr. Thomas L. Stokes, Jr. 

Mr. CaryC. Levering 

Mr. Sean D.Wallace 

Mr. PeterA. B. Hoblitzelllll 

Mr. C. Landon Royals 
Dr. David B. Simmons 

Mr. Cecil T. Talley, Jr. 

Mr. J. Boiling Lewis III 


Mr. Edmund J. Hopper 

Dr. Peter R. Watson 

Mr. W. Manin Long II 

Dr. Robert B. Houska 

Mr. Bradley S. Simms 
Mr. Bradley S. Smith 

Mr. Gerald F.Willman. Jr. 

Dr. R. Kevin Mahoney 

Mr. William A. Hudgins 

Mr. James K.Woodley III 

Mr. Daniel Camp Marks 

Class of 1983 

Mr. Brian P. Jeter 

Dr. Harry E. Spalding 
Mr. David P. Steinke 

Mr. George D. Norrington 

34.2% ofthe class gave $26,070.38 

Mr. Jonathan S. Johnson 

Mr. Richard C.Parker (T) 

Average gift was $543. 13 

Mr. Mark A. Johnson 

Mr. Peter B. Strickland 

Class of 1980 


Mr. Lawrence 0. Jonak 

Mr. Philip A. Suazo 
Mr. John Ed Tankard III 
Mr. Donald W. Thomson 

30.^% ofthe class gave $10,080.00 

Mr. Michael A. Rhea 

Mr. Thomas R. Atkinson 

Dr. David F. Jones 

Average gift iim $219. 13 

Mr. John R. Rhodes 

Mr. James Burwell Ault 

Mr. W. Bryan Jones 

Dr. R. Douglas Ross 

Mr. E. Daniel Baugh III 

Mr. Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr. 

Mr. William L.Usnik. Jr. 

Mr. James M. Alexander III 

Dr. Mark C. Rummel 

Mr. Charles W. Best IH 

Mr. William E. Linden III 

Mr. Timothy P. Veith 
Mr. J. David Walker 

Dr. Jeffrey A. Alloway 

Dr. Daniel B. Schein 

Mr. Robert J. Bonaventura 

Mr. C. Thomas Lovelace 

Mr. Donald L. Appich. Jr. 

Dr. Jon R. Schoonover 

Mr. Frank Kennon Borden, Jr. 

Dr. Kenton L. Mackey 

Mr. Frank L. Wheeler 

Mr.JamesV. Babashakll 

Mr. Forrest F. Senier 

Mr. J. Trevor Boyce 

Mr. John M. Mayeske 

Mr. D. Scon Williamson, Jr. 
Mr. Berkeley W. Young 

Mr. Philip B. Baker 

Major L. Rucker Snead III 

Mr. Robert E. Brailsford 

Ms. Ann B. Mayo 

Mr. Herbert H. Baieman, Jr. 

Mr. Robert E. Snidow 

Mr. Robert H. Camp 


Mr. Kevin Lee BeaJe 

Mr. William C. Stephenson IV 

Mr. Fred L. CampbeU III 

Mr. R. Matthew McGee 

Class of 1986 

Mr, M. Bryan Beecroft III 

Mr. R. Lawrence Stmts 

Dr. Jeffrey A. Clifton 

Mr. John G. Mcjunkin 

Mr. MarcellusJ. Best, Jr. 

Mr. Loon-Kar Tan 

Mr. F. Andrew Cook III 

Mr. James F. Moseley. Jr. 

31.4% ofthe class gave $9,750.00 

Mr. E. Scott Boze III 

Mr. James C. Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. Kevin C. Cowley 

Mr. Philip Epaulette 

Average gift was $162.50 

Mr. W. Denis Brown IV 

Mr. James K- Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. Chnstopher H. Daly 

Mr. Brian W. Peabody 

Mr. John D.Burke 

Mr. Francis G. Varboncoeur 

Mr. Wallace M. Dietz 

Mr. R. Jeffrey Peterson 

Mr. Joseph C. Addington III 

Mr. Brian M. Cann 

Dr. S. Craig Vranian 

Mr. Brian S. Dyer 

Dr. PaulG. Pierpaon,Jr. 

Mr. Timothy E. Ashman 

Mr. John E. Corey 

Mr. Richard L. Ware 

Mr. W. Wayne Enroughty. Jr. 

Mr. Joseph G. Pontius 

Dr. K. Drew Baker 

Dr. Robert Y. Cox 

Dr. David J. West 

Mr. Louis D. Farina, Jr. 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Richardson 

Mr. William L Ball 111 

Mr. Charles M. Dietz,Jr. 

Mr. K. Scott Fife 

Mr. Lucien W. Roberts III 

Mr. William W. Brazil 

Mr. Ralph W. Dodd 

Mr. William M. French 

Mr. Charles A. Roest 

Mr. Christopher B. Brown 

Mr. Ronald L. Fischer, Jr. 

Class of 1982 

Mr. James Edward Garrett 

Mr. Francis D. Rosenbetger 11 

Mr. B. Darren Burns 

Mr. Banon L. Floyd 

32.3% ofihecUss gave $10,600.00 

Mr. Franklin Y. Geho 

The Rev. T. Field Russell 

Dr. Lawrence B. Caplin 

Mr. Thomas A. Garner 

Average gift was $189.29 

Mr. Robert C. Gentry 

Mr. Keith B. Slattum 

Mr. George B. Cartledge 111 

Mr. Thomas P. Gray, Jr. 

Mr. W. Duncan Gibbs III 

Mr. R.Mark Slaydon 

Dr. John R. Caruso 

Dr. Robert E. Grover 

Mr. Thomas E. Adkins, Jr. 

Mr. Roger A. Glover III 

Mr. L. Norfleet Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Brian F. Grotty 

Mr. R. Bryant Hare IV 

Mr. Victor R. Alpizar 

Mr. Edward J. Green, Jr. 

Mr. Arthur H. Sperrv 

Mr. Thomas J. Cundiff, Jr. 

Mr. C. Mathew Ho^.Jr. 

Mr. Blake P. Auchmoody, Jr. 

Mr. R. Tyree Greene, Jr. 

Mr. Ward W.Stevens III 

Mr. James William Curry 

Mr. George A. Horkaji III 

Mr. Edward E. Blake 

Mr. Timothy B. Gudirie 

Dr. Wallace C. Tarry 

Mr. Graham C. Daniels 

Mr. C. Lunsford Johnson 

Dr. Michael J. Breiner 

Mr. H.Hiier Harris III 

Mr. Alexander H.Ware 

Mr. Randy S. Davis 

Mr. Trent S, Kerns 

Mr. Michael A. Brogan 

Mr. Benjamin R. Harvey, Jr. 

Mr. Harry H. Warner, Jr. 

Lt. John G. Dickenson, Jr. 

Dr. Marshall Kent Kiser 

Mr. Tonv M. Canodv 

Mr. Duran P. Holton 

Mr. Drew Waterbury 

Mr. J.TylerDinsmore 

Mr. Jerome E. Laux 

Mr. William H. Carr 

Mr. Mark T. Jones 

Mr. Todd A. Wcinert 

Mr. John M. A. Donelson 

Mr. William C Leach 

Mr. Michael R. Chevalier 

Mr. Mark W. Jones 

Mr. David H.White, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas M, Foster 


Mr. Edward W. Gamble IV 

Mr. Salvatore Giannetti III 

Mr. Brei S. Grieves 

Mr. J. Haywood Hardin 

Mr, John P. Harrison III 

Mr. Ross A. Hotchkiss III 

Mr. William L HugKes 

Mr. Maurice A. Jones (T) 

Mr. Timothy K. Jordan 

Mr. Charles E. Kimbrough 

Mr. Douglas M, King 

Mr. Robert E. Lee, V 

Mr. Robert Bryant Lendrim 

Mr. George A. Light 

Mr. J. Lawrence Mansfield. Jr. 

Mr. Ashle>' B. Marable 

Mr. Armistead B. Mauck 

Mr.JohnR. McGhce,Jr. 

Mr. Charles Wilson McNeely IV 

Mr. Daniel P. Miller 

Mr. KeN-in R. Mitchell 

Mr. E. Winston Morris, Jr. 

Mr. Elmer J. Peters 

Mr. Christopher C. Poe 

Mr. Benjamin E. Robinson 

Mr. Craig N. Schelle 

Captain S. Michael Sharp, USAF, MD 

Mr. Stephen G. Siewick 

Mr. William H. Tavenner 

Mr. Daryl W.Taylor 

Mr. Daniel A. Terry 

Mr. Christopher G. Thorp 

Mr. Philip R, Trapani, Jr. 

Mr. Edward E. Tronnes 

Mr. Anthony W. Vermillera 

Mr. Samuel K. Wallace, Jr. 

Mr. Harvey L. Warnick, Jr. 

Mr. G.Randolph Webb. Jr. 

Mr. Ros R. Willis 

Mr. W. James Young 

Mr. William T. Ziglar 

Class of 1987 

29.5% ofthe class gave $16,5}8.75 
Average ^fi was $317.67 


Mr. Peyton W. Artz 

Mr. James L. Banning 

Mr. William E, Barr 

Mr. David C. Brown 

Mr. Frederick W. Bryant 

Mr. Counney W. Campbell 

Mr. Robert K. Citrone (T) 

Dr. Hollins P. Clark 

Mr. Ashby W. Coleman 

Mr. Laurence M. Dickinson 

Mr. James David Diggs 

Mr. Richard W. Eggleston 

Mr. Marshall P. Eldred III 

Mr. Timothy C. Eller 

Mr. Mark J. Fader 

Mr. John V. Fenice 

Mr. H. Moncure Geho 

Mr. Jeffrey W. Gibson 

Mr. Phillip M.Hetlin. Jr. 

Mr. W. Scott Heidler 

Mr. J. Brian Jackson 

Mr. Jay M. Jalenak, Jr. 

Mr. W. Borden James 

Mr. J. Kendall Killgore 

Mr. Patrick H. Kirchmier 

Mr. Roben P. Kline 

Mr. Mark Allen Lasyone 

Mr. Jeffrey E. Lee 

Dr. Wayne B. Lucas 

Mr. Michael D. Lyster 

Mr. E. Lombard Morgan, Jr. 

Mr. Martin J. O'Brien III 

Mr. Charles Dee 0"Dell il 

Mr. Thomas M. Parrish 

Mr. Roben Spencer Plaster, Jr. 

Mr. John W. Pollock 

Mr. Capenon D. Putt 


Dr. Matthew W. Robertson III 

Dr. John E.Sadler III 

Mr. John Banks Sewell III 

Mr. Harvard B. Smith 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Sparks 

Mr. Hawes C. Spencer 

Lt. Christopher P. Stuan 

Mr. Peter M. Swan 

Mr. Thomas J. Swanzwelder 

Mr. Daniel D.Tafel 

Dr. J. Bradley Terry 

Mr. John H. Turner III 

Mr. T. Ashby Watts IV 

Mr. Leif K. Wigren 

Class of 1988 

52.2% of the class gave $60,973. 13 
A verage gift was $896. 66 

Mr. Bradley A. Addicks 
Mr. James G. Anderson, Jr. 
Mr. Michael Arnz 
Mr. Craig E. Beckler 
Mr. Bren P, Bennen 
Mr.AlbertJ. Boletlll 
Mr. Joseph H, Bridges 
Mr. Eric J. Brlnsfield 
Mr. lohn B. Brinson IV 
Mr. M. Deane Cheatham III 
Mr. Mark A. Citrone 
Mr, A. Gray Collins III 
Mr. Steven S, Cooper 
Mr. Timothy P. Corbett 
Mr, E. Adams Darden IV 
Mr, Beverly M. Davis 
Mr. Bryan H. Davis III 
Mr. J. Forrester DeBuys III 
Dr. F.Carl Derrick Ili 
Mr. John P. Donnelly 
Captain Glenn A. Fink 
Mr. Frank W. Friedman 
Mr. Christopher G. Fulghum 
Mr. Roderick M. Gardner 
Mr. Thomas B. Gates 
Mr. Gerald P, Gillespy 
Mr. Thomas J. Groonell 
Mr. Archibald Hardy IV 
Mr. Harold M.Harris, Jr. 
Mr. George Thomas Haskins 
Mr. Walter W.Hawthorne III 
Mr. Philip T, Hickman 
Mr. Harlan L. Horton 
Mr. Edward A. Hum III 
Mr. Christopher A. Hutson 
Mr. Jeffrey Jackson 
Mr. Daniel H. Joseph 
Mr. Michael P. Kehoe 
Mr. David C. Kelly 
Mr. Timothy M. Kelly 
Mr. Roger H.W.Kirby 
Mr. David J. LaChapelle 
Mr. Brad A. Lower 
Mr. lefferson A. Mairs 
Mr. John W. Maloney 
Mr. Craig L, Massey (T) 
Mr. Frank D. Massic 
Mr. James D. Mayson 
Mr. S. A. Briiton Neal 
Mr. Tayloe N. Negus 
Mr. Sean F. Oberle 
Mr. Frank C. Page 
Mr. John Warren Peake 
Mr. H. Stephen Perl 
Mr. Stephen A. Pitts 
Mr. Henry R. Pollard. V 
Mr. Samuel S. Proctor 
Mr. Charles H. Reynolds 
Mr. J. Christopher Schoen 
Mr. Colin F. Smith 
Mr. John P. Taylor, Jr. 
Mr. Joseph M. Teefey, Jr. 
Mr. Harry P. Umbei^er 
Mr. E. Reid Wade 
Mr. William E, Ware III 
Mr. Michael S. Wheeler 

Mr. Christopher M. Wilkinson 

Mr. C. Timothy Williford 
Mr. Warner R. Winborne 

Class of 1989 

30.8% of the class gave $14.69625 
Average gift was $201.32 

Mr. Stacy W. Adams 

Mr. Marc A. Allocca 

Dr. Matthew L. Areford 

Mr. Alexander Arnz 

Mr. H.Coyt Bailey III 

Mr, Ralph W.Baker. Jr. 

Mr. Frank A. Bates III 

Mr. Cristopher T. Bell 

Mr. Clayton C. Black 

Dr. Jay C. Brumfield 

Mr, Michael C. Byrne 

Captain Paul W. Campbell 

Mr. Brian P. Cassidy 

Mr. Geoffrey Christ 

Mr, Jefirey S, Collins 

Mr. R.Blair Craig, Jr. 

Mr. Timothy M. Curtin 

Mr. Charles F. Drayton 

Mr. Thomas D. Evans 

Mr. Samuel W. Finney 

Mr. David R. Foreman, Jr. 

Mr. Malcolm T. Freeman 11 

Mr. Patrick N. Gedein 

Dr. Evan G. Gliptis 

Captain Matthew D. Goodrich 

Mr. Fred E. Hamlin III 

Mr. Marion Peebles Harrison 

Mr. John M. Hooper III 

Mr. John C. Hopewell 

Mr. John M. Hopper 

Mr.SterlinW. Huff 

Mr. Robert L. Ireland, Jr. 

Mr. Mark H. Kattmann 

Dr. Christopher Keeley 

Mr. Christian A. Kiesau 

Mr. Arthur H. Kreienbaum III 

Mr.JeffR. LaVangie 

Mr. Clark L. LeBlanc 

Dr. Michael K. Leonard. Jr. 

Mr. Edward Mark Lewis 

Mr. Roben C. Lodge 

Mr. Christian T. Mamon 

Mr. Richard C. McEvoy. Jr. 

Mr. Daniel C. McMullen 

Mr. James H. McVey 

Mr. James W, Mercer. Jr. 

Mr. Scott T. Miles 

Mr. Harmon B. Miller IV 

Dr. Steven E. Mills 

Mr. John B, Monon III 

Mr. J. Christopher Naftzgcr 

Mr. C.L.EIIinger O'Brien II 

Mr. Timothy M. O'Keeffe 

Mr. D. Eraser Orr, Jr. 

Mr. Gordon E. Parker. Jr. 

Dr. C. Frederick Payne 

Mr. Ryder Lee Perkins 

Mr. Christopher W. Powell 

Mr. Charles W.Pryor III 

Mr. TTiomas B. Reynolds 

Dr. John N. Richardson 

Mr. Steven M. Riddle 

Mr. C. Saunders Roberson, Jr. 

Mr. R. Kjnckle Robinson 

Mr. Richard K. Smith 

Mr. Stanford L. Southworth 

Mr. Patrick J. Taylor 

Mr. P. Thomas Thurmond 111 

Mr. Jack R. von Maur III 

Mr. Timothy J. Ware 

Mr. Bruce D. Wenger 

Mr. Phillip L Williams 

Mr. Mark T. Wright 


Class of 1990 

36.8% of (he class gave $6.85 1.00 
Average gift was $90. 14 

Mr. M. Seth Adams 


James A. Abbon 

Mr. Carlos A. Alvarenga III 


William P. Allison 

Mr. Thomas H. Barr 


Matthew T. Ardison 

Mr. Marvin Butler Bennett III 


Kevin L. Arrington 

Mr. Walter August Blocker II 


Stephen D. Bear 

Mr. William T.Bonfield 


G. Anthony Bedon 

Mr. Brannon T. Brewer 


Robert C, Beverly 

Mr. David W. Bryant 


Bennen H. H. Biever 

Mr. D. Todd Brydges 


F. Lewis Biggs 

Mr. Rudolph Bumgardner IV 


Blake H. BIythe 

Mr. Garnett W. Byrd 


Wade H. Boswell 11 

Mr. Donald H.Clark, Jr. 


R. Morgan Brav 

Mr. G. Scott Clark 


Michael L. Breeden 

Mr. Thomas T. Coghill 


Allan W, Brock, Jr. 

Mr. John F.Cook 111 


Bryan E. Burcher 

Mr. Joseph W.Codin 111 


William T, Butler III 

Mr. Boyd F. Coyner 


Michael J. Citrone 

Mr. R. Scotr Curry 


Gardner E. Cobb III 

Captain Charles D. Dees 


Stephen A. Coleman 

Mr. James R. Dillon 111 


Barry Bruce Conrad 11 

Mr. J. Michael Donckers 11 


Paul A- Couden 

Mr. Herbert T. Dorn 


John P. CuUen 

Mr. Mark K. duBose 


Gary H. Darden 

Mr. Jean Paul DuBuque 


K. Christopher Darnell 

Mr. Andrew M. Duke 


Gregory R. Davis 

Dr. Richard K. Dunn 


Kevin L. Dixon 

1st Ll, Howard W. Eckstein 


J. Fielding Douthat, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas R. Edwards, Jr. 


J. Kevin Dumond 

Mr. Charles M. Eschinger 


Raymond H. Elmore 

Mr. Mark P. Falls 


Dale P. Ennis 

Mr. Frederick L. Garrett IV 


J. David Ewing 

Mr. John V. Glass 111 


]. William Ferrell IV 

Mr. H. Phillip Goering 


David E. Forbes 

Mr. Edwin B. Gough 111 


Mark E. Gammon 

Mr. F. Brawner Greer 


E. David Grubbs, Jr. 

Captain Alton Larue Gwaltney III 


Glen C. Hasling 

Mr. L. Allen Herrington, Jr. 


Harris M. Haynie 

Mr. David L. Hobbs 


Robert W.Hinkle. Jr. 

Mr. Alan H. Hulvey 


Jon Michael Holland 

Mr. G.Todd Joyce 


Roben Hun 

Mr. Alexander Z. Kroustalis 


David A. Ingram 

Mr. Daniel J. Kungl 


Michael Scon Jones 

Mr. Roben Scon Lake 


Frederick B. Koehler 

Mr. Bradbury E. LaMonte 


C. Scon LeHew 

Mr. Roberr C. Larimer III 


Roben F. Lemen 

Dr. Thomas S. Layton 


Aubrey G. Lucy 

Mr. Christian D. Manhinson 


Jonathan E. Marston 

Mr. M. Jared Mauney 


Lawrence H. Manin III 

Mr. S. Calhoun McMeekin III 


James J. McGrady 

Mr. Christopher M. Meadows 


Jonathan L. McGrady 

Mr. John Jerry Pappas 


Hugh L. McLaughlin III 

Mr. Christopher F.W. Perkins 


Mark A. Milam 

Mr. John A. Piechocki 


Robert F. Moorman 

Mr. Derek E. Plerch 


Patrick D. Mulquin 

Mr. Robert E. Prather 


Stephen C. Musilli 

Mr. James C Roddy. Jr. 


John W. Myers IV 

Mr. Jonathan D. Sargeanl 


Bradley S. Nester 

Mr. Douglas Alan Selzer 


Nolan R. Nicely, Jr. 

Mr. T. Taliaferro Smith 111 


Russell V. Parrish, Jr. 

Mr. Eric Steward 


J. Michael Parsons 

Mr. Robert F. Stockhausen, Jr. 


Braxton B. Pollard 

Mr. W. Scott Street IV 


Brent W. Ratley 

Mr. Douglas Tardio 


J. William Reid, Jr. 

Mr. Guild Lee Taylor 


Milton P. Reid 111 

Mr. PaulC.VenablelV 


Charles Conrad Rickers 111 

Mr. Taylor S.Walker 


Lewis A. Robinson 

Mr, David S. Wallace 


Thomas J. Robinson 

Mr. Bradley C. Wallet 


Gordon E. Rountree, Jr. 

Mr. G. Clifford Walton 


J. Ranson Roussel 

Mr. Stephen K. Waskey 


L. Stephen Satchell 

Mr. Stockton T. Watson 


John W. Savage 

Mr. Michael David Whaley 


Thomas R. Schroeder 

Mr. James R. Wilkins III 


Stephen F. Selden 

Mr. Thomas C. Wilson 111 


Michael B. Snyder 

Mr. W.Page Wilson, Jr. 


Charles W. Sommardahl, Jr. 

Mr. Kirk A. Zambetti 


F. Scott Soukup 


M, Alester Spears 


Philip D. Spessard 


Merrell L. Stout 111 


John Patrick Sullivan 


Rodney J. Tallagnon 

Class of 1991 

54.6% of the i-Usigavt $10,420.00 
Average gift was $114.51 


Mr. David M. Thomason 

Mr. Harry W. Stovall IV 

Class of 1994 


Class of 1995 

Mr. T. Bradley Davidson III 

Mr. H. Brandon Thompson 

Mr. Matthew J. Tucker 

28.5% ofthe class gave 

1 ~. ,"% of the cLissgave $3,605.00 

Mr. Jeremy A. Ellis 

Mr. George M. Trible rV 

Mr. Russell D. Turner 


Average giji was $72. 10 

Mr. Alfred L. Evans III 

Mr. Uuis F. Tyler III 

Mr. Raymond J. Veno, Jr. 

A verage gift was $78. 20 

Mr. Alben P. Finch IV 

Mr. James B. Van Liew 

Mr. Matthew B. >X^itaker 

Mr.AlbanK. BarrusIII 

Mr. Mark 0. Gough (S) 

Mr. Keich H. Wadsworth 

Mr. George H. Whumore 

Mr. Peter TreidaAlbcn 

Mr. James F. Barwick, Jr. 

Mr. Ryan S. Henrv 

Mr. Murray M. Wadsworth. Jr. 

Mr. Stephen B.Wilkins 

Mr. David Anderson Banon 

Mr. Christopher L. Bedford 
Mr. H. Gordon Bivetis 

Mr. W. Christopher Hight III 

Mr. Thomas J. Ward, Jr. 

Mr. Justin H. Woelper 

Mr. Andrew M. Basinger 
Mr. Andrew Eugene Branch II 
Mr. James C.Cardillo 

Mr. Paul B. Kelley 

Mr. ari Bria Wester 


Mr. John P. Briggs 

Mr. Michael B. Burnette 

Mr. Randolph Jackson Light 

Mr. Miles C. Williams 


Mr. Timothy M. McKay 

Mr R, Douglass Young 

Mr. Christian Nils Carlson 

Mr, R. Neal Butt 

Mr. Michael E. Murray 

Class of 1993 

Mr. Roben Keith Caudle III 

Mr. Jonathan J. Carmouche 

Mr. Justin Z. Naifeh 

Class of 1992 

22% of the class gave $5. 100.00 

Mr. Stephen R. Chesnuit 

Mr. R. Scon Carr 

Mr. Matthew James Parker 

Mr. Erik L. Plyler 

Mr. William A. Pumphrey 

22-5% of the cLuigave S5.560.00 

A verage ^ft was $92. 73 

Mr. Beverley Boyden Clary III 

Mr. David Edmund Carter 

Average ^ft was $86.88 

Mr. John V. Colasanto 

Mr. EdwardA-J.Casler 

Mr. John D. Aiken II! 

Mr. Robert Van Wyck Croker III 

Mr. Martin B. Clapp 

Mr. Allan L. Purrill, Jr. 

Mr, Sabat P. Barber 


Mr. Geot^e Steele Dewey IV 

Mr, David G. DeFazio 

Mr. Edward Jarran Ramsey HI 
Mr. Todd T. Reid 

Mr. T, Scoti Beckman 

Mr. C. Poner Banister, Jr. 

Mr. John M, Evans, Jr. 

Mr. Edward O'Herron Dewey 

Mr. Peter C. Benneii, Jr. 

Mr. E. Ward Blakely, Jr. 

Mr. Daniel G. Fannon 

Mr. G. Berkele)' Edmunds 

Mr. J. Andrew Reynolds 
Mr. John L. Reynolds FV 
Mr. Scon S. Ryil 
Mr. Brent J. Schneider 

Mr, Bradford A. Bodamer 

Mr. B. Bradshaw Bray 

Mr. John Christopher Faussemagne 

Mr, Patrick A. Elb 

Capiain R. Dwayne Bowyer 

Mr. Roben W. Brinson 

Mr. Michael Sinclair Finucane 

Mr. Tolga U. Esmer 

Mr. Charles P. Brin 

Mr. James David Caner 

Mr. Brenon Richards Gaunden 

Mr. James Arthur Evans III 

Mr, Marc A. Brown 

Mr. D.Carlyle Chandler III 

Mr. Robert J. Geiger 

Mr, T. Rutherford Ferguson 

Mr. Andrew P. Sherrod 
Mr, W. Boviman Smith 
Mr. Brian C. Sommardahl 
Mr. David B. Spence 
Mr, Eric T. Strong 
Mr. Benjamin B. Sumner 
Mr. W. Scon Thomasson 
Mr. Randolph E. Trow III 

Mr. Josiah Bunting W 

Mr. Gary Wayne Chenaulc, Jr. 

Mr. William N. Glasgow 

Mr. William Adams Gillespie, Jr. 

Mr. James T. Cali 

Mr. Rajeev Chopra 


Mr. RyanV.Godsil 

Mr. Hawes Campbell IV 

Mr. Alan R. Clardv 

Mr. Samuel Patrick Henry, Jr. 

Mr. John Virgil Hager 

Mr. Robert A. Campbell 

Mr. Roben H. CoHeld 

Mr. Vernon Blaine Hill 

Mr. John Lee Hemmer III 

Mr. Fitzhugh Lee Cantrel! 
Mr. Rives B. Coleman 

Mr. Stover Henry Creasy IV 
Mr. W.David Gulp. Jr. 
Mr. Hugh G. Edmunds III 

Mr. Jacob Andrew Horstman 

Mr. Clayton B. Hunt 

Mr. Kenneth Gray Hutcheson 

Mr. F. Spain Hodges 
Mr. Robert T. Hord 
Mr. Henry Charles Hurt III 

Mr. Stephen M. Driscoll 

Mr. Thomas M. Ekman 

Mr. William Pinckney Irwin. V 

Mr. Craig A- Jones (S) 

Mr W. Palmer Wilkins HI 

Mr. Rand M. DuPriest 

Mr. Roben M. Fleet 

Mr. Henry Morgan Tilford Jones 

Mr. Samuel R. Kennedy 

Mr Harry Lee Williams II 

Mr. Jeremy D. Pass 

Mr. Holt Bradshaw Gray 

Mr. Carlton Thompson Kemper 

Mr. Matthew S. Kerry 

Captain John M. Field 

Mr. Matthew Scott Gregg 

Mr. Herbert Leroy King, Jr. 

Mr. Peter A. Le^en, Jr. 

Class of 1997 

Mr. P. MahoodPonville.Jr, 

Mr. David H. Head, Jr. 

Mr. Jeremy Randel Koons 

Mr. Jason F. Leonard 


Mr, H. Keich Henshaw 

Mr. Paul Joseph Landaiche, Jr. 

Mr. Gregory B. Levin 

Mr, John D. Canano 

Mr, Matthew J. Ford 

Mr. William C. Hope IV 

Mr. Aaron Archer Legum 

Mr. Ray E. Lockard 

Mr. Priesdey Cooper Coker IV 

Mr. James B.Glenn II 

Mr. John G. Hutchinson 

Mr. James Christopher Lemons 

Mr. Andrew C. Lowe 

Mr. James Randolph Light III 

Mr. Stewart M.Hall 

Mr. James C Jamison II 

Mr. Michael D. Luter 

Mr. Manhew W. McGuirk 

Mr. Walter Scon Montgomer>' III 

Mr. Troy M. Hanna 

Mr. Thomas Wade Johnson 

Mr. Gordon McLain MacGill 

Mr. Marthew D.Michael 

Mr. Andrew M. Piron 

Mr, Jeffrey A. Harrison 

Mr. Jason C. Kinncll 

Mr. Christopher Manning Marlowe 

Mr, Colin T. Monette 

Mr. Cecil W.Hicbm III 

Mr. Jon K. Kjos 

Mr. Edwin Sidney MartJn III 

Mr. ChadwickJ. Moore 

Class of 1998 

Mr. George M. Howe III 

Mr, KendrickW.ManoxIII 

Mr. R. Bradley Meyers 

Lt. GeoffVey R. O'Neill 

Dr. J. David Hungarland 
Mr. Brian A. Irving 

Mr. John H. McDaniel 
Mr. Patrick H. McDougald 

Mr. Robert Matthew Miles 
Mr. George Thomas Minton III 

Mr. James R. Powell 
Mr. T. Weston Pulliam 

Mr. McKeen Starke 

Mr. Christopher C. Jackson 

Mr. Matthew F. Mendez 

Mr. John Cason Newbern 

Mr, Dixon M. Rollins, Jr. 

Mr. Sage B.Johnson 

Mr. E. Lendon Norman, Jr. 

Mr. John Arthur Nolde III 

Mr. Marshall W.Schoendial 

Class of 1999 

Mr. Damian A. Jones 

Mr. John Edward Oechsle 

Mr. Jason K. S. Poner 

Mr. David Laurens Smith, Jr. 

Mr, Scott G. Kerridge 
Mr. Jeffrey A. Ketron 
Mr. Thomas R. Layer 

Mr. Timothy R. Ortman 
Mr, David B. Pearman 
Mr. John J. Regan 

Mr. John M. Poner 

Mr. Michael Dwayne Purvis 

Mr. Thomas Adtinson Roberts. Jr. 

Mr.JohnA. Stuhrlll 
Mr. Christopher M, Suner 
Mr, Cleveland D. Turner 

Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour 
Mr. Judson D. Valerius 

Mr. SeanT. Lenehan 

Mr, Mark J. Robertson 

Mr. Roben Houston Robinson. Jr. 

Mr. Daniel Cross Turner 

Mr. Caner H. McEniire 

Mr. Brian A. Rollison 

Mr. Thomas Walker Rodgers 

Mr. Charles T. Upchurch 

Mr. David S. Naismith 

Mr. James R. Schlesinger, Jr. 

Mr. Josh Boulton Roman 

Mr. John W.Warren. Jr 

Mr. Samuel Todd Ogletree 

Mr. Wilson W. Schoellkopf 

Mr. Russell Wade Ryan 

Mr. Daniel S. Owen 

Mr. Geoffrey L. Seamster 

Mr. John Guerard Scort. Jr. 

Class of 1996 

Mr. Jeffrey B.Parker 

Mr. Frederic L. Smidi. Jr. 

Specialist Everette Meade Seay IV 

Mr. Clunet H. Pettyjohn HI 

Mr. Christopher H, Stanle>' 

Mr. Laine Jackson Seely 

;,"% of the class gave $2,560.00 

Mr. M. Gregory T. Randall 

Mr. L. Mark Stepanlan 

Mr. John Howard Selzer 

A verage gift was $62. 44 

Mr. Michael J. Remington 

Mr. John E. Talmadge 

Mr. William Francis Shumadine III 

Mr. D. Kirk Richardson 

Mr. Tony A. Thomas 

Mr. Peter Christian Smith 

Mr. Benjamin H. Beaird 

Mr. Ross E. Sallade 

Mr. Edward T. Trapani 

Mr. David Rhoades Sommardahl 

Mr. Trey J. Blocker 

Mr. R. Brooks Scurry III 

Mr. James H. Van Ness, V 

Mr. Calvin Stanley Spencer. Jr. 

Mr. Barton T.Bobb 

Mr. Jeflrey L. Shaw 

Mr. Robert D. Waddle 

Mr. John Carter Stone 

Mr. William B. Bourne rV(S) 

Mr. John Webber Tyler Smith 

Mr. Jonathan H. Wesson 

Mr. Gr^ory Douglas Suskind 

Mr. RyanCadima 

Mr. Kevin E. Smith 

Mr. Rodney E.Williams. Jr. 

Mr. Roy Timothy Tepper III {S) 

Mr. JonadianS. Carr 

Mr. Norman A. Smith. Jr. 

Mr. Charles Morgan Wilson 

Mr. Christopher Dudley Turgeon 

Mr. Joshua W. Chapman 

Mr. Peter V.Smith 

Mr. P.ThacherWonhen.Jr. 

Mr, Charles Malcolm Viser 

Mr. James A. Crowell FV 

Mr. William W.Sranfield III 

Mr. J. Patrick Wright 

Mr. Paxton K. Wolfrey 

Mr. Ryan J. Cudnik 

Mr. Christopher W. Stevens 

Mr. Hideo YanaJ 

Mr. Brtice Marshall Wood 

Mr. Douglas L. Daniels 





Mrs, Shirley Boswick 

NTS 19 

The Hon. & Mrs. James H. Chamblin 


Mr, & Mn, Willard E. Dent 

Mr. & Mn. J. WilUam FeneU 111 '62 

Ms. Paul H. Abels 

Mr, & Mrs, John Watts Bowditch 


Dr, Henrs Clark Deriso 

Mr. & Mn, Dennis P, Finger '66 


Mr, & Mrs. Norman L. Bowles, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Chapman 111 

Mr. &Mn,G, Steele Dewey III 

Mr, Lowery D, Finley. Jr, '39 

Mr. & Mr. Thomas E. Adkins, Sr. '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Bowman, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Graylin Chastang 

Mr. & Mn. William G. deWindt 

Mn, Madeline A, Finney, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Akers 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bowman, Jr. 

Mr. M. D.Cheadlam.Jr. 

Dr, & Mn, Thomas E, DeWolfe (F) 

Mr, & Mn, Brendan E, Finucane 

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Albrighl. Jr. 74 

Mrs. Barbara C. Boyd 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Cheadiam 

Mrs. S. L. Dickenson 

Mr, & Mn, Floyd L. Finng, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Boyd '58 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Chesser 

Mr. & Mn. Cunis M. Dickinson 

Mn. Mavnard N. Fisher 

The Re\'. & Mrs. John L Alexander '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Boyd 

Mr. & Mrs. Herben B. Chinum. Jr. 

Mn. Dixie Dickinson 

Mr. & Mn. William C. Fitzgerald '53 

Dr. M. Donald Alexander. Jr. 

Mr. &Mn.J. C.Bradford III 

Doaon Surrinder & Kamlesh Chopra 

Mr. & Mn. John Jackson Dickinson. 

Mr. & Mn. William H. Flannagan. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald M. Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Numa P. Bradner '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Gas 


'40 (FT) 

Mr, & Mrs. Herman W.Allen 

Mr. &: Mrs. Patteson Branch. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Henn' P. Clifford 

Mr. August A. Diecz 111 '46 

Mr, & Mn, Philip D, Flemion 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben B. Allen '"i? 

Mr. & Mrs. Maynard L. Brandt 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilham A. Clifton. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Charles M. Dien '52 

Col. & Mrs. William R. Foley 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hobbs Allison 

Mr. & Mrs. H,H, Braxton, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Clough 

Mr. &Mn. Jackie E.Diggs 

Dr. & Mn. Paige B. FoUo 

Mr. & Mrs. Mosby R. Allmond. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Roben Brav '60 

Mrs. Virginia Cochran 

Mr. & Mn. James C. Diggs, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Pace M, FonviUe. Sr, (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Rawie A. Alloway 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L Breeden III '56 

Mr. Frcdenck G. Coffield 

Dr. & Mn. Franklin Dill 

Mr, & Mn, Gregon- D, Foreman '^1 


Mr. & Mrs. Milton L. Breeden 

Mr.&Mrs. PriesdcvC.Coker 111 

Mr. & Mn. Lester L. Dillard '40 

Mr, & Mn, Anhur M, Fowler, Jr, 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Alfred Broaddus. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. WiUiam H. Coker. Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. James R. Dillon, Jr, 

Mr, & Mn, John H, Fowlkes 

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Airman 

Mrs. Anne D. Brockenbrough 

Mr. & Mrs. Morgan M. Coleman 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph J. DiPietro. Jr. 

Mn, Drusilla B, Francis 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. .^derson. Sr. '55 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Broob, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Coleman. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. William Davton Dixon, Jr. 

Mr, & Mn, Roben A. Francis '51 

Mr. Robert D. .Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner T, Brooks, Jr, '5 1 



Mr. & Mn. George C. Freeman, Jr. '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben H. Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. William Townsend Brooks 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben A. Coietiane 

Mr. & Mn. G. Stephen Dodson 

Mr. & Mn. Hunrer Frischkom III 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Andrews. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Browder, Jr, 

Mr. & Mm. John Collie. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Richard A. Doheny 

Mr. & Mn. Joseph A. Fritsch 

Dr. & Mrs. Bumess F. Arneli. Jr. '54 

Mr, & Mrs, Archibald M, Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Calsin J. Collier 

Dr. & Mn. Manin Donelson. Jr. '38 

Mr. & Mn. Kennerh A. Fritsche 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. Apking 

Mr, & Mrs. Gary W. Brown 

Mr. Roben T. Comer 111 

Mn. Norma L. Donelson 

Mr. & Mn. J. Curtis Fruit 

Mr^. Carol E. Applegate 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Brown 

Dr. & Mrs. Wilson S. Comer, Jr. '72 

Mr. & Mn. Theodore A. Doremus. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Alfred Fry 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Annata 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Brown III 

Mr. & Mn. William Kenneth Conger 

Mr. &Mn. Roben C.Dorey.Ji. 

Mr. & Mn. Gregory Fulgham 

Mr. & Mrs. Alvan M. Aron '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan E. Bmce 

Mrs. Pamela W. Connolly 

Mr. & Mn. Henry Dom, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Caner B. S. Fun. Sr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben B. Arthur. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Caner B. Bryan (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry B. Conrad 

Mr. & Mn. Jeffress S. Donch, Jr. '35 

Mr. & Mn. Paul E. Galanri 

Mrs. James Ashby III 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Bryan 

Mr. & Mrs. A, Philip Cook. Jr. IT) 

Mr. & Mn. James F, Douthat '64 

Mr. & Mn. James G. Gamble ]\ 

Dr. & Mrs. Stewan Addnson 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Bryan 

Mr. & Mrs. G. William Cooper. Jr. 

Mr, & Mn, Charles H. Dowdy 111 (S) 

Mn. Mary K. Gamble 

Dr. & Mrs. William H. Atwill 

Mrs. Judy G. Br>-ant 

Mr. & Mrs. J. N. Corrigan 

Mr. & Mn. 0. Kemp Dozier. Jr. 

Mr. &Mn.JohnC. Garber 

Mr.&Mrs. RylandABabb,Jr.'61 

Mrs. Ruth G. Bryant 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam A. Cosenza. Jr. 

Mn. Susan Drewerv 

Mr. & Mn. Douglas Benajah Gardner 

Mr, & Mrs. Jacob P. Bailey '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Temple R. Buck 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Coulbourn 

Mr. & Mn. Charles Wills DuBose 

Mr. & Mn. William R. Gardner. Jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Baker '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald N.Buie 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Councill III '67 

Mr. &Mn. O.W.Dudley 111 

Mn. Allen H. Garland, Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. Edward A. Bakcwell 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Bumpas 

Mrs. Rosa Lee Cozan 

Captain & Mn. Roben W. Duke 

.Mr. & Mn. Roben L. Gamer 

Dr. & Mrs. Monroe G. Baldwin, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. Burcher 

Mr. & Mn. John W. Craddock '55 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Duncan, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Stanford Taylor Gamen HI 

Mr, & Mrs, C.Fred Ball, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Burke 

Mr. &Mn.Jeny W.Craig 

Mr. & Mn. Bradley T. Duquene 

Dr. & Mn. John B. Garrett, Jr, 

Mr, & Mrs. Peter Bance 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Burr, Jr, '66 

Mr. & Mn. Lloyd L Craighill 

Ms. Mary Ellen Durham 

Mr, &Mn, David CGant 

Mr. & Mrs. CharlesA, Banks III 

Mr, & Mrs. Richard C. Bunoughs, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Crisp 

Mr. & Mn. Roben S. Dutro 

The Hon, & Mn, Ernest P, Gales. Sr, 

Mr, & Mrs. LeeF. Barlow 

Mr, & Mrs, James W. Bunon 11 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Crockett, Jr, '42 

Mr. & Mn. W. Roben Eason, Sr, '40 

'45 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. John N. Baronian 

Mr, & Mrs, Joseph E, Bush tS) 


Mn, Sara M, Eckstein 

Mr, & ,Mn. Kingsbery W. Gay 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Barwick, Sr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Benjamin M. Butler '63 

Mn, Roben V,Croker, Jr. 

Mr, & Mn, Roben R. Edens '58 

Dr. & Mn. Frank W.' Gearing 111 

Mrs. Margaret Basilone-Meinzer 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Baylor Buder. Sr. 

Mr. & Mn. T. Frank Crowder '45 

Mr, & Mn, Hugh G, Edmunds '28 

Mr. & Mn. William Gee 

Mrs. Julia M. Baskervill 

Mr. &Mrs.JohnJ. Buder 


Mr, & Mn. Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr. '64 

Mn. Marguerite M. Gentry 

Col. Frank A. Bates. Jr. 

Mr. William T. Buder. Jr. '62- 

Mrs. Mary Ann Culp 

Mr. & Mn. Richard C. Edmunds. Jr. 

.Mr. & Mn. George I. Getz, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Beahm 


Mr. & Mn. WUliam David Culp. Si. 


Mr. Edward H. Gignilliat 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Beaird 

Mrs. WdliamT. Buder. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. John E. Culver 

Dr. & Mn. J. Traven Edwards, Jr, '68 

Mr. & Mn. Lany R. Gilbenson '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Beall III 

Mr. & Mrs. Holt W. Bun, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. Jesse W. Cumbia 

Mr, & Mn, Roben W, Ehlen 

Dr. & Mn. Ritchie P. Gillespie 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Beatty 

Mr, & Mre, William P, Bunerfield 

Mn. Roben M. Gumming 

Col, & Mn, M, E, Ekman 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas D. Gillespie, Jr. 

Mr.&Mrs. FredA. Bebeau'56 

Mr. & Mrs. Roi'al E. Qbell, Jr, '43 fD 

Mr. &Mn. Alfred T.Curlee '47 

Dr, Taher Ei Gammal 

Mr. & Mn. William A. Gillespie. Sr. 

Mrs. Robert D. Becker 

Mrs. Edward Callahan 

Mr. & Mn. Richard S. Curr)'. Sr. 

Mr, & Mn, Randolph M. Elder 


Dr. &Mrs. GeorgeA. Bedon 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Callard 

Mr. & Mn. Donald D, Cunis 

Dr. & Mn. Brvce L. Elkins 

Dr. & Mn, Fredenck T, Given, Jr, '49 

Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Bell 

Dr. & Mrs. Hawes Campbell III '60 

Mn, H. Powell Cusris 

Mr. & Mn. Colin M. Elliot 

Dr. & Mn. .*n M, Glasgow '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey T. Bennett. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben B. Qmpbell 

Mn, Mary Louise Cuner 

Mn. Lucy Caner Ellion 

Mr, &Mn, John V, Glass. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bencndorf 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Kenner Campbell 

Mr, & Mn, Frederick M, Dabney 

Mn. John C. Ellis - Decerned 

Mr, & Mn, Thomas H, Glass III 

Dr. & Mrs. David P. Beverly 

Mr.&Mrs. Harold B.Caples. Jr. 

Mr, & Mn, Rufiis E, Dalton 


Mr, & Mn, Richard H. Godsey 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bierowski 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Carlisle 

Mr, & Mn, Gerard A. Dalv 

Mn. Rose S. Emerick 

Dr, John R. Good '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Bi^s 

Mr. Christopher Francis Carnes' 

Mr, & Mrs, Wilfrid A, Dalv 111 

Dr. & Mn. Leslie E. England 

Mr, & Mn, James F, Goodmon 

Mr. Elmer BiUman 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Carnohan 

Mrs, Ann Hill Daniel 


Dr, & Mn, Roben H, Goodnight 

Mr. & Mrs. M. B. Bing 

Mr. G. R. Carpenter, Jr. 

Mr, & Mn. Thomas B. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. Randy Evans 

Mr, & Mn. P. M. GrabiU. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Bissingcr 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Carpenter 


Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Evans. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. William B. Graham '43 

Mr. & Mrs. WJliam I. Black 

Mr. & Mis. William B. Can 

The Hon. B. A Davis III 

Mr. & Mn. Thomas M. Everetie, Sr, 

Mr. & Mn. Harvey Granger. Jr. 


Mr. & Mri. Richard A. Carrington HI 

Mr. & Mn. Billy R. Davis 

Mr, & Mn, Floyd T, Fallen 

Mr. & Mn. Roben W. Graves 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben A Blacksvood III 

Mrs. William H. Canlarphen, Jr, 

Mn. Gloria S. Davis 

Mr, & Mn. James H. Fannon. Jr. 

Mr. & Mn. David E. Gray 

Mr. & Mrs. William E, Blankenship 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Caner, Jr. 

Dr. & Mn. James A Davis, Jr, 

Mr. & Mn. Welford S. Fanner 

Mn. Charles E. Green 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Blamon '43 

Mr, Edward B, Caner, Jr, 

Mn. P^gy Camper Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Irving L. Fass 

Mr. & Mn. James W. Green 

Mr. & Mis. Willoughby C. Blocker, Sr, 

Dr. Russell H. Caner 

Mr, Samuel F, Davis, Jr, 

Mr. & Mn. Jack Faussemagne 

Mr. & Mn. Arthur T. Greene. Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Harold E, Blondeau 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Cardedge, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Larry D, Dawson 

Mr. & Mn. Frank F. Faust 

Mr. &Mn. Roben T, Greene. Sr. 

The Rev, Dr, & Mrs, Roben Bluford. 

'63 m 

Mr, & Mrs, Vernon D, Dawson '53 

Mr. & Mn. Mark E. Feldmann, Sr. '70 

Captain & Mn. Wallace A- Greene 

Jr, '45 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Caruso 

Mr, & Mn, William J, deButts, Jr, 

Mn. Carol B. Fentress 

Dr. & Mrs. John Roben Greenwood 

Mr, & Mrs. Harold UBIythe '64 

Mrs. Eunice W. Caiwile '92 (S) 

Mr, & Mn, Donald 0, Dees 

Mr. & Mn. Allen Mead Ferguson fT) 


Mr, & Mrs, Thomas J. Boehling 

Mr. James H. Carwile 

Mn, Elizabeth D, Degges 

Mr. & Mn. James Kenneth Ferguson 

Mn. Mary .Ann Greer 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Bondurant 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Canano 

Captain & Mn, Francis D, DeMasi 


Mr. & Mrs. Kossen Gregory '42 

Mr. & Mis, Walton G, Bondurant. Jr. 

Mrs. Geri Leggett Cecil 

Mr, & Mn, Joseph L, Dennison 

Mr. & Mn. William M. Ferguson. Jr. 

Mr. &Mn. John E. Griffin 111 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Booth III '66 

Mr, & Mis, John E, Dent 


Mr. & Mn. Edward B. Gnmball, Sr, 



Mr. & Mrs. R. Bryan Grinnan III 'V 

Mrs. J. Frank James 

Mr, & Mrs, Mark Levy 

Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas Minton, 

Mr, & Mrs, Norman H. Pollock 

Mrs. R- Bryan Grinnan. jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. James, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, j. Thomas Lewis (FT) 


Mr, & Mrs, Benjamin B, Pomeroy 

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip D. Griswoid 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Jamison 

Dr.&Mrs. Henry S.Liebert, Jr. '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred N. Mitchell, Sr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Don C, Pontius 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Groonell 

Dr. & Mrs. Aliyn G. janney '42 

The Rt. Rev. & Mrs. A. Heath Light 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Modlin 

Mr, & Mrs, Edward L. Porter 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilham H. Grover. Sr. 70 

Mr. & Mrs, Maurice Jennings 


Mr & Mrs. William D. Monday, jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, W. D. Powell 

Dr. & Mrs, Walter L. Grubb, Jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs, Wollom A Jensen 

Mr. & Mrs, G. W, Lindsay '52 

Mr, & Mrs. David G. Monerte 

Captain & Mrs. H. S. Prevene. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Morris E. Gunn, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Frederick F. Johnson '61 

Mrs, Karhanne Livaudais 

Mt. & Mrs. Gerald Montaigne. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Srephen D. Pritchett 

Mrs. John Arch Gurkin. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Julian S. Johnson III 

Mr, & Mrs, Donald R. Lodge. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Montgomery, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Anhur Pue 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Guthridge, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Manuel H, Johnson 

Mr, & Mrs. Salvatore Loscuito 

Ms. Patricia Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Pumphrey III 

'68 (T) 

Mr, & Mrs, Roben M. Johnson ■53 

Dr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Lovelace 111 

Mr. & Mrs. WUIIam E. Moore, Jr. '63 


Mr. Barry A. Hackney '67 

Mr. & Mrs, Nelson C. Johnston 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Lovelace '50 

Mr, & Mrs, William T, Moore, jr 


Mrs. Virginia H, Hackney (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hill Jones, jr. ( T) 

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Loveless II 

Mr & Mrs. Michael F. Moorman '64 

Mr, & Mrs, Allan Leo Punill, St, 

Mr.&Mrs. HarryV.Haga,Jr.'48 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Marston Jones III 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Lowry. Jr. '66 

Mrs. Banow Morgan 111 

Dr & Mrs. John T. Purvis 

Mr.&Mrs. H.Edward Hales, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Jones, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Lucas '59 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Thomas Morgan 

Mr&Mrs.j.HorsleyPutt,Jr. '58 

Mr.&Mrs. B.W.Hamilton, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Jones, Jr. '45 

Mr. & Mrs. John Luedeke 

Mr & Mrs. James V. Morgan. Sr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pyott 

The Rev. & Mrs. D. Kirk Hammond 

Sen. & Mrs. James P. Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Buford T. Lumsden 

Mr. & Mrs. L. V. Morgan 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Quarles '50 


Mr.&Mrs. Millard F.Jones 11 

Mr. & Mrs. j. Rodgers Lunsford III 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Hunter Morgan, Sr 

Mr & Mrs. G. Richard Query 

Mr. & Mrs. GifFord D. Hampshire 

Dr, & Mrs, Perry E. Jones 

The Hon. & Mrs. j. Granger 

Mr. & Mrs. Devereux P. Moring 

Mr. & Mrs. Michaux Raine 111 '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Hampton "75 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Jones 


Mr. & Mrs. John Harris Morrison, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jitendra F. Rajmaira 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Hardin, jr. (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen K. jurentkuff 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Daniel MacGill III '67 

Mr, & Mrs. Paul M. Morrison. Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. Charles B. Ramsey 

Col. & Mrs. A. W.Hardy 

Mr. & Mrs. Christian C. 

Mr. & Mrs. Tinsley Mack '48 

Mrs, Elizabeth J. Moss 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Jarratt Ramsey. Jr, '69 

Mr.&Mrs.J. Daniel Hardy, jr. 71 


Mr. & Mrs. John E. Maddux. Sr. '72 

Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd F. Moss. Sr. '37 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas T. Rankin 

Mr.&Mrs.JohnP. Harlow, jr. '4J> 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Kavaliunas 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Magnuson 

Mr & Mrs. Frank F. Muir 

Mr & Mrs. Roben C. Rapp, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Dale Harman, jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Keefer 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Manson, Jr. '65 

Mrs. Thomas Muller Tiller 

Mr. &Mrs.JakeRasor,Jr 

Dr. & Mrs. James A. Harrell, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs, Roberr Keeley 

Mr. & Mrs. John March 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Mullins 

Mr. & Mrs. Lanny Max Rauer 

Mr.&Mrs. H. Hirer Harris, Jr.{FT) 

Mr, RalphD. Keighdey.Jr,'45 

Mrs. Janet B. Marcus 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Mulquin 

Dr, & Mrs, Holman C, Rawls III '63 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert D. Harris 

Dr. & Mrs, lohn R, Keiper 

Dr. & Mts. Norman Jay Marks 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Myers III '60 

Mr, & Mrs. Henry Barnes Ray. Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Allen Harrison 

Mr.&Mrs, Edwin C.Kellam, Jr. 

Mr. Raymond j. Marocco, Jr. 

Captain & Mrs. N. C. Nash 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Ray (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis F. Harrup, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph CKellev '42 

Col, & Mrs, Lawrence A. Marousek 

Mr. Patnck K. Neal 

Mr & Mrs. George W. Redd 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Hartley '&>) 

Mr, & Mrs. Patrick J. Kellcy 

Mr. & Mrs. Herben Arnold Marsh 

Mr. & Mrs. William j. Nelson, Jr. '62 

Mrs. Ben Reed 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Mr, & Mrs. Frank G.Kelly III 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Marshall, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Newcomb 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Rees, Jr. 

Ms. Martha B. Hatcher 

Dr. & Mrs, James A. Kelly 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Martin. Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell B. Newton, Jr (FT) 

Mrs. Milton P. Reid 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Hatcher, Jr. '-i 1 

Ms. Mildred M. Kelly 

Mrs. Linda L. Manin (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Waller R. Nexsen 

Mr & Mrs. Milton P, Reid 11 '68 


Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Kemper lir5 1 

Dr&Mrs.j. D.Mason, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Nolan R. Nicely, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Reidy 

Dr. & Mrs. John Q. Harten '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Kennedy 

Dr. & Mrs. Winfield Massie '49 

Dr. & Mrs. William Gary Nichols 

Mr EA. Rennolds.Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Hawks '61 

Mr, & Mrs, James G, Kerridge 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Matrox 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bryant Nickerson 

Mr & Mrs. Carl E. Rhodes. Jr 

The Hon. & Mrs. William P. Hay, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Dan Kersr 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Mauldin 

Mr. Joseph j. Nicklo 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Richards '56 


Mr, & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Ketcham 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mayfield. Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Caner Noble '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben M. Richardson '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Hazlegrove, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Ketcham 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben F. Norfleet, Jr 



Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Kimbrough 

Mrs. Jackie Kaalund Mburu 

Dr & Mrs. Maurice Nottingham. Jr 

The Rev. & Mrs. W, Ramsey 

Captain & Mrs. Joel B. Hcaton 

Mr, & Mrs. David M, Kimmelshue 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. McBiatney. Jr. 


Richardson '52 

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Heery. jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Joseph C, Kincheloe. Jr. 


Mr. &Mrs.JohnNeunerIlI 

Col. Roben T. Richmond '44 

Mrs. Harrison H. Heiberg. jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, William J, Kinnamon. jr. 

Mr, & Mrs. Michael Walsh McCabe. 

Mr. & Mrs, jack P. Null 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Wilson Rives '48 

Mr. & Mrs, Ralph D. Hellams 

Mr, Lewis Kirby 


Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley, Sr '44 

Mrs. Edgar L. Robbins 

Mr. & Mrs, Ronald M, Henry '%■, 

Dr,&Mrs, Hubert E.Kiser, Jr. '53 

Mrs. Richard McCarthy 

Mr.&Mrs. Roben O'Neill 

Mr.&Mrs.AW, Robens.Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Samuel P. Henry, Sr. 

Rev. & Mrs, William R. Klein 

Dr & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock (S) 

Mr. & Mrs, John R. Oakman, Jr, 

Mrs. Ruftis G. Roberts, Jr 

Mr. & Mrs, Thornton M. Henry 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy F. Knight 

Mr. & Mrs. David S. McClung II '51 

Mr, & Mrs, Roben M, O'Brian 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Stewan Robenson '54 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 

Mr, & Mrs, Thomas K, Koch 

Dr. MaxW.McCord.Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Ian B. Ogilvie 

Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey C. Robinson 

Mr, & Mrs, Leonard A. Herrington 

Mr, & Mrs, Clinton F. Koontz, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn L. McCroskery 

Mr, & Mrs. Henry C. Onman 

Mrs. Lynne R. Robinson 

Mrs. Sandra Ward Hester 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Krasnow 

Mr. & Mrs. Nerl McDade 

Mr. & Mrs. John Michael Otis 

Mr, & Mrs, Roben H. Robinson, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Hickey 

Mrs. Herben M. Krauss 

Mr. & Mrs. Dillard H. McDowell. Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. James M. Overbey '55 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Robinson 

Dr. PaulP.Hicb.Jr. 

Mr. & Mis. Arrhut H. Kreienbaum, Jr. 

Col. & Mrs. James E. McDowell Rer. 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Ovenon '48 


Mr. & Mrs, Samuel P, Higginbotham 

Mr, & Mrs, Timothy L. Krouse 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. McGann. jr. 

DrJohnA. Owen,Jr,'45 

Mrs. Virginia N. Roddy (FT) 

Dr, & Mrs. James A. Higgs. jr. '48 

Mrs. Richard Kruse II 


Mr, & Mrs, Ruhis Owen III 

Mr & Mrs. Bradley Rodgers 

Mr. Thomas B. Hilton 

Mr, & Mrs, Randolph H. Kulp 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. McGarry 

Mr, & Mrs, Gerald M, Pace '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Judson H. Rodman. Sr, 

Mr, Albert LHobbs, jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Daniel J. Kungl 

The Hon. & Mrs. John R. McGhee 

Mr, & Mrs, Warren M, Pace, jr '69 

Dr & Mrs. Dixon M. Rollins, St, '65 

Mr, & Mrs, John P, Hodson 

Dr. & Mrs, Matthew L Lacy ir4 1 

Dr. & Mrs. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Gordon Palmer 

Mr & Mrs. Gary W. Rollins 

Mr, & Mrs, Robert E,L. Holt III 

Mrs. Douglas W. Laird 


Mrs. Jane H. Palmer 

Mr. & Mrs. John L Roper 111 

Hon. & Mrs. George E. Honts III 

Doctors Edward & Ruth LaMonte 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. McKjssick 

Mr&Mrs. FredW.Palmorelll 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Rose '72 

Mrs. Raymond C. Hooker, Jr. 

Mt. & Mrs. Paul J. Landaiche, Sr. 

Mr. David J. McKirrrick '67 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Vaughan Palmore 

Mr&Mrs. John I. Rose II 

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Hopkins 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Lane 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. McMahon 

Mr & Mrs. Nicholas Pantoulis 

Mr & Mrs. Roben F. Rosenbaum '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger G. Hopper 

Mr. & Mrs. Emmett R. Lange 

Mrs. Roben J. McMahon, Jr. 

Mr&Mrs.JohnE. Pappas'60 

Mrs. Laurice W. Rountree 

Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Horchkiss, Jr. 

Mrs. W. T. Langhorne 

Mr. & Mrs. j. Vincent McPhillips 

Mr. & Mrs. Atilano Paredes 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Roussel 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Howard 

Mr. & Mrs. John Zachary Larese 

Dr&Mrs.GeorgeJ. McVey'61 

Dr & Mrs. William R. Parks 

Dr. & Mn^. Robert E. Rude '70 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Howard, Jr. 'SO 

Doctors Oscar M. & Sane G. Laserna 

Dr. & Mrs. Alben R, McWilliams. Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy G. Parsons 

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Rudzinski 

Mrs. Julia Epes Begor Hubbard 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Lavezzoh 

Dr. & Mrs. John H. Mears 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Patrick, jr 

Mrs. William J. Rue 

Mr, & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. UVier 

Mr. & Mrs. David N. Meeker 

Mr. & Mrs. James D.Parton III 

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. J. Shepherd 

•46 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Lawley, Sr. 

Mrs. Virginia B. Mell 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Peabody, jr. 

Russell, Jr '51 

Dr. & Mrs. Carter L. Hudgins 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Lawrence. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Melton 

The Hon. Nina K. Peace 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Sadler, Jr'56 

Ml, & Mrs. John A. Hudson, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Lawson '39 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles Richard Melvin, Ir. 

Mr & Mrs. William C.Peake '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Wellford L, Sanders '38 

Mr. & Mrs, Michael William 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Tommy Lawson III 

Dr & Mrs. Hedley N. Mendez 111 

Mr. & Mrs. Marion Wooten Peebles, 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Saunders 


Mr, & Mrs, Lewis P, Lawson 

Dr & Mrs. Reinaldo R. Menendez 


Mr. Edward MSchaaf.Jr 

Captain & Mrs, Albert Hunt 

Mr, & Mrs, Michael G. Lea 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Mennetti. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Roben Peery '50 

Dr & Mrs. James M. Schift'er (F)(S) 

Mr, & Mrs, K, Neal Hunt '64 

The Rev. William K. Leach '62 

Dr & Mrs. Donald A. Merkle 

Mrs. Barbara Ann Pembenon 

The Hon. Dr, James R. Schlesinger. Sr. 

Mr, & Mrs, WUiam A. Hunter '50 

Mrs. Susan Weems Leachman 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Michaux 

Mr, & Mrs. Raymond A. Pepe 

Mr. C. JefTers Schmidt, Jt. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hurt 

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Leary '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred M. Michel 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Percy. Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Kent H. Schmidt 

Dr. & Mrs, William T.Hutchins, jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Ben B. LeCompte, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Mileham III 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith D. Pererson. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Schroedet 

Mr. & Mrs. Qry A, Hurter '40 

Mr, & Mrs, Burton P. Lee 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben M. Miles 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Peterson 

Mr & Mrs. Edward M. Schwab 

Mr, & Mrs, Frank T, Hyde '.18 

Mrs. Mary Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Miller 

Mr.&Mrs. LD.Phaup, Jr. (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. David Scott 

Mrs, Nell Copley Irby 

Mr, & Mrs, Peter A. Leggett '68 (FT) 

Mr & Mrs. Paul J. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Baxrer F.Phillips, Jr 

Di. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Scon '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Ireland 111 

Dr. Allen E. LeHew 

Mrs. Stuan Miller 

Mr, & Mrs. Thomas M. Pickral. Sr 

Mr & Mrs. James 0. Screven 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Irvin. Sr. 

Dr.&Mrs. RichardALeHew'59 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry H. Miller, St. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Piron 

Mr & Mrs. Everene M. Seay 111 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Irwin IV 

Dr. & Mrs. Willette L. LeHew '57 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Miller III '67 

Mr, & Mrs, John P, Pittman 

Rev. & Mrs. Donald H. Seely 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Itgen. Jr. 

Mrs. John W. Leming, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. George W.Mills 11 

Dr & Mrs. Harry G, Plunkett, Jr 

Dr. & Mrs. Harvey F. Selden '63 

Mr, & Mrs. Richard Lynn Jackson 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lenzi 

Ms. Marian F. Minniece 

Mrs. Suzanne M. Plybon 

Mr & Mrs. William R. Shands. Jr, '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul A, jagasich (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E, Leonard 

Mr, & Mrs, Owen R. Minter '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Henty R. Pollard FV '64 

Mr & Mrs. John J. Shannon IV 


Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Shaw 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L Shelley 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Shelor 72 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Sheppard, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James S. Shew 

The Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth V. Shick '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Shipien '68 

Mrs. Lois Shipp 

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy T. Shockley 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 

■66 (T) 
Mr. & Mrs.J.ScottSimms '61 
Mr. &Mrs.JohnP. Sivell'43 
Mrs. Janet L. Sketchley 
Mr. & Mrs. James I. Siaydon. Jr. '54 
Mr. & Mrs. Kent A. Smack "62 
Mrs. Glenn W. Small, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Harr)' Houghton Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Smith, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Smith '59 
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall N. Smith 
Dr. & Mrs. Theodore R. Smith. Jr. '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter I. Smits 
Mr. & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl, 

Sr. '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Yoon S. Song 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Soukup 
Maj. Gen. & Mrs Stanhope S. Spears 
Mr. &: Mrs. Harold R. Spencer '54 
Mr. Gordon R. Spessard 
Mrs. Paula R. Spraker 
Mr. & Mrs. P. Warren Spratley, Jr. '49 
Dr. & Mrs. Peter W. Squire '48 
Mr. Stephen E. & Dr. Coles M. Squire 
Mr. & Mrs. Roy P. St. Clair. Jr. 
Mr. Harold E. Starke, Jr. 
Mr, & Mrs. Philip A. Stedfasi 
Mrs. Anna H. Steele 


Mrs. Frances K. Pugh Steinheimer 
Mr. & Mrs. Leon K. Stepanian, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred W. Stephens 
Dr. & Mrs. Ward W.Stevens. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Stickley. Jr. "47 
Mr. & Mrs. John N. Stirewalt 
Mr. & Mrs. Roberr W. Stober. Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Sherrill W. Stockton. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. James B. Stone III 
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Stone 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Stovall III 
Mr. & Mrs. Troy A. Street 
Mr. &c Mrs. W. Scon Street III '65 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Stringfellow 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Stringfellow, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A, Strollo 
Mr. &Mrs.John A. Stuhr 
Mrs. Carroll Wilson Suggs 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M, Su^s 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Suitt. Jr. 
Ms. Gena M. Summers 
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Summers 
Dr. & Mrs. Joshua P. Sutherland, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence F. Swanson, Jr, 
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene F. Sweeney 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Sydnor '47 
Dr. & Mrs. T. Austin Sydnor. Jr. '52 
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Talaber 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry T. Taliaferro. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Tankard, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Brent W. Taylor 
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Taylor (FT) 
Mr. & Mrs. Hubert S. Taylor, Jr. '48 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Taylor. Jr. '57 
Mr, & Mrs. R. Parrish Taylor. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben B. Taylor 
Mr, & Mrs. James L. Teel 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Thalman 
Mr. Richard B. Thatcher 
Mr. &c Mrs. H. Brian Thompson 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Thompson 
Mr. & Mrs. Lex C. Thompson 
Mr, & Mrs. Roy S. Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Thompson. Jr. 

Mr. Russell E. Thornton 

Mr. &C Mrs. Spencer L. Timm 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Timmons. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Terry Tippin 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tredway '62 

Mr, & Mrs. Albert R. Trevarthen 

Mrs. George M. Trible III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W.Trible 

Mrs, Waring Trible, Sr. 

Mr. &: Mrs, Randolph E. Trow, Jr, '64 

Mrs. Patricia A. Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Tuli 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Turgeon 

Mrs. Corrine H. Turner 

Dr. &c Mrs. Lee S. Turner 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Tydings, Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. William V. Tynes II '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Tyskowski, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Uhtenwoldt 

Mr. Wallace H. & Dr. Sara O. Vale 

Mrs. J. P. Vaughan 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Vaughan, Jr. '57 

Mr. Glenn C. Vaughn '66 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Richard Verrone 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Via, Jr. 

Mrs, Nancy T.Waddell 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund L. Waddill. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs, Joseph]. Waff III 
Mr. & Mrs, Herman B. Walker '56 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Walker, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Compton Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. William B.Wair50 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Wallace, Jr. '54 
Dr. & Mrs. K. K. Wallace. Jr. '54 
Dr. & Mrs. Roben E. Wallace '61 
Mr. & Mr^. William A. Wallace 
Mrs. Frederick H.Walsh. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Walsh 
Dr. & Mrs. J. W, Ward 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D.Ward 
Mr.&Mrs.EarleR, Wareir57 
Mr. & Mrs. Guilford D. Ware 
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Ware, Jr. "60 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Warinner 49 
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Lee Warnick 
Mr. & Mrs. Carlton B. Waskey 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Waskom 


Mr. & Mrs. Wesley E. Waters, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Watkins, Jr. '48 

Dr. William R. Watkins 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Watsoti 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Ashby Watts Ill's? 

Mr. & Mrs. Ulnar T.Webb 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Wells 

Mrs.JamesC Wheat, Ji. (FT) 

Captain & Mrs. William C. Wheaton 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. VChceler III 

Rev. & Mrs. H. Van Wheeler 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kendall Whitaker, Jr. '67 

Dr. & Mrs. James A. Whitaker III 

Mr. & Mt^. Meade Whitaker, Jr. 

Ms. Donna R White 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. White, Sr. '70 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. White 

Mrs. Francis Whitehouse 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis R Whitehouse '34 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Wiant '4<) 
Dr. & Mrs. R. Glen Wiggans 
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Wilkins. Jr. '59 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. Willcox 
Mr. & Mrs. C. F. Wdliams 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Nelson Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Newton Williams II 
Mr. & Mrs. Isham Rowland Williams. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin J. Willis. Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank T.Willis 
The Hon. & Mrs. Jere M. H. Willis. |r. 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Wilson, Jr. '63 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wilson. Jr. 
Dr. James W. Wilson Iir41 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Wilson II '68 
Ms. Caroline Winfree 

Mr. & Mrs. Henrv S. Winston IV '75 

Mrs. Velma H. Wobus 

Mr. &;Mrs. E.J.Wolanski 

Mr. & Mis. Edward W. Wolcott. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Wolcott, Jr. '42 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Allen Wolf 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Wood '60 
Dr. Judy W.Wood 
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Woodley. Jr. '59 
Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Woody 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Worthen 
Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Orian Wrenn '46 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben J. C. Wrenn '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Cecil B. Wright III 
Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland A. Wright, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. George Wright lir48 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Wright 
Mrs. Claudia Albright Wyatt 
Mr. &Mrs.JackH.Wyatt 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Wyedi 
Mr. & Mrs. Emmett D. B. Yancey '60 
Mrs. Alison Moore York 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Churchill Young III 
Ms. Nancy H. Young 
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm C. Zellner 


hACT it "TV AXTT^ QT^Am 


Dr. and Mrs. C. William Anderson 

/VV jV J i J 

Mrs. Robena A. Crawley (S) 


Dr. and Mrs. Roben T. Herd^en III 


Mrs. Karen P. Montgomety (S) 

Ms. Edith L. Simms (S) 


Mr. and Mr. W. Glenn Culley, Jr. (S) 


Mrs. Carrie E. Moore (S) 

Dr. HerbenJ. Sipe.Jr. (F) 

Mr, Gordon Ashworth (S) 

Ms. Debra Gregory Dansberger (S) 

Mrs. Rosalind Hingeley (F) 

Dr Paul H. Mueller (F) 

Mr. G. Keith Temple (S) 

Dr. George F. Bagby, Jr. (F) 

Dr. Thomas E.DcWolfc(F) 

Dr. William C. Holbrook (FE) 

Dr Owen L. Norment, Jr. (F) 

Mr. R. Timothy Tepper III '94 (S) 

Dr. Paul S. Baker (S) 

Mrs. Donna Gregory Dean (S) 

Mr. Robert W. Humphreys '58 (S) 

Mrs. Daphne V.Nonon{S) 

Dr. Graves H. Tliompson '27 (FE) 

Dr. ]. Michael Berman (F) 

Mr. Michael J. Degcnhan(S) 

Dr. Paul A. Jagasich (F) 

Mrs. Andrea LO-YorkCS) 

The Rev. Dr. William E. Thompson (S) 

Mr. William B. Bourne IV '96 (S) 

Mrs. Candice j. Dowdy (S) 

Mr. Craig A. Jones '95(5) 

Mr. George M. Peters (S) 

Dr. Kenneth N. Townsend (F) 

Mrs. Lucy B. Brighrwcll (S) 

Dr. Lewis H. Drew '60 (C) 

Dr W.Thomas Joyner.Jr, '51 (F) 

Mr. L. D. Phaup,Jr(S) 

Dr. C. Wayne Tucker (F) 

Mr.JohnL. Brinkley'59(F) 

Mr. Richard P. Epperson II 79 (S) 

Dr. Paule G. Kline (F) 

Dr James F. Pontuso (F) 

Dr. Thomas Valeme(F) 

Mrs. Mary M. Brooks (S) 

Mrs. Dorotha Fahrner (S) 

Dr. Donald A. Kniffen (F) 

Dr and Mrs. William W. Ponerfield 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hardy Waters III 

Mr. C. Beeler Brush (C) 

Dr. Keith W. Fitch (F) 

Mr. C. Norman Krueger (C) 


•58 (S) 

Mr. Joseph E. Bush (S) 

Ms. Anita H. Garland (C) 

MrJeffR. LaVangic'89(S) 

Dr. Diana Akers Rhoads (F) 

Dr. and Mrs. G. Daniel Weese (F) 

Dr. Gerald T. Carney (F) 

Mr. and Mrs. David Giles (S) 

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Laws (S) 

Mr K. Craig Rogers (S) 

Mr. George R WelU (S) 

Mrs. Eunice W.Carwile '92(5) 

Mr. Mark 0. Cough '96 (S) 

Dr. Anne C. Lund (F) 

Dr. Roben G. Rogers (F) 

Dr .Alexander J. Wenh(F) 

Mrs. Lisa Bierowskj Cheney (S) 

Dr. Roben G. Hall (F) 

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Marion {F) 

Mr Russell Wade Ryan '94 (S) 

Mr. Charles Morgan Wilson '93 (F) 

Dr. Stanley A. Cheyne (F) 

Mrs. Joan M. Hamlen (S) 

Mrs. Linda L. Martin (S) 

Dr. Mary M. Saundere (F) 

Dr Patrick A. Wilson (F) 

Mr. Uc M. Cohen'(F) 

Dr. Sarah Hardy (F) 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Mavo IV 

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Schiffer (F, S) 

President Samuel V. Wilson (F. C) 

Doctors J. Scott and Christine Colley 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann 


Dr William A. Shear (F) 

Mrs. Sherr)' B. Womack (S) 



Dr. Richard C. McClimock (S) 

VI ^C 1 o 

Mr Thomas H. Shomo '69 (S) 


JrKI r. 

Mr.JuleE. Bolio 

N 1 )o ly 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Cooper 


Ms. Manha N. Dugan 


Mr. T. W. Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby G. Bowen 

Mr. Ernest H. Copple 

Mr. & Mrs, James C Duke. Jr. 

Mrs. R. Wythe George 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Carrington Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. j. R. T. Bowen 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Cox 

Mrs. George Dunn 

Mrs. Charles J. Geyer, Jr 

Miss Anna Louise Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Bowen 

Dr. & Mrs. Boyd Coyner 

Ms. Terrell H. Dunnavant 

Mr. & Mrs. David Giles (S, S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Byron A. Allen. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric N. Bowling 

Mrs. Manha C. Craddock 

Mrs. Roben A. Earle 

Mrs. Bonnie R Gilliam 

Mr. & Mrs. Horace Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Locke Boyer 

Mr. & Dr. William R. Craig 

Mr. Frank Eason 

Mr. J. Edwin Givens 

Mr. Jerold W.Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Brewbaker Jr. 

Dr. Andrea Bach Crawford 

Ms. Ann Beach Edington 

Mr Roben L. Glenn III 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Allen 

Mrs. Lucy B. Brightwell (S) 

Mrs. Nellie P. Crawford 

Mr. &Mrs.johnA. Eichler 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund C. Glover III 

Mr. & Mrs. William ]. Allen 

Mrs. John R. Brinser 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Crawford 

Mr. &:Mrs. L.CEinwick.Jr. 

Mrs. Juliet Lynch Goode 

Dr. & Mrs. C. William Anderson (F, S) 

Mr. Russell A. Britt 

Mrs. Roberta A. Crawley (S) 

Mrs. James L Elder 

Mr. Ernest W. Goodrich 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Ankeney 

Mrs. Maiy M. Brooks (S) 

Ms. E. Lois B. P. Creamer 

Mrs. Charles D. Ellis 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Anthony 

Mr. Joseph W. Brown, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Crittenden, Jr. 

Ms. Caroline B. Emswiler 

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall P. Gordon III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Ash 

Ms. Mary Frances Bruce 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Crittenden III 

Mr. John R. English 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Grandy.Jr 

Mr. & Mrs. H. B. Ashford 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush (C) 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Uc Cross III 

Mrs. Dorotha Fahrner (S) 

Ms. Mercedes Gravatt 

Mt. & Mrs. Gordon Ashworth (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Bryan III 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Glenn Culley, Jr. (S, S) 

Colonel & Mrs. Alan F. Farreii. Ph.D. 


Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Ashwonh 

Mrs. A. C. Buchanan, Jr. 

Ms. Ann K. Curley 

Mr. & Mrs, Stuan C. Fauber 

Ms. Bonnie P. Greenwood 

Mr. & Mrs. Landon G. Atkins 

Mrs. Kathleen Mansfield Bullard 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Timothy Dalke & 

Mrs. Rebecca B. Featerston 

Mrs. Bonnie Sue Gregory 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Aikjnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph H. Bunzl 

Kathryn Dalke 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C, Feaiherston 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Grier 

Col. & Mrs. Thomas A. Austin III, Ret. 

Ms. Rhonda J. Bures 

Mrs. Debra Gregory Dansberger (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben H. Featherstone.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Grinalds (T) 

Ms. Elayne B. Axel 

Mrs. Robert B. Burger 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Davidson, Jr. 

Dr. &c Mrs. Alvin W. Finestone 

Dr & Mrs. Richardson Grinnan 

Mrs. Anne P. H. Ayres 

Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Burke 

Ms. Agnes C. Davis 

Dr. & Mrs. Keith W. Fitch (F) 

Ms. Margaret M. Grove 

Dr. & Mrs. George F. Bagby. Jr. (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. S. M. Butler 

Mr. & Mrs. Cordon Davis 

The Hon. & Mrs. Duross Fitzpatrick 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph M.Haddon 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Baird, Jr. 

Mrs. William T.Buder, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben T. Davis 

Miss Julia B. Fleet 

Mrs. Christine G. Hadel 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Baker (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie A. Byrd 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Richard De Laney 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Douglas Fleet (TE) 

Mr & Mrs. Biadley Hale 

Mrs. Cornelia R. Ball 

Mr. Henry W. Calhoun 

Mrs. Donna Gregory Dean (S) 

Mr. Robert M. Forcey 

Dr.&Mrs. Roben G.Hall (F) 

Mr.JohnW. Barbee.Jr. 

Ms. Frances R. Carlin 

Dr. Joyce S. Degenhan 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Foster 

Ms. Joyce F. Hamilton 

Mrs. Joan Moore Bardett 

Dr. Gerald T. Carney (F) 

Mr. Michael J. Degenhan(S) 

Mr. James Frye 

Mrs. Joan M. Hamlen (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Calvin Bass 

Mr. &C Mrs. James Y. Carroll 

Mr. Rocco DeMilio 

Mrs. Judith B. Fugate 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Neil Hammerstrom 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis E. Beard 

Ms. Mary W. Gavin 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Dennis 

Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Fuqua (FT) 

Ms. Phyllis G. Hammond 

Mr. William M. Beard 

Mrs. Lisa Bierowskj Cheney (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. DeVoe 

Ms. Judith C. Fuss 

Dr. Sarah Hardy (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Irvin Beatley 

Dr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Cheyne (F) 

Miss Anna Dickhoff 

Robin H. Gabriel 

Mrs. Marie Eason Reveley Harris 

Di. & Mrs. Edward J. Beanie, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter K. Childress 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Dillingham 


Mrs. Frederick N. Harrison. Jr. 

Dr. R. Nels Beck 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Glower. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. R T. Dooley, Jr. 

Mr. Forrest L. Gager, Jr. 

Mr&Mrs. RayV. Hamvelllll 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Michael Berman (F) 

Mr. Edwin G. Cobb, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. William F. Dorrill 

Mr. Blair C. Gammon 

Dr & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann 

Ms. Noreen H. Bernstein 

Mrs. Charles E. Coe 

Mr. Christopher T. Doyle 

Mr. Shockley D. Gardner. Jr. 


.Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Berry III 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin E. Cohen 

Mrs. Lewis H. Drew 

Mrs. Shock]e\' DeWitt Gardner. Sr. 

Ms. Jane Murphy Hellinger 

Mrs. Frank L. Bersch 

Mr. Lee M. Cohen (F) 

Mr&Mrs.JohnD. Drinko 


Mr. John B. Henneman, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John S.Bibb, Jr. 

Mr. Ernest Lee Coleman, Jr. 

Mrs. Virginia Druen 

Ms. Anita H. Garland (C) 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben T. Herdegen III 

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Birkland 

Drs. J. Scon & Christine Colley IC, F) 

Dr & Mrs. Boiling S. DuBose. Jr. 

Mr. Todd B. Gariiss. Jr. 


.Mrs. Shirley V.Blackwcll 

Mr. Marks. Collier 

Dr J. Scon Duff. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George L, Garrett 

Mr Roben T. Herdegen, Jr. 



Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Herr 

Dr. Thomas Valente (F) 

Ms. Mary R. Lille 

Ms. Kristen C. Nunnally 

Mr, & Mrs, 1 

oy D. Savage, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Hess 

Mrs. Frances P. Lippincon 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. O'Connor 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Gene Saylor "59 (S) 

Ms. Maria T. Versch 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hicks 

Mr. &C Mrs. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 

Mrs. ,^drea L OYork (S) 

Mr. Michael A. Scaturro 

Ms. Judith F.Vogelback 

Ms. Lynda Hill 

Mr. & Mrs, Alex W. Listander. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis T. Oliver 

Mr. John H. Schaefer 

Mr. Clark S.Walker 

Mrs. Rosalind Hingeley fF) 

Mr. Robert B. Lloyd 


Mr. George R. Schell 

Mrs. Mary M. Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Brooks Hock 

Mrs. John B. lx)ng, Sr. 

Mrs. Francis L. Orgain 

Mr, & Mrs, Leslie P. Schmidt 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Walker 

Mrs. Charles E. Hock 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Luckam 

Mr, & Mrs. Edgar Orme 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Schmutz 

Mrs. Thomas R. Wallace 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Claiborne Hogge 

Dr. Anne C Lund (F) 

Mr. & Mrs, George R. Ours, Jr. 

Ms. Marilyn A. Schreiber 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Wallers 

Dr. & Mrs. William C. Holbrook (FE) 

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Luogameno 

Miss Dorothy Ovcrcash 

Dr. & Mrs. Charley Scott 

Mr. John Hardin Ward IV 

Miss Emilie C. Holladay 

Ms. Patricia D. Lust 

Ms. A. Serena Paisley 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Sebreli 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Warner 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Peter Holland IV 

Dr. & Mrs. L. R. Luxton 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Pamepmto 

Dr. & Mrs. Ellery Sedgwick 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Warwick 

Misses Patricia & Sylvia Hollingswonh 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Lyman II 

Ms. Emily C. Pancake 

Mrs. 0. Van Pelt Sessoms, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Hardy Waters III 58 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Hook. Jr. 

Mrs. Richard L. Malmberg 

Ms. Elizabeth C. Parker 

Mrs. Robert M. Seyfarth 


Mr. Claude S. Hornsby 

Dr. & Mrs. David L. Marion (F)(F) 

Ms. Vanessa E. Patrick 

Dr. & Mrs. William A. Shear (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Watkins, Sr. 

Mrs. Charles G. Houston, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Martin, Jr. 

Mrs. Emma Lee Patteson 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Shearburn 

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter R. Watson 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert L. Huband Jr. 

Dr. DeWayne B. McCamish 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F, Pauley (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Siewers II 

Mr.&Mrs. Nat E.Watson, Jr. 

Dr.]. Daniel Huband 

Mr. & Mrs. Mickey L. McCamish 

Miss Lucy Harrison Payne 

Mr. Marvin G. Sigler 

Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Watson III 

Mr. David C. Humphreys 

Mrs. Margaret D. McClung - Deceased 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Payne 

Dr. &: Mrs. Frank J. Simes 

Ms. Dorothy V. Weaver 

Mrs. Robert F. Hurcheson III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. McCowen 

Captain & Mrs. Roben C. Peniston 

Ms. Edith L. Simms (S) 

Mr.&Mrs. Leslie S.Webb 

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Eric Hybl 

Mrs. Myrtle C. McCutchen 

Ms, Barbara R, Peskin 

Dr. HerbenJ.Sipe,Jr.{F) 

Mrs. Lewis W.Webb. Jr. 

Ms. Constance F. Ingles 

Mrs. Mary Wynn Richmond 

Mr. George M. Peters (S) 

Dr. Claude A. Smith 

Drs. G. Daniel & Katherine Wecsc (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Wayne Jackson 


Dr. Joseph D. Phillips 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Dana Smith 


Mr. & Mrs. Brantley M. Jefferson 

Mr. & Mrs. James McDowell 

Mr. & Mrs. H, Douglas Pitts 

Mr. & Mrs. E. William Smith 

Mr. Joseph A. Weinberg 

Ms. Beverly P. Jennings 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. McDowell 

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Pontuso {F) 

Mrs. H. Maxcy Smith, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Wells (S) 

Mrs. J. Monroe Johns 

Mrs. Frank T. McFaden, Jr. - Deceased 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Porterfield (F) 

Mr. Robert Carrol Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Welsh 

Mrs. Charles G. Johnson 

Dr. & Mrs. George R. C. McGuire 


Mr. & Mrs. Harry P. Soles 

Mr.&Mrs. John B.Werner 

Mr. & Mrs. Julian W.Jones. Jr. 

Ms. Virginia N. McLaughlin 

Mr.&Mrs. Theodore W.Potter 

Mrs. Benjamin A. Soyars 

Mr. & Mrs. George Wernn. Jr. 

Mr. N.C.Jones 

Mr.&Mrs. RobenJ.McNickle 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Gene Powell 

Mr. J. Boyd Spencer 

Dr. & Mrs. Alexander J. Werth (Fl 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Jones 

Ms.GayA. Meeks 

Ms. Dorothy M. Power 

Mrs. William J. Steed. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin D. West 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Jones 

Mr. Giles H. Miller, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Powers 

Mr. & Mrs. Reynold F. Stelloh, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John L. Whaley 

Dr. S.B.Jones 

Dr. Harold W.Miller. Jr. 

Mr.JohnR. Pritchardlll 

Mrs. Virginia L. Stewan 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert 0. Whaley 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayland H.Jones 

Mr. J. Maurice Miller. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Pulley 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Stockmeyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Al ben L White III 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley D. Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Miller 

Mrs. S. Waverly Putney-, Jr. 

Mrs. Walter N. Street, Jr. 

Mrs. David Meade White. Jr. 

Mr. Clarence R. Jung, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Minnick 

Dr. & Mrs. William F. Quillian, Jr. 

Mr. Douglas P. Strup 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Whitley 

Ms. Annalee Wolt & Mr. Tonu Kalam 

Mr. Stewart P. Mitchell 

Mr. Marion C. Randall 

Mr. Thomas J. Strup 

Mr. & Mrs. James LWhitlock 

Ms. Ruth Anne Kendall 

Mrs. Karen P. Montgomery (S) 

Mr. Todd A. Reeder 

Mrs. Martha Von S. Stuart 

Ms. Lucille B. Whidow 

Mr. & Mrs. Ross E. Kent 

Mrs. Qrrie Moore (S) 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. Reigner 

Mr, & Mrs. Frank J. Stumpf 

Mr. Monon V. Whidow 

Mr. L. Wilson Kjdd. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Fred Moore III 

Mrs. Virginia Sanford Reveley 

Ms. Kathleen Swain 


The Kirby Family 

Mr. Gerald Morgan, Jr. 

Dr. Diana Akers Rhoads (F) 

Mrs. Harry M. Tayloc 

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Whitter 

Dr. PauleG. Kline (F) 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Morgan 

Mr. Steven RJioads 

Mrs. Manha J. Taylor 

Mr. John L. Wilcox 

Ms. Cecelia G. Klink 

Ms. Kclley K. Morgan 

Rev. & Mrs. John B. Rice 

Ms. Stuan Taylor 

Captain Quentin E. Wilhelmi 

Ms, Alice M.Klis 

Mr. Joseph F. Morrissette 

Mrs. Archer L. Richardson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W.W.Taylor. Jr. 

Dr. William T. Wilkins 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Kniffen (F) 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Philip Morrissette III 

Dr. & Mrs. David W.Richardson 

Mr. Roben D. Teichen. Jr. 

Mr. & Mis. E.O.N. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kopp 

Mr, & Mrs. John Stewart Morton, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, George C. Rigby 

Mr, & Mrs, G. Keith Temple (S) 

Ms. Ellen Williams 

Mrs. Patricia K. Krehnbrink 

Mrs. Sallie Atkinson Mowbray 

Ms. Garnett S. Riley 

Dr. Elaine M.Themo 

Dr. & Mrs. John Page Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Norman Kmeger (C) 

Dr. Paul H.Mueller (F) 

Mr. John C. Risher 

Dr. & Mrs. Emory M. Thomas 

Dr. Patrick A. Wilson (F) 

Mr. Otto A. Kurz 

Mr. Randall C.Muir 

Dr. Joseph C. Roben 

Mr. James B. Thomas, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Wilson 

Mrs. Aurelia D. Lacy 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mullins 

Dr. Philip A. Roberts (FT) - Deceased 

Ms. Henrietta B. Thompson 

President & Mis. Samuel V. Wilson 

Mr. Henry L. Lam 

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Munoz 

Mrs. E. M. Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. John B, Thompson 


Dr. & Mrs. John D. Lamben 

Mrs. Emily G. Murphy 

Mr. & Mrs. K. Craig Rogers (S) 

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. William E. TTiompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Someis M. Wilton 

Mrs. Helen S. Lanier 

Ms. Frieda E. Myers 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rogers (F) 


Ms. Alice Ryland Winn 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lapham 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Keith Navia 

Mrs. Charles P. Rolfe 

Mrs. Thomas L. Thorne. Jr. 

Mis. Sherry B. Womack (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Larie 

Mrs. Lawrence Nelson 

Mrs. Jean H.Rollins 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred T. Thrasher 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Womack 

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Laws (S)(S) 

Mr, & Mrs. Richard A. Nelson 

Mr. & Mr, Fred Rosen 

Mr. & Mrs. Urr)' M. Topping, Jr. 

Dr.&Mrs. R.ChrisWray,Jr. 

Mrs. Carol Ann Lawson 

Ms. Sadie D. Nelson 

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Rowley 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Townsend (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Young 

Dr. & Mrs. Roland V. Layton. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs, Owen L. Norment. Jr. (F) 

Mr. Steven M. Roznowski 

Mrs. Muriel King Trinlde 

Mr.&Mrs. Wesley M.Young 

Mrs. Lindy Allen Leake 

Mrs. Daphne V. Norton (S) 

The Hon. Donald Henry Rumsfeld 

Ms. Arlene G. Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Zakas 

Ms. Nancy L. LeCuver 

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Norton 

Mrs. Amanda W. Ruthenberg 

Dr. C.Wayne Tucker (F) 

Ms. Flavia L. Zappa 

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Uddick 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley D. Nort 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben F. Salsicz 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Heniy W. Zimmerman 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs, P. Bradley Nott. Jr. 

Mrs. Martha C. Sanders 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Zimmerman 

Mr. E. Marvin Lemon 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Nott 

Mr. J. Edward Sanain 

Mr. Charles W. Tudor 

Mr. Mark A. Levin 

Miss Alicia Novey 

Dr. Mary Saunders (F) 





h'( )R 




ri.. > 1 /il jl ^ 


Christian, Banon. Epps. Brent & 


Gott\vald Foundation 


Maurice I., Mednick Memorial Fund 

1 VyiV 


William H., John G., & Emma Scon 

Chap pell 

Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald 

Mobil Foundation 



Clark- Winchcole Foundation 

J. J, Haines & Company, Inc. 

Sam Moore Furniture Industries. Inc. 

Shenandoah Life Insurance 

Albemarle Corporation 

Robert B. Claytor / Norfolk Southern 

Warren W. Hobbie Trust 

NationsBank ot Virginia 

Signet Banking Corporation 

Sydney E. Albrirtain 


Home Beneficial Life Insurance Co. 

Nationwide Insurance Companies 

George A. & Lorraine Snell Fund 

Allied- Signal, Inc. 

Commonwealth Gas Services. Inc. 

The Homestead 

Noland Company Foundation 

Snell Construction Corporation 

American Electric I'ower Company 

Coopers & Lybrand 

Coleman A. & Emily S. Hunter 

Norfolk Southern Corporation 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Snow 

American Fiitrona Corporation 

Craddock-Terry Foundation, Inc. 

Charitable Trust 

Nonh Shore Foundation 

South Trust Bank of Alabama. N.A. 

Eugene M. Bane Charitable Trust 

Crestar Financial Corporation 

Hunion & Williams 

Owens & Minor, Inc. 

Southern States 

Barnhan Endowment 

CSX Corporation 

Jefferson Banbhares, Inc. 

Irvin Payne & Sons 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Spilman 

Basseti Furniture Industries. Inc. 

Mr. &Mrs. C.A. CutchinsIIl 

Kennametal Foundation 

The Perry Foundation, Inc. 

Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom, Inc. 

Mrs. Jane Parke Batten 

Deloitte & Touche 

KPMG Peat Marwick 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 

The Te^e Foundation 

Beazley Foundation. Inc. 

DIMON, Inc. 

Estate of Shelley Krasnow 

The Pictsion Company 

Tredegar Industries, Inc. 

Belkot Virgmia 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Landmark Communications, Inc. 

Price Waicrhouse 

Estate of Earle Miles Tunison 

Bell Atlantic Virginia 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund Endowment 

The Roanoke Tunes 

Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 

Ukrop's Super Markets. Inc. 

Mr. William E.Beits, jr. 

Empire Machine & Supply Company. 

The Virgiman-Pilol 

C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

Union Camp Corporation 

Booz. Allen & Hamilton. Inc. 


The Lane Company, Inc. (The Lane 


The United Company 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

English Foundation Trust 


Richfood, Inc. 

United Parcel Service / Foundation for 

Camp Foundations 

Ernst & Young 

A. J. Lester III 

Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation 

Independent Higher Education 

Camp Foundation 

Ethyl Corporation 

Chas. Lunsford Sons & Associates 

E. Claiborne Robins Endowment 

Universal Corporation 

J. L. Camp Foundation 

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 

Markel Corporation 

Estate ot E. Claiborne Robins 

Virginia Power Company 

Camp Younts Foundation 

First Colony Life Insurance Company 

Mars Foundation 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation, Inc. 

Vulcan Materials Company 

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 

First Union National Bank of Virginia 

Massey Foundation 

The Honorable & Mrs. Elliot S. 

Wachovia Corporation 

Canon Virginia. Inc. 

First Virginia Banks, Inc. 

McGuire, Woods. Battle &C Boothe 


Mark R. ^X'arner 

Capital One 

The Filler Foundation 

Mr, H. P. McNeal 

Washington Forrest Foundation 

Carpenter Company. Inc. 

Foundation for Independent Higher 

Media General Foundation 

Washington & Lee University 

The Beirne Carter Foundation 


Charlottesville Daily Progress 

Westvaco Corporation 

Central Fidelity Bank 

Lynchburg News & Advance 

Wheat First Butcher Singer 

Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 


Richmond Times-Dispaich 

QQ/T o-y 

The Wilton Companies 

The Buffalo News 

nUol N 

F & M Bank-Massanutten 

Ho Olio 

The Griffin Investment Group 


The Parnell-Martin Companies 

Sentry Services Company 

Central Fidelity Bank 

Fannon Color Printing 

The Hitchin" Post 

J. C. Penney Company. Inc. 

Shackeltbrd Seafood 

Central Fidelity Banks. Inc. 

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 

Key Office Supply 

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual 

Signet Bank 

Chesapeake Bank- Hayes Branch 

First Federal Savings Bank 

Kyanite Mining Corporation 

Insurance Co. 

Taylor Brothers, Inc. 

Cloyes Gear & Products, Inc. 

First Virginia Bank 

Lowe. Brockenbrough & Tattersall 

Pepsi-Cola Company 

Universal Leaf Tobacco Company 

Cook Publications 

First Virginia Bank-Colonial 

Mailing Services, Inc. 

Philip Morris. Inc. 

Wheat, First Securities/ Butcher & 

Craigie, Inc. 

General Mills. Inc. 

Microbac Laboratories, Inc. 

Rappahannock Concrete Corporation 

Singer Foundation 

Crestar Bank 

Gloucester Rotary Club 

New York Life Insurance Company 

S & K Famous Brands, Inc. 

Williams, Mullen, Christian & 

Diamond Paper Company 

Grabill Brothers Communication. Inc. 

Norfolk Dredging Company 
Lynchburg General Orthopedics & 
Piedmont Orthopedics 

Scott & Stringfellow 
Scott Insurance 

Dobbins Charitable Foundation 



Macfarlane Charitable Gift Fund 

The A. E. Finley Foundation, Inc. 

The Mellen Foundation 

The William H., John G. & Emma 

M. S. Bailey & Sons Bankers Trust 

The Communit)' Foundation 

The Greater New Orleans Foundation 

Norfolk Foundation 

Scon Foundation 


The Community Foundation of 

Harris Brothers Foundation 

The John Olin Foundation 

Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable 

The George F. Baker Trust 

Frederick County 

Francena T. Harrison Foundation Trust 

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation 


Beckett Charitable Foundation 

Fannie R. Cooke Fund #1 

The Howe Foundation, Inc. 

The Passano Family Foundation 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan 

John M. Borders, M.D., Memorial 

D.H.R. Foundation 

Thomas F. Jeffress Memorial. Inc. 

Stanley & Dorothy Pauley Trust 



The Elizabeth G. & John D. Dnnko 

The Kiefer Foundation 

The Rasor Charitable Trust 

John Templeton Foundation 

William M. Cage Library Trust 


Helen S. Lanier Foundation, inc. 

C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

Frances W. Thompson Memorial Fund 

The Ruth Camp Campbell Trust 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Charles P. & Marion G. Lunslbrd 


The Wiley H.& James C. Wheat 

The Cartledge Foundation 

The Easley Charitable Trust 

Charitable Foundation 

Rouse-Bonom Foundation, Inc. 


Massey Foundation 


IV/TATr^i-JTXTr^ r^Tunr 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

iVIrvl V 


Continental Corporation 

^1 111^ VJ 


IBM International Foundation 


Newport News Shipbuilding 


Texaco. Inc. 


Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation 


International Paper Company 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

The PMA Group 

Albany International Corporation 

Crestar Bank 


Northwestern Mutual Life 

Thiokol Corporation 

Albemarle Corporation 

Crestar Financial Corporation 

Jefferson Pilot Corporation 

Insurance Company 

Tiger Management Corporation 

Allied-Signal Foundation 

CSX Corporation 

John Hancock Mutual Life 

KPMG Peat Mar\vick 

Time Warner Inc. 

Allstate Foundation 

Davis-Taylor-Forster Company 

Insurance Company 

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. 

American Electric Power 

Delta Woodside Industries, Inc. 

Johnson & Higgins 

Pepsico Foundation 

Trust Company of Georgia 

American Express Foundation 

Dominion Resources 

Johnson & Higgins of Tennessee 

Philip Morris. Inc. 


American Home Products 

Dun & Bradstreet Corp. 

Johnson & Higgins of Virginia 

Price Waterhouse LLP 

Trust Company Bank 



Johnson & Johnson 

The Procter & Gamble Fund 

Llnion Pacific Resources Group, 

Amoco Foundation. Inc. 

EH Lilly & Company 

The Kiplinger Foundation. Inc. 

Prudential Foundation 


AT&T Foundation 

The Equitable Foundation 

Lawyers Title Foundation 

Public Service Electric & Gas 

Universal Leaf Foundation 

Bankers Trust Company 

Ethyl Corporaton 

Lexmark International, Inc. 


The USF&G Foundation 

Bell Atlantic Foundation 

Exxon Education Foundation 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Ranheon Company 

Virginia Fibre Corporation 

Bell Atlantic-Virginia. Inc. 

Fannie Mae Foundation 

Massachusetts Mutual Life 

Reynolds Metals Company 

Virginia Power 

BellSouth Corporation 

Fifth Third Bancorp 

Insurance Company 


Vulcan Materials Company 

The Boeing Company 

First Colony Corporation 

The May Stores Foundation, Inc. 

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Inc. 

Wachovia Bank 

Bridgestone Firestone. Inc. 

First Maryland Foundation, Inc. 

Mebane Packaging Corporation 

Salomon Brothers, Inc. 

Wachovia Trust Services. Inc. 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, 

First Union Corporation 

The Merck Company Foundation 

Sara Lee Foundation 

Warner-Lambert Company 


First Virginia Banks 

Merrill Lynch & Company 

Sentry Petroleum. Inc. 

Waste Management. Inc. 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

Foster-Brown Company, Inc. 

The Michie Company 

Signet BankA'irginia 

Wheat First Butcher Singer 

Capital One Services, Inc. 

Gannett Foundation, Inc. 

Milliken & Company 

SmithKline Beecham Foundation 

Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc. 

Central Carolina Bank & Trust 

Gateway 2000 Foundation 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

The Sonat Foundation 

The Xerox Foundation 


GenCorp Foundation 

Spring Industries, Inc. 

Chesapeake Corporation 

Genetal Electric Foundation 

National Gypsum Foundation. 

State Farm Companies Foundation 


General Motors Foundation 


State Street Boston Foundation 

Chevron USA, Inc. 

Georgia-Pacific Corporation 


Sun Company, Inc. 

Circuit City Foundation 

W. W. Grainger. Inc. 

NationsBank Corp. 

T. Rowe Price Associates 

Comerica Bank-Texas 

The Guardian Life Trust 

NationsBank Corporation 


ConAgra Foundation 

Hoechst Celanese Corporation 

NCNB Matching Gifts 

T7cnrc 1 ( 

Tenneco, Inc. 

Estate of Copeland E. Adams '31 

Estate of Margaret Denny McClung 

0. Summers Morton Family Trust 


Estate of George P. C. Young 

Estate of Edna Bain 

Estate of Mrs. Frank T. McFaden 

Estate of Dr. Philip A. Roberts 

Estate of Mar)' L. Davis 

Mary E. Morton Trust 

Estate of James L. Trinkle '50 

UD C 1 O 

Q/^ OT 



Ui Jn 





Allen Reunion Fund 

National Aeronautics & Space 

American College of OB/GYN 

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 

Administration (NASA) 

Center for the Study of the 

Sain[ Giles Presbyterian Church 

Virginia Commission for The Arts 


Second Presbyterian Church 

Jacksonville Alumni Club of H-SC 

Singleton United Methodist Church 

James Allen Chapter N.S.D.A.R. 

The Synod ofthe Mid-Ailaniic 

Kappa Alpha Fmiernity 

Upsilon of Kappa Sigma 

Slate Hill Chapter DAR 

United Way ofthe Bay Area 







Mr. & Mrs. James W. Burgess '62 


Mr. Tim Jackson 


Dr. & Mrs. R. Lewis Royster. Jr. '62 


Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Barrdl '40 

Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Burke 

Mr. & Mrs. W.Wayne Jackson 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Salsitz 


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Bush (S) 

Jacksonville Alumni Club of H-SC 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Gene Saylor '59 (S) 



Mr. & Mrs. S. M. Buder 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. James, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck '65 


Miss Anna Louise Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Canledge. Jr. 

Ms. Beverly P. Jennings 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L. Sebren. Jr. '66 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Randolph Chitwood. 

Mr. & Mrs. Horace Allen 

'63 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Jones, Jr. '45 

Shackelford Seafood 

Jt. '68 

Allen Reunion Fund 

Mrs. Eunice W.&rwile '92 (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Millard F.Jones II 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Shaw 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Allen 


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E.Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Shearburn 


Mr & Mrs. William J. Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Bates Chappell '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley D.Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 


Mr. Henr\' W. Calhoun 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Philip Cheatham '46 

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Jones. Jr. '37 

■66 (T) 


Mr. & Mrs. James R. Cox 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Deanc Cheadiam III 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner. Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Shumate III '66 

Mf. & Mis. John E. Basilone '85 

James Allen Chapter N.S.D.A.R. 



Mr. acMrs.JohnC. SicwersII 

Mr. Christopher C. Jacbon '92 

Mrs. Aurelia D. Lacy 

Mrs. Lisa Bierowski Cheney (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Keating. Jr. '56 

Singleton United Methodist Church 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Pamepinto 

Chesapeake Bank-Hayes Branch 

Dr & Mrs. Edwin L. Kcndig. Jr. '32 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Slaughter '61 


Mr. & Mrs. William G. Whitler 

Mr. & Mrs. E.Eugene Cooke '58 

Mr & Mrs. C. Burke King '85 

Mr. & Mrs. E. William Smith 

Dr. C.Wayne Tucker (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Cooper 

Ms. Cecelia G.Klink 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry P. Soles 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Tucker 


Mr. Ernest H. Copple 

Mr.&Mrs.DavidE. Uird.Jr'62 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl. 


Mr. & Dr. William R. Craig 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Lamben 

Jr. '91 


Estate of Edna Bain 

Dr. Andrea Bach Crawford 

Ms. Nancy L. LeCuyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl. 

Mrs. Charles E. Coe 

Mrs. Nellie P. Crawford 

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Leddick 

Sr. '63 


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Crawford 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding. Jr. '60 



Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist, Jt. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. Sr. '68 



Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rogers (F) 



Dr. & Mrs. H. Ben Stone III '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. Sf. '68 

Dr. & Mrs. WUIiam W. Crittenden, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Alex W. Listandet, Jr. 

Df. Kearfott M. Stone '67 



Mr. & Mrs. William W. Crittenden III 

Mf. & Mrs. Thomas G. Luckam 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall H. Sluan '63 

Mrs. Robert M. Seyfanh 


Mr. & Mrs. W. Glenn CuUey, Jr. (SKS) 

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Luogameno 

Mrs. Martha Von S. Stuan 

The George F. Baker Trust 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Davidson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Manson. Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Harrv Talialerro. Jr. 


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Maragon '52 

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Tennent Iir63 




Mr. & Mrs. Roderick B. Mathews '63 

Mr. & Mrs. RobenJ. Thalman 

Mr. &Mrs.J. MarkBurris'76 

The Rev. & Mrs. Lundy M. Barldcy '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Cordon Davis 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 

Dr. & Mrs. Emory M. Thomas 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert T. Davis 

Dr. DeWayne B. McCamish 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 



Mrs. Donna Gregory Dean (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Mickey L. McCamish 




Mr. Michael J. Degenhan(S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben A. McCowen 

Ms, Henrierta B. Thompson 

The Cafdedge Foundation '63 


Mr. & Mrs. James A. DeVoe 

Dr. & Mrs. George J. McVey '61 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Thompson 

Mr. George B. Canledge 111 '86 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Bedinger III '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M.Dien '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey III '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tredway '62 

Mr & Mrs. William H. Flannagan. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow P. Lipscomb 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III '65 


Mrs. George M. Trible III 

'40 (FT) 


Mr. Giles H.Miller. Jr. 


Mr. George H. Fulton, Jr. '42 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy III (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Minnick 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Trice '40 

Charles P. & Marion G. Lunsford'64 


Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew'60 (C) 

Mrs. Carrie Moore (S) 

Mr. Joseph T. Trotter '35 (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald B. Nolan '62 

Dr. Anne C. Lund (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Duke. Jr. 

Ms. Kelley K. Morgan 

Ms. Arlene G. Tucker 

Dr. & Mrs. Edgar N. Weaver, Jr. '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald MuUins 

Dr. C.Wayne Tucker (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon C. WJIis '42 (FT) 



Mrs. Emily G. Murphy 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Tucker 


Mr.&Mrs. L.C. Einwickjr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Nelson 



The Rev. & Mrs. John L. Alexander '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson 11 '79 

Mrs. Daphne V. Norton (S) 



Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Sruan C. Fauber 

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Norton 

Mrs. Mary M.Walker 

Estate of Margaret Denny McClung 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Ankeney 

Mrs. Rebecca B. Featerston 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley D. Noit 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Wallace. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Ashworth 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Featherston 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Bradley Non. Jr. 



Colonel & Mrs. Thomas Austin III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Feathetstone 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Nott 



Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Baker (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson (T) 

Ms. Kristen C Nunnally 

Mr. & Mrs. John Hardy Wateis III '58 

John M. Borders. M.D. Memorial 

Mr.JohnW. Barbee.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Pace M. Fonville. Sr. (T) 

Lynchburg General Orthopedics &; 



Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Mrs. Judith B. Fugate 

Piedmont Orthopedics 

Mt. & Mrs. William E. Welsh 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Harrison Hancock '38 

Mr. Thomas H. Barr '90 

Dr. & Mrs. John B.Garrett. Jr. 

Mr. Russell V.Parrish. Jr. '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin D. Wesl 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pappas "60 

Mr. & Mrs. J. lr»in Beatley 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Garrett, Sr. '43 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Parrort ir64 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kendall Whitaker, Jr. '67 

C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Berry 111 

Gloucester Rotary Club 

Miss Lucy Harrison Payne 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Whidey 


Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bibb. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Gordon III 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Payne 

Mr & Mrs. E.O.N. Williams. Jr. 

Mrs. Anna H. Steele 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Biggs 

Mr. & Mrs. F.Wayne Gray '64 

Dr. Joseph D. Phillips 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Williams. Jr. 

Frances W. Thompson Memorial Fund 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Bird '57 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Grymes '62 

Mr.&Mrs. Lewis F.Phillips. Jr. '54 


Mr. & Mrs. William C Boinesi '54 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Haddon 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Douglas Pins 

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Wilson. Jr. '63 


Mr. Jule E. Bolio 

Mr. & Mrs. R Garnett Hall. Jr. "62 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Pollard IV '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 


Mr. & Mrs. Eric N. Bowling 

Ms. Joyce F. Hamilton 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin B. Pomeroy 

Mrs. Sherry B. Womack (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Mrs. Joan M. Hamlett (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Porter 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Chns Wray. Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. James N.Boyd '58 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley M. Young 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Bray '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Hatcher. Jr. '51 


Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Zimmerman 


Mr. R. Morgan Bray '91 


Mr. 8d Mrs. Wayne W. Pulley 

The Easley Charitable Trust 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton L. Breeden 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann (F) 

Mr. Marion C. Randall 


Mr. B. LouisBriel.Jr. '66 


Rappahannock Concrete Corporation 


H. H. & R. C. EDMUNDS 

Mr. John L.Brinkley '59(F) 

Ms. Jane Murphv Hellinger 

The Finneys 

Central Fidelity Banks. Inc. 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Alfred Broaddus 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Herr 

The Hogges 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph W. Brown. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Rankin Hervey '35 

The Randolphs 



Ms. Mary Frances Bruce 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hicks 

Ms. Garnett S. Riley 


Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Zakas 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush (CI 

Mr & Mrs. E. Claiborne Hogge 

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin A. Roest 

Mary E. Morton Trust 

Mr. & Mrs. Carter Byrd Bryan (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. William C. Holbrook (FE) 

Mf. Charles A. Roesi '84 

0. Summers Morton Family Trust 


Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Bryan III 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Hook. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rogers (F) 


Mr. & Mrs. Bryan E. Burcher '91 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hubbard'62 

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Rowley 

Second Presbyterian Church 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Burcher 

Dr. W. Glenn Hun '60 




Mrs. Carol Ann Lawson 

Mr. Joseph T.Troner'35 (FT) 



Mr. Robert W. Lawson, Jr, '30 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Wall'50 



Mr. James B. Hollingsworth '71 

The Virginia Foundation for 

Mrs. Lewis W.Webb, Jr. 


Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson (T) 

Misses Patricia & Sylvia HoUingswonh 

Independent Colleges 

Mrs. Frances K. Pugh Steinheimer 

Dr. & Mrs, Edgar F. Jessee '42 

Dr. William R Watkins 



Mr. Henry L. Lam 




Mr. Lance A. Lavenstein '71 


Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 


First Virginia Bank 

Mr, &Mrs.JohnW.Lu3iton7l 

Mr. PcterA. Leggett.Jr. '95 

Esrate of Mary L. Davis 

First Virginia Bank-Colonial 

Dr. & Mrs. L. R Luxton 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen. Sr. '68 


Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 


Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 



Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. McQbe 

Mr. & Mrs. James N.Boyd '58 



Ms. Gay A. Meeks 


Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 (C) 

Saint Giles Presbyterian Church 

Dr. Harold W.Miller, Jr. 


HENRY w. Mclaughlin 

Mrs. Marie Eason Reveley Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. Fiancis R. Nance '71 

American College of OB/GYN 



The Hon. & Mrs. Westbrook J. Parker 

Ms. Frances R. Carlin 

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Garrett 




Mr. & Mrs. E. Eugene Cooke '58 

Ms. Margaret M. Grove 


Miss Julia B. Fleet 


Dr. J. Scott Duff, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel B. McLaughlin. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pappas '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Samuels, Jr. '72 

Dr. & Mrs. Alvin W. Finestone 



Mr. Marvin G. Sigler 

Mr.&Mn. RayV.Hanwelllll 

Dr. & Mrs. George J. McVe)-'61 



Mr. Joseph T. Trotter .15 (FT) 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Hess 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Ours, Jr. 

The Synod of the Mid-Adantic 


Mr. Clark S.Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Brooks Hock 

Mr. & Mrs. Nat E.Watson. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Freeman, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Walker 

Mrs. Charles E. Hock 


Dr. S.B.Jones 


Norfolk Foundation 



Dr. & Mrs. WiUette L. UHew '57 




Ms. Maty R. Lille 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunlcy, Sr. '44 


Lt. Colonel & Mrs. Etlwin J. Andrews, 

Mrs. R. Bryan Grinnan, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. George R. C. McGuire 

Dr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Nunley, Jr. '69 


Jr. '54 

Dr. & Mrs. Richardson Grmnan 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Miller 

Scon & Stringfellow 

Mr. & Mrs. Rjchard A. Davis 78 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Morgan 


Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew'60 (C) 


Mrs. Nancy G. Parsons 



Ms. Anita H. Garland (C) 


Ms. Barbara R. Peskm & Children 



Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen. Sr. '68 


Mr. & Mrs. Gene Powell 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gusrin Iir74 

Sentry Services Company 


Mr. & Mrs. J, Harrison Hancock '.58 

Ms. Dorothy M. Powet 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen. Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Pickens '66 

Mis. 0, Van Pelt Sessoms, Jr. 




Dr. Claude A. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore G. Offtertlinger 



Mr. Christopher T. Doyle 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T.Walters 


Mr, & Mrs, William F. Shumadme, Jr, 

General Mills. Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie S. Webb 

'66 (T) 

'46 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Zimmerman 









Signet Bank 



Mr. & Mrs. James F. Lipscomb '66 

Miss Dorothy Overcash 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. German. Jr. '40 



Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Blanton '45 





Dt. & Mrs. Charles L. Crockett, Jr. '42 

Scon Insurance 


Mrs, Glenn W. Small, Sr. 



Dr. John A. Owen. Jr. '45 

The Rev. Dr. Glenn W. Small, Jr. '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gihner, Jr. '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglass C. Crummen '45 


Mr. & Mrs. William N. Gilmer '47 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Hobson Goddin '45 




Mr. & Mrs. Kossen Gregory '42 





Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney 111 

The Hon. & Mrs. J, G. Macferlane 

Mr. Ernest W. Goodrich 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Lcggett, Sr, '68 



Mr. & Mis. John G. Mac&rlane III '76 


Dr. & Mrs. Frederick T. Given, Jr. '49 

Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 



The Rev. George R. Holden '42 




Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Leigh '40 


Mr. Jerold W.Allen 



Dr. & Mrs. Charles E, Llewellyn, Jr. '43 


Mr. & Mrs. CharlesA. Banks III 

Dr, & Mrs, H, Nelson Gustin III '74 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Chapman III 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. 


Mr. James J. Marshall, Jr. '34 

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie A. Byrd 
Mr. Mark S.Collier 

Mf, & Mrs, Owen A. Snyder 


Dr. & Mrs. Roben E. Mitchell, Jr. '40 


Mr, Rocco DeMilio 



Dr. & Mrs. W.Levi Old, Jr. '46 


Mr. James David Diggs '87 


Helen S. Lanier Foundation, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sivell '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Anthony 

Mr. Frank Eason 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. White '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Ash 

Mr. John R. English 


Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcon, Sr. 

Mn. Cornelia R Ball 

Ferguson Enterprises. Inc. 




Mr. & Mis. John V. Birkland 

Mr. James Frye 



Ms. Agnes C. Davis 

Mr. John H. Garren III 

The Synod of the Mid-Adantic 

Mrs. James Ashb) III 


Di. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew'60 (C) 

Mr. John P. Harrison III '86 

Ms. Elayne B. Axel 


Mrs. Virginia Druen 

Mr. Claude S. Hornsby 


Mr. & Mrs. Hanard R. Birdsong II '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall B. Hopkins '34 

Mrs. Charles D. Ellis 

Mr. Stewan P. Mitchell 


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Blackburn, Jr. 

F & M Bank-Massanunen 

Mr. Randall C. Muir 

Mr. George M. Howe Iir92 



Mr. & Mrs. George L Garrett 

Mr. & Mrs. John Warren Peake '88 

Mr, & Mrs. James R. Blandford'72 


Mr. & Mr. William Grandy. Jr. 



Mr. & Mis. Locke Boycr 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Cunis '77 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Grier 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Roach '73 


Mr. & Mr. Roben Brewbaker, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Hirer Harris III '83 

Mr. Steven M. Roznowski 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

Mr. John LBrinkley '59(F) 


Dr. & Mis. Ronald L. Heinemann (F) 

Mr, Michael A. Scaturro 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley H. Gary '85 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beelcr Brash (C) 



Mr. George R. Schell 

Dr. & Mrs. William C. Holbrook (FEl 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Bryant '72 


Miss Emilie C. Holladav 

Mr. Douglas P. Snup 

Mr. Howlene B. Manin. Jr. '55 

Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. '69 

Mr. Roben D.Johnson '36 

Di. & Mrs. William R Jones, Jr. '37 

Mr. Thomas J. Strap 

Mr. J. Maurice Miller, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Heniy P. Custis. Jr. '67 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner. Jr. '5 1 

Mi. & Mrs. WiUiam H. Tavenncr '86 

Mrs. Archer L. Richardson, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. C. William Dabnev '76 



Mr. James B. Thomas, Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs. E. Dana Smidi 

The Daike Family 


Mrs. Patricia K. Krehnbrink 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Topping. Jr. 

The Rev. & Mrs. Thomas T. 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mr.&Mrs.R.T. Doolev.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben B. LeCompte, Jr. 

Mr. Charles W. Tudor 

Traynham. Jr. '4 1 

Mr. & Mrs. John C.Ellis, Jr. '70 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben W. King. Jr. '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Warner 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Waddns. Jr. 'l8 

Ms, Caroline B. Emswiler 


Mr, & Mrs. R. Russell Neely'28 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben K. Wells. Jr. '73 

Mr. &Mts.JohnF. Gayle.Jr. 71 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Ours. Jr. 

Mr. John L Wilcox 


Mr. R. W)'the George 


Miss Dorothy Overcash 


Grabill Brothers Communication 


Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Ryburn, Jr. '45 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Venable. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. P. M. Grabill, Sr. 

Mrs. Manha C. Craddock 

Mr. & Mis. Bobby Gene Saylor '59 (S) 


'50 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D. Hardy '71 

Mr. & Mis. Lloyd L. Craighill 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Mrs. Benjamin A. Soyars 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann (F) 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. '42 



The Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 



Ms. Noreen H. Bernstein 
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby G. Bowcn 
Mr. & Mrs. J. R. t. Bowen 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Bowen 
Mr. John L Bnnkley '59 (F) 
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Glower. Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 (C) 
Ms. Judith C. Fuss 


Mr. & Mrs. Ross E. Kent 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Keith Navia 

Miss Dorothy Overcash 

Ms. A- Serena Paisley 

Ms. Elizabeth C. Parker 

Ms. Vanessa E. Patrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie P. Schmidt 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Stockmeyer 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Mr. Joseph T. Trotter'35 (FT) 
Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Watson III 


Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. While '60 


Mr. Joseph F. Morrissette 



Mr. Frederick W. Young, Jr. '44 


Mr. Shockley D. Gardner, Jr. 
Mrs. Shockley DeWitt Gardner. Sr. 

- Deceased 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 




Estate of James L. Trinkle '50 

The Community Foundation 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Gambill '72 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Hatcher, Jr. '51 


S & K Famous Brands, Inc. 
Mr. & Mrs. Toy D. Savage, Jr. 
Wheat First Butcher Singer Foundation 
The Wheat Foundation 
Mrs. James C. Wheat, Jr. (FT) 






Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd '64 

\] . GIF 

Mrs.JoanM. Hamlett(S) 

IS 1996 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin B. Pomeroy 


Mr. & Mr. David G. Wilson, Jr. '63 


Mr. & Mrs. James N.Boyd '58 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Harwood, Sr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Poner 

Mr. & Mrs. SomeR M.Wilton 

Mrs. Paul H. Abels 

Mr. &Mrs.J. RobcnBray'60 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben V. Hatcher, Jr. '51 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Priichard, Jr. 

Mr. Sherry B. Womack (S) 

Mr. R Morgan Bray '91 





Mr. & Mrs. Milton L. Breeden 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw III '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Proctor '62 

Mr.&Mrs. Wesley M.Young 


Mr. B. Louis Briel. Jr. '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Pulley 

Mr. & Mr. Henn' W. Zimmerman 

Mr. Roben W. Lawson, Jr. '30 (FT) 

Mr. John L.Brinkley '59(F) 


Mr, Marion C Randall 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Alfred Broaddus 

Ms. Jane Murphy Hellinger 

Rappahannock Concrete Corporation 



Mr. Joseph W. Brown. Jr. 

Mr.&Mrs. Robert W.Herr 

The Finneys 


D.M.ALLAN '18 

Ms. Mary Frances Bruce 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Rankin Hmev '35 

The Hogges 

Mr. & Mr. W. Birch Douglass 111 '65 

Dr. 0. W. Ucy '47 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Beeler Brush IC) 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hicks' 

The Randolphs 


Mr. & Mrs. Carter Byrd Brvan (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Claiborne Hogge 

Ms. Garnett S. Riley 


Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Bryan 111 

Dr. & Mrs. William C, Holbrook (FE) 

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin A. Roest 



Mr. & Mrs, Bryan E, Burcher '91 

Mr. & Mrs, John E. Hook, Jr. 



Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen. Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Burcher 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hubbard '62 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben G. Rogers (F) 

Mr. & Mr. H. B. Ashford 


Mr. & Mrs. James W. Burgess '62 

Dr. W. Glenn Hun '60 

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Rowley 

Ms. Rhonda J. Bures 

Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Burke 

Mr. Tim Jackson 

Dr. & Mrs. R Lewis Royster, Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mr. W. Bates Chappell '64 


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Bush (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Wayne Jackson 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Salsitz 

Ms. Ann Beach Edington 


Mr. & Mrs. S. M, Budcr 

Jacbonville Alumni Club of H-SC 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Gene Sayior '59 (S) 

Ms. Alice M. Klis 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist, Jr. '66 

Mrs. William T.Buder, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L, James, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck '65 

Mr. Myrde C. McCutchen 


Mr. & Mrs. George B. Cardedge. Jr. 

Ms. Beverly P. Jennings 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbcn L. Sebren. Jr. '66 

Dr. Marvin W. Scon '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett. Sr. '68 

•63 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Jones, Jr. '45 

Shackelford Seafood 

Ms. Kathleen Swain 


Mrs. Eunice W.Carwile '92(5) 

Mr. & Mrs. Millard F.Jones II 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Shaw 

Mr. John D. Wilson '51 

Ms. Mary W. Gavin 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Shearburn 


Mr. & Mrs. W. Bates Chappell '64 

Mr.&Mrs. Wesley D.Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. 



Mr. & Mrs. G. Philip Cheatham '46 

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Jones, Jr. '37 

'66 (T) 


Mrs. Joan Moore Banlett 

Mr, & Mrs. M. Deane Cheadiam III 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner, Jr. '51 

Mr. & Mrs. WUliam L Shumate III '66 

Mr. Claiborne W. Craddock '46 



Mr. & Mrs. John C. Siewers II 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen, Sr. '68 


Mrs. Lisa Bierowski Cheney (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Keating, Jr. '56 

Singleron United Mediodist Church 



Chesapeake Bank-Hayes Branch 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Kendig, Jr. '32 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Slaughter '61 

Mr. Roben M. Seyferdi 

Mr.JohnE. Basilone'85 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Eugene Cooke '58 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Burke King '85 

Mr. & Mrs. E. William Smidi 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Cooper 

Ms. Cecelia G. Klink 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry P. Soles 



Mr. Ernest H. Copple 

Mr. &Mrs.DavidE. Uird.Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl, 


BATTLE, JR. '40 

Mr. & Dr. William R. Craig 

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Lamben 

Jr. '91 

Mr. Claiborne W. Craddock '46 


Dr. Andrea Bach Crawford 

Ms. Nanc)' L. LeCuyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sommardahl. 

Mr. & Mr. Perer A Leggen. Sr. '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore G. Offtcrdinger 

Mrs. Nellie P. Crawford 

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Leddick 

Sr, '63 



Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Crawford 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan F Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Spalding, Jr. '60 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist, Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggen, Sr. '68 






Mr, Philip D, Spessard '91 



Dr. & Mt5. William W. Crittenden. Jr. 

Mr. &Mrs,AlexW, Listander.Jr 

Dr. & Mrs. H.Ben Stone 11161 

Mr. Robena A. Crawley 


Mr. & Mrs. William W. Crittenden 111 

Mr, & Mrs, Thomas G, Luckam 

Dr. Kearfon M. Stone '67 

Mr. & Mr. Charles W. Crist, Jr. '66 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Glenn Culley. Jr. (S)(S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Luogameno 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall H, Stuan '63 



Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Davidson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C Manson, Jr. '65 

Mrs, Martha Von S. Stuan 

Dr. & Mr. H. Nelson Gustin III '74 


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Maragon '52 

Mr, & Mrs. Harry Taliafeno, Jr. 

Mr. & Mr. Peter A. Leggett, Sr. '68 

Mrs. John R. Brinser 


Mr. & Mrs. Roderick B. Madicv« '63 

Mr. & Mrs, WJliam W. Tennent III 


Mr. William R. Gardner. Jr. '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Cordon Davis 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 


Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey III '57 

Dr. & Mis. Robert T.Davis 

Dr. DeWayne B. McCamish 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben J. Thalman 



Mrs. Donna Gregory Dean (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Mickey L. McCamish 

Dr. & Mrs. Emory M. Thomas 


Mr. Michael J. Degenhan(S) 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock (S) 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Dr. & Mr. Edgar F, Jessee '42 


Mr. & Mrs. James A DeVoe 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben A. McCowen 


Mr, & Mrs, Frank J. Srumpf 


Mr, & Mrs. Charles M. Diet2 '52 

Dr. & Mrs. George J. McVey '61 

Ms. Henrietta B. Thompson 

Mr. H, Tyler Taylor, Jr. '41 

Ms. Martha N. Dugan 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Birch Douglass III '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry H.McVeyIir57 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Thompson 

Dr. & Mr. Roben P. Trice '40 

Dr. Robert S. Lancaster '29 



Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tredway '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Dowdy III (S) 

Mr. Giles H.Miller, Jr. 

Mn. George M. Trible III 



Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 (C) 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Minnick 



BUTLER. JR. '62 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Duke. Jr. 

Mrs. Carrie Moore (S) 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben P. Trice '40 

Mr. Nellie P. Crawford 

The Rev. & Mrs. John L. Alexander '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds. Jr. 

Ms. Kelley K. Morgan 

Mr. Joseph T. Trotter '35 (FT) 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Allen '60 (Tl 


Mr. & Mr. Donald Mullins 

Ms. Arlene G. Tucker 


Mr. & Mrs. Lester E. Andrews. Sr. '.36 

Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Einwick. |r. 

Mrs. Emily G. Murphy 

Dr. C.Wayne Tucker (F) 



Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Epperson II '79 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Nelson 

Mr, & Mrs. Walter D. Tucker 

Mr. Thomas G. Douglass '79 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Ankeney 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuan C. Fauber 

Mrs. Daphne V. Nonon (S) 

Mr. &Mrs.N. H.Turbeville.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Ashwordi 

Mrs. Rebecca B. Featerston 

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Nonon 

Mr. & Mrs. Travis J. Tysinger '66 


Colonel & Mn, Thomas Austin III 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles Featherston 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley D. Non 



Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Baker (S) 

Mr, & Mrs. Robert Featherstone 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Bradley Non, Jr. 

Mrs Mary M.Walker 

Dr, & Mrs, Claudius H, Pmchard. Jr. 


Mr. &: Mrs, Allen Mead Ferguson (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Non 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. 


Mr. Benjamin G. Barbour '99 

Mr. & Mrs. Pace M. Fonville, Sr. (T) 

Ms. Knsten C. Nunnally 


Mr. Thomas H. Barr '90 

Mrs. Judith B. Fugate 

Lynchburg General Orthopedics & 

Mr. & Mr. Earle R Ware II '57 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Irvin Beatlcv 

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Garrett, Jr. 

Piedmont Onhopedics 

Mr. & Mr. John Hardy Waters III '58 


Mr. & Mrs, A B. Berry III 

Mr. & Mrs. William C Garrett, Sr. '43 

Mr. Russell VParrish, Jr. '91 


Mr. & Mr. W. C. Alexander 

Mr. & Mrs. John S.Bibb, Jr. 

Gloucester Rotary Club 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Parron II '64 (T) 

Mr. & Mr. William E. Welsh 

Dr. & Mr. Richard C McClintock (S) 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Biggs 

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Gordon III 

Miss Lucy Harrison Payne 

Mr. & Mr. Franklin D. West 

Mr. & Mrs. George C, Bird '57 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Wayne Gray '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. Payne 

Mr. & Mr. J. Kendall Whitaker. Jr. '67 


Mr. & Mrs. William C Boinest '54 (T) 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Giymes '62 

Mr. George M. Peters (S) 

Mr. & Mr. William H. Whitley 

ELDER '36 


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Haddon 

Dr. Joseph D. Phillips 

Mr. & Mr. E.O.N. Williams, Jr. 

Mrs. James L. Elder 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Boodi 11166 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Gamett Hall, Jr. '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis F. Phillips. Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mr. Thomas F. Wlliams, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric N. Bowling 

Ms. Joyce F. Hamilton 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Douglas Pitts 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Pollard 1\' '64 



1 996-97 HONOR ROI [ OF nONOR.S 








Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 (C) 




Mr. & Mrs. C. Beelcr Brush (C) 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ellis, Jr. '70 (T) 
Ms. Caroline B, Emswiler 

Mrs. Robert F. Hutcheson III 

Mrs. Frances P. Lippincon 

Mr. Harry R. King Iir72 






EVANS '62 

Mrs. R. Wythe George 




Dr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston. Jr. '42 

Grabill Brothers Communication 

Mrs. Charles P. Rolfe 

Mr. & Mrs. Byron A. Allen. Jr. 

Mr. BradA. Plybon'98 

Mr. & Mrs. P. M. Grabill, Sr 

Mrs. Joan Moore Bardett 

Mis. Suzanne M. Plybon 


Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D. Hardy '71 


Dr. John M. Quarles '50 


Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Hcinemann (F) 


Ml. & Mrs. Albert L. White III 


Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett, Sr. '68 


Mr. & Mrs. W. Robert Eason, Sr. '40 

PUGH '23 


Mr. & Mrs. J. Peter Holland IV 


Mrs. Frances K. Pugh Steinheimer 

Mr. James B. Hollingsworth '71 




Misses Patricia & Sylvia Hollingswonh 


Di.O.W. Ucy'47 



Dr. & Mrs. Edgar F. Jessee '42 

Mrs. RobenA. Earle 


MissJiiliaB. Fleet 

Mr, Henry L. Lam 


Mr. W. Greyson Quarles. Jr. '63 

Mr. Lance A. Lavenstein '71 




Mr. &Mrs.JohnW. Luxton'71 

KING. SR. '18 

Dr. C. Bruce Alexander '67 


FULTON, SR. '55 

Dr. & Mrs. L. R. Luxton 

Mr. &Mrs. RT. Dooley.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Matrox 


Lt. Colonel & Mrs. Edwin J. Andrews, 

Dr. & Mrs, Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 

Dr. & Mis. Richard C. McClintock (S) 

Jr. '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. McQbe 



Mr. & Mrs. Richard A, Davis '78 

Ms. Gay A. Meeks 




Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 (C) 

Dr. Harold W.Miller, Jr. 

Mr. John L. Brinkley '59 (F) 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 


Ms. Anita H. Garland (C) 

The Hon. & Mrs. Westbrook J. Parker 

Mr. Joseph T. Trotter '35 (FT) 

Lt. Col. Fiank E. Sullivan '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leggett, Sr. '68 




Mr. John R. Pritchard III 




Mr. & Mrs. James R. Pickens '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T Samuels, Jr. '72 


Mr. & Mrs. George R. Ours. Jr. 


Mr. PhilipA. Suazo'85 

Mr. Marvin G. Sigler 

Dr. 0. W. Lacy '47 

Di. & Mrs. Richard C. McClintock (S) 

Dr. J. Bruce Taylor '74 

Mr. Joseph T. Trotter '35 (FT) 


Mr. Clark S.Walker 


McDowell JR. '29 



Mr. & Mrs. Roben C. Walker 

JR. '37 

Mrs. Peggy Camper Davis 



Mr. Morton V. Whitlow 


Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lapham 

Mrs. Marie Eason Reveley Harris 

Mr. Forrest L. Gager. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James McDowell 

Mrs. Lawrence Nelson 



Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. McDowell 


GREENE. JR. '50 


Mrs. Virginia Sanford Reveley 



Mr. & Mrs. Alben L White III 

Dr. 0. W. Ucy '47 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Rigbv 

Mrs, Archer L Richardson. Jr. 


Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Wilson 

Mr. &; Mrs. James H. Chapman III 









Mrs. Debra Gregory Dansberger (S) 

Di. 0. W. Ucy '47 


Mrs. Mary Wynn Richmond McDaniel 


Mrs. Donna Gregory Dean (S) 

Mrs. Frank T. McFaden. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard, Jr. 

Mrs. Bonnie Sue Gregory 








Dr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston. Jr. '42 


Estate of Dr. Philip A. Roberts 



Mr. & Mrs. Nat E.Watson, Jr. 


Mrs. Glenn W. Small, Sr. 



Mr. Brian M. Cann '80 




Mr. & Mrs. Henty C. Spalding. Jr. '60 


Mrs. Martha C. Craddock 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist. Jr. '66 


Mrs. Christine G. Hadel 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd L. CraighiU 

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. '42 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Ours. Jr. 



Mrs. Carol Ann Lawson 





Mr. Robert W, Lawson. Jr. '30 (FT) 

McLaughlin '32 


Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gilmer, Jr. '48 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw III '78 

Dr. William R Watkins 

Ms. Margaret M. Grove 

Mr. J. Edward Sanain 


Mr. J. Boiling Lewis Iir81 










American College of OB/GYN 
Ms. Frances R. Carlin 

Mr. John L Brinkley '59(F) 

Mr. D. Simpson Tomkies '50 


Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Blanton '43 

Mr. & Mrs. E Eugene Cooke '58 




Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Crocketr, Jr. '42 




Mrs. Juliet Lynch Goode 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglass C. Crummett '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Alvin W. Finestone 

Mr. Roben T. Herdegen, Jr. 

Dr. Charley Scott 


Mi. & Mrs. C. Hobson Goddin '45 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Hess 




Mi. & Mis. Kossen Gregory '42 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Brooks Hock 



Mr, Ernest W. Goodrich 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Gwaltney III 

Mrs. Charles E. Hock 

Dr. & Mrs. Claudius H. Pritchard. Jr. 

Dr Charley Scott 


Dr. S. B. Jones 


Mr. D. Simpson Tomkies '50 


Mrs. Nancy Brown Hereford 

Ms. Mary R Lille 


The Rev. George R. Holden '42 

Dr. & Mrs. George R. C. McGuire 




Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Leigh '40 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Miller 



Mrs. Kathleen Mansfield Bullard 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Llewellyn. Jr. '43 

Dr & Mrs. Joseph H, Morgan 

Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gustin III '74 

Ms. AniaH. Garland (C) 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. McGann, Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy G. Parsons 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A Leggett, Sr. '68 



Ms. Barbara R. Peskin & Children 




Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. MitcheU, Jr. '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Powell 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore G. Offterdinger 


Mrs. James Ashby III 

Dr. & Mrs. W.Levi Old, Jr. '46 

Ms. Dorothy M. Power 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Crist. Jr. '66 

Ms. Elayne B. Axel 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sivell '43 


Dr. J. Bruce Taylor '74 


Mr. & Mrs. Harvard R. Birdsong II '71 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. White '43 

Dr. Claude A. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Blackburn, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott, Sr. 

Mr. 8d Mrs. Edward T. Walters 





Mr. & Mrs. Leslie S.Webb 



Mr. & Mrs. James R Blandford '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Zimmerman 

Mr. & Mrs. C Beeler Brush (C) 

Mf. John C Risher 

Mr. & Mrs. Locke Beyer 


Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drescher '70 

Mr. &: Mrs. Robert Brewbaker, Jr. 



Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Nance '71 


Mr. John L.Brinkley '59(F) 

TheHon.JohnP. Hiir30 

LEWIS '35 


Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Bryant '72 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Rankin Hervey '35 


Dr. & Mrs. H. Nelson Gustin III '74 

Mr. J. Gordon Coleman, Jr. '69 


Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rogers (F) 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen A. Snyder 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Custis, Jr. '67 


Dr J. Bruce Taylor '74 

Dr. & Mrs. C. William Dabnc>' '76 

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Boyd '58 

The Dalkc Family 



F. SNYDER '65 
Dr. C. Bruce Alexander '67 


Mr. & Mr^. Peter A. Leggen. Sr. "68 



Mrs. Glenn W. Small. Sr. 


STEED '37 


Mr. C. Randolph Hudgins, Jr. '46 (FT) 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. 




Mr. & Mrs. D. Rankin Hervcy '35 


Mr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Anthony 
Mr. & Mrs. Roben L. Ash 
Mrs. Cornelia R. Ball 
Mr. & Mrs. John V. Birkland 
Mrs. Nellie P. Crawford 
Ms. Agnes C. Davis 
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew "60 (C) 
Mrs. Virginia Druen 
Mrs. Charles D. Ellis 
F & M Bank-Massanutten 
Mr. & Mrs. George L. Garrett 
Mr. & Mrs. William Grandy. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Gricr 
Mr. & Mrs. H. Hirer Hams III "83 
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Heinemann (F, 

Miss Emilie C. Holladay 
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Jones, Jr. '37 
Dr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Joyner. Jr. '5 1 

Mrs. Patricia K. Krehnbrink 
Mr. & Mrs. Ben B. LeCompte, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo IV (F)(S) 

Mr. & Mrs. R. RusseU Neely '28 

Mr. & Mrs. George R- Ouni, Jr. 

Miss Dorothy Overcash 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Gene Saylor '59 (S) 

Dr. Robert G.Schultz '41 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '27 

Mr. Joseph T. Trotter '35 (FT) 
Mr. & Mrs. Wilham B. Wall '50 


Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L Heinemann (F)(S) 


Mr. ]. Maurice Miller, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Watkins, Jr. '48 


Ms. Noreen H. Bernstein 
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby G. Bowen 
Mr. &Mrs.J.R.T. Bowen 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Bowen 
Mr. John L.Brinkley '59(F) 
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Clower, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Drew '60 (C) 
Ms. Judith C. Fuss 
Mr. & Mrs. Ross E. Kent 


Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T Mayo IV {F)(S) 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Keith Navia 

Miss Dorothy Overcash 

Ms. A. Serena Paisley 

Ms. Elizabeth C. Parker 

Ms. Vanessa E. Patrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie P. Schmidt 

Mr. and Mrs, Paul K. Stockmever 

Dr. & Mrs. Graves H. Thompson '2^ 

Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Watson III 


Mr. John L. Brinkley '59 (F) 
Mr, Joseph T. Trotter '35 (FT) 


Mr. & Mrs. William E. Atkinson '48 
Mr, Edwin G, Cobb, Jr. 
Ms. Ann K. Curley 
Dr. & Mn. Thomas E. Gilmer. Jr. "48 
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund C. Glover III 
Ms. Phyllis G. Hammond 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kopp 
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Larie 
Ms. Virginia N. McLaughlin 
Ms. Sadie D. Nelson 

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. '56 


Ms. Emily C. Pancake 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rosen 

Mrs. Virginia L. Stewan 

Ms. Maria T Versch 

Ms. Dorothy V. Weaver 

Dr. &Mr5.johnLWhaley 

The Robert O. 'X'haley Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Roben O. Whaley 

Ms, Ellen Williams 

Ms. Alice Ryiand Wmn 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Cnsr. Jr. '66 (T) 


Mr. George E. Bahen. Jr. '53 
Dr. O. W. Lacy '47 


Mr. Joseph F. Morrissette 


Mr. George Wright Iir48 

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